Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – October 6, 2015

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Jordan Eberle is obviously the big name that comes up in this week’s injury report. Ebs hurt his shoulder last Tuesday in the first period against Arizona, ironically right after last week’s injury report was posted. The injury will keep him out of the lineup for four to six weeks. That’s a big hit to the Oilers’ offense before the season has even started!

Losing Eberle is obviously a major blow to the Oilers. Last season, he led the team in points with 63 and was set to have another big year this year. The upside of this whole situation (if there is one) is that the injury could have been much worse. Missing 12 to 18 games obviously sucks, but if it had to happen now is the better than later. This is the first major injury of Eberle’s career so I can only assume that he’s not thrilled about it. “You train pretty hard in the off-season to get where you are and you get a setback like this, it definitely sucks,” is what he had to say about it. It seems as if shoulder injuries are contagious in the Oiler dressing room. *knocks on wood*

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If we are really trying to pull positives out of this situation, Eberle’s injury does make room for another hopeful that’s trying to make the team. That young man is Anton Slepyshev. Sleps (which I assume is his nickname) had a surprisingly impressive pre-season, arguably out playing Draisaitl for the final spot on the opening roster. For Sleps, this is exactly what you hope for (but not hope for) when trying to make the big leagues. It is horrible how Ebs is injured, but it’s exactly the kind of opportunity Sleps needed to crack the roster. So while poor Jordan is icing his shoulder in the press box, Slepyshev will be scoring geno’s all night alongside McDavid and Hall. 

Dillon Simpson is the only other Oiler injured and not playing right now. His father, Craig Simpson reported that Dillon suffered a dislocated shoulder. Once Simpson is deemed healthy he will likely be moved down to Bakersfield. Speaking of Bakersfield, Mitch Moroz, Iiro Pakarinen, and Martin Gernatt were all announced as healthy last week and will begin their seasons in Bakersfield. 


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Now I am sure that last week’s announcement of Jeanshorts’ injury has been bothering most of you, as I know I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I am happy to announce that he seems okay now! What I mean by okay, is that he stopped complaining about it. I can only imagine that this means the back pain went away, or he got some certified help. Either way, apart from the common cold making a few appearances, all is healthy in Nation Land. 

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In other news, the Nation shipping department (the Little Brick basement) and all of the shipping employees (me) have been busy as we have received a massive shipment of shirts for some new releases coming up. Keep your eye out on all our social media channels, as the new gear designs will be announced soon. We’re pumped to throw these up on the online store, because these new designs are looking slick! 

If you haven’t already bought your Season Opener Party ticket at the Pint Downtown, do it now! The doors to the event will open at 4:30pm, and the game starts at 6! We will be giving out some packed swag bags filled with gift certificates, stickers, a Nation Shirt, and more! All ticket holders will also be entered to win a signed McDavid shirt, so really you don’t have a reason not to come. If you’re unsure you can make it at the moment, there will be a limited amount of tickets being sold at the door as well, so we hope to see you all there! Better yet, if you can take the afternoon off, come down to the Pint to catch the Jays first playoff game at 2pm!


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