The Working Citizen’s Contest


This is a contest for the working man and woman. This is a contest for the people that get things done with their hands. The people that make the Nation tick. 

Last week we were proud to announce our partnership with the fine folks at Jobsite Workwear, and launch the brand new Nation Hard Hat which was spawned from this beautiful friendship. This babies are 100% fully certified to be worn on site and protect your melon from any work related dangers you may encounter. We know how many of you readers are out there in the trenches and we’re proud to be looking out for your brain locker. 

Since so many of you are out there risking your limbs while we’re sitting at Nation HQ drinking coffee we felt the need to reward you for the work that we’re scared of and incapable of doing. We wanted to come up with a contest for those of you that actually have to leave your houses and mother’s basements to get to work. You guys work hard and now is the time for you to be rewarded for it. While I choose to wear a hard hat for fashion reasons you champions need to wear it for your safety.



If your job requires that you wear a hard hat you need to have one of these Nation hard hats from Jobsite Workwear. That’s why this contest has multiple ways for you to enter. We wanted to give you as many opportunities to win a hard hat as we possibly could. These orange Nation hard hats can only be won, and once we’ve run out stock they’re gone forever.  

How do you enter? Easily. The first way to enter is to take a picture of your existing hard hat and email it to me at That’s it. Bonus points will be awarded if the hard hat picture you send us is from the job site/wherever it is that you work.  

The second way to enter is to take these png files (shown below) of Chris the Intern and photoshop him into a job site like scenario. If you want to put Chris to work unloading fish heads that is your prerogative. He’s here to get dirty so that you don’t have to. Once you’re done, you can again email your work to my email address above.

We’ll take the five best entries and put them up for a vote for prizes (listed below) and Internet glory.

Lastly, for those of you that are not into submitting pictures to contest but still want to win something we’ll also be giving away a couple of these limited editions orange hard hats through our Twitter account. Make sure you’re following @OilersNation and keep your eye out for the contest prompts. 



No contest is complete without prizes and this one is no different. Our finalists will be battling it out over the following prizes so spend your vote carefully. 

The prizes are:

  • 1st place: Exclusive Orange Nation hard hat + two NationGears tees + $25 Pint GC + Oodle Noodle GC + Car Decal
  • 2nd place: Exclusive Orange Nation hard hat + a NationGear tee + $25 Pint GC + Oodle Noodle GC + Car Decal
  • 3rd place: Exclusive Orange Nation hard hat + a $25 Pint GC + a Oodle Noodle GC + Car Decal
  • We’ll pick 5 random entrants to win an Oodle Noodle GC and a sticker package.

The deadline to enter will be Sunday at 11:59pm so grab your phone, find your hard hat, and get your inner paparazzi going. These orange hard hats are limited edition so you’re going to want to score one before they’re gone. As always, I want to thank our friends at Print Machine, Oodle Noodle, the Pint, and Jobsite Workwear for helping us out with the prizes and not just ignoring me when I email. 


What contest? I don’t remember any contest. Workout contest? Sorry, bruh, there’s no contest registering with me. HOW DARE YOU CALL ME OUT ON MY PAST CONTESTS?! Okay, so maybe it didn’t go so well. Maybe I didn’t get enough entries to have a contest. Maybe we won’t talk about this contest ever again. Maybe…

That being said, I had prizes for that contest and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to give them away. That’s why every single person that entered the Summer Workout Contest automatically won the first place prize as a thank you for putting in the time to make beautiful creations like the video above. If you entered the Summer Workout Contest stay tuned for an email from me so that I can arrange the prizing. 

You took the time to enter a contest. I’m going to give you stuff. Take that, Summer Workout Contest that didn’t really work all that well. Yeah, I showed him THAT contest.