Hope Will Never Die Product Launch

Look out world!

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Tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for since Bill Daly flipped that golden lottery card with the Oilers logo on it. Tonight is the night we get the chance to watch Connor McDavid play his first game for the Edmonton Oilers, and regain the sense of Oilers pride that may have been lost along the way. To say it’s been a long wait would be the understatement of the century. We’ve all been through a lot over these past nine years, but miraculously hope never died.

We’re an odd bunch, Oilers fans. For nearly a decade we’ve been fed lines of bullshit, watched our team get pummelled on a regular basis, and spent countless hours arguing with each other about the problems facing this franchise. Despite it all, we’re all still here. For some reason, Oilers fans have been able to maintain a hope that better days are coming and tonight is, hopefully, the beginning of the end of those dark days. Hope has found a way to live on and beautify your wardrobe.



To celebrate the fact that hope is once again the burning candle it once, we are launching three new Hope Will Never Die designs to beautiful your torso. Look at the images above and tell me that you wouldn’t look fantastic while wearing one of these fresh designs. You can’t do it, can you? You know just as well as I do that wearing any of these shirts would make you look sexy af. *imagines*

How do you get your hands on these fresh tees? Good question. These new designs are now available on the NationGear store with a portion of all sales going to help support our friends at Earth Group as always. So not only will you be sexifying your life, you’ll be supporting a great cause at the same time. Makes sense, right? Quantities are limited so any lack of initiative in procuring these fine garments will surely result in heartache and disappointment for a life time. 

Don’t wait. You will miss out. 


If you’re looking to come to the Pint Downtown for the Season Opener Party you’re in luck – there are tickets still available. With your ticket you’ll get a Season Opener T-shirt, $25 gift certificate from the Pint, $10 gift card from Oodle Noodle, a collectors cup and coaster, as well as a chance to win a signed Connor McDavid jersey.

You can buy those online here. If buying stuff on the Interwebs isn’t your thing we will also have a few set aside for purchase at the door. Remember, all the money raised from the party goes straight to our friends at Little Bits and we’d like to raise as much money as possible so snap to it. See you tonight!