GDB 2.0 WRAP UP: Oilers @ Predators


Two major giveaways sunk the Oilers on what could have been a good night. Final Score: 2-0 Predators

I have to say that it’s almost surreal how many Oilers fans are shitting all over Taylor Hall and Todd McLellan already. Fine gems like, “Taylor Hall should be traded” and “Todd McLellan doesn’t know what he’s doing,” have been raining down on Twitter since the opening night loss to the Blues, and it’s ridiculous. Either you, sir, are a moron or you may need to find another hobby or spend some time outside. If you can’t see the improvements that have been made already you haven’t been paying attention. The upgrade in play was on full display tonight.

The Oilers almost looked like a different team tonight than they did in the opener. Their start was significantly better than it was in St. Louis. Not only were they able to sustain pressure in the offensive zone, Nashville didn’t seem have an answer for the Oilers’ cycle early in the game. Nuge and Hall looked far more comfortable together tonight than they did with their respective partners last game. The familiarity was evident and they were able to produce some chances throughout the night. Unfortunately, as much as I liked seeing Hall and Nuge work together, the McDavid/Korpikoski experiment was as bad as the former was good. It’s too wide a gap in skill set and a waste of McDavid’s minutes. 

Despite playing well, and getting another excellent effort from Cam Talbot, the Oilers leave Nashville on a two game losing streak. Throughout the night I felt that the Oilers had a good chance at winning this game. The Oilers were ready to play, but two glaring mistakes by veteran defenders Andrej Sekera and Andrew Ference overshadowed an otherwise solid effort. Both players are expected to be leaders on the defensive side of the puck, but instead cost their team the game. There were things to like about tonight’s game, but it was the mistakes that killed the Oilers’ chance at points, and moral victories don’t count in the standings. On the other hand, it’s hard to win hockey games if you don’t score any goals. 

We wrap.



  • CONNOR MCDAVID! Did you see the little bump he gave Weber in the first period to strip him of the puck? I love the two way game he’s showing already. McDavid started developing some chemistry with Nail Yakupov and it will be interesting to see if that’s a pair that McLellan keeps together. Otherwise it was a quiet night for our beloved Connor. I’m sure the headlines will say dumb things about him that are untrue, but I’ll never get tired of watching him play and will cherish every minute. It’s only a matter of time before he makes his mark. 
  • Nuge and Hall look better together than Hall looked with McDavid. You could tell that these two have spent time together, and they had some nice chances tonight. They were by no means perfect, but definitely have knowledge of where the other is going to be on the ice. 
  • It made me so happy to see the Oilers having some success on the cycle. For years they haven’t been able to sustain any pressure in the offensive zone, but they were able to tonight. 
  • After battling the puck early in the game, Nail Yakupov ended up having a solid night. He was banging and digging in the corners, firing pucks when he had the chance, and giving it to McDavid when he didn’t. I’m hoping Connor and Nail can figure something out because that could be a very nice passer/shooter combination. They looked good tonight in a small sample size.
  • The Oilers outshot the Predators 31-26 which in itself is a moral victory, I guess. I’m sure some of the stats nerds are pumped on it. I love you, stats nerds. 
  • Cam Talbot was really solid again tonight. He made all the saves he he was supposed to make, some he didn’t, and gave the Oilers a chance to win. If he can keep this going all season long the Oilers will have a massive upgrade in net over what they had a year ago. It’s nice not having that sense of panic every time the puck approaches the net. Despite the effort Talbot will have to wait for his first win with the Oilers. Talbot finished the night with 24 saves and a .923 save%.



  • I have to say that it will be nice when the new car smell is eliminated from the Connor McDavid era with the Oilers. I don’t know how these panels keep finding ways to ask the same question, but I’ll be happy when he’s a part of the team and not every move is evaluated. 
  • Nashville’s yellow helmets were offensive to look at. Actually, everything about their uniforms is ugly. Whoever made that choice should be fired or file a grievance against the company’s vision benefits.
  • I’m not a big fan of playing Connor McDavid with Lauri Korpikoski. That’s like trying to pull a fifth wheel with a Ferrari. Not surprising that it didn’t take long for Todd McLellan to figure that out. 
  • Benoit Pouliot took a bad tripping penalty in the second period and was lucky that the team was able to kill it off. He has a reputation for taking untimely trips to the box and I hope Todd McLellan will be able to curb that behaviour. 
  • I’m not sure what Andrej Sekera was doing on Nashville’s first goal. He gave the puck up at the blue line causing an odd man rush and eventual goal. Of all the places on the ice to give up the puck he chose one of the worst.
  • Not to be outdone, Andrew Ference made a beautiful pass right to Mike Ribeiro who fed Filip Forsberg in the slot for a goal. Why was Reinhart out of the lineup again?
  • I hate the no kicking rule. Yes, Nuge’s goal was called back because of that rule and it’s annoying, but this rule has always bothered me anyway. I think that goals like this should always count if the skate is near the ice. Obviously you don’t want guys going for bicycle kicks out there, but directing the puck in the net with your foot should count. Lame.
  • The power play struggled to get much going tonight. No doubt Todd McLellan and crew will be practicing this heavily in the coming days. The Oilers went 0-5 on the power play tonight and that’s not anywhere near good enough. 

  • I hate Pekka Rinne. It’s annoying how good he is. The Oilers had some good looks at Rinne tonight but they just couldn’t get anything by him. Rinne stopped all 31 shots, finishing the night with a shutout. 
  • Did I mention how bad those yellow helmets were? Abhorrent. 


No scoring.
18:52 Nashville Craig Smith (2) Wrist shot – ASST: Colin Wilson (1) 1 – 0 NSH
13:02 Nashville  Filip Forsberg (1) Snap shot – ASST: Mike Ribeiro (1) 2 – 0 NSH


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  • Lofty

    The sky is not falling! They’ve played 2 games against teams that are very good and very strong and the goal differential is -4.

    Start worrying after the next 4 games.

    They’re still working out the kinks which isn’t ideal, but it’s coming together. Once the power play starts working the wins will start coming.

    Look at Philly, there’s a team with problems!

  • MorningOwl

    So, this is what the “McDavid era” looks like on ON? wow you guys turned sour fast!

    Haven’t heard any “Happy McDavid Day” comments since the start of the real season. this is like Déjà vu all over again.

    But now all trolling aside, as an outsider, I am saying the Oilers looked better over their first two games than they did all last year.

    This is promising to be a good year in Alberta – New management and new coaching is going to make a huge difference. It won’t be able to hide defensive holes on all nights, but the team did look noticeably better.

    And McD will get his game going. I mean really guys, the media (and many here) made such high predictions and expectations that it has created a 3 ring circus around the poor kid. the kids 18 and playing in the best league in the world. he will figure it out, but give the poor kid some breathing room before you expect him to carry the team to the glory land.

    Cam Talbot is sitting at a .929 sv% and 2.05 GGA against 2 very strong teams – THERE’s your good omen – calm the hell down edmonton! it’s going to be OK!!!!

  • Chad88

    My 5 cents.

    Ference should not be playing. Especially taking Reinharts spot, Reinhart looked fantastic in the opener.

    Purcell is god awful. Just plain and simple. Waive him and bring up Draisaitl.

    I’m a big fan of Anton Slepyshev but I personally believe he should be sent down to get the game and language down.

    That first giveaway,what was Sekera thinking, why didn’t he get the puck in deep,instead making a rookie mistake.

    I’m still not sold on McDavid and Yakupov. I hope they make me feel otherwise.

    Fun fact. Yakupovs +/- isn’t -6 like it was last season this early on


    My assumption is all the “Negative- Nellies” on here are just past puberty and need to chill out! Maybe over time their hormones will level out 😉 Let’s not forget how much$$$ we have just waiting to come off the books this season, Nikitin, Purcell, Scrivens and Ference should be bought out. The trade deadline or summer will put us in the running for either the best defenceman on UFA or a top notch trade. If the season doesn’t pan out I’m sure Chiarelli will trade one of our core forwards not named Nuge, Mcdavid and get us a true #1 D we desperately need.

    • CMG30

      The problem is that the fans have unrealistic expectations.

      The Oil will struggle this year to make the playoffs. Their defense is just not good enough yet and this first 10-15 games are against brutal opponents. As long as they don’t get blown out and they play hard, I’m OK. Any win is a bonus. I’m looking at these first games as a way to solidify McLellans teachings.

  • #97TRAIN

    We will win our share of games . That was two pretty good games from start to finish. Last year we would see monumental breakdowns lasting 10 minutes I am not seeing that this year! Good game!

  • Pretty sly pick run by Mike Fisher when Sekera gave the puck away. Clear interference but the refs either fanned on it or wanted a photo with Carrie.

    Ferrence bank pass was supposedly the zamboni doors fault. Oddly not the co/ex captains fault… he was a victim of bad engineering and door closing technique.

    So rest easy Oiler fans. It was all just a conspiracy to hold the mighty Oilers back.

    The book of Vancouver fan rests.

  • mithaman

    C’mon Milk Bag – Did you even watch the game? There’s no point sugar coating or putting a positive spin on last night’s game.

    We produced ZERO offence. There was no chemistry between any of the lines. We were scrambling to get the puck the whole game and all we managed were some weak shots from the perimeter.

    Nashville controlled the play the whole night and if it wasn’t for Talbot this game wouldn’t have been close.

    I’m not saying we need to hit the panic button, but it’s quite clear this team needs time to adapt to their gazilionth coach in as many years and all the new faces in the lineup.

      • mithaman

        I did read the whole thing.

        I guess you can’t help but be a bit nicer and give the boys a bit more credit for the little things than myself. I do agree Yak was battling hard along the boards all night, but as quick as he’d strip the puck he’d give it away. He still looks very erratic out there. I also think Nuge has been invisible. He’s really missing Ebs right now.

  • mithaman

    Goaltending let us down . We outshoot both clubs , but lose both to superior goaltending(basically shutout) , plain and simple . Talbot the goat both games . If we had changed goalies with opposition we would be 2-0 or minimum 3 points , instead of 0-2 . Nilsson would have maybe two shutouts already , seeing as he has yet to be scored on in regulation time . Depends on how you view the loss .

    • For Pete's Sake!

      That comment is so stupid it’s not even worth a trash.

      Neither goal on Talbot was his fault.

      If Rinne had to contend with Sekera and Ferrence on his defense rather than Weber and Josi we would have won the game hands down.

      Maybe you should go back to bed Madjam. Sleep off your hangover. 😉

    • #97TRAIN

      Magjam you are just posting garbage on here .i know from past post you do have some hockey knowledge but do yourself a favor and stop posting crap that makes you look like an idiot.

      • R U Kidding Me!

        Two win able games if Talbot had the shut out rather than the other goalies basically . Two nights where good goaltending was just not enough . We played well enough to win those games if he pitches a shutout . Now , if we win those games by doing so , then the perspective on the Oilers changes/shifts dramatically would you not agree ? Spread the fault around , as rest of ON bashing rest of team pretty soundly .

        • R U Kidding Me!

          So since Talbot didn’t post back to back shutouts he’s the goat? Between the first 2 games he saved about 6 or 7 sure goals. And the picks that did go in, he had 0 chance. Either deflections or turnovers out of no where. And it sure doesn’t help that the offence managed to muster one full goal, in two games.

        • OilClog

          Let us Forget how Weber shot the puck off the boards, behind his own net, to in front of his own net, right on to the Oilers stick, for a goal in the back of the net that the damn goaler never had a chance with… Let’s us forget that it wasn’t Andrew Ference that did that and let’s change it to Weber.. That damn Rinne!

          Oilers just played two of the best defensive squads in the league and didn’t get annihilated, the goaler (Talbot) actually kept them in the games, Talbot is the GOAT.

          Goaler Oiler Annihilator Terminator!

        • Soooo…if a goaltender doesn’t “pitch a shutout”, he’s basically crap and the team has no chance to win, right?

          My god man. The only thing that’s saving you is the fact you’re not posting under your real name. But I suppose if your mom named you “Madjam” it might explain a few things.

          • TartanArmy

            Tell me how any moron could assume I thought Talbot was crap , when I said good goaltending was not enough to win in those two games ? You assume things that are not there .

  • For Pete's Sake!

    Well …… It’s a new morning. All the Negative Nellies from last night are probably going to wake up in a few hours from now with lovely hangovers and ….

    I’m actually happy with the overall game of the Oilers last night. For most of the game Todd and his coaching staff had them playing with an intensity level I have not seen in an Oiler team for years.

    Nashville is probably the best defensive team in the NHL and they have a great goaltender. They are a tough nut to crack but the Oilers didn’t give up and kept plugging away.

    Our goaltending was great, I didn’t see Schultz make one glaring error, we worked hard right to the end and if it weren’t for a couple of mistakes by the veterans Ferrence and Sekera we probably would have won that game in a three on three overtime.

    Overall, if the Oilers keep playing with this kind of intensity they’re going to win their share of games. I’m not worried at all.

  • paul wodehouse

    bm u said…Why was Reinhart out of the lineup again?
    He played the opener and was not embarrassed…the former captain had to get into a game at some point & I can’t imagine seeing him in much more than 40 games (excepting for others injuries)…then maybe just maybe playing a big part of a trade at the deadline as a throw-in …I’m out of province & was unable to watch the game [on CITY] but the result was getting shut out by a bigger tougher team at their home barn with a few changes noted in your wordy whining wrap up…the collective should remember that Connor McDavid is going to have to find his way through the first cycle of all these new and exciting places he’ll be visiting for the first time …they are NOT going to be fun and friendly whistle stops but once the almost 30 teams have got a smell of him and he himself settles in to his new life only then will he begin to feel his groove… that comfort zone will come with someone who he’ll discover is instinctively where he expects him to be most of the time on the ice…by the picture of he and 10 it doesn’t look right now to be the match made in that Kurri-Gretzky pairing…my goodness folks he’s only two games behind that point per game average I’ve predicted for him …my hope is that you can sell your hope ‘merch’ but realistically it’s Edmonton the world needs more of now … 2XL black long sleeve please!

  • CMG30

    Sekera on the first goal

    “I screwed up”
    Really means…
    “I’m going to drink myself dangerously stupid, and stand by in complete awe with a stick in my hand, while the Preds swing by in complete safety.”

  • Petrolero

    Dallas will be a good measuring stick because they were last year where the Oilers should be this season: fighting for a playoff spot in march but realistically a bit behind.

    If the Oilers lose that one bad, then there’s reason to panic. I don’t think they will.

  • Petrolero

    Why can’t we be a big heavy team? Oh, because somebody had a vision 8 years ago that we could be a team from the 80’s. It’s going to take another 5 years to clean up that mistaken vision.

  • ChillyPepper

    I have been an Oilers fan since I was old enough to walk. Watched Gretzky play, watched them win (who remembers the Oilers song… We’re going to start the fire, we’re going to kick some butt and win the Stanley cup… we’re going to start the fire, we’re going to beat the kings and send them back to their queens)?

    I haven’t watched hockey for years, having lived abroad. The first thing that has hit me while watching the Oilers is they have too much talent and not enough complimentary players. Everyone thinks Hall is too selfish, but when he’s passing and not shooting everyone is on his case. This isn’t the Olympics where these guys are playing for gold for their country… this is their jobs. They are being paid to produce. How can paying 5 guys to produce every night and paying no guys to compliment your producers, produce anytihng? Of course there is no chemistry… they all have the same job, take the puck and put in the net.

    Esa Tikkanen (old Oiler from the 80’s) was in no way a top player, he went 80th overall… but he complimented his line and put up some big numbers for a complimentary player. The Oilers need to get rid of some of their top players and bring in players whose job is to strictly let the line producer shine.

    Like it or trash it… I am not overly concerned, but who can finish the old song… I think the names went something like this… Fuhr, Joseph, Erikkson, MacTavish, Lowe, don’t give up and win the Stanley cup!!

  • SweetBabyNuge

    I’ve always thought Hall was one of the most overrated player in the league. I’m actually concerned when you people start talking about it, because if you fanboys get wise to it, I’m sure other GMs will recognize a player that skates like a lame horse and spends most of his time yard sale-ing. His pedestrian wristers should be considered turnovers rather than shots. Seriously, what part of his game is impressive? He’s hockey’s embodiment of The Emperors New Clothes. Package him up for a big boy D-man.

    McD and Talbot are absolute studs. Talbot was a steal, and I think he’ll be a top 5-10 goaltender in this league for years to come. Big with a calm demeanour is the right recipe (like I always always thought with Dubnyk). Scrivens was a basket of cats.

    Overall the team looks defensively much improved over last year, but still weak. The effort it seems to take out of these guys just to be mediocre is a scary prospect for the last 30 games of the season because the intensity isn’t sustainable. Love Ference, hate his game. I miss Petry 🙁

    I don’t want to be a debbie downer. Excited to see Eberle come back and support McD with puck control. Yak and McD look promising.

    Dallas is a winnable game! Camaaaan boys.

  • Lofty

    You guys are all fat and never get laid!
    I am like 99999999x the hockey player you will ever be.
    2X Menorial Cup MVP
    2X Top 10 NHL point scorer
    World Junior Silver Medalist
    World Championship Gold
    I had a hard time under that retard Eakins, I’ll be in the top 10 again this year. Than you b**ches will be all over my d*ck again! Book it.

  • I just watched the October 2014 game vs the Nashville Predators…

    It’s like night and day compared to yesterday’s game.

    The 2014 Oilers were dominated thoroughly, with Nashville controlling the Oilers zone for entire shifts, getting 2nd and 3rd opportunities on chances, and only 1 Oilers line could generate any offense.

    The score was 4-1, the line Oilers goal coming off poor rebound control from Rinne.

    This year’s Oilers look 10 times better than last year in those regards, they were not dominated, they won their share of battles, and more than one line had to be contained by the Preds D.

    Where they didn’t look better (as in, they looked the same) was the lack of dangerous chances, lack of PP threat, and not creating enough second order third chances. Like Eakins’Oilers, got a lot of shots but nothing dangerous.

    Eakins has a season to build that chemistry, whereas this is McLellan’s second game with a finalized roster, so I’m much more forgiving this time around.