Dangle: Here Come The Oilers

Oh hello, OilersNation. Today I wanted to talk about the Edmonton Oilers. No, not just Connor McDavid – THE EDMONTON OILERS. Well, and Connor McDavid, too. He is their leading scorer. Kind of important. ANYWAY. I made a video about the Oilers for Sportsnet because the Oilers have kicked ass lately. As an outsider looking in, I…


The Nation Report Card by Print Machine

Last week we started a tradition of grading and ranking the Oilers based on how they performed throughout the week. Today we track the progress of our beloved Oilers with the second weekly report card brought to you by our friends at Print Machine. It’s time to put your teacher’s hat on. 


McDavid: Exceeding Expectations

Connor McDavid’s arrival to the NHL had been talked about for years, but despite all the hype, anticipation and excitement his play through the first 11 games has managed to exceed most people’s expectations. He is that good, and he’s only going to get better. It’s remarkable when you sit back and analyze how difficult…


The Roundup

Flames look like smoldering dumpster fire, concern early in Canucks season, Leafs losing despite obvious improvements, Oilers next ten need to be better, Byfuglien hates three on three OT, Joe Thornton trade a decade later, daily fantasy, Evander Kane and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Draftkings.