GDB 13.0 Wrap Up: Flyers @ Oilers

Anyone else feel like crying? Final Score: 4-2 Oilers

Isn’t it weird when certain players come back to town? Last year, it was strange to see Sam Gagner playing against the Oilers as a Coyote and it’s just as weird seeing him play as a Flyer. Having Gagner back in town reminded me of just how long this rebuild has been going on for. I was in Thailand when the Oilers drafted Gagner back in 2007. I checked the Internet from some overpriced cafe and was excited to see that the Oilers had finally pulled in a skilled centreman that could play with Ales Hemsky. I legitimately believed that Gagner was going to help bring the Oilers back into the playoffs. Rebuild 1 was a wild time, wasn’t it? Ah to be young. 


The Flyers came into tonight’s game on a losing streak so it was crucial that the Oilers shed the role of slump buster and had a good start. The Oilers were able to do that and controlled the play early (as they did for most of the night). While the Oilers heavily outshot the Flyers (19-2 after the first period) they weren’t able to score as often as they probably should have considering the chances they had. I have to admit that watching the Flyers hang around through two periods, despite being outplayed, made me nervous. I guess all these years of rebuilding has me feeling a little bit paranoid these days. Unfortunately, the paranoia didn’t get any better when the Flyers came out flying in the second period, tied the game up early and took a 2-1 lead into the third. That’s when it happened.

For Oilers fans the third period practically didn’t exist as news hit that Connor McDavid had apparently left the game in a sling after crashing into the boards with Brandon Manning and Michael Del Zotto. The third period passed by in a blur as most people on Twitter were more concerned about Connor McDavid than they were about the final result. The irony is that the Oilers played a damned good third period of hockey and came back to win the game that they should have won all along. On any other night wins like this would leave Oilers fans feeling good about the performance. Instead we are dealt a bittersweet win as we await news of what actually happened to Connor McDavid. 

We wrap. 




  • The Oilers weren’t slump busters!
  • The Hall-Nuge-Draisaitl line was really good again tonight. They have a solid awareness of where each other is at on the ice and it shows in their ability to produce chances. 
  • Taylor Hall extended his point streak with the go ahead goal (his sixth) in the first half of the third period. Hall added two assists and seemed to put the team on his back after McDavid went down. He will have even more pressure on his shoulders if Connor McDavid is out for any length of time.
  • Nugey scored two goals tonight, which meant he got to stay up late.
  • Matt Hendricks scored in his first game back from injury. I always love seeing Matt Hendricks score goals because he acts like he may never score again. The happiness on his face is hilarious and always fun to watch. Hendricks brings a lot of passion to the Oilers lineup and it’s nice to see him back. 
  • I guess Leon Draisaitl isn’t going anywhere. He has seven points in his three games since being recalled.
  • Anders Nilsson wasn’t overly busy tonight but he was solid when called upon. He gave the Oilers a chance to win and kept them in it even when they were down by a goal. Nilsson finished the night stopping 20 of 22 shots and a .909 save%
  • The fourth line was really good all night. Lander and Gazdic were able to cycle the puck, produce a power play, and get a few shots on net. They had a really solid night and weren’t a liability out there. That’s a good night for a fourth line. 
  • The penalty kill was perfect tonight killing off both opportunities the Flyers had.



  • Connor McDavid. Obviously. I want to cry. At least they know a shoulder guy? Worst. Injury. Ever.
  • Those McDavid/Messier commercials are going to hurt even worse after tonight.
  • The Oilers had $13.75 million in contracts not playing FOR the Oilers tonight (Scrivens, Fayne, Nikitin, Ference). This was the second straight game where Fayne sat in the press box. Craig’s on it. 
  • CONNOR MCDAVID IS HURT! *smashes lamp*
  • I thought Neuvirth was going to steal this one for a minute. He was lights out and kept the Flyers in it for far too long. Neuvirth finished with 45 saves and a .938 save%.
  • CONNORRRRRR! *weeps in the corner*
  • C’mon, bro!


19:56 EDM PPG – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (4) Wrist shot – ASST: Leon Draisaitl (3), Taylor Hall (9) 1 – 0 EDM
00:34 PHI Scott Laughton (2) Wrist shot – ASST: Wayne Simmonds (5), Matt Read (2) 1 – 1 Tie
12:59 PHI Ryan White (1) Slapshot – ASST: Radko Gudas (1), Michal Neuvirth (1) 2 – 1 PHI
06:13 EDM Matt Hendricks (1) Wrist shot – ASST: Andrej Sekera (5) 2 – 2 Tie
07:40 EDM Taylor Hall (6) Backhand shot – ASST: Leon Draisaitl (4), Eric Gryba (2) 3 – 2 EDM
19:17 EDM EN – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (5) Wrist shot – ASST: Taylor Hall (10) 4 – 2 EDM


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  • paul wodehouse

    …it was all about staying healthy…”keep him out long term” worse 5 words of the night…maybe those stuuupid messeir ads will stop…i’m pissed at the idea that those two (players) were the ones gunnin’ for 97 that I spoke about before the season started…either them or some other buttplugs looking to take out the new kid …welcome to NHL !

  • Quicksilver ballet

    May want to get yourself a Lazy boy recliner and a fuzzy/mink blanket Connor. Sleeping in a regular bed will be extremely uncomfortable for the next month.

    After a number of dislocations/rotator cuff injuries and a replacement of the left humorous, it’ll be the closest thing you’ll get to something that resembles rest in the coming weeks.

  • hagar

    And judging by the minimal discomfort he was in, he had a good break.

    There are two ways to break a collar bone, super painful, and simply knowing something is wrong with your sh’t, with a dull pain no worse than a punch in the arm.

    Connor obviously had the later.

  • 2Oilers4

    I hope the team is able to rally around this major loss. Hall tied for 3rd in scoring is great, getting the win is great, but none of it matters. At all. McDavid is out, and that’s the biggest loss this team could have!! Does Draisaitl move to C now? Why can’t the Oilers buy a break!? If we were a totally healthy team all season we could be at 8-5-0 at least! Ebs is worth 3 wins at least. I’m off to go cry now!

  • fisherprice

    Oilers win!!! Thank god cuz philly sucks…big time.

    Yea it’s a bummer we lost mcD.

    But the team pulled off a comeback win w/out him after a shaky 2nd. IMO all the hype on CMD is casting a shadow on the rest of the team. I’m no psychiatrist but I would wager that a few egos may have been bruised since the aquisition of mcD. A few players that may have been in the spotlight before may get the chance to resurrect themselves…

    Damn nice to see Hendricks back in the line up. Great game. And Drai is looking solid. Nuge, nuff said. Turd Purcell had a better game but that’s not saying much, my gramma could get to dialysis quicker than he could get to a loose puck in the corner, he did make a couple nice passes tonight and at least he didn’t go 5 hole on his partial breakaway. Boo on Klefbom for his lack of toughness after the whistle around the net tonight. And lastly, I could’ve done w/out seeing Klowes ugly mug tonight too, almost as disturbing as Connors crash into the boards.

    Losing CMD isn’t the end of the world. Yea it sucks but we will be ok. He’s 18 and tough as nails

  • 2Oilers4

    K-Lowe and Mac-T are far from “Lofty” so lets give the “Lofty” crap posted here a rest now OK?How did things work out for you last night “Lofty”?They worked out pretty good for the Oilers with 49 shots on net , 4 goals and the win…had i been 5 goals it would have been exactly as comment #97 of the GDT said….

    Mac-L and JW and conjob Fee…something about the 2-Minute Drill you failed to implement and manage….Conner went down with 1:44 left in the period during what should have been your NHS defined 2-Minute Drill,his puck decisions should have been policed by process at that point in time and there is NO WAY he would have been execuing as he was trying to do,without support,2 men piled on him full speed because he was ALONE and no one provided seperation for him keeping the 2nd man off him.

    Mac-T..K-Lowe….he 2-Minute Drill was shoved down your yaps years ago and you intentionally ignored it…and you guys are still here to witness the carnage your dereliction catalysed,pitifull.

    Pitiful lack of attention to details ….Mac-L says “hockey play” jesus come on ….Conner was not being managed completely within a congruent process and had he been he would have been policed by process during the last 2 minutes of the period with 100% certainty and would NOT have made the decisions he made on the Playaction he was injured on .An important part of the Process Mac-L is trying to use was NOT included in Mac-Ls Gameplan at all,now we see a consequence of missing this “seemingly” small detail.

    Bettman your lack of attention has resulted in EMBARRASING DISPLAYS OF POOR OFFICIATING…when the entire WORLD HAS BEEN WATCHING….your Refs DID NOT SUPPORT AND PROTECT CONNER FROM DAY ONE,he was grabbed by the head at 18 and corkscrewed out of a scrum very early on with no reply from anyone,precedents were set as every NHL player was watching how the Refs would be early on ….Bettman is accountable in part,the Head of NHL Officiating is responsible in part and PC et al is responsible in part.Oiler teammates should be ashamed, they could not support Conner properly,no teeth no pro-active purpose,no protection,no respect or fear forced from opponents,just a cluster-puck all round.

    Good thing Lowe and Nicholoson were sitting together watching the game,it was like watching K-Lowe the Cat playing with a mouse he was torturing.Keep your friends close and your enemies closer….the reason the Internal audit was rigged on Bob and failed was sitting next to the man who executed it.How ironic.

    Good luck Conner in the recovery process…good luck Mac-L/PC in sorting out your laundry list.Be prepared to lose another Top Forward soon….no respect means you are always vulnerable,no contac no pushbacks = no respect…..right fellas?

    Look where Vanilla got us huh?

    Next up into the Grinder is Big-Yak….someone who will make an immediate impact if used properly.

    I just cant get the image of Hendricks and the “A” on his Jersey as he is talking to a ravaged Conner when he AND EVERYONE ELSE should have been providing cover-fire as his OBVIOUSLY INJURED PARTNER …RETREATED to safety.

    For christ-sakes opponents are even helping our own guys up afer they plaster them and hurt them instead of chirping them…none of our guys are ever here in the moment…..sickening actually.Simmonds just smashes then stands there giving the hairy eye-ball to an Oil-drop laying on the ice.

    I dont want this mix of support non-core men….not dirty enough and not mean enough and not violent enough and not pridefull enough….just not enough .Forwards AND D-men without dirt in them must be moved on before Conner returns….you must be able willing and motivated to HURT opponens to win at anything…losing hurs you know…oops I forgot WE ALL ALREADY KNOW THIS….so why are we still a Snowflake team so far into the season?

    Winners would know opponents are playing to hurt Oilers….we are not being led by winners because we ARE NOT PREPARED.

    Conners support peeled off and he attacked alone eventully goig 1on2 from a vulnerble position ….WHY…what is the root cusality?

    Answers please Mac-L.

    • You wont get a lot of support here, got the message, but essay not required. The Oilers are a collection of pussies and wimps, When is someone in the media going to ask the question to Bob Nicholson or T-Mac in a scrum, when the hell are you going to get some players that will stand up for their teammates?

  • paul wodehouse


    you been reading too much newagesym…did you see the part where 97 catches a rut and falls down?

    …granted the two philly dmen didn’t do anything but crush the kid into the boards but…so when this stuff happens you want the whole team and the coach to have a line clearer? what’s YOUR take?

    • He does sometimes have good messages in his posts, but you definitely have to filter it to get the message sometimes. I know he caught a rut,does nothing to change the fact that any other team would have responded, and yes possibly cleared the benches if the officials are not going to make the right call. I watch these games with a Flames fan, he could not believe the lack of response from our roster. Something about “do that to Johnny Hockey, you will have 20 other guys in your face immediately”. You could say the same for virtually any NHL team, just not this one.

  • paul wodehouse

    …oh and BTW Trainwreck? there’s no penalty for disrespecting a fellow hockey player, no two minutes not even a double minor for not caring if you hurt a fellow hockey player if you can and get away with it …ask the Matt Cookes and the Raffi Torres of the world … I knew this would happen when he got drafted…I prayed that he would stay healthy and be the ‘phenom’ he should be allowed to be …but no > players these days do anything to win and THAT INCLUDES INTEND TO INJURE…

  • I am late to the comments section party here. I am going to assume there have been

    A) A bunch of Leafs and Flames fans saying this is what we deserved or something.

    B) A never ending line combination prognostication.

    C) A rebranding of the parade planning committee into a towel throwing in committee.

    D) A lot of people who have Web MD degrees.

    To all of this I say

    A) I suppose you need something to cheer for, might as well be the misery of Oiler fans, it’s not like you haven’t been enjoying that for a decade. Why mess with a good thing. I wonder how depressed Calgary and Leafs fans will be when they don’t have the crutch of at least the Oilers are bad to lean on?

    B) Part of the fun of being an Oiler fan is line prognosticating, but this might be the first year where the team has the depth to make it fun instead of sad. I see Hendricks coming back to that top line, Draisaitl sliding down to the second line. Eberle taking Yak’s spot on that line. And Yak sadly getting the short end of the stick by sliding down to the third line again. Or, my hope of hopes Draisaitl sticks, Lander gets bumped up, Eberle on the second line, and Yak goes onto a third line with Slepyshev and call up Yakimov to finally form the all Russian Red Army Line. It ends up stunning teams as they throw their best lines out against our top two. This line ends up becoming the defacto third line, making the Oilers a legit cup contender this year as Conner returns later in the season for the stretch run.

    C) Chin up Oiler fans, we weren’t expecting to win the lottery anyway. This kid will be here for the next decade. Had the team not won, well then one of Marner or Strome would be buried in the minors right now anyway. Get those parade plans back on track, cause we’re gonna need em in the future.

    D) He’s injured, it sucks, no amount of research is going to make him return before he’s ready to return.

    That is my take. Thoughts?

  • I want to hear more about, “I was in Thailand…yada yada yada..” This McDavid injury just sucks. It’s like opening the coolest present ever on Christmas morning and go outside and the damn thing won’t work. 🙁 Get well Connor and Go Oilers!

  • paul wodehouse

    …and newagesym you should take it down a notch …it was a hockey action incident and the teams best player got hurt BAD !!! it’s the way the game is played now…apply what i said to Trainwreck above …if 97 had been tripped and made to fall and THEN pushed into the back boards then that’s different … but he wasn’t …you said yourself he put himself in harms way and he pays for it bigtime … I loath this whole disrespecting fellow hockey players as much as anyone but McDavid is on the shelf and the team should do their best to pick up the pieces moving forward …

    …now all I pray for is a good healthy healing process and his recovery allows him to think more about keeping himself out of harms way …y’know kinda the way Taylor Hall does now after playing balls to the wall until he injured?

  • paul wodehouse

    Also, if you are upset with the injury, go watch the movie Friday Night Lights for some inspiration. Also, just go watch Friday Night Lights cause it’s a hell of a damn good movie, that is surprisingly accurate to how the real story played out.

  • paul wodehouse

    …my take

    you said…”Exactly my point, there was intent to injure. I knew it would happen as well. The refs got it wrong, the league got it wrong, our GM got it wrong, and our coaching staff got it wrong.Should our players have responded? What is your take?…”

    read above at what i said at newage…there’s a fine line between intent to injure and these two philly dmen taking advantage of a perfect situation where the oilers best player trips and puts HIMSELF in a vulnerable position …they RODE on top of him into the boards where he was going anyway …if both of them had somehow peeled off 97 would still have sustained injury at the speed he was going …that’s where the disrespect of fellow players comes into play …put it this way …change those three players involved to Giroux Klefbom and Nurse…what’s going to happen that’s different …other than maybe the oilers players take roughing penalties EACH … brutal game this QUICKSILVER BALLET !!!

    …i’m done…gonna lurk instead of talking to y’all who wanna incite to riot…maybe by then the players will be carrying guns on the ice to take care of the injustices of hockey action injuries…