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The Edmonton Oilers are under new management and fate has given them a tremendous chance to turn north in one fell swoop. As we get closer to training camp, the possibility of bringing in players on tryout deals exists. A veteran like Curtis Glencross or Jan Hejda might be able to help and the risk is minimal. Why would a team pass on the opportunity? For one very good reason.

If Peter Chiarelli brings in Glencross, the veteran winger gets a chance to create chemistry with any of the four or five centermen on the parent team. That chemistry could grow into a contract and from there Glencross can help in any number of ways. Let’s have a look at Edmonton’s depth chart currently and see where the veteran might fit.

oilers depth chart

I’d say (based on this list) Glencross would put Rob Klinkahmmer’s job in jeopardy and might  push all the way up to (and including) 2line RW as a possible slot. That’s impressive, but remember Glencross has offensive ability and (last time I checked) had reasonable speed for a rugged older fellow.


Even if Glencross helps this season, and I believe he could, then what? Edmonton needs to develop some inexpensive players who can contribute. Men like Tyler Pitlick (who represents the group that also includes Iiro Pakarinen and Andrew Miller) could gain traction and emerge as useful players for the young cluster that should push Edmonton deep into the spring over the latter part of the decade and into the 2020’s.


This gives us a better look at the bubbling under crew, youngsters like Anton Slepyshev, Greg Chase, Kale Kessy and Mitchell Moroz. IF the Oilers felt Pitlick, Pakarinen and Miller were strictly minor league, grabbing Glencross would probably be a reasonable idea. Leave the rest on the farm and then see how they grow, with absolutely no rush on any of them.


The biggest factor in not inviting Glencross might be the big German and the possibility of playing him on the wing (I’d prefer RW, your mileage may vary). If Todd McLellan likes the big youngster as a 3L forward who can jump up as needed, then bringing him along now may make perfect sense.

If it doesn’t work out, the club can make a decision at the end of camp. In the meantime, those valuable pre-season minutes will go to the prospect, with Glencross and others auditioning on other clubs or waiting for a phone call.



I think this is the right call. Give Pakarinen or Pitlick or even Kale Kessy those training camp minutes, there’s plenty of time to adlib if the kids aren’t ready. Hell, maybe one of them will be a quick study!

  • I tried it at home

    I would consider signing Tlusty, with the idea being Draisaitl will have to be pretty good or he’s playing in the AHL to start the year, to be recalled if/when injuries hit or when EDM trades some other F.

    Would depend on Tlusty’s price, would need to see how that works with the cap.

  • I tried it at home

    Honeztly, Id rather GlenX then Korpikoski, but I cant fault the reasoning in tbe article. Im loving how spots now have to be earned, rather then handed out to whoever deigns to grace us with his presence. I still get choked when I look at all tbe wasted space being taken up by management blunders though

  • pwrcord

    Leon is a sleeping beast waiting to be awoken. I can’t wait to see what kind of havoc he causes on other teams defenses once he figures out the NHL game.

      • hagar

        Only a hater would try to discount the potential of Leon. Lol

        There isn’t a team in the league that doesn’t see him as a massive potential.

        Gotta love haters that hate when the top three players last year in the juniors were connor, nurse, and Leon. Hahahaa

        Any team in the league would drool at having Leon on their farm.

        • hagar

          I would hope that Nurse looked good in junior, the best talents from his draft year had already graduated to the NHL. I know, save me the line about defence taking longer to develop. I’ve been hearing that for way too long.

          • hagar

            I am the oilers fan that has had enough. I am not the oilers fan that rubs my dick every year on hope.

            Leon is an awesome talent to stay with the original topic, Nurse is a talent that should be, but isn’t yet.

            I cheer a lot of flames fans post on this site because they are quite often true..

            Saying Leon doesn’t have potential, has everything to do with team bias, and nothing to do with simple facts.

          • hagar

            “I’ll take Bennett instead thanks”

            I was inclined to draft Bennett was convinced that he was more NHL ready, and that despite his size he plays a tough and gritty game that would benefit the Oilers.

            Many disagreed with how I ranked him at #1/#2 depending on need (as compared to getting an NHL ready D in Ekblad).

            I was on Team Bennett at the draft and was disappointed when the Oilers went for Drai, and while I saw a silver lining in the fact that Drai carried his team, I thought that too much was made of ‘size’. The way I saw it, size means nothing without the right attitude, and Bennett had that attitude. There was recognition around the league that Drai had more potential than Bennett, but at the time I thought Bennett was more NHL ready.

            After this post-season I’ve completely changed my mind about Drai. Obviously, Bennett’s injury ate up a year of development, which is unfortunate. But I knew that Drai had potential, but to see it unlocked so soon is remarkable in my eyes. I now see them as very comparable, with Drai having the size advantage.

            That said, it might be the case where Drai plays on the farm team and Bennett doesn’t, simply because the Oilers have the “luxury” of sending Drai down to get 1st line center minutes. The Flames don’t have that luxury, they need all the skilled centers they can get right now.

            Had the player’s drafting been reversed, we’d be seeing the same deal now. The addition of McDavid would have knocked Bennett out as a C and we’d be considering him as a wing option. So it doesn’t really say much to the status of each player, it’s just that the Oilers literally hit the jackpot when it comes to centers, at this year’s draft.

  • kantsequentialist

    I like Todd McLellan’s comment regarding not having an overcrowded training camp. Too many players take the focus away from the current and upcoming roster players. I think TMc and PC have a damned good idea who will stay in Edmonton and who will go to Bakersfield. I think they have a damned good idea who will probably be traded pretty quickly and I think the have a damned good idea of trade baits and targets. Why don’t we leave it to them along with the line-ups for opening night? We certainly don’t have long to wait now, do we.

  • beloch

    Glencross used to be a guy you could throw out against top competition, but he’s slowed down a bit over the last couple seasons. He’s probably a bottom six guy now, but a useful one. If he’s willing to come to Edmonton on a PTO it would be dumb not to invite him. That invests him in the team and increases the chances of signing him for bottom six money.

    I’d be willing to wager Glencross already has a few standing offers, but just not quite the amount/term he wants. It’s probably wishful thinking to get a player like him to show up begging on a PTO. He’ll probably just sign the best offer he’s received once it’s clear nothing better is coming.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    I would just sign him for the heck of it. Could be a Mason Raymond situation where Glencross comes in and is one of our better players.He was on pace for about 15 goals and 40 pts last year and we can probably sign him for next to nothing. That’s not bad production which is why I’m surprised no one has signed him.

    • beloch

      Raymond was more expensive, less healthy, and performed worse than Glencross did last season. If the Flames were given the chance to swap Raymond out for Glencross they probably would, even with his unfortunately timed belly-aching about home-town discounts.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        Im talking about when Raymond signed the cheap deal with Toronto. He put up 19 goals and 27 assists for only 1M. Calgary then signed him to about 3M per season for 3 years.

  • pwrcord

    The Coaches have been looking at tape all summer they must believe they have better options the Glencross or they would have brought him in .Also the Coach has said he wants to get down to the final group as fast as possible do having too many players around for too long would impede that

  • fran huckzky

    The Oil have only 2 or 3 openings on the 50 man list. They need to keep these spots open for possible opportunities that may come along. They don’t need to be handcuffed because they brought in an over the hiller on a pto and then signed him. They need to look at their own prospects as this may be our most important camp in 20 years.

  • beloch

    This team could of used Glenx 3 years ago but not now. That roster spot has value for a promotion from within the organizational depth. Too bad I always like Curtis but time to move on.

  • toprightcorner

    Signing Glencross or similar does not help the team long term at all and 2-5 years is what needs to be considered based on current contracts. Say Glencross plays well, scores 45 pts and moved between 3rd and 2nd line. The following year he will be asking for $3.5+ mill, Oilers can’t sign him and won’t meed him but in the meantime you just pushed back Yak’s or Draisaitl’s development another year. That means instead of being ready to be a quality 2RW they is an in betweener and will play more 3rd line. That meana the Oilers have to bering someone in to play 2RW and delay the likes of Chase or Slepyshev from potentially being ready to play in the NHL next year at low contract prices.

    This year PC needs to see exactly what he has, does Schultz turn in to at desent top 4 PP specialist? Does Yak and Drai take big steps forward? Does PC need to trade out some of these guys, buy out Ference next season? This season Give PC a better idea of what has to be done for the 2016 season when they should realistically have a chance at the playoffs in the new building and thats when you add and remove to fill the holes in the roster. Filling holes this year with PTO’s gives you less answers and less internal development.


    • bazmagoo


      Personally I would take one or two one year plugs on defence right now, but our forward group could only really use a defensive forward ala Benoit Pouliot. That is not what Curtis Glencross brings to the table.

  • toprightcorner

    Lowetide, 2 questions;

    1) you gotta stop the gif loops, I can finsih a paragraph when there is a dog doing yoga in my peripheral vision.

    2) when is Wayne gonna get off his butt and fix your Blogroll Link so it goes to you home page and not one of your blogs from June 2008? Wayne does like 3 things a day the least he can do is make sure the blogroll is kept current.

  • beloch

    Purcell is the forward who has the problem contract. 4.5 million for a third liner

    Trade him and the Oilers can add 2 experienced players, like Glencross and Roy or others.

    Let the rookies develop in the AHL

  • hagar

    I speak as a huge Glenneration-X fan…I agree with you, Lowetide.

    I loved him as an Oiler, struggled to hate him as a Flame, but who knows if a move could be made at the trade deadline that involves taking on a contract that fits us right under the cap? Having his contract dollars added to our existing payroll could hurt, c’est ne pas?

    Maybe if he could bring more to the lockerroom or whatever other traits that’s hard to quantify but has some value…that’s a plus, I’m just wary of another contract even though I’m a fan of him.

  • hagar

    Leon has waaaay more to offer than we are being blinded by with the Connor aquisation.. if not for the Mcdavid pick, we would all be stoked about how our next potential star (Leon) did last year, and his potential this year, or after a year in the ahl.

    Leon’s awesome performance since leaving the main team should be the story. Leon had a great team to get points with, but he still stepped up and made a great show!!.

    Again, I don’t doubt anyone in the league would love to have a chance at the guy for their team.. he is simply an afterthought in favor of someone else.

    I will take a Datsuyak any day over a Tayler hall or a crosby for this team.. we need a Joe thornton… we don’t need an eberlie or a lack effort star here simply because they got picked number one..

  • hagar

    Have faith: the young forwards are the future. Glencross has a decent NHL past. Key word:past.

    Have faith in our new coaches. A smaller camp will be better to start this year. PC has stocked the shelves pretty well and I know he has a plan. Bob N put them both in place and I’ll cut him slack for a year or two because I like his style.

    I still have a few days of intense pre season work on my own game: hold beverage in left hand, fist pump when biscuit hits twine with right,…

  • Stack Pad Save

    My hope is that Oilers will run a roster similar to what Lowetide posted in this article and that they will do well.

    However, I am also hoping that this year if the teams starts slow, (Dallas Eakins bad) that management doesn’t wait until December or January to do something. If after 10-15 games the Oilers at the bottom, then maybe its not time to change the coaches its time to trade some of your core. Maybe guys still out their waiting for a contract could also be had like Glencross or Franson et al.

    I can’t wait for this season to start! I think the Oilers got a chance to leap frog a lot of teams this year int he Pacific Division. Who knows how good San Jose will be under new coaching, Calgary should fall back like Colorado last year, Vancouver is becoming a joke, LA might have huge cap problems. There might not be a better chance for the Oilers to do some damage.

  • Train#97

    Any bets by time exhibition season over and regular season starts that McDavid will be center on first line and Hopkins second line . Get use to it , as opposition will be keying on McDavid from day one , not Hopkins . The only way to shelter him is on a 3rd line where he will be unlikely to be the focus of our offense , an option I do not like . Perhaps a Henricks , McDavid , Draisaitl 3rd line might draw that attention away from McDavid .

    • Train#97

      Don’t think we need to shelter McDavid at all. We will have two #1 lines and if they want to key on one line we can kill em with the other. Nice to have.

      • Train#97

        I agree , but not sold club is yet . I’ve maybe lowered my expectations of McDavid this year ?

        Seeing as Hall and Eberle upped their production with Crosby to 1.2 and 1.3 points per game , that would leave them at 98.5 and Eberle 106.6 points /game over an 82 game span . I think Conner has more offensive skill than Crosby , and could see our boys having a banner year and adding another .3 onto their top years so far . That projected would give Hall 123 points and Eberle 131 points . I felt I needed to lower my expectation of Conner down from last years 2.55/game to only 2.00/game at NHL level . Even so , that leaves him at 164 points for season , crushing Gretzky’s first year results . Am I being to conservative ?

  • hagar

    It pains me a great deal to see your projected starting line-up for October.
    Just to say it again, the Oilers are doomed if any of the NSF play a game for them this year. I know many want to rationalize for them and dismiss my assertion as hyperbole. But the fact is these players have no future with the Oilers, and only set back this team from actually progressing, which can only be defined in terms of making the playoffs this season.
    We all know that Chiarelli didn’t do enough this off-season. He listened to the likes of MacTavish too much, confusing the obvious with ridiculous rationalizations of past mistakes.
    There is very limited time to fix the Oilers defense, unless the Oiler fanbase is again to be abused with another write-off season, as “wanting to see what I’ve got” becomes the dysfunctional mantra of Chiarelli.
    He has an inadequate defense. It can only be fixed in the short run by trading quality forwards. So get on with it. No team wins in the NHL without defense, no team wins with just offense.
    Further, it makes no sense to consider playing garbage like Pitlick , Klinkhammer or Gadzic ahead of Draisaitl. None whatsover. Surely we don’t need to see the indignity of him being in Bakersfield while these taltentless scrubs miss passes and crash into the boards for an indefinite portion of the season.

    Lastly, I admit there is a real tension with the Oilers. They must become relevant for the playoffs immediately. But the defense is inadequate.
    Investing the entire season for Nurse and Reinhart makes long term sense but the bigger priority is the playoffs now.
    But that can only be rationalized by coming to terms with trading for a #1 defenseman. The Oilers have the assets to do it, but lack the will.

    So look for the worst of all worlds, the NSF triangle dragging down the team, talentless forwards clooging up the roster when real talent festers in Bakersfield, the slow cancer of perpertual losing infects even MacDavid.

    So often the rebuttal is “the trade isn’t there to be made”.
    That is an excuse.
    Chiarelli is paid to make happen what fundamentally required to advance the team.
    All we know is he has failed to date to fix what was the overwhelming problem with this team.
    Lets not let him off the hook.

    The drumbeat should be to flush the garbage and get quality on the defense asap.

    Remember Blair MacDonald.

    • Reg Dunlop

      First, Blair MacDonald? What in the world does he have to do with anything?

      Second, while Niki and Andrew and Schultzie are BARELY major league, reducing their playing time seems to be the move here, thereby reducing their negative impact. We’re probably not doomed.

      Third, calling Klink and Gadzooks ‘garbage’ might seem funny from the safety of your basement but I imagine they could outplay you (or I) if the opportunity arose. The German, right now, may not be a better fit for his likely role on the third line. That is why the minors exist, to develop players that otherwise would get overwhelmed. He has boat-loads of potential but I remain unconvinced that skating mobility is a strength.

      For today, I dub thee KING OF HYPERBOLE!

      • Train#97

        They are garbage if you want Oilers to make the playoffs. Playing them is pointless. That they are better hockey players than me is utterly irrelevant. What matters is they are functionally useless if you want the
        Oilers to improve.

        NSF are the black hole on this team, playing any of them makes no sense. But they are still here to curse the Oilers.

        Lastly, Blair MacDonald scored 50 goals with Greyzky. Only time. He could barely skate up to NHL standards.
        The point is great centres make wingers. It doesn’t work the other way.
        The point is the Oilers have lots of winger assets to fix their defence issues.
        Chiselling bungled that opportunity this summer.

        10 years of missing the playoffs doesn’t allow an organization the luxury of writing off another season to “assess” the obvious.

  • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

    I’m not trolling here, so take this comment from someone who just wants “our Cup” to come back home to Canada.
    Some of you talk like adding Connor automatically gets you a spot in the playoffs. Someone above says that now the Oil have “2 first lines”. Well, as they are listed in the article, you have Poulliot RNH Eberle, Hall McDavid Purcell. I only see 3 first liners ( Hall RNH McDavid) there, 1 second liner (Eberle) and 2 third liners.
    The main problem though is with the defence. Yes, Nurse is coming. Yes, it will take 3 years for him to be a “true” top pair Dman. Sekera is a 3/4 at best. And what else is there? Then you have your goalies. Talbot may be good, or he may be bad. When he played for the Rangers he was playing behind a lock down defence first team. Now he has Justin Schultz in front of him, not to mention a few lazy forwards (McClellan will need to fix that). So what are the odds of the Oilers being a strong team and making the playoffs and contending for the Cup?
    2015/16 zero
    2016/17 zero
    2017/18 ? Depends on if they have a goalie and a playoff caliber defence yet.

    I hate that “Our Cup” keeps being won by teams full of Canadians in American cities. It MUST stop. So my hope is that soon, very soon the path to the Cup runs through Alberta and that the path is a dead end for America. Northern or Southern Alberta, it doesn’t matter as long as the Cup stays here!

    • toprightcorner

      Pouliot is not a third liner, haha. He would fit nicely on the flames second line and you know that. Surely, he is a better second liner then josh jouris or whatever his name is. Sekera is not a “#3 or 4… At best…” He’s a #2. Obviously not a #1.

      I agree that Connor McDavid doesn’t mean we “automatically” make playoffs. Nobody stated that in the first place. The cup will be in northern Alberta for the 6th time much before it gets to cowtown the 2nd time. Cheers.

      • Canoe Ride 27.1

        I heard Johnny hockey has been working out this summer in his up to 155 pounds. But don’t worry Nurse, Reinhart, and Gryba will go easy on him 😉

      • Train#97

        Ignore Flames. But they have earned every right to insult the Oilers.
        A decade of ineptitude
        and yes it is a scary thought to come to terms with the reality that Gaudreau may a more productive player than Hall ever is or will be.
        Ergo trade!

        • Train#97

          Verdad you getting so tiresome quit beating a dead horse . We are not repeat not going to get O.E.L. under any circumstances and trading Hall away is lunacy. PS It was announced that McDavid is going to live with Hall. With respect to adding anymore players on PTO the answer is no we already have a logjam as it is. I do agree that the defence needs to improve but first let’s see how Shultz plays under T Mac and how Nikitan shows in camp. Ference will spend most of the season in the press box due to his NMC . If Nikitan sucks bury him in the minors he has only 1 year on his contract.

  • Strange Tamer

    Good teams use the AHL for development and try to ice the best team possible in the NHL with the goal of winning. The Oilers have been using the NHL roster for development purposes for the last 9 years and the results speak for themselves. It is time to try and win, not develop for the future.

    Lowtide is correct that in a cap world you need inexpensive players giving major contributions, but it seems every year there are a boat load of veterans with something left in the tank willing to play for cheap on year deals to prove themselves and get 1 last big deal. Good teams get these guys in the lineup, instead of trying to force suspects and not ready for prime time prospects into the majors.

  • kantsequentialist

    Hall and Yak with McD , Leon with Lander and Korpocoski would be my choice if all we are doing is filling spots but my opening line up would be Ebs , Nuge, Hall thereby drawing top D from other team then Yak, McD and Pouliot , 3rd line of Purcell , Lander and Leon , last Pakirinen , Letestu and Hendricks . Note is that Lander and Leon could also switch depending on other team . Extras are Pilick and Korpokoski. Klink and Gazdic fighting for spots . Trade Purcell by Xmas . What I like is there will be a fight for that bottom 5 spots. LEON must be on this team . His size and skill can help both Lander and Purcell .

  • hagar

    LEADER OF THE PACK ? Do we currently have someone on our team that can become that leader ? I would say not yet . Our leader has to be able to call out his team mates and up not only his game talk , but his actions on the ice to also back it up so others can follow . You can’t go in after bad periods and games and be whiners about it or the games going to get more out of hand making losses more the norm . You can’t blame bad luck and further worsen situation . The next level is between their ears and we don’t seem get to next level because of it . Your leader must be a player capable of upping his game when things are going bad in order to get respect of team mates and have them follow . Unfortuneately , Ference seems to be losing that ability to up his game .

    I’d hope that Hall and Eberle learned a lot from Crosby at the Worlds about what it takes in leadership qualities to consistently get to that next level and apply on the ice and have others follow you and do the same . I feel Oilers have lacked that sort of leader and intensity for far to long . That , I believe ,is one of the most important reasons the Flames continually beat us – they have true leaders that do , and are highly capable of those sorts of things and we do not .

    We have the skill levels to move upward , but we not the leadership on ice and locker room to compliment it and get us to next level as yet . Will McDavid emerge in this regard or even Nurse or Reinhart ? We get a true leader on this team and we are going to soar be it offence or defence .