Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – October 27, 2015

doctor's report-02

A couple more new injuries to add to the report this week unfortunately, as well as some updates on our old ones. We begin with Jordan Eberle, who is still out with a shoulder injury and has yet to play a regular season game. Finally, some positive news came about since his injury this week. He has been skating on his own frequently and as per Jason Gregor’s most recent article, he may begin skating with the rest of the team next week. His exact return date will depend on how his shoulder reacts to the team practices. Jordan has been getting his shoulder workouts in by mixing cake batter, so I have 100% confidence that he will be able to handle himself. In case there was any confusion about Eberle’s injury, I took the liberty of making a small diagram (below) to show you guys exactly what was going on and to drop some health science knowledge bombs. 

As you can see, Jordan Eberle injured his right shoulder. In case you didn’t know, the shoulder is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. Some important shoulder terms to know may or may not be the humerus and scapula. The shoulder joint is formed where these two fancy words meet, like a ball and socket. My guess is that Eberle hurt his shoulder somehow in this general area. Below you will see an “inside-the-shoulder” view of Jordan Eberle.

Screenshot 2015-10-27 14.07.32

I figured all the injury talk may be making you depressed. So on to the good news. As many of you know, Jordan was caught baking cakes and eating pizza during his time on the IR. It was a breath of fresh air just seeing him on those ATB ads. To celebrate Eberle’s potential return I wanted to show how his progress has improved throughout his injury. The pictures below demonstrate his intense, improved shoulder strength and mobility. If you’ve seen the ATB ads, you will know what I’m talking about. 

Screenshot 2015-10-27 13.55.23

Screenshot 2015-10-27 13.53.32

As you can see, Jordan Eberle went from being in a sling, to having near complete flexibility and control of his rotator cuff, and humerus. Fun Fact: The humerus, or upper arm bone, fits very loosely in the shoulder joint. This gives the arm a wide range of motion but also makes it more vulnerable to injury. Eberle can now bake cakes, and have full rotation on his pizza arm with no pain at all. The next step is to get on the ice and take a couple hits. When this happens, the Oilers record will be back at 0.500 in no time!

Other Oiler injuries include Matt Hendricks, who is still out with a hurt foot after blocking a shot against Calgary on October 17, 2015. A week ago, in my previous, injury report I predicted that Hendricks would be out no longer than a week or two. At the moment there is still no timeline for Hendrick’s return so it is looking like my prediction was very wrong. My deepest hope is still wishing he’ll be back by the end of the week, but it is tough to tell. 

New Oiler injuries this week includes our newcomer, Griffin Reinhart. At first Reinhart’s injury seemed very minor. He claimed to be ‘banged up’ from the Canucks game a week ago, and was almost a game time decision for our next game against the Red Wings. He ended up missing the next few games and what had seemed to be a harmless injury, ended in him being placed on the IR yesterday. The injury still remains a little fishy. Even though Reinhart is on the IR, he still made the flight to Minnesota and skated this morning. However as of now he is not slated to play tonight, as Darnell Nurse has been called up and will be startingon our first Defence line with Klefbom (*fist pumps*). 

Last but not least is good ol’ Justin Schultz. Schultz left the game against Los Angeles pretty mysteriously a couple days ago with what seemed to be him feeling ill. Out of all the odd things we’ve seen from Jultz, this is just another one thrown on the pile. Schultz’s injury remains unknown and was left to the Twittersphere to speculate. Whatever it is, it sounds like it can’t be good.