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On Saturday night the Nation street team handed out Jordan Eberle masks to Oilers fans heading into Rexall Place for the latest edition Battle of Alberta. The instructions were simple – just take a selfie with the mask on and tag it with #ATBHomeIce and you were automatically entered to win. Today we announce the winner!

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@atbfinancial aren’t they cute?! #ATBHomeIce

A photo posted by Gina Bergman (@ginabergman) on

Big congrats and shout out to Gina B. for submitting this very cute picture of these two princesses with their Jordan Eberle and Mark Giordano masks. Gina scored tickets to an upcoming edition of the Battle of Alberta just for posting this picture on Instagram.  Gina, when you get this please make sure to email [email protected] to arrange for your tickets. 

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  • paul wodehouse

    …were ATB Financial easy to negotiate with for this mega deal in advertising?

    When Headlines start getting dwarfed by ad headers it’s a sign of raining money … jus sayin’

    • ThinkingOutLoud

      I’m worried about the upcoming website redesign for the same reason.

      Hope they don’t go all:

      minimalist/mobile with lots of whitespace, because I love scrolling 4x to read one sentence. 1/10 the info spread over 10x the real estate rocks!

      really big font because I love feeling like I’m reading a book for six year olds

      flatness (cause I love not know what is a button, what is a link, what is a menu drop-down, and what I’s plain text without having to click everything just to test it

      And as you mentioned really big ads every 1/2 sentence with huge clickbait sections (McDavid went in on a breakaway and then THIS happened / click here for shocking final score) splitting stories…

      And of course pop up ads triggered after 5 seconds when you’ve already started reading stories.

      Anyway I know it’s a business and they need to max out revenues, but damn I hate this “new and improved” internet 3.0, designed by designers to impress other designers.

      /end rant

      • paul wodehouse

        …it’s scary what might be ahead for this place where once upon a time it was just the one and only Wanye von Gretz sitting in his parents basement crying his face off along with 94 when all of a sudden … the Nation was born…

        I fear we’ve been forgotten in the wake of all this success … my own blog type guru guy friend looks at this site and says yikes when’s it gonna explode there’s soooo much shtuff goin’ on … and don’t even get me started on the content…sometimes y’can’t even say what you want and I’m not talking Brownlee!