It’s fun days for Oilers fans, as the news churns out updates hourly on a long list of exceptional talents. Klefbom signs! followed Hall scores two! and of course there are heart attack moments like the Nuge getting hit with a puck by Cam Talbot. Take the temperature of the average Oilers fan and it’s 98.6 with a smile—and that stands in stark contrast with fans of other NHL teams when it comes to McDavid in Edmonton.


After a decade of mocking and laughing, it sure seems to me as though fans of the Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks and other teams have tired of Edmonton’s swagger quickly. While I understand the absolute unfairness of the Oilers winning the lottery—and let’s take a moment here to watch it again:

It seems to me we’re seeing a lot of sour grapes online and in print as the realization of McDavid in Edmonton comes into view. I’ve received emails talking about his ‘poor shot’ and ‘Schremp-like junior moves’ and that’s BEFORE the young man plays in a pre-season game. Lordy.


Hype does weird things to people. Many years ago I didn’t get a chance to see the movie “E.T.” until a few weeks after release. Everyone and their dog told me what a great movie it was, that it would blow my mind. I entered the theatre expecting to be amazed and the movie—while fun and interesting—did not in fact blow my mind.

McDavid has been hyped and that’s for sure, and it certainly doesn’t help that on first view (for this fan) his skating leaves one slack jawed and bewildered. Connor McDavid DOES have some issues—his release is quick but not powerful, he won’t block shots well and I doubt he could play shortstop for the Blue Jays—but it’s fairly obvious to those who have seen him that he’s a special player.

When times like these come up, I like to go back to the scouting reports, written before the Oilers won the draft. These reports don’t care a hoot that Edmonton won the lottery, simply don’t care that Flames and Canucks fans remain in a wild rage about it (comparing McDavid to Schremp is something I’d delete from the internet immediately were I you, young Flames fans) and simply inform the viewer about the player.

  • Craig Button, TSN: Two words; unprecedented speed.
    Skating speed, hand quickness and mental processing that he executes
    simultaneously to threaten defenders and create opportunities. He would
    be the first pick at every draft since Sidney Crosby in 2005, perhaps
    even in Crosby’s draft year. Source.



Let me ask you something: Were Flames fans there to make you feel better on the night of G7 SCF? What about the night Sam Gagner was injured by Zack Kassian? Lots of Canucks fans feeling bad on line, were they? No. No there were not.

This is going to be a trying season in a few ways for Oilers fans. First, dumbass comments like Schremp comparisons. Second, jealous fans looking for any flaw (McDavid’s shot is going to get major play if he doesn’t fill the net early) and willing to shout it from the highest rooftops.

Finally, and I do think this is going to happen, McDavid being a target from other NHL teams. He’s a talented young phenom on a young team with a losing record, so cutting off the new kid and making every stride difficult is just good business. Intimidation, dirty hits and vicious slashes (Kassian’s apology was touching, no? Or did he apologize, I’ve forgotten) are all part of the business.

The glory Oilers had this kind of challenge early on, before Gretzky and Co. flew into their town and left their team in ashes. That was in the days before the internet, before twitter, and it was pretty bad then (old men talking about Gretzky not being good enough to play on the 1950’s Leafs).

Screw ’em all.

Smart Flames fans are talking about their (substantial) team and looking forward to their own glory days, and smart Canucks fans are shopping for a new team to cheer for over the next few years (and are welcome to join Oilers Nation).

Enjoy this. Don’t let one word spoken or written allow you to doubt the significance of that lottery win. No matter what comes today forward, winning that lottery and drafting Connor McDavid was a massively significant moment.

How significant? Enjoy this. And screw ’em all.

  • RedMan


    You must be proud – you LITERALLY comment MORE on every Flames Nation post than any of the Flames fans. You must be proud to have regulars leaving because of your obnoxious presence.

    then you said if I quit trolling here you’d quit. I quit but you just cant give it up, like an addiction that exploits your weak will.

    You have literally destroyed single handedly the flame nation comment section.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      And you’ve forgotten about the illustrious zigzag/Walter White 1-2 punch we’ve put up with for the last year or so. One troll ruined your comment section? You guys need to toughen up.

    • Train#97

      Are you upset that I pulled back the curtain on the horrible salary cap hell that you have in Calgary . I was more than respectful with my comments on the cap. If someone just mentions anything that you don’t agree with you go nuts.

      • Anton CP

        Salary Cap hell? Calgary will have one bad year for their cap (16-17) then Engelland, Raymond, Wideman, and Smid are all off the books (almost 20 mil. right there). After that we’ll have Giordano/Hamilton/Brodie locked up for less than 2 Subbans and probably around 15-18 mil. locked up into Monahan,Bennett,Gaudreau for half a decade.

        Of course the cap could’ve been managed better, but it’s not a trainwreck like you’d like to think it is.

      • Derzie

        Go watch the Bob McKenzie interview with Brad Treliving and tell me if you think that looks like a man that does not plan to deal with the cap. It is a nice hope or wish but not even remotely the case. He’ll be in cap hell the season after winning the cup when we have to let some valuable pieces go. Circle of life as the Hawks, Kings & Bruins have shown.

        • For Pete's Sake!

          You Flames fans say ON has been sipping the Kool Aid since we won the draft lottery. Derzie, you Flames fans have been positively drowning in it since you beat the ‘Nucks. You’d think that Anaheim series would have brought you back to reality. But you’re obviously still dreaming. Methinks the “hangover” will start hitting Cowtown about the middle of November. 😉

          • Anton CP

            Well said. Any of other playoffs teams can beat Nucks, it is not a real achievement. Half of the Flames roster way overachieved last year and you can only hope that they can repeat half of it the upcoming season.

          • MorningOwl

            only edmonton would thing growth and development is overachieving. can’t blame you fans though, you have been conditioned in such a way as to interpret everything through this kind of lens.

            at the very worst, you can say, “had career years”, but over achieve? jealous much?

          • MorningOwl

            I like how you carefully qualify the “any other playoff team”.

            Yes, Flames were a playoff team. Thank you. Second round playoff team right in the beginning of their rebuild.

            How many playoff appearances did the oilers make during their rebuild? or their re-rebuild? Yes, Flames were one of 16 teams to make the playoffs – thanks for noting this. Yes, flames were one of only 8 teams to make the second round, thanks for noticing.

            Yes, Oilers tried their hardest to win and were still as bad as the three teams that tanked on purpose.

            but THIS year… watch out! Oilers will jump 40 points! woohoo!

          • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

            Sure the Flames beat all the expectations but it may well be that they found that element that is much more important than mere skill, Chemistry and heart. As an Oiler Fan who hates the Flames I found my self Jealous for there never say die attitude. They will not slump this year IMO but be better. Of coarse that will make beating them all the better.

          • MorningOwl

            boy, that “middle of November” period must really be a bad thing, as it is the heart of your threat.

            I can understand this – middle of november is the point when even the most optimistic oiler fan, who had been spouting all summer and fall about how the team was going to turn the corner THAT year, had to admit it was over for the season, and embrace the “tank for #1” mantra as if it was on purpose.

      • RedMan

        In this internet world, you can’t stop people from doing what you’re doing. And if it gets you off which it obviously does, whatever. The fact that you comment more on flames nations then any single Flames fan does does and you’re going to defend your trolling, go right ahead. You’re the one that has to look at yourself in the mirror and realize that that is the kind of person you are

        • For Pete's Sake!

          Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You say Train97 should, “Look in the mirror and realize the kind of person you are.” Then you and your evil twin “JeffoftheDay” proceed to troll ON with six comments in a row, doing the exact same thing you accuse Train97 of. I know we shouldn’t feed trolls but the irony here is actually quite funny.

  • M.O.O.G.

    A lot of people say the Oilers didn’t deserve to win the draft lottery.

    To quote Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, “Deserve has got nothing to do with it!”

      • RedMan

        And once again:
        We get it, you are nervous, you can see what is happening in northern Alberta and you are SCARED.
        The old regime is a (thankfully) distant memory and the thought of the Oilers being coached and managed by COMPETENT personnel has you up at night.

        The more you troll…. The more you prove me exactly correct.

    • Joy S. Lee

      My Flames’ fan bro in Calgary said – at the time – he was happy we won the lottery; said the other three teams purposely tanked in order to win McDavid, while the Oilers kept trucking and trying. He (the Flames fan) thought it was perfectly just and fitting that we won, and I agree with him. So, there ya go…

      • MorningOwl

        So the other three teams were that bad on purpose, but the oilers were that bad even though they were trying their hardest? and that’s your point of pride??? Hahahahaha

        at least when the major portion of Oilers nation embraced (and continually spouted) the “we are tanking on purpose for mcadavid, we are smart you are dumb” rhetoric starting as early as the end of last oct, beginning of November, there was some grudging respect for a club who doesn’t mind losing year after year… but when you say you were trying your hardest, and were still as bad as the other three worst teams in te league who were bad on purpose??? OMG!!!

  • Anton CP

    To Flames: The team are currently in cap hell have won cups in the last few years. Your team is in cap hell by making to the second round of the playoffs.

    To Nucks: Pretty soon that your players will have to use walker and cane to hit the ice. Welcome to rebuild hell.

    To Leafs: You can hope that Babcock will change the fortune for Leafs, hope he won’t be on the long list of others like Randy Carlyle, Ron Wilson, and Paul Maurice (also “the greatest GM” Brian Burke).

    • Anton CP

      Please, tell me how Calgary is cap hell? Elaborate. You do realize EDM has not even 2 mil. less committed to a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in almost a decade, right?

      • Anton CP

        I’m pretty sure that with approximately 27m to re-sign Monahan, Gaudreau, Hudler (which is the entire first line), Granlund, Russell, Hiller, and Ramo should be plenty. Guess that you only really just need to retain one of Hiller and Ramo since Ortio should be fine replacement.

      • Train#97

        This is how they are in CAP HELL at the end of this season…

        at the end of this year you have to resign RFAs’ Monahan, gaudreau,,Colbourne , jooris, Granlund,Ortio, along with about 5 or 6 more RFA’s. You have Hudler to resign as a ufa.Jones,Byron ,and Russell . Both Hillier and Ramo too. Hudler , Monahan, and gaudreau are all 3 going to be in the 6 ml range. That is 18 million just for those three and that’s not touching any of the other guys that I mentioned. Wiedman is going to make an extra 750,000 and an extra 2.75 million to Gio.also an extra 1 million to Brodie. There are no big contracts coming off the books at the end of the year. So I’d like to know how the Flames will manage getting around this? Seems like a lot of hurdles to overcome! You’re pretty much up against the cap now, how’s this gonna play out? Oilers cap situation is nowhere near as dire as the Flames.

        • Anton CP

          Of the names you listed, Colborne, Jones, Russell, Hiller, and maybe even Hudler&Byron, won’t be coming back. Granlund’s new contract will likely come in at under 1 mil. I also wouldn’t be shocked to see Calgary trade Wideman at some point this year and Raymond if he can have a season like he did in TOR.

          • Train#97

            Exactly! You are probably gonna lose Russell and Hudler and probably a couple of goalies .And the reason …..wait for it…. CAP HELL! That is the way it goes. We will be in the same situation in about 4 years but not yet!

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    I only wish I had coined that phrase”their tears are delicious”. To all those smug self entitled haters wherever they are…STICK IT…!! At least the Oil did not do what Buffalo, Toronto and Arizona did. Those teams for sure made a complete mockery of the spirit and intent of the draft lottery. The Oil under Nelson continued to try to win in spite of MacT’s buffoonery. They didn’t design the lottery protocol so again I say STICK IT!!

  • Derzie

    Win something before you brag. Better yet, don’t brag. Enjoy success when it comes. It has not come yet. No matter how good the latest 18 year old saviour is, he doesn’t play D. I feel bad for McDavid. Very unfair the expectations the fans have of him.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Enjoy the ride but until we make the playoffs I just want to enjoy the team growth and save the braggadocio till then.
    PS I for one am happy that Calgary is improving I want a true battle in Alberta.