The Nation Report Card by Print Machine


Last week we started a tradition of grading and ranking the Oilers based on how they performed throughout the week. Today we track the progress of our beloved Oilers with the second weekly report card brought to you by our friends at Print Machine. It’s time to put your teacher’s hat on. 

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Best Edmonton Oilers Players

As a p.s. I did take your feedback on last week’s report card to heart, but it turns out that this software wasn’t as flexible as I had hoped so I will be looking for something new for next week. Until then, just wait longer. 


The results from last week’s poll are here.

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Top 5:

  • Connor McDavid
  • Nail Yakupov
  • Cam Talbot
  • Anders Nilsson
  • Matt Hendricks

Bottom 5:

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  • Teddy Purcell
  • Brandon Davidson
  • Anton Slepyshev
  • Andrew Ference
  • Mark Fayne

  • Thumby

    If only I could thumbs down more than once…

    – In a pouring rain with fists clenched and teeth gnashing, the bruised and bloodied actor looks to the heavens and screams “PURCELLLLLLL!!!!”

  • billythebullet

    I don’t like Shultz the hockey player. But I do have time for him on the Oilers. Just not 20 plus minutes a night. However thanks to Sekera and Fayne being absolutely train wrecks, Shultz is our best defense man. WoooooOooooo! Until our defense is fixed anything beyond .500 hockey is a pipe dream.

  • giddy

    The amount of hate Purcell receives on this site is somewhat hilarious at times. He sure isn’t the greatest F on the ice, but the way ON treats him you’d think he hit McDavid in the parking lot with his car after practice.

  • giddy

    If the Oilers can get a big D like Byfuglien their D would look ok by keeping the core of Klefbom, Nurse, Schultz and Reinhart.

    The forward core is now: McDavid, Yak, Draisaitl, Nuge, Eberle, Hall and Pouliot.

    Looking like we have an awesome core of young players here.

    Where does the parade route start?

  • YFC Prez

    I’m going to trash this comment to get the ball rolling.

    This is a weekly report card. Purcell doesn’t deserve the hate he’s getting this week. He’s played a better game since coming out of the top 6 and the last 2 games he wAs not at all a detriment to the team.

    My 2 cents. I don’t really care for Purcell either. But his game moved in the right direction this week and as such he deserves a better report than last week. I gave him a thumbs up because I knew few else would.

    * unfolds umbrella to prepare for inevitable trash downpour *

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    Wow Teddy Purcell rated the lowest?!!

    Teddy Purcell has got the talent and has rocked it many times before including his career best 24 goals and 41 assists for 65 points in 2012–if he duplicated that career best last year he would have been 1st in points on the Oilers.

    Teddy- what did you do in 2012 that helped you get to 65 points? Channel your 2012 state of mind and confidence you had in yourself and inject it into yourself and most importantly take responsibility for your 3rd line mates. Soon Dr. Drai or Eberle might be joining you so the 3rd line is the BorderLINE!

    We must have 3 lines rocking it-and your 3rd line is critical to push the Oilers into the winning edge. You have the most experience on your line—get on with it–your job is to push oilers over the BORDERLINE which is the PLAYOFFS! Next time I see these ratings we need the 3rd line with majority of blue thumbs and wins because of your BORDER LINE.

    Rock it!!