Nikita Nikitin Placed on Waivers


The Oilers have placed Nikita Nikitin on waivers for the purpose of assignment to the Bakersfield Condors. Let’s see if anyone takes the penny before he gets there.

For a lot of Oilers fans, Nikita Nikitin was the goat that wouldn’t stop giving. Unfortunately, the gifts Nikita Nikitin has been spreading around are giveaways and wide open chances to score. As a general rule, being overpaid to play awful defense isn’t a magic trick you can pull off forever. Obviously the new coaching and management team don’t see the same top four defenseman that Craig MacTavish thought he saw. Frankly, I was starting to question the benefits package offered to Oilers employees. Surely, vision care has to be included.


As we all know, things didn’t start off well for Nikita Nikitin in Edmonton. The guy reportedly showed up to camp in year one of a $9 million deal out of shape! There is basically nothing on earth that I wouldn’t do for $9 million. Not only would I have been playing defense, I probably would have offered to drive the zamboni and sweep the stands after games. Not showing up to camp in shape when you’re a professional athlete is like paying a hooker with a personal cheque — dumb. All this before his first season had even started!

In total, Nikita Nikitin played 42 games for the Edmonton Oilers and most of those were terrible. For the those wondering, that equals to $107,142 per game if the Oilers end up paying his entire $9 million contract. That’s a sweet gig if you can get it. In some way it’s amazing that the same guy that traded Magnus Paajarvi for David Perron was able to swing and miss so badly.

NINE. MILLION. DOLLARS. At least he was great defensively, right?* 

*no he wasn’t



Farewell, sweet goat.

You were going to be my goat pick again this year and in that way I’m sad to see you go. I’m sorry things didn’t work out between us, but we’re going to have to move on and see other people. I’m sorry to say that this is probably harder on you than it is on us. We’re not going to make up excuses and say “it’s not you, it’s us” because clearly you were the problem.

On the bright side, we’ve given you plenty of bus fare to last you for a while.

Take care, Niki. 


2014-2015 Oilers 42 4 6 10 -12 12 2 0 1 80 5.0
NHL TOTALS  248  17  58  75  -10  77 6 0 5 384  4.4 
  • beloch

    I wrote this a year ago in the 2014 goat nomination thread, and blundered upon it today:

    I’m going to go with MacT’s obvious choice for goat: Nikita Nikitin. Why do I say this is MacT’s choice? He took a guy who struggled on the BJ’s third pair last season and is now paying him more than any other blueliner on the team. MacT has practically staked Nikky out for the T-Rex.

    Bon appétit T-Rex.

  • Oilers Coffey

    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah…

    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    Howson & MacT have to be wearing the
    egg on their heads for this one!

  • mcjesus take the wheel

    With Niki gone, Jultz not jultzing, and Ference as a 7th not seeing much ice, it’s not obvious who the new goat would be.

    I’d bet Sekera. Poor Sekera. Didn’t have a chance.

  • Johnnydapunk

    Maybe I’m looking too much jo to this, but Nikitin being put on waivers could possibly make Scrivens a bit nervous as that move shows that the players who don’t perform will not play, and the ones who perform best will play and stay. No one is safe of they are on the bubble.

    Really think Scrivens should be looking into having some all white gear broken in as I’m not so sure he will be here in a week or so. I could also be wrong as I have been numerous times, but Nikitin on waivers means the Oil are for once not messing about.

    Happy days!

  • For Pete's Sake!

    Terrible news , as now Nikitin will not be spending his money here . There goes the economy again . Is it true we might be going after one of the Stall brothers in Carolina ?

  • sofarsogood

    Avatar #14 Jason Gregor
    June 25 2014, 09:00AM
    Trash it!
    Mustang wrote:
    We’re gonna have the most expensive bottom pairing in the NHL.

    What’s Nikitins cap hit gonna be when they buy him out next year?

    Nikitin played behind Johnson, Tyutin, Wisniewski and Murray in Columbus.

    The Oilers don’t have ONE D-man better than any of them. He will be in the top-four here and he’s played top-four minutes before and been decent. I don’t understand why anyone thinks he is a 3rd pairing defender in Edmonton. They aren’t great today. In two years they hope they are better and he is 3rd pair guy and that is why only two year deal. “Everybody makes some bad calls on players”

  • This is squarely on Scott Howson. He put himself on the line for this guy and failed. Nikitin was done in CLB and then we pay him 9 mil to come and be more done here? Good riddance, hope he gets shipped to KHL so he doesn’t take time away from our prospects development

  • bradleypi

    I just hope he doesn’t contaminate our Russian prospect pool down there.

    Idea for an ON contest:

    Who can compile the “best” 23-man roster of GOATS just
    from the past 9 years…to qualify, a player has to have played a minimum of 82 games as an Oiler during that time.

  • bradleypi

    Back to the all goat team, I think the front office would be a tough choice. But I see it as:
    Head Coach Eakins
    Co coach Quinn
    Assistant Buchberger
    Playing Assistant Steve Smith (got give credit where it is due, that own goal vs Calgary was still pretty bad)
    GM Tambo
    AGM Howson
    Chief Scout Fraser (for his work in the last half of his career)

    That’s not even a slam dunk you could probably have a decent argument about some of these.

  • D'oh-ilers

    Oh, great… now what am I going to do with my Nikitin jersey?

    HAHAHAHAHA… *wipes away tear of laughter*

    But seriously, best of luck wherever your hockey journey takes you next, Double-Nik.

  • Multimillion dollar veteran sent to the minors? The word “bold” comes to mind.

    I was rooting for Nikitin, for his sake as well as the team’s.

    But even through my rose-coloured glasses that would congratulate him for a nice play here and there it was easy to see that he just can’t keep up. Sometimes it was just embarrassing.

    We started preseason with a bunch of question marks. Here’s to having one of them answered.

    I hope he can rebound, for his own career’s sake. And I think a league that isn’t the NHL would be the best place to bounce back.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    Settle down everyone . He’s had one bad exhibition game this year , and gets set down to farm club for a conditioning stint I suspect and to get more work . He looked not to bad before last game . He’ll probably be the first call up on defence for us . Now that should make you all happy . If it does vote Cheers , if not vote Trash .