The Season to Finally Really Seriously Look Forward to Party!

This is the event you’ve been waiting for all summer long. The night when we are finally able to celebrate the precious’ very first NHL game. Thanks to our friends at Cornerstone Insurance, the Pint, and United Cycle we’ve got a big night planned for you and what a night it will be.

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent most of the summer wondering how the hell the Oilers were able to fleece the hockey gods into giving us Connor McDavid. Even though we’ve all seen our beloved McDavid rocking Oilers silks by now, it still doesn’t seem real. For me, I’m not sure that this beautiful gift will really and truly sink in until we’re watching ConCon lighting it up during the regular season.

The only thing better than having this new reality finally sink in will be to do so in the company of your closest friends – fellow Nation citizens. Enter the Season Opener Party. Regardless of what our minds may tell us, Connor McDavid IS an Oiler and we WILL be watching him play hockey for the Edmonton Oilers and we want to celebrate that fact! René Descartes famously said “I think, therefore I am” and I think I am going to be going ballistic on October 8th at the Pint Downtown. 



Since we’ve all spent summer waiting for the NHL season to start it’s only fitting that we throw a party to kick things off. If you had told me a year ago that we would be throwing a party to celebrate the START of a season as opposed reaping the rewards of our own failures I probably would have laughed in your face. My friends, this is not a draft party. This is not the celebration of another year’s failure. This could literally be the happiest party that OilersNation has ever thrown!

The season opener party will be a celebration of the fact that hope has never died in OilersNation. Despite the hardships of the last nine years, we’re remained hopeful. It hasn’t always been fun but we’re still here and we’ve suffered through it all together. On October 8th, we get to watch the beginning of a new chapter in Oilers history and you’re all invited to be there with us – we’ve suffered together and now it’s time to build ourselves back up again.



On Thursday, October 8th, we will be taking over the Pint Downtown (doors opening at 4pm) to celebrate the start of the the 2015/16 season. Tickets are now available for $29 and will remain on sale straight through until the date of the party or until they sell out. Before you ask, yes you will need a ticket to get into the Pint Downtown for the party. This year, all the proceeds from the party will be going to a great charity called Little Bits. 

What is Little Bits?

Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association is a non-profit, charitable organization providing recreational horseback riding with therapeutic benefits for children and adults with disabilities. Each year, more than 125 riders benefit from our programs.

In other words, Little Bits is a great cause and we’re happy to help them out in any way we can. We’re hoping to raise as much money as possible, so we’re asking you to abstain from buying those Hello Kitty stickers you’ve been looking at and come to the Season Opener Party instead.  


For each ticket you buy, you’ll get a Season Opener Party t-shirt, a $25 Pint GC, $10 Oodle Noodle GC, and a chance to win a signed Connor McDavid jersey and draws for other jerseys brought to you by United Cycle. Most importantly you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the money spent on tickets will be going to a great cause. We have seen the light Nation. It’s time to embrace it! See you there!