GDB 8.0: HOME ICE ADVANTAGE – Capital Punishment

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The Oilers are in an eerily similar position as last year as they try for their fourth consecutive victory. The Oilers lost their first five games (0-4-1) last season, before winning four straight to inject some hope within the team and fanbase. It was short-lived success and the Oilers proceeded to win only three of their next 27 games.

Edmonton is a better team today than a year ago, and no one should expect them to only have seven wins by December 27th. Even though it was only a year ago, you almost forget how bad they were until you look at the game scores and realize they won three of 27 games. No wonder Wanye stopped writing. He was emotionally broken.

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The Oilers aren’t completely fixed yet, but their on-ice improvement has been significant.

The Oilers face a very good Washington Capitals team tonight. They Caps have won four straight and five of their first six games. This is the Oilers fifth game this year against a top-six team in the standings. They lost the previous four to Nashville, Dallas and St. Louis (twice), and tonight will give the Oilers a good gauge as to how much they’ve improved since their first four games of the season.

The Oilers do get a bit of a break from the schedule maker. This is the Caps third game in four nights, and they won 3-2 last night in Vancouver. The Oilers won two games last weekend in the same spot Washington is facing tonight, so they can’t take them lightly, but Washington will be a bit fatigued.

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Iiro Pakarinen will not dress tonight and much of that is due to Todd McLellan not knowing him at all. Pakarinen’s injury prevented McLellan from seeing him in training camp or the preseason. The head coach said he wants to get to know the player and see him in practice before he plays. McLellan mentioned Pakarinen’s style of play, at least from what he’s heard, should be a good fit against their upcoming opponents so we could see him Sunday vs. the Kings.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 1.38.17 PM

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Capitals lineup courtesy of


  • The Capitals only loss, 5-0 vs. San Jose, had Alex Ovechkin in the pressbox. He was scratched, due to sleeping in and they lost 5-0. Ovechkin has scored in all five games he’s played. Smart move by Barry Trotz to send a message to his leader and team early in the season. They’ve all responded.
  • Ovechkin has scored 9-5-14 in ten career games vs. the Oilers, but the Oilers are 5-4-1 in those games.
  • Griffin Reinhart and Matt Hendricks weren’t on the ice this morning and there’s no return date for either. Many have asked about Eberle and if he keeps recovering on schedule he might return mid November. They will not rush him back from a shoulder injury.
  • The Oilers PP has been better the past few games, and it has to do with a tweak from the coaching staff. McLellan and Woodcroft love motion and movement on the PP. They want guys to be able to produce from different spots, but it wasn’t working early on, so they’ve simplified it and went back to having players in specific spots. Nugent-Hopkins spoke to me about the change.

    “At first we had chances, but we weren’t getting a lot of opportunities. They (coaches) are smart in there, they’ve had good powerplays in the past and they know what they are doing. They changed things up a little bit and it has paid off so far. We’ve had more opportunities from setting up. We’ve had a few goals on the rush, but from setting up we can find more goals.”

  • RNH has talked openly for two years how he wanted to improve his two-way game, but this year more players seem to be following his lead. I asked him if he’s noticed a difference from his teammates.

    “I think we are all still growing up in the league and guys learn it is something we have to focus on, and the more we focus on it (defensive play) the more offence will come out of it. We are starting to see that, and a good example is Yak’s done a really good job this year of focusing a lot more on the defensive side of things and it is paying off offensively for him.”

    Players are usually the best indicator of how others are playing and RNH’s response shows the team is noticing Yak’s improved play defensively. The onus is always on the player to improve and work on their deficiencies, and Yakupov has done that. Good for him.

    In my eyes, Yakupov and Schultz have been the two players who have been the biggest positives in terms of improving the weaknesses in their games so far this season.

  • Dave Jackson (1,413th career game) and Brad Watson (1,111th game) are tonight’s officials. Both let teams play. The NHL average PIM/game is 10.4/game. Watson is at 8.4, while Jackson sits at 6.7. Over the past two seasons, the Oilers are 5-5 when Watson officiates and 3-6 with Jackson.
  • If you ask what is wrong with the Anaheim Ducks look no further than Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Ryan Kesler. They are a combined cap hit of $21.875 million and each of them have one paltry assist in six games. The Ducks have scored six goals in six games, and four of them came in their only victory of the season. When their top gunners start scoring they will start winning.


From Stars and Sticks

The Caps have been able to get production from multiple lines to start this season. The top three lines of the Caps have all found the score sheet in the last two games on the road trip. Forward Jason Chimera has a three game goal scoring streak and captain Alex Ovechkin has a goal in each of his games this season.

The results for the Oilers have been coming on the power play this season. That’s something that head coach Todd McLellan brought with him from the San Jose Sharks. The unit has put in four of 23 so far, but looks to be gaining traction quickly. Washington’s penalty kill has allowed only three of 18 for an 83% efficiency rating.



GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers defeat the Capitals 5-4 in an exciting run-and-gun game. 

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OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Ovechkin scores. He didn’t score his first game in Edmonton, scored the next, then didn’t score, scored two in his fourth visit here, and didn’t score last year. He continues his trend of scoring every second visit to Rexall.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Lauri Korpikoski loves playing the Capitals. He has six goals in ten career games and lights the lamp again tonight. He hasn’t scored in his last three games against the Caps, but he bulges the twine tonight when he scores shorthanded.


Celebrate the volunteer, parent, coach or organizer who keeps the game going and asks for nothing in return. 

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  • I tried it at home

    Refresh my memory, but wasn’t Taylor Chorney an Oilers defensive prospect back in the dark days? I seem to recall him being about the best option we had in the system, so of course everyone wanted him traded. If it is him, nice to see he cracked the league somewhere.

  • Puck_In_Throat

    GDP: Oilers win 3-2 in a suprisingly tight-checking game.

    OGDP: McDavid shows why he is the Saviour of OilersNation by roofing a backhand a-la-Crosby in the dying moments of the 3rd.

    NSOGDP(s): Taylor Chorney puts a seeing-eye shot through traffic and past Nilsson and the Caps follow that up with a gritty goal from Jason Chimera to take a short lived 2-1 lead. Justin Williams is stuffed by Nilsson on a 3rd period breakaway, offering some measure of cosmic satisfaction for 2006.

  • LibrarianMike

    GDP: 6-3 Oilers

    OGDP: Ovechkin, Yakupov, and McDavid each have multi-point games.

    NSOGDP: Ovechkin scores a hat-trick all from the top of the right circle. Yak scores a hat-trick all from the top of the left circle. As the final buzzer goes, they high-five each other before leaving the ice.

  • White Flag

    Man is the Pacific division ever looking soft right now, a win tonight puts us in 3rd! Anaheim and Calgary are bound to bounce back but even then, with this division wide slow start the Oilers just might be able to squeak into the playoffs.

    • Chainsawz

      Are the Flames bound to bounce back? They did it last year with a 3rd period push that they just have not demonstrated this season. Giordano doesn’t appear to be the player he was last season and Hamilton seems to be a lot further away from being the player we all hoped he was when it looked like he may come to Edmonton. If they’ve been trying to rent Stamkos with a Bennet trade (Spec)that suggests to me that Treliving and Burkie aren’t confident that this group will improve without help.

      • White Flag

        I don’t see how they couldn’t bounce back. Once Brodie is back they’ve added a solid top 4 d man to help shore up the back end. Right now Giordano is playing like complete crap, i don’t see that continuing. Before this season I saw them as a fringe playoff team and I think this losing streak has sunk them. Now lets hope the Oilers are the ones to fill that spot.

  • Johnnydapunk

    Isn’t it kindof weird that it’s near November and the Oil have a chance at being 0.500 ? On top of that its like they have a chance to win in games which is also a very confusing feeling.

    I like it, I want to get used to it.

  • mithaman

    Nuge only has one point this year (not counting his St. Louis Goal) and has been horrible on faceoffs. He needs to step up his game.

    It’s interesting as he is the only #1 pick of the bunch that seems to lack a dynamic element to his game. I’ve seen lots of comments praising his back-checking, but most of the time he is backchecking because he’s either turned over the puck or losing battles in the corners or on draws. Trash all you want, but if you pay closer attention you’ll see I’m right.

    He needs to show more compete and needs to find ways to adapt to the game despite his lack of size and strength. Look at Patrick Kane, not the strongest player by any means but uses his speed and shiftiness to dominate games.

    Bring on the offense Nuge. Your biggest strength is your intelligence and you need to start carrying the play more. Demand the puck and start playing with more confidence. Would love to see you breakout this year, I know it’s in you.

    • Semi


      Dozens of times over, no.

      Please take your own advice and ” pay closer attention”.

      You sound like Hrudey last year calling him a 3rd line center. Even he is back tracking on that one now.

      • mithaman

        If you don’t agree with me that’s fine, but please support your arguments. Simply saying “No” isn’t very convincing. What are you proud of this year by Nuge?

      • mithaman

        Again, disagreeing me is fine, but maybe back up what you have to say. I have watched every Oilers game this year and these are my observations. Perhaps I’m missing some good, but please enlighten me.

        Nuge has looked like a non-factor most nights, I’m curious what you have seen since you so clearly feel otherwise.

    • srbuhr

      Eberle back on nuges line will wake up his offence. Tonight lets watch where the turnovers happen in the first line – I am betting twice as often it’s the left winger.

  • oilerjed

    I know it has been burned deeply into our memories and Oiler fans have every right to be emotionally scarred, but can’t we please refrain from rehashing our abysmal past every GDB.
    We sucked last year and the previous 8 before that but I am trying really hard to bury that box of horrors.
    New GM
    New Coach
    New shiny Conner
    New goalies

    Renewed hope. Quit crushing my buzz ON.

    • Intermission

      You do realize that he scored last game. I am not a big fan of Purcell either but he is doing more than Slepyshev right now. He may be butter soft but he is more effective than most AHLers. Good thing TMac is running the team, can’t let personal biases get in the way of icing the best line up.

      • Been there

        He had a goal counted, but his shot was saved, rebounded out in front and hit a skate, very flukey!
        I will take Shleps physical play over Purcells lacklustre floating.
        Trust me, I keep hoping he will prove me wrong with effort and physical play, but not seeing it

  • srbuhr

    It’s really time another Oilers’ player had a Sam Gagner game (8 points) I really don’t mind who it is, but seeing how it was back in February 2012, another night like that one would sure be pretty!

    • White Flag

      Speaking of #89 he scored another goal for Philly last night, nice goal too. Of all the ex Oilers currently playing on other teams I hope he succeeds the most. He was always a favorite of mine and seems like a genuinely nice guy.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Prediction: Ovechkin scores a hat trick, but it isn’t enough as McDavid still overtakes him on the list of Active Goal Scorers in the NHL.

  • Been there

    Oil have a chance tonight!
    Capitals play 3 games in 4 nights, and they are playing their back up goalie, never heard of him!
    If we play tight 3-1 oilers win!

  • Been there

    M name is David. …hence immense pride.
    I’m having first baby this year…hence immense pride. Been oil fan my whole life….hence immense pride. GO OIL!!!!!

  • Spoils

    The tough bit about Purcell is (despite the goal with Lander) he’s historically been much better when playing with our elite players. I wonder what these lines would look like:


  • Soiled Trousers

    The Capitals are like the recently divorced ladies on Plenty of Fish – ripe for the picking. Oilers win 4-2. MacT eats some bad shrimp before the game and shards himself at the first intermission. Unfortunately he doesn’t realize it and stinks out the press box for the rest of the game.