Oilers recall Miller

Matt Hendricks was placed on the IR today, foot injury most likely, and to fill his roster spot the Oilers recalled Andrew Miller from Bakersfield.

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I’ve already received a few texts and tweets wondering why not Leon Draisaitl. The Oilers are going to be patient with Draisaitl and Miller has played better thus far. Miller made a splash in Edmonton last year when he scored his first NHL goal on a penalty shot.

Miller has NHL speed, and with injuries to Hendricks and Jordan Eberle, I won’t be surprised if Miller gets an opportunity to play with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Taylor Hall on Wednesday vs. Detroit.

Miller had 1-5-6 in nine games with the Oilers last season, after scoring 60 points in 63 games in the AHL. He is an offensive minded-player and playing him in the top-six makes more sense than putting him in a checking role.

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Hendricks is a big loss for the Oilers. He’s been great on the PK, and he filled in admirably on the top-line for two games before being injured blocking a shot. Miller won’t bring the aggressive side of Hendricks, and isn’t as good on the forecheck, but he possesses more skill, and could create more offence on the top line.

Miller played the most with Anton Lander and Hall last year, and when he was on the ice at ES with Hall he scored 2.07/60 (If you believe in that type of stat).

Recalling Miller makes the most sense at this point, and I’d rather see him beside Hall and RNH than Klinkhammer. 

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  • number99

    Keep him in the press box unless you absoluetly need him. Klinkhammer did a decent job last game, no need to add a smaller skilled guy to the line up right now. unless his name is eberle!

  • A-Mc

    I was hoping that he was here to put Purcell in the pressbox for a game or two, I didn’t want to see that Hendricks was put on IR(hopefully not for long).

  • A-Mc

    Miller has a chance to outplay Purcell on a skill line. If he shows well, what are the chances that EDM moves forward with trying to dump the T.Purcell contract any way they can? (If they aren’t already trying to do so).

  • The Future Never Comes

    Slightly off topic, but after Nilson’s brick wall abilities on Sunday night, does that not warrent the start against the Red Wings? Not to slander Talbot’s play, as he has been no slouch himself. But do you go with the bonafied “starter”, or the “backup” that earned every oppurtunity to get the next nod?

    • NJ

      Talbot has been excellent every game Imo. He’s the starter, long term. He gets the strt and benefit of the doubt. Why put doubt in Talbots mind by playing Nilsson back to back? Makes no sense, even if the stats say Nilsson has played better.

      Just my .02

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      A few reasons why you wouldn’t want to play the back up on Wednesday. First it would mean that Talbot wouldn’t play for 6 days. Second Talbot isn’t signed past this season. I would try and make him happy as there is no guarantee he will sign here. He has played very well himself and there is no reason he shouldn’t play Wednesday. If he falters you can either play him the game after or the back up.

    • paul wodehouse

      I would develop the hell out of LD and make sure that when he returns to the NHL he is an NHL ready prospect and not another project.

      After that, it’ll be roster needs. Maybe Lander plays himself out to a higher salary. Maybe a team wants RNH and is willing to sacrifice a high end #1 dman. Maybe everybody is amazing at their positions and the only place to play him is wing.

      With him in the AHL the decision is delayed and no one needs to rush. After last two games I’d say his best bet to make the team is wing.

      It’ll depend on what kind of player LD proves himself to be and where the opportunity lies.

    • The Future Never Comes

      Why do people want to trade DRI.here is a guy that can play all three positions at forward .And people want to trade him for a make believe stud D .Why trade a guy that can play on any line at any position.Only to say i wish we had a guy like that on our team.

  • mithaman

    Say it ain’t so….Hendricks has been our heart and soul yet again this year.

    It bothers me when people talk about him as a potential trade deadline asset. He is exactly the kind of player you re-sign rather than trade. He is the embodiment of the culture we want to create on this team and I hope he’s not out for long. Big loss for the Oil.

  • Petrolero

    Miller showed well last year. I’m ok with his call up. Draisaitl will only be called up to stay, so there is no point in doing that now. My guess is come trade deadline Purcell is moved and then Draisaitl is called up for good.

  • S cottV

    I wonder how Draisaitl is taking all this in.

    Last years Memorial Cup mvp. Easily played well enough in pre-season to make the team.

    A big body with presence, which will surely be needed – sooner than later, to compete vs the big boys in the western division.

    Wouldn’t screw too much with him.

      • camdog

        Ya, but he’s a high draft pick and this is the oilers… He should just be handed a role. He doesn’t need to work his way into the lineup… Isn’t that how it works around here?

        • McDavid doesn’t have a stellar plus/minus either. Certainly Drai proved himself in camp, he’s just caught in a numbers game. Chia has to showcase some players for trade and not willing to move one of his acquisitions. To my eye he earned a spot, but it’s still business and he will have to wait for opportunity. He’s solid.

    • YFC Prez

      I doubt he took not making the team very well and I wouldn’t be surprised if it affects his play. Unfortunate something he has to go through, he’s probably never missed the A team in his life. Probably some self imposed pressure as well when he sees other young stars making their teams around the league and he cannot make the Oilers.

      I would not be surprised if he slumps for a while and needs some time to find his game.

      • YFC Prez

        If you ever read up any of Scott Zerr’s post game recaps for the condors he gives a very reassuring account of Draisaitl. He is trucking along at a very good pace for Bakerfield.

        From his last blog :

        “Oilers fans are clamouring for Draisaitl to get called up. After this game, he can’t be far off. He didn’t draw a point but if he wasn’t the most dominant player on the ice, it would be difficult to argue for anyone else.”

        He later says :

        ” Draisiaitl was the best player on the ice, period.

        I wouldn’t be worried about Draisiatls +/- by all accounts he’s doing his best to tear the doors down to make the oilers.

        • camdog

          I’m not worried about LD, but I do know he needs work on his overall game. Oilernsnation writers have pumped up dozens of players in the AHL to get people to read their articles over the past few years. If you don’t believe me go back through some of the stories on Lance Pitlick.

          I know LD has the most skill on the Barons, I also know that Yakupov is one of the most skilled players on this Oilers team and he still needs a lot of work.

          My list for forward call ups from the AHL would be Miller, Pakarinen and then LD, no matter what Scott writes…

          • YFC Prez

            He still needs work yes. People are just seeing 1assist and -4 and freaking out. My point is he is trending up.

            Neither Drai nor Nurse should be called up unti they are clearly ready. Potential franchise d man and skilled forward with size that are both way too important to this club to mess up in their development.

            Btw. Tyler Pitlick. Not lance.

  • Stack Pad Save


    You start Talbot next game, he hasn’t lost the job and you keep swapping goalies until someone cools off.

    Next year, or later this year if Drai is ready for the jump and dominating the AHL, both DEFENSIVELY and offensively I would love to see a top 6 of:

    Hall – Nuge – Eberle

    Drai – McDavid – Yak

    Those 2 top lines will give tenet he Oil a 1 – 1 punch no other team can handle. If the goalies stay strong all the Oil will need to do is find 2 top pairing guys who can pass these guys the puck and let them fly!

  • camdog

    Miller had more success with the Oilers last season than LD did. He’s a bit small and won’t replace what Eberle or Hendricks bring to the table, however I am hopeful that he’ll be able to permanently displace Purcell in the line up.

    • lorne57

      Thank you sir for finding a positive in the midst of this incredible disaster ,after reading your post I stepped down from the stool and put away the rope,my undieing thanks go out to you for saving my life,I shall be eternally grateful for your unselfish act.

        • oilerjed

          What is with Albertans and assuming anyone not CPC is going to destroy the world. Have you not noticed:
          a) The oilsands were sold out and not by PET, control over them has long been sold to foreign interests by the most r (re: FIPA), at least PET wanted to use it for the betterment of all of Canada
          b) that almost everyone outside of Alberta thinks that the previous government were the slimiest and most neglectfully power hungry party since the last multi-term majority government.
          c)Harper ran our economy into the ground by pigeon holing it (yes oil help Alberta but….) instead of diversifying our manufacturing and boosting skilled trades that were not going to the patch.
          And Finally
          c) By alienating most of the free world he has isolated the country and ruined our international reputation.
          Rose coloured glasses work just as poorly when determining the abilities of a government the same as when we are sizing up hockey team. Be Objective!

          Ends rant on hockey blog

      • mithaman

        Certainly not my cup of tea. Lived through the first raping (NEP) of ALberta by the older Trudeau. The spawn of the Devil himself will do the same. Here is hoping that at least we will have a successful team to help us through the next four years.

        Katz, Notley & Trudeau……Katz does not seem to bad now does he!

        Go Oil!

  • ziyan94

    Awwww sweet!! I non nhl roster player filling in for the captain of team America!!?? Why not bring Leon up?

    I understand leaving Nurse down, but Leon is ready to rock and roll!

    • bazmagoo

      LD is ready based on what? Pedigree and your gut feel?

      He has 1 assist and no goals and is -4 in Bakersfield. Miller is producing consistently now. If the goal is for the Oilers to win games in the NHL this week, Miller is the right call.

      Finally we aren’t making dumb decisions based on nepotism or some arbitrary “oiler way”, or who has the biggest salary, dumbest boat anchor contract or the highest draft # and instead based on who can help the big club win the next game.

      It’s almost like this team is being run by real, professional adult management. I forgot what that felt like.

  • Petrolero

    I don’t get all the ppl clamoring for draisitl and automatically inserting him in the second line. That would be the last 5hung yakupov and Mcdaddy need.
    Yes the McMaster is starting to show why we should belive the hype but he is still a rookie and he is -3 right now. YAK city seems to just finally starting to get some traction.

    Why would you put another rookie on their wing? To see draisaitl srruggle again and drag the other 2 with him? When he gets called up he should line up on the soft minutes line besides korpi and lander. Pooh is just fine as the veteran calming presence besides yak and mac.

    Rushing prospects and gifting positions is a thing of the past. Welcome to the new age.

    • paul wodehouse

      The fangirls never learn. If they haven’t learnt from the follies of the Oilers past decade, they are beyond help.

      They are too overcome with lust for the latest teen idol/savior.

  • paul wodehouse

    …and hemi be thankful Mulcair crapped the bed cuz he would have sold out Alberta faster and with more power than your lil Rachel…who is anti-oil and has already raised corporate taxes…

    …and you trust Katz too

    EDIT: just for the record I’m not a Liberal

    • camdog

      If the Oilers ever had a Martin St.Louis, Tyler Johnson or Zach Parise in the fold it would be a lot different than having Scremp, Nillson or Gagner. Cogliano and Comrie were the only 2 small forwards that I can think of that were NHL ready players, the rest were only skilled in Kevin Lowe’s dreams.

        • Gerald R. Ford

          Tough? Talented and cheap, yes, but tough? If anyone even breathed on that little weasel, he’d flop to the ice and his itsy-bitsy feet would start kicking like an outboard motor.

          • paul wodehouse

            …tough smurfs were few and far between back in the day Gerry but this one came through the molestation at the hands of Graham James…he fought drug and booze for years and still played every night and went on to be a pretty tough cookie playing 1000+games scoring a 1000+ points and came within a buck and a half of 2000 PIMS…Marty St.Louis on the other hand came up 1500 PIMS short of Fluery in his great career …name call Fluery ‘weasel’ and ‘itsy-bitsy’ all you want…that’s just your memory kicking into 80s mode…he was still tougher than a lot of other players in the same spot yet big and strong who are now dead…so maybe take that back!

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Rules of Politics:

    ● One half of the country will always hate the other.

    ● Your guy is Hitler, mine is Abraham Lincoln.

    ● I’m right, you’re wrong. No discussion.

    ● Whoever shouts the loudest lies wins.

    ● Nothing ever changes.

    Back to hockey now? Please?