During last night’s loss to Nashville, Todd McLellan went to the blender in an effort to unlock some offense. Oilers fans, used to the MacT blender, were shocked and amazed when someone other than the ghost of Toby Petersen appeared beside 97. 


  • Nail Yakupov 8-4 .667 Corsi events (6:23 EV TOI) G2
  • Anton Slepyshev 7-4 .636 Corsi events (9:20 EV TOI) G1
  • Benoit Pouliot 8-6 .571 Corsi events (8:38 EV TOI) G2
  • Lauri Korpikoski 5-5 .500 Corsi events (4:42 EV TOI) G2
  • Taylor Hall 6-10 ,375 Corsi events (11:44 EV TOI) G1
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The Lander—Yakupov duo had some spark in pre-season, but they were playing with better offensive talent (hello, Leon Draisaitl!), and since the year began they’ve been quiet. That isn’t quite fair — the entire team has been poor offensively (one goal in two games) — but McLellan has tried five wingers in two games with McDavid and the results are above.

Early days, and I think we’ll see Hall and McDavid as a tandem in the future, but Yakupov looked good last night and the quote above suggests Todd McLellan noticed. It doesn’t take much, especially in times of trouble. Will we see McDavid—Yakupov in Dallas? Hope so. 


I was asked yesterday about the McDavid rookie class and where it ranks among Oilers past rookie crops. I can’t answer yet—Connor McDavid, Griffin Reinhart, Anton Slepyshev and Anders Nilsson may have some company as the season wears on—but it’s going to have some competition from the 1979 and 1980 class. 


  • Wayne Gretzky (79, 51-86-137) (NHL didn’t consider him a rookie)
  • Dave Lumley (80, 20-38-58)
  • Dave Hunter (80, 12-31-43)
  • Ron Chipperfield (67, 18-19-37) traded during season
  • Risto Siltanen (64, 6-29-35)
  • Mark Messier (75, 12-21-33)
  • Kevin Lowe (64, 2-19-21)
  • Cam Connor (38, 7-13-20) traded during season
  • Dave Semenko (67, 6-7-13)
  • Peter Driscoll (39, 1-5-6)
  • Jim Corsi (26, 3.65)


  • Jari Kurri (75, 32-43-75)
  • Glenn Anderson (58, 30-23-53)
  • Paul Coffey (74, 9-23-32)
I wrote about those drafts here
  • Oil City Roller

    People keep saying the Oilers are better visually. That’s what the worst GM in the history of hockey told us all last year. Can someone tell me what’s visually better about horrible turn overs, awful power play, and no goals.

  • 5 Cups

    Hall has to be traded sooner than later.

    His ship with the Oilers has already sailed, they need to do him a favor and catch him up to it.

    Hall is not what he was sold to be. I don’t understand why the media is so scared to speak the truth when it comes to his play, they insist on making excuses.

    I have not seen any progression in Hall’s play or character since he has come in the league. Same ol sh!t dog just a different day.

    • dach3569

      I don’t understand the media bias when it comes to the Oilers.

      The amount of crap written about Yakupov, considering how Nail was treated by Dallas and the crap linemates and icetime he was given, compared to the love and praise Hall gets for just showing up and doing what he wants, is mind boggling.


      • _MonsterPerformer_

        Absolutely agree. I’ve been tired of the Hall and his countless giveaways each game, lackluster line changes being slow to get off the ice, his inability to get the puck out of his own zone, the way he uses every part of his body to clean the ice (a move nicknamed the “Hallboni”), and the way he is so easily pushed off the puck. I mean, the guy can’t stay seem to stay up on his skates and has the most awkward and unorthodox stride I’ve ever seen. The play seems to end 9 out of 10 times when he gets the puck on his stick. I was telling a coworker the other day that I’ve never heard him use the letter “I” in a post game interview to own any of the mistakes he makes in the course of a game, only the word “we”. That is not good leadership when one of your best players can’t own his mistakes and say he’ll make it up to his mates!
        If I had my way, Hall would have been traded 3 years ago when his stock was still high. My ask would be a first rounder and a solid “d” man in return, send a d prospect of ours (not named Nurse) the other way as well since we have a logjam of them. I do see a window of opportunity with the Stamkos situation that something can be worked out in Tampa. Could be a hell of a line to dream about with McDavid and Stamkos for years to come, that would leave Nuge and Ebs as the 2nd line and makes room for Nurse and newly acquired solid D to play into. I wasn’t sold on Fayne or Sekera signings and still think they need to be traded pronto. See if Toronto would take them for a bag of pucks. If Tampa is not a fit trading partner, then see what you can get for Hall from Carolina or Arizona. A first rounder this year for Hall and a sweetener would be ok in my books. If Austin Matthews is taken, then take the best true Dman in the draft. Oh, and see if you can pry Brayden Shenn out of Philly to play on top 2 lines. At least he can stay on his feet long enough to make a play!

        • LibrarianMike


          Seriously people. Get a grip.

          • BubbaZanetti

            Who was talking about his walking?

            Why not talk about his skating?

            I understand that Hall Bunnies might not want to, so, they bring up other crap and comparisons to deflect from the truth.

            Because, truth hurts, and truth is: Hall is average at best.

            In high school, an average looking girl will surround herself with a few ugly and fat friends to make herself look better. Hall is that average girl. I understand he didn’t surround him self with ugly and fat friends, but that is the reason he looks so good in your eyes.

          • bradleypi

            Keep concentrating on my comments and not Hall’s play, that way he will remain an ELITE.

            If Hall is an elite-what would players like Ovechkin and Crosby be? How about McDavid?

            I know you won’t answer my question; A.) you don’t have an answer, B.) your mind is not right for the truth.

          • PlayDirty

            Don’t flatter yourself you twit, you’re not even a good troll. I was laughing to myself about how out to lunch you are.

            There is a big gap between average and elite (which I said nothing about). There are very few players at the level of Crosby and Ovechkin. He has, by all sensible accounts, been one of the best left wingers in the league. I understand you may have trouble connecting to the sensible part.

            Don’t pretend you’re here for anything other than being a sideshow.

          • bradleypi

            “Because, truth hurts, and truth is: Hall is average at best.”

            He’s over a point per game player in 2 seasons.

            I don’t mind trash talk, but it has to have SOME basis in reality.

        • dougtheslug

          And…. ON continues to plumb new depths of silliness by the hour…

          Taylor Hall sucks!!!! He can’t skate!!!! He can’t score!!!! He can’t lead!!! He just just flat out can’t play hockey!!!!

          Let’s trade him for Steven Stamkos.

      • AJ88

        I don’t think he was saying the Oilers were comparable to the Penguins from an overall perspective. My take, the Penguins have lost there first two, I am sure they are not panicking like ON is. I hope you weren’t expecting to roll over the opposition in the first 10 – 20 games.

        I think you should cool your jets a little, there are some positives, goaltending has looked good so far, the team is competing for 60 minutes, there is hope for the defence other than a couple of mistakes.

        If this coach is good as we have been led to believe, the team will start to gel in the first 20 games (with lots of lineup changes). The Oilers actually looked competitive in the first two, against two very good teams.

        • bradleypi

          I’m not panicking at all. I expected this start. I didn’t think they’d struggle as mightily as they are but after some of the moves Chiarelli made, it doesn’t surprise me that this team can’t score. There is zero offensive iq in 6 of the 7 dmen that have dressed so far. I agree tho that talbot is a beast right now. But so was scrivs when he first got traded over. Remember the sharks game? Then the losing started to wear on him. And now he’s out of the league. We’ve all seen this story play out, it’s just no one wants to admit it. There is no positives in starting your season with a 120 minute scoreless streak.

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      “Blow up the team. 2 games is enough of a sample size to panic. Hall overrated, trade someone in the top 6, coach is unprofessional”

      -Oilers nation.

  • Been there

    All I can add is I appreciate the effort and not quitting like previous few years.
    Thought Yak looked good with McDavid, and Purcell has got yo step it up or be gone! Keep wishing he would prove me wrong.

  • chickenStew

    Its frustrating to me that Draisaitl was not here. He looked better then anyone with McDavid this spring, and got sent down.

    When will the Oilers learn to start their seasons with their best players. That means Ference in the press box, Draisaitl on the wing, and Nurse is better then all but two of our defence. Man, wouldn’t Marincin look good two. GRRR

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      “man, wouldn’t Marincin look good two?”

      time to get over it and move on. Marincin has hardly looked like a world beater in Toronto so far and i have watched both games he’s played. his stats so far are….3 GP, zero points, -4. you’ll have to excuse me if i’m not missing the guy.

      • #97TRAIN

        Actually if you watched all the preseason games like I did you would have noticed that the last couple games that Draisaitl played he was less effective tha the first 4 .he seemed to get bottled up a bit

        He was told to go work on his 200 ft game a bit in the AHL. They also told him when he would be called up they wanted it to be for good.

  • Rebuilding the Rebuild

    So now we’re trying to run Hall out of town? Right when he’s entering his prime? 5 years of development, #1 pick and a top 10 scorer? You guys are f$#%ing idiots. Go watch a different sport.

    • Rebuilding the Rebuild

      What #@$%in’ part of his #@$%in’ game has #@$%in’ developed in the last 5 years? It’s all looked the same to me.

      *I’m sorry to swear Mr. Hall, but your son is not as good on the ice as he is on paper.*

      He is entering his “prime”? Is that what you guy call his condo?

      Please explain, and don’t be like Mrs. Hall and get all emotional and start calling people names for no reason, nobody insulted you to begin with. Be a man.

    • PlayDirty

      It’s easy, Chiarelli just has to get one of the other LWs in the game who are better, score more points, never turn over the puck, carry their team on their back, cost less and will have immediate chemistry with McDavid.

      The Nation is resembling a daycare more and more every day.

    • BubbaZanetti

      Tuesday, Oct 13 vs Dallas. This will be the game we see the real Taylor Hall. I was kind of hoping for last night but it’s still early, takes an elite player a few games to dial it in. Against the Stars he will silence all the critics, I’m sure of it?

  • Mason Storm

    Sooooo did everyone who’s pissed off think the Oilers were gonna be good this year? Teams been “visually better” this year compared to the last six. New coach, new players, new system. It’s going to take a few games against actual NHLers before they all get settled.

  • bradleypi

    I think the oil will win the next game in the frist two periods and if the they play like they did in smashville they can close close out the game. I like what the oilers look like now totally differnt team we just need that scoring touch back, its really cool when teams have a hard time getting past our blue line.

    • bradleypi

      So you figure that a team that cant score is gonna waltz into dallas’ barn and lay a whipping on a team that is built to score? Not sure how you come to that conclusion. If the oilers allow any less than 4 goals I’ll be seriously impressed. Is that a positive way of thinking oilersnation?

      • Mason Storm

        Holy balls you are making this seriously annoying to read on this site. Ya we get it you think the oil are awful. Go find chia and tell him what we should do.

      • Mason Storm

        because of any team in the nhl dallas has the closest to edmontons level of defense. guess you didn’t see the avs drop 6 on them last night. So yeah, i do expect the oilers to waltz in there and score, Especially because the goalie is from Todd’s former team. He’ll know all his weaknesses. not saying the oilers aren’t gonna get scored on more then a couple times, but to think they can’t score on a brutal defense like dallas is ridiculous.

  • PlayDirty

    To all the Hall haters in the nation I say to you that one day you’ll miss Hall like you did Arnott. He
    ‘s still a young buck and maybe he’ll grow like Mess did. Us old guys remember a young Messier who had a huge head too.Thank god we didn’t run him outta town when he was just getting into his prime.

  • camdog

    Letestu is better than Gordon.On this team Gordon would be the Number 5 centre. Gordon just like Ference and even Nikitin have lost quite a bit of foot speed over the previous 2-3 seasons and all 3 could easily be playing in the AHL.

  • smith

    I am so tired of the media, bloggers and posters repeatedly referring to the Oilers as offensively talented. They are not.

    This team has had trouble scoring goals for the last five years or longer. We have a number of players with potential (Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Yakupov and McDavid) but hey are not yet at that point. That is perhaps the most frustrating part of all of this. The Oilers, despite all the very high offensive draft picks, are not losing 6-5 in an exciting offensive game. They are being shut out and shut down.

    The “Toddler” is exactly right – our offense has to get a lot better.

  • smith

    Seems like the Oilers have a real lack of puck moving offensively talented defence men. I suspect they would score a lot more with better support from the back. Felt that way for years and have totally not understood why the management will not try and improve the offence from the back.

  • smith

    Did fans actually think we were going to go into St.Louis, and Nashville and win ?wow!I’m optimistic about an improvement this season. But no way were we going to win this early in the season in those two buildings.

  • BobbyCanuck

    @ #116

    Only the kool-aid drinking ones are diappointed.

    Personally I am happy that we were more or less able to keep up with 2 of the better teams in the league.

    Lack of goal? Not a concern right now. Great concern would be if we had lost the games 7-3 or 6-2.

    Yeah! We scored goals in both the games, but…

  • _MonsterPerformer_

    I think it’s important to acknowledge that scoring goals in the NHL is extremely difficult (and continues to trend downwards). If we combine that fact with the realization that the Oilers have 11 new faces on their NHL Roster (forward or not) it’s understandable that it will take some time to develop chemistry and create offense.

    Starting the season off against two of the best defensive teams in the NHL and not scoring should not be viewed as a concern, but more of a learning experience and a measuring stick to show these players what to expect from top tier teams. I believe Edmonton has the personnel to be a competitive team and we will only continue to get better as the season progresses, it will just take time and patience, which means not over-reacting after tough nights against top NHL defenses with Gold medal winning talent in their lineup.