Condors Recap


The Condors should have been rewarded with a much better outcome from this two-game weekend, but all they fly out of it with is one point.

Friday night, the Condors let two leads slip away and settled for a loser point in a 6-5 shootout loss in San Diego against Dallas Eakins’ Gulls. On Saturday night, the Condors outplayed and out-chanced the San Jose Barracuda but absolutely zero bounces went their way as they dropped a home-ice 4-3 verdict.

“One goes in off a deflection, the other hits the end board, goes off Hunt and in, the other goes off the ref, but at the end of the day I thought we played well enough to win. We keep giving points away. We have to manage the puck better. We’ve got to make better decisions, we’ve got to have a little more composure with the puck in those critical areas of the ice and make better plays.” -Condors head coach Gerry Fleming






Hunt – Oesterle

Nurse – Musil

Pageau – LaLeggia


Hamilton – Draisaitl – Ford

Khaira – Yakimov – Christoffer

Miller – McRae – Pakarinen

Moroz – Platzer – Kessy


  • Andrew Milller swats the puck just wide 30 seconds into the Condors first breakout.
  • A 2-on-1 develops with Leon Draisaitl and Matthew Ford. Draisaitl keeps and drags the puck to the slot but is stopped by San Jose goalie Aaron Dell.
  • After a couple of stops by Eetu Laurikainen, the Condors get some pressure back on the Barracuda. Ford is set up again by Draisaitl, Brad Hunt gets away a one-timer, and Draisaitl almost pots a rebound. No reward.
  • Braden Christoffer is in alone from the San Jose blueline after stripping Mark Cundari. The rookie pro tries to go five-hole but Dell turns it away.
  • 1-0 San Jose – Ryan Carpenter is deep in the corner and tries a pass into the slot. It looks to be a harmless play until the puck banks off Bogdan Yakimov’s skate and slides gently past the goal line at 6:16. Michael Haley is credited with the marker. The goal foreshadows a grim night of bounces to come for the Condors.
  • The Condors start to recover from the goal and get another 2-on-1 but Andrew Miller waits too long in getting the puck over the Phil McRae who’s in too tight to the net to manage anything other than a poke of the puck.
  • Kyle Platzer crunches Carpenter near the San Jose bench and the Barracuda winger retaliates which draws both Kale Kessy and Mitch Moroz. The teams go 4-on-4. The Condors get two good chances with the extra ice, both from defencemen. Darnell Nurse drives the net off the halfboards and tries to stuff it in to no avail. Jordan Oesterle blasts a shot from the wing but Dell gets just enough of it to keep it out.


  • Draisaitl puts on his playmaker hat again as he sets up Nurse in the high slot but his hard wrister goes just wide.
  • 2-0 San Jose – Laurikainen makes a save, but Hunt attempts a blind clearing in front of the net that hits a Barracuda and Bryan Lerg deposits the puck at 2:30.
  • Barracuda tough guy Trevor Parkes puts Joey LaLeggia into the glass. The Condors draw a penalty a few moments later and get a great chance on a quick 6-on-5 as David Musil’s high shot went off the glass and Ford just missed putting the bouncer away.
  • 2-1 Condors (PP) – Miller comes off the halfboards and puts a pass through the San Jose player’s feet to the point for Hunt who then slides it cross-ice to McRae. From the top of the circle, McRae’s low blast goes through the pads of Dell at 13:16.
  • 2-2 Condors (PP) – The Condors go right back on the power play and Hunt further makes up for his blunder as his low shot on net comes off the goalie to Ford who finishes the scramble at 15:45.
  • More Draisaitl power as he comes out of the corner muscling past San Jose defender Karl Stollery and sets up Miller but his shot is a miss.


  • Only eight seconds in and Musil’s attempted pass flutters off his stick right to Petter Emanuelsson who rings it off the post.
  • The Condors get away with one at the San Jose blue line but are called for a penalty moments later when Ford drives the net and wipes out Dell.
  • 3-2 Condors – San Jose doesn’t mount much at all against a stiff Condor penalty kill. The Condors come out of the kill with a 3-on-1 including Ford right out of the box. Ford winds up with the puck and zings it up high. Is it in? The Condors think so. It goes to video review, and yes, it’s off the near post and then under the bar before exiting the net at 3:53.
  • 3-3 – Another bad bounce for the Condors. A point shot goes off the end boards, hits Hunt, and probably Parkes too, who gets credit for the strange one.
  • San Jose puts another bouncing puck on net and believe that, too, has gone in. It doesn’t go to video review, however, as the wave-off is confirmed by both referees after a brief huddle.
  • Iiro Pakarinen gets elbowed and draws a penalty. The best chance for Bakersfield comes as McRae is the late trailer on a rush but his shot is blocked.
  • Pakarinen then is called for a high stick with 4:54 to go.
  • 4-3 San Jose (PP) – With only 15 seconds to go in the penalty, Musil tries to clear the puck out of the corner and it looks like he’s got a ton of open ice. Unfortunately, the referee is standing there. It goes off the ref right to Carpenter who taps it to Haley who tucks the puck behind a startled Laurikainen.
  • The Condors are hemmed in while trying to get an extra attacker on. Their last opportunity to form a breakout is done in when LaLeggia turns the puck over at the Bakersfield blue line.


“We missed the net in glorious opportunities about five or six occasions coming right down the pipe. After the second period, we talked about it that we’ve got to hit the net to get those second or even third chances. It comes down to execution and making those simple plays. Even at the end, we’re on a 3-on-2 and the puck bounces over our stick. You’ve got to bear down in those situations and know that the game is on the line.” -Fleming

  • Oilers fans are clamouring for Draisaitl to get called up. After this game, he can’t be far off. He didn’t draw a point but if he wasn’t the most dominant player on the ice, it would be difficult to argue for anyone else.
  • The game was Exhibit ‘A’ of why Brad Hunt is not an NHL regular. He can create things with the puck, but the clearing attempt that resulted in a Barracuda goal was U-G-L-Y.
  • The outcome wasn’t what it should have been considering the number of chances the Condors blew which all in all spoiled Laurikainen’s North American pro debut.

“He was fine. He a couple bad breaks and I felt bad for him, but he made some critical saves when we had some breakdowns. He just had some unfortunate bounces.” -Fleming

  • The Condors sat out Tyler Pitlick, Josh Winquist, and Martin Gernat. Still no word on visa issues for Ben Scrivens and Nikita Nikitin. Laurent Brossoit, who started Bakersfield’s first three games and played Friday in San Diego, was the back-up netminder.
  • Craig MacTavish took in the game along with the Oilers’ California-based scout Chris Cichoki.
  • Scouts from Winnipeg, Chicago, Colorado, and the New York Rangers were on-hand.


  1. Michael Haley – San Jose
  2. Matthew Ford – Condors
  3. Brad Hunt – Condors
  • YFC Prez

    Sounds like Draisaitl is really starting to bang on door pretty loud now.

    How has Nurse looked with the condors this season?

    You could almost put in a special section for these 2 players in all your game recaps updating their game that day.

  • paul wodehouse

    …David Musil wearing the number eighty seven

    does anyone else in the NHL other than you-know-who wear number eighty seven?

    does he wear a Condor eighty seven jersey Scott?

    cuz that’d be OK by me …in the A

      • paul wodehouse

        Dirty Dom…thanks…guessing O’Brien’s ‘inactive’ and back in the AHL now according to ‘numbers’

        I guess 8 7 15 and 78 were all taken when he decided to ask and get 87 from the Caps equipment manager…even Eric Lindros was gone for a few years before anyone decided to wear 88 without raised eyebrows … again thanks for the research

  • paul wodehouse

    Not buying this VISA issue for Scriven’s and NN. Are they refusing to report? Are the Oilers asking them not to because they are working on a trade? Definitely not your normal demotion.

  • They rushed Drai last year based on potential. If they’re going to call him up, maybe wait until he actually scores some goals?

    He is probably leading the forwards in TOI. I would guess he has been getting favourable zone starts. So to have one assist in 4 games; I would leave him there.

    • Sounds like according to Scott, Leon is creating chances abound but having some bad luck. However I would tend to agree with you and leave him until his confidence is so high that not even bad luck can stop him.

      I’m hoping though for the Oilers’ sake that Nurse and Drai are on the big team by the 30 game mark at the latest.

      • Oilerz4life

        Drai: 1 assist in 4 games.

        Nurse: According to this, he isn’t even in the top pairing in the AHL yet. So let him earn that top pairing role, and get some experience playing there.

        If they are ready by game 30, great. It’s not a popular viewpoint, but I’d be ok if they’re not brought up before next season. Let them be #1C and #1D play a whole season, play in an All-Star game (hopefully), play in the AHL playoffs.

        By next season, a lot of dead weight will be off the roster, and they will shine.

  • Greg Chase is in Norfolk – check back a couple page as I did a season preview on the Admirals on Friday.

    Musil is wearing #6. The errant pass was a big error but the San Jose winning goal was hardly his fault. Just bad luck having clearing pass go right off ref to Barracuda players. I like him partnered with Nurse.

    Draisaitl was best player on the ice, period.

    I’m not buying the visa issue statements about Nikitin or Scrivens considering both have lived and played in both Canada and the U.S before. Scrivens has practiced but it’s not clear if Nikitin has. Interviews are conducted outside of the dressing room so I’m not in there, but I haven’t seen either exiting the room after a game in a suit yet other not-dressed players like Gernat and Pitlick were seen. Leads me to think they’re not even coming to the games.

  • Johnnydapunk

    Mr Zerr,

    Might be a bit of an odd question, but as you had mentioned seeing Scrivens at practise, is he wearing his Oiler gear or is he wearing all white or solid colour gear and mask ?

    Reason I ask that is if he was plain single colour gear, that usually indicates he is breaking in some new stuff for a trade somewhere, if he was in his Oil gear, then he may be sticking it out there for now if that makes sense.

    And you are also right, the “visa” issue is a bit hogwashy as the Oil managed to sort the Visa out for a German national “Draisatl” fairly easy, and Scrivens may still have residency in the states as he had lived there for quite a while. Same thing with Nikitin.

    My guess is that they are there but waiting for a trade and just practising and trying not to get injured, but could be wrong there


    I went to the condors game here in San Diego vs the Gulls on friday, Leon was great but he missed a couple of really good chances. I thought he should’ve at least had 2 goals maybe more. He managed to get 1 assist which is not bad.