The NationGear Update You’ve Been Waiting For


You’ve been waiting for this moment. What the hell am I talking about? The moment you’ve been incessantly emailing me about. You wanted to know when Nation Hats are going to come back and when can you get your grubby little hands on a 16-Bit t-shirt. Well… We’ve topped up our inventory on some much requested NationGear items, and even added a few others. Today is launch day.

My friends, these are the droids hats and shirts you are looking for. Over the summer, we’ve been working overtime in the NationGear laboratories to bring you the coolest designs we can possibly come up with. A few weeks ago we dropped a couple of those brain babies in the form of new shirt designs and a new hat to sexify your wardrobe. Those haute couture items sold out in record time, and you’ve all played the waiting game of when we were going to relaunch said items ever since. 

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The wait is over. Today we’ve restocked those items and brought in some new designs to keep things fresh.



If you missed out on the last round of Nation Hats (and you probably did) you’ve been waiting around for the restock and relaunch. Today is the day that I can happily announce that we’ve restocked the store and we’ve got a fresh batch of Nation Hats in the warehouse to beautify your brain locker. 

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Last time we put these up for sale they sold out in a matter of hours. This time we brought in even more hats to try and make sure that more of you have an opportunity to get one if you’re so inclined. Make no mistake about it, these hats are going sell out and you will be left hatless and alone if you’re not careful. Have you learned from your mistakes?

Procrastination will not be your friend when it comes to these hats. Do not wait.



Back in July we had a pre-sale for four new 16-Bit Hero designs and you guys went crazy. We were blown away by the reaction to the design, and vowed to bring these designs back as soon as we had the ability to do so. Not only are we bringing back the original four designs we’re also launching another seven designs inspired by legends of Oilers past. 

What are the new designs? We covered all the heroes of yesteryear that you would expect. We’ve got 99, 17, 94, and everyone else you could possibly want. Why? Because we want to see thousands of you around the country, and invading Rexall Place looking like you’re straight out of the 16-Bit era. We want you to be easily recognizable to your fellow citizens, and sporting a 16-Bit Legends or Heroes tee will certainly help you do that. This is what happens when function meets sexy. 

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As always, a portion of your purchase (10%) will be donated to Earth Group to in an effort to help provide life essentials to needy folks around the world. Thanks to you, we’re doing our part to raise money for a worthy cause and to try and make a difference in the world.

We’d also like to thank our partners at Print Machine and Violent Gentlemen for helping us make our ideas come to life. Often times we come to them with our ridiculous ideas and they’re always up for finding a way to make it work. Whether it’s hats or shirts, we’ve been lucky enough to partner up with some fantastic companies and we’re thrilled to have them help us make these things happen.