GDB 7.0 Wrap Up: Red Wings @ Oilers

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Kick rocks, Detroit. Final Score: 3-1 Oilers

Today I found out that the Detroit Red Wings have earned a point in 29 of the last 30 games they’ve played against the Oilers. Normally I don’t pay much attention to those kind of stats, but that is an alarming level of dominance. I choose to attribute those points to Mike Babcock. Obviously, that’s stupid and untrue but I needed to give a reason for why the Wings crushed the Oilers apart from the fact that they were awful. I guess that’s just a way of me hoping the Oilers will be more effective against Blashill’s Wings than they were against Babcock’s Wings. 

With the way this game played out, I’m convinced that my ludicrous theory about the Blashill era is coming true. The fact that they were able to prevent Detroit from even registering a shot until the first period was halfway through would have been the high point in any game last year. The Oilers were ready to play, limited their mistakes, and kept Detroit’s attacks at bay. Equally as important as the good start, the Oilers were able to cash in on the power play as Mark Letestu scored his first goal as an Oiler. From there, the home side were mostly in control straight through until the final buzzer.

For years the Red Wings have run the show around here and it was nice to see the Oilers return the favour. With the way the last three games have gone it’s almost funny to think that the Oilers weren’t able to produce any offense. The Wings are not the same team they were when Yzerman and Fedorov dominated the league, but it’s not as though they’re some slouch either. Tonight, the Oilers found a way to beat a good hockey team and maintain a lead for most of the night. Around here that counts as two points on the board and a moral victory on the bedpost. 

We wrap.



  • Mark Letestu scored his first (power play) goal as an Oiler tonight. That alone is a great thing. Unfortunately, I also had to give credit to Gregor about absolutely nailing his GDB prediction this morning. He will now hold it over my head for the rest of time. 
  • Nail Yakupov extended his point streak with a slick assist on Mark Letestu’s power play goal and another on Connor McDavid’s goal. Yakupov has five points in his last three games. Where the Yak haters at?
  • Connor McDavid’s hands are a gift like we may never have seen before. His puck skills are at an elite level at 18 years old. The moves he can make in tight/at full speed/everywhere else are amazing, and his goal was a reflection of that. How many guys would even try that in the shootout?
  • Shout out to Teddy Purcell for scoring without actually shooting it in the net. After Mrazek stopped Purcell’s initial shot the puck bounced back in off the backchecking defender. Physics, man. Theyre crazy.
  • Cam Talbot was solid once again, and it’s such a relief to know that the goaltending will be solid on any given night. Talbot stopped 28 of 29 shots and finished with a .966 save%. Talbot gave the Oilers a chance to win, and they rewarded him for the effort. 
  • The power play has seemed infinitely better since Todd McLellan shuffled the lines. The Oilers now have two solid scoring threats and I couldn’t even tell you the last time that that happened. The power play went 1/3 on the night. 
  • The penalty kill was rock solid again tonight. Detroit couldn’t get anything done in their six tries, and the Oilers continue to look good with a man down. 
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  • The Oilers were puck watching on Tomas Tatar’s goal. He was driving the net, and potted a rebound, without so much as a bump on the way. I’m sure Todd McLellan will (already has) address this with the team. 
  • I like Rob Klinkhammer, I think he’s a solid player, but I don’t like seeing him play with Hall and Nuge. Excuse me while I pray for Eberle. 
  • I heard Benoit Pouliot call Connor McDavid “Davey” in his post game interview. I’m not surprised at the lack of creativity when coming up with a nickname. 
  • I was hoping that the pigeon that was flying around Rexall would become more of a story. I was hoping for some kind of Randy Johnson moment where the pigeon flies in to stop a slapper from the point. That didn’t happen. We didn’t get anything apart from a few pictures on Twitter. Not even an ice turd. Try harder, Rexall pigeon. 
  • Where are all of those people that said Connor McDavid was a bust when he didn’t have a goal in his first two games? It’s amazing how quickly they’ve disappeared. I assume it’s back to FlamesNation where they belong. 


12:32 EDM PPG – Mark Letestu (1) Tip-in – ASST: Nail Yakupov (3), Justin Schultz (1) 1 – 0 EDM
06:34 EDM Connor McDavid (4) Wrist shot – ASST: Benoit Pouliot (3), Nail Yakupov (4) 2 – 0 EDM
07:04 EDM Teddy Purcell (1) Wrist shot – ASST: Lauri Korpikoski (1), Mark Fayne (1) 3 – 0 EDM
06:49 DET Tomas Tatar (1) Backhand shot – ASST: Gustav Nyquist (2), Riley Sheahan (1) 3 – 1 EDM


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  • paul wodehouse

    …but not until I thank my ‘old school’ friend Q for the concise in depth analysis of the play of the otherwise struggling Andrew (former captain) Ferences’ play in last nights tilt…

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Favorite Yakupov moment last night. He was bringing the puck through the nuetral zone, and then suddenly circles back over the Oilers blueline. Just as i was thinking to myself he was having a difficult moment, he fires a tape to tape pass to Pouliot ( behind the Wings blueliners at their blue line) sending him in on a breakaway.

    What a relief to see that kid having some success.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Many won’t agree with me but Talbot stole that one for them. I think Detroit dominated most of the offensive zone play but credit the Oil for not quitting and they didn’t look like a junior team.

    So much different from last year. It was a good win.

  • Jaxon

    McDavid’s goal was a beauty but I’m almost more impressed by the veteran move he made on a former Conn and Stafford Smythe winner, Brad Richards. I don’t recall seeing a blueline pick and separate move like that done by anyone let alone an 18 year old doing it to such an accomplished vet. Wow.

  • Himynameistaylor

    I like Nitro as a nickname for McDavid. He just kicks it into another gear. BAM and he is gone.
    Flamex Nation will go nuts when they play next and lose to Detroit. Its going to be interesting too see how they handle losing. The Stamkos trade deals make no sense. Wishful thinking on their part.Tbl is in a no win. That Stamkos contract will probably have to be a max contract. 12 to 14 million. They were burned already once with Vinny. Those kind of contracts hamstring a team.Chicago is going to find that out big time.

  • Chainsawz

    If Anahiem and/or LA (again) are going to have a down season, there may be room for a surprise team in the Pacific to sneak in to the top 3… just saying…

  • Himynameistaylor

    They would be wise to keep playing Yaky baby with Mcdavid for twenty games. Pump his numbers up (and his value) and then deal him for a useful asset. Mcdavid is amazing.

  • RyanCoke

    Let just make nurse doc, draisatle dr drai, and mcdavid the doctor. Then we can go from lack of creativity to coming up with 1 creative name and applying it to everyone lol.

  • O.C.

    Yakking about Yak…

    It’s good to see he is starting to learn the game. He still gets lost in his end once in a while, but he has worked hard to learn and improve. It also helps that he has a cerebral rookie centre that helps out.

    It shouldn’t have had to be this way. Sarnia Sting took a raw talent and said “Go Hard!” There was no guidance on the parts of the game that Yak needed to develop to excel at the NHL level.

    From the Oilers’ perspective, this was difficult. Teaching “Hockey = 11 without the puck and 1 with”, and “What to do in all situations, in all zones, with and (more often) without the puck”, isn’t supposed to be done in the show.

    AHL is the obvious choice but 18 year olds have to go to junior.

    That worked for Draisaitl; For Yak and the Oil, Sarnia wasn’t a good option. Besides, not many first overalls get sent down.

    Time may show that the choice to swallow hard and develop Yak was a gamble that will pay off. In retrospect, it would have been great if he was sent down to junior, but only if the Oil Kings first traded for his rights.

    The NHLPA & NHL need work out the kinks in this inability to do anything but return 18 year olds to their original junior team. I can see that there should be a separate rule for first round picks. Perhaps the NHL team should be able to send these to the AHL (still burning year 1 of the ELC?), or allow the NHL team to choose which junior team that their draft choice returns to, as it now becomes a matter of controlling who develops their investment.

    That would also force junior teams to consider the downside in failing to provide instructions to their players that help develop their overall game.

    (That was way more than I intended to write.)

    • CaptainLander

      “Time may show that the choice to swallow hard and develop Yak was a gamble that will pay off. In retrospect, it would have been great if he was sent down to junior, but only if the Oil Kings first traded for his rights.”

      Can players in Jr be traded out of their respective leagues? OHL to WHL?

      • O.C.

        I was wondering the same thing.

        I’m sure someone can weigh in. If not, that’s another thing to look at.

        If Junior hockey pushes back, NHL says “Look, the way you haven’t now, there is no hope of players returning to teams that the NHL team doesn’t see as a god fit.”

        • BDH

          No. The only way a player can switch leagues is to be waived through the entire league, or to never have been drafted by a team. Each league has a territory where the are allowed to draft from and can’t infringe on others territories.

          As an import, things are different, but once Sarnia selected Yak, they had his rights and he couldn’t have played in the WHL unless Sarnia waived him and no other team claimed him.

  • Ready to Win

    “Where the Yak haters at?”

    They aren’t gone, they’ve just changed their tag line. Now its “We should trade Yak while his value is high; pump and dump.”

    • Reg Dunlop

      He is still not a good player. The fangirls are in full hysteria mode over Yaky actually getting a few points. Lol. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…they love him to death even after two seasons of him being one of the worst players in the NHL.

      We’ll revisit this at season end. I would hope Chiarelli has a better grip on it than the YakCity fangirls do.

      Whoever plays with Mcdavid is going to get some points. The kid is that good.

      Rob Brown put up elite numbers playing with Lemieux. Of course the second half of his career was spent in the minors.

  • pwrcord

    What are your thoughts on running Ebs with Mcdavid and Yak when he gets back? If I was Mclennan I would be giving Pulliot some runs with Hall and Nuge just to see what that looks like. IMHO I dont think you could line match anyone but your best against McD Yak and Ebs and then let Nuge and Hall feast on second line competition.

  • BobbyCanuck

    the biggest change for me has been that last year I was dreading the next game, now I look forward to the next game

    Only a few more wins, and I’ll be changing that avatar

  • geoilersgist

    Is it just me or is Yak the Oilers version of Kawasaki…. Not in terms of role in the team but the way he speaks…. I just want him to mention a bush party

    • camdog

      Yaks assist on the McDavid goal was Yak playing good defence. Chipped the puck past the Detroit d-man to Pouliot set the Oilers on a 2-2 with one of the Detroit d-man caught up ice.

  • BDH

    The moment for me last night that told me the team is turning a corner, was the break away chance broken up by a hard backchecking…

    …Justin Schultz?

    I couldn’t figure it out.

      • pkam

        You should never hate to bring that up. We all need to remember how bad Eakins was to justify our feelings that the Oilers haven’t actually been that bad of a team.

        It was a play you would expect from a top pair D man, just one I’ve never seen Schultz make before.

        If he keeps this up, this team is going to have an impressive D man.

  • YFC Prez

    Where’s everyone who said the Oilers won’t make the playoffs this? Already up to 17th place overall and only 1 win away from 1st place in their division. This team will easily make the playoffs this year.

    • Gerald R. Ford

      It’s still way too early to tell. Other teams will scout the Oilers, and McDavid, and things might get tougher as the season progresses.

      It’s a bold claim considering they aren’t .500 yet, but I cant blame you, they looked good in every game except the one against Dallas.

      If they’re .550 by the end of November, I’ll be swayed. I think they’ll play great but still lose against teams like WSH, & MTL. They simply have a brutal schedule to start.