Score Free NationGear this Season

After waiting around all summer for the hockey season to roll back around the time has come. It’s that time of year when Oilers fans are filled with hope, recharged, and ready to watch games without a feeling of dread. This season, we wanted to find more ways to bring the Nation together aside from hoping for meaningful games in November. 

On Thursday night, the Edmonton Oilers kick off their regular season in St. Louis and all of us from Nation HQ will be making our way to the Pint to take in the festivities and have beers with you fine citizens. (Tickets are still available) It always gives us a charge to see so many of you rocking NationGear all in the same place. Beautifying you citizens with NationGear is a goal of mine, and I want to make that happen whether you pay for it or not. 

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How will I do that? I’ve got some ideas. 



Take a moment and drink in the visual in the picture above. In it you will see longtime Nation citizen Travis rocking a now retired SQUEEE t-shirt right behind the bench. Not only does Travis look great, but wearing NationGear to an Oilers game is like throwing up a flag to find your fellow citizens. To connect with those people that you have suffered with throughout the dark ages we’ve been living in. I want more of you to be able to find each other and the world to see your beauty. 

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This year, if you have tickets behind either bench or penalty box I will send you FREE NationGear to wear at the game. Easy right? Now before you start firing up your email machine to tell me you have season tickets behind the bench we will want proof that you will be in those seats. Listed below are the section, row, and seat numbers that are behind the benches and penalty box. Study it carefully…


  • SEC 119 – Row 3 Seats 1-9 and 14-22
  • SEC 118 – Row 3 Seats 16-20
  • SEC 120 – Row 3 Seats 1-4


  • SEC 101 – Row 3 entire row

If you have tickets located within the parameters listed above just email me a picture of your tickets and I will hook your party up with free NationGear to wear to the game. Pretty sweet, right? Understandably, some of you get your tickets at the last minute and that wouldn’t allow for enough time to mail something out. If you get your tickets last minute, email them to me and we will arrange for you to pick up your NationGear here at Nation HQ. 



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Do you have tickets but aren’t Jay-Z rich enough to sit behind the benches? No problem! You can still win free NationGear – just take a selfie. If you’re going to the game, and want a chance to win some free stuff, just take a picture of yourself at Rexall and email it to me at [email protected]. Each month we will pick a few random pictures and award the photographers with free NationGear just for playing along. From where I sit, this is likely the most productive thing you’ll ever do with your iPhone camera unless you have nudes to share with me. 


We’re once again stocked up on stickers!

A photo posted by baggedmilk (@himynameisbaggedmilk) on

As you can see from the beautifully (read poorly) framed Instagram picture above, we just got hooked up with a fresh lot of Nation stickers courtesy of our friends at United Cycle. As always, you can fill out the form on the stickers page to add your name on the list to have Chris the Intern send you some free of charge. This is old news…

The breaking news is that we will be handing out Nation stickers to anyone we see at hockey games wearing NationGear. Rocking a Nation hat? Here’s a sticker for your troubles. Sporting a Golden Ticket tee? Now you’ve got a fresh sticker for your Hello Kitty binder. YakCity shirt gracing your torso? Stickers for you, bruh. You get the idea.

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Worried that you won’t be able to find us? Anytime someone from Nation HQ is at Rexall Place we will make an announcement as to which section we’re in and where we’ll be during the intermission to hook you up. You’ll likely spend thousands of dollars on beer during the game so scoring a few freebies will always be welcome.