GDB 9.0 Wrap Up: Kings @ Oilers


They couldn’t see puck cross the line… THEY COULDN’T SEE THE PUCK CROSS THE LINE! Final Score: 3-2 Kings.

After getting pumped for seven goals against the Capitals I was curious to see how the Oilers would rebound against another tough, albeit a struggling by their own standards, LA Kings team. The Oilers have been a much improved defensive team over last year’s version (admittedly that’s a low bar) but there are still too many mistakes being made, far too frequently. If the Oilers came out tonight like they did against the Capitals then it was going to be another long night for the home side. 

Though the Oilers weren’t giving up as many chances as they did against the Capitals they did struggle to generate offense. The Kings were often able to suffocate the Oilers in their own zone and kept the majority of the Oil’s shots to the outside. As a result, the Oilers struggled to produce high quality chances and Jonathan Quick had an easier night than I would have hoped. While the Oilers did get 28 shots on net, how many of them came from just inside the blue line? To compound the issue, the Oilers lost Justin Schultz in the second period and the defensive corps didn’t cope well with the loss. 

At the end of the day the Kings limited the Oilers chances, were able to capitalize on their own, and maintained their lead throughout the night. The Kings played a heavy brand of hockey, got some luck on the winning goal, and didn’t give the Oilers many chances to produce offense. It’s not as though the Oilers played poorly tonight, but they were outclassed by a very good hockey team. It was close though, as Connor McDavid put the puck in the net with a few seconds left only to have it called back because you couldn’t see the puck cross the line. 

We wrap.



  • Once again the Pouliot-McDavid-Yakupov line was dangerous all night. These three seem to know where each other will be on the ice and it’s paying off on the scoresheet. 
  • Nail Yakupov and Connor McDavid both extended their point streaks furthering their bromance and chances of world domination. 
  • The Oilers desperately needed a goal when Taylor Hall scored his third of the season on the power play on a redirect from Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. 
  • The power play has significantly improved since McLellan split up Nuge and McDavid. The Oilers will need to have a deadly power play if they’re going to keep improving and climbing up the standings. 
  • Cam Talbot has the starters job to lose, and he earned his minutes again tonight. Aside from the Jeff Carter goal, Talbot was solid and kept the Oilers in it and gave them a chance to win. Talbot finished with 31 saves and a .912 save%. Personally, I see Talbot pulling away with the starting job over Anders Nilsson. Anyone disagree?
  • Another point for ConYak means another quiet, lonely, night for the haters.
  • Great tilt by Luke Gazdic and Kyle Clifford in the first period. Courtesy of 



  • It was a sloppy first period for the Oilers as they couldn’t seem to get settled defensively. Fortunately for the home side the Kings weren’t able to capitalize apart from the flukey goal by Jeff Carter.
  • Brutal turnover by Eric Gryba at their own blueline which allowed Anze Kopitar to walk in and roof his third goal of the season. Those are the mistakes that have been sinking the Oilers this season, and will need to be eliminated going forward. Gryba has been better than he was on this play, and he would admit that. 
  • The Oilers were struggling to get anything going offensively throughout the first half of the game. The Kings were able to collapse around the net and keep the Oilers mostly to the outside for big chunks of the night. 
  • How bad is the Oilers defense when losing Justin Schultz to illness meant that no one else seemed to be able to pass the puck out of the zone? Peter Chiarelli had to be looking at this disaster and hoping Darnell Nurse’s development plan doesn’t take TOO long. 
  • Lauri Korpikoski took what turned out to be a very costly penalty with less than five minutes left and it ended up costing the Oilers points in the standings as they couldn’t kill it off.
  • Please don’t let Jultz be out long enough to think that recalling Nikita Nikitin would be a good idea. 
  • THE PUCK WAS IN! Stupid NHL video review. Put a chip in the puck or something. 


04:42 EDM Benoit Pouliot (2) Wrist shot – ASST: Connor McDavid (4), Nail Yakupov (6) 1 – 0 EDM
06:04 LAK Jeff Carter (3) Wrist shot – ASST: Milan Lucic (4), Drew Doughty (3) 1 – 1 Tie
13:36 LAK Anze Kopitar (3) Wrist shot – ASST: Kyle Clifford (1), Jordan Nolan (1) 2 – 1 LAK
13:56 EDM PPG – Taylor Hall (3) Tip-in – ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (2), Oscar Klefbom (2) 2 – 2 Tie
16:34 LAK PPG – Tanner Pearson (1) Wrist shot – ASST: Jake Muzzin (1), Drew Doughty (4) 3 – 2 LAK


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As the season rolls on I’m still not sure I believe what my eyes are telling me when it comes to Connor McDavid. This kid (he’s 18 years old just in case you need a reminder) is doing things with the puck, at full speed, that most NHLers wouldn’t even try in the shootout. His skills are unparalleled and we, as a Nation, feel unworthy of seeing them on a nightly basis. We’re not saying we’re not worthy of having Connor McDavid be an Oiler. We’re saying that he is so good at hockey we’re almost unworthy of just being in his presence. 

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  • CMG30

    Is that what he meant when he said ‘deja vu all over again’? Why cant we have the MLB officials who reviewed the fan interference ‘home run’ Friday do video review on Oilers goals?

  • Spaceman Spiff

    My thoughts:

    1. I still feel that the Oilers will not reach full .500 status until Ebs is back in line up.

    2. Add another experienced D man to the equation for success in the competitive western Conference?

    3. Under the “crawl, walk, run” principle, Oilers are crawling now BUT need to walk by xmas.

    4. How much longer for 4 #1 overall picks to bear dividends? Just astonishing. Look at Galchenyuk in Montreal and he’s a #3 overall… Draistl & Nurse should come up at one point, especially Nurse needs to (see #2).

    5. Not panicking yet as things will get better but the Lowe/MacTavish/Eakins/Howson fiasco will haunt this team for a while still…No playoffs this season.

  • HockeyYoda

    There was a long stretch in the second period where the McDavid line was not getting on the ice. I was shouting at the TV, because they kept coming back with any other line – and then LA scored. I was pissed. Not sure why they weren’t on the ice for so long….but please don’t do that again.

  • Andresito

    3-6-0. What would be the unofficial eliminated from playoffs in Oct/Nov #’s be? 4-9-0??? Somewhere in there or theyd have to go 20 games over .500 the rest of the year.

  • Hemmercules

    What is concerning is we are still losing at an abysmal rate , even though team is playing much better . Klinkhammer brings a nice physical element to first line , but has hands of stone when it comes to scoring , likewise Korpikoski . Letestu , Lander and Gazdic bring little offensively . Defensively we do not have a huge shot or even a decent shot from point . Makes it easy to defend Oilers power play when opposition not worried about shots from the point . Our current lineup not good enough to compete in a heavy game and come out victorious very often . Having Ebbs and Hendricks back unlikely to change that , although it might help some . McDavid going to have to double his points per game if we hope to get better results by the looks of it .

    • camdog

      This morning Oilers stand at 3-6-0 for 6 pts (.333)which is obviously not good enough for 4 X #1 overall picks. GF are at 21 (2,33 avg) while GA at 27 (3,00 avg). On top of that the 3 wins came at 52-, 2-1 & 3-1 which looks good. Losses were not blow outs. All this indicate that the D must tighten up despite of the improvements in net. Forwards are good to go and the goals will come. I still believe that the Oilers are capable of finishing at 90 pts this season and make the playoffs next season. The Goals Against have to come under control…

      • LET’S Look AT THE TWO PREVIOUS YEARS STARTS FOR OCTOBER : Under Eakins we were in 2013-14 6 wins and 7 losses . In 2014-15 we were 5 wins and 5 losses under Eakins . He did not have McDavid or Talbot for goal either . McDavid and Talbot helps form only an illusion we might be a respectful club up till now , as results are certainly no better than when Eakins was behind the bench . November going to be a rough schedule being on the road so frequently .

  • fran huckzky

    What’s with Doughty constantly takes healthy runs at Hall? For the past 3 years he’s been trying to put Hall in the 10th row of seats…if I was Hall I would feed him my stick next time he tries!

    • The Soup Fascist

      I was at the game and was watching them battle. Hall had the chance to run him from the side. Would have been a clean hit, but he didn’t. But he did raise his stick to Doughty face at one point. Doughty then was looking around for the ref to make a call and next whistle was over to the ref talking about it.

  • 916oiler

    The puck was definitely over the line from that one angle. I wonder why the war room didn’t allow the goal. Perhaps they’re only allowed to use the overhead view, in which case that needs to be changed.

    Angle views can be misleading when the puck is in the air but in this case, the gap was there and puck was on the ice.

    I’m thinking this is the reason why it was ruled a no-goal.

    Then part of me is wondering why they only showed that angle once on TV and they never commented on it. When I saw it the first time I thought it showed a goal. Then I replayed it and confirmed (and I sure don’t have the nice video equipment Sportsnet or the NHL has).

    It’s not that I’m being paranoid. I think the NHL should support their rulings with some sort of statement, particularly when it appears they’ve made the wrong decision.

  • moosewacker

    Do the Kings arrange for every NHL ref to party with Tom Hanks and Pamela Anderson ? L.A. bias conspiracy !

    Seriously, although the Oil’s Defense is shaky, they have kept in games against some of the leagues toughest teams.

    Prediction :Oil Beat Wild at home, Beat Undefeated Habs on Thursday and finish off October .500 by beating the snot out of the Scumsucking Flames !!!!!

  • Spaceman Spiff

    I understand why the NHL “War Room” deemed it a non-goal. If it’s only able to use a certain “set” of camera angles in rendering its judgements, and the angles last night were dicey, then I can see why they have to err on the side of the referee (although for some reason the referee called it a goal and then waved it off, but never mind). I also get that the Oilers aren’t the only team to go through this, and that other victimized teams have had much, much more at stake than two points in October (see Flames, Calgary, 2004 Stanley Cup final).

    But … all that said … at some point, the NHL’s going to need to explain to its fans (especially those tuning in at home) why it can’t … or won’t … use all of the camera angles that are provided by the rightsholders who are shooting game footage in the arenas.

    Last night, Sportsnet appeared to have the angle that would have ruled it a goal … and it was a definitive angle. In fact, it was from what I’ll call the “north-south angle” – the main game-time camera angle that we all see at home. There wasn’t even a need to zoom in on it, although zooming in on it only proved it further.

    It wasn’t until they started showing overhead-shots and camera-in-net shots that the idea “reasonable doubt” was raised. But it’s only reasonable in the absence of all else. The north-south angle clearly showed the puck going over the goal line before Quick pulled it back. At that point, there shouldn’t have been any need to go to the overhead-camera or the net-cam or the behind-the-net cam. The War Room had the angle it needed … and it was the same one that everyone at home had on their PVR.

    I’m not sure what the Standard Operating Procedures are for reviewing goals and camera footage in the War Room, but if the SOP manual says “ignore the definitive angle and keep viewing angles until you can’t see the puck clearly cross the goal line and then cancel the goal,” then I’d say an amendment is in order.

    And the thing is, non-goals like these don’t just cost teams points. They cost the league credibility because it calls into question the legitimacy of the footage that is being beamed into homes by the rightsholders. If the fans and media aren’t allowed to trust that their eyes just saw a black puck slide across blue ice and red ice and come to a stop on white ice, then that’s a serious problem.

    But like I say, our team isn’t the only one to have experienced this. We move on.

  • Mike Wazowski

    I knew two things when I watched the overhead replay:

    1) It was in the net. 98% of the catching surface of the trapper was in the net. Based on logic, it was dicey at first but Quick’s momentum put all but the cuff in the net.

    2) The NHL would never allow it because the rule says no logic is allowed. Video proof must be used.

    When is the NHL going to fix this?? At least the IIHF allows for logic!

  • Natejax30

    It is time…for a trade

    I wonder if Nashville is looking for some scoring?

    Seth Jones is a number 1-2 defenseman. Not a 3-4. Wonder what it would take.

    Nurse – Jones
    Klefbom – Sekera

    That is a legitimate NHL top 4. Plug and play the bottom pairing as you wish.

  • Derzie

    “It was in” in 04 and it was in last night. Same result: Loss. Isn’t it better to blame the refs than lamenting another lambasting? Human error is romanticized when it should be eliminated. One thing it does do is increase resolve for the next game. Look what it did for the Jays in that 7th inning miracle. It’s not all bad to get jobbed but it needs fixing.

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    Questioning the NHL in anyway is blasphemy! Our goal judgments are always right. LAK has a larger market and must win. Fall in line Edmonton!

    -Gary Bettmen

    • YFC Prez

      Just read the first comments page on this thread. There are several links to images that show clearly the puck across the line.

      I’m worried all this buffoonery from the league is taking attention off that brutal 2 nd period from the oilers. Wrong call and all they still need to be way better than They were at times against the Kings. They played their hearts out in the third though.

      • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

        With some former coaches on this team I would agree with you but this coach is tuned in to what he wants from his players and no amount of NHL incompetence will distract him from that. We fans however may feel free to rant all we please.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    There is no question the puck went in from the Video I saw on line as the puck was clearly over the line. Do the people in Toronto not have all the video?

    • A-Mc

      The puck was in, but at the same time the ref made the right call on the ice. Not sure why they didn’t go upstairs to review it.. but that’s another question.

      The league needs to have better technology in place period.

      The Flames have been also burned on this one more than once.

  • A-Mc

    What i found interesting was that Sportsnet would not show the replay from the camera that had it going in. Everyone saw the live footage but SN wouldn’t show that angle a second time.


    Being the rights holder for NHL games, is Rogers obligated to not shine an unfavorable light on the league officials / Processes? WHY would rogers not show that angle when it is clearly the one that showed the puck going in? There has to be a reason. Someone made the executive decision to not replay from that angle; and I’d like to know why.

  • Zarny

    It was goal.

    Tough break? Sure, but at least it didn’t cost the Oilers the SC. It’s a flesh wound not fatal.

    So far I’m encouraged with what I see this year. Not because the Oilers are a good team; they aren’t. Not yet. Still too many roster holes and players playing above their heads.

    They do appear, however, to have picked the bar up off the ground. StL (twice), Nsh, Wsh and LA are terrible matchups for Edm and Dal, Cgy, Van & Det all topped 92 pts last year. They would have lost 7-1 multiple times last year.

  • The Future Never Comes

    I wish the goal counted too. But as soon as I saw the first replay I knew wasn’t going to count. Seen about a dozen of these calls over the years and they’re all called no goal. The standard angles aren’t definitive and they aren’t allowed to use the other angles because of the geometry. It’s dumb, but it’s consistent. Ultimately doesn’t really matter. Few of us expected The Oilers to make the playoffs. Losing a point doesn’t really matter. If it isn’t a last day scramble to get in I don’t really care. Hockey gets enough breaks for and against I’m sure it’ll even out.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Sutter has changed things up a bit the Kings KISS.

    The Oil could have won this game.

    Nurse is coming…the Hammer and Anvil is coming.Lack of meaningfull contact in the n-zone and on the blueline has cost the last 2 gmes.The same lacking in all 3 zones when needed has cost the Oilers 5 games so far.

    Contact must be applied to stop opponents you cannot just collapse for 200 feet on every playaction till you are in front of your own net.

    We see good positioning but in 5 losses we can match up each of these missing links.And we can also match up he “when” and “where” in those games these adjustments would have turned things.

    No forecheck contact.
    No N-zone contact.
    No Blueline standup contact.
    No crushing E/W board contact.
    No bonecrushing crosscheck contact keeping the bullpen in front clear.

    Even a dedicated backcheck will not produce results if there is no Anvil or no Contact or legitimate threat of such in front of the puck carrier.

    No wearing them down…no making them think 2wice…no hurrying them up….just butterball tender defensive positioning collapsing 200feet,being in the right spots without making a stand at the right times.Stable progress in terms of fundamental positioning and defense I guess.

    This is where the rubber hits the road with Mac-L ….he needs men especially d-men to put on their workboots and make meaningfull contact for him…NOW…he needs forwards to fore/backcheck with contact and truculence….he needs to use the Hammer and Anvil,harder work for everyone.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    The only reason why I don’t mind Gazdic on the roster is in case he needs to punch some faces in case anyone goes after our talent. He’s trying to pull his own weight in other regards, and it’s doing terribly bad there.

    With that in mind, I don’t get the fight in this game. Just after the Oilers get a goal and some momentum, there’s no reason to bite. If someone goes after 4/93/10/97 sure…but it seemed so out of place.

    Also, if you look at the footage from behind the net, you can see the puck crossed the line. It’s amazing that they didn’t show the net cam, something that could have verified it. In fact, the ref was in a pretty good spot to see it as well.

    The key to using the camera behind the net, is the fact that you won’t possibly have any illusion as to whether or not it’s behind the goal line, something you can get with a camera facing the front of the net.