First Star, Worst Star: November 8, 2015


I sit here, trying to remember a time before the Connor McDavid injury, and it all just seems like a blur. We were happy and prosperous and had dreams for the future. Now we live in a post-apocalyptic hellscape where nothing can grow and clans battle each other for control over gasoline and water. Actually, now that I think about it, that may just be the plot of Mad Max. Either way here’s First Star, Worst Star.


Phil Kessel is a lot of things; one of the best pure snipers in the NHL. A hot dog aficionado. An amateur lumberjack. What I did not know, however, is that Phil Kessel also has the ability to bend the space-time continuum. 

THAT is a hard shot! And if we look at it at another angle the puck appears to be fluttering a bit. If this had been at full velocity it honestly might have went right through the crossbar, opening up a blackhole and sucking all of us into it, removing all traces of the earth and the human race. Not a bad way to go out if you ask me!


Continuing with last weeks theme of ridiculous Swedish goals here’s Oilers Hall Of Famer Linus Omark up to his old tricks. Too bad he couldn’t figure out how to do this in the NHL with any consistency! 


We know that the NHL has been actively trying to reduce the instances of head injuries throughout the league. They’ve enacted new rules, started calling pre-existing rules with more consistency, and for the most part it does appear to be working. HOWEVER not every player has gotten the message. We saw this with Raffi Torres a few weeks ago, and now we see it with Vincent Lecavalier. 

Now I’m not sure what’s going on behind the scenes in the Flyers locker room to set this off. Maybe Schenn owes him money? Maybe Schenn took the last slice of pizza on the team plane the night before? Maybe Lecavalier is just really embracing his role as crusty old man and is looking to assert his dominance. Either way this is NOT the correct way to handle a dispute among teammates in my opinion. Do these things behind closed doors. Go a few rounds of helmets and gloves. Play Pogs for keeps. There are numerous ways they could have gone about this, and Lecavalier chose the absolute worst one. 

I hope Schenn and Lecavalier can move past this and it doesn’t become a trend in the NHL. It’s dangerous and the last thing we need to see is teammate on teammate violence, even if they are Flyer players and they don’t know any better. 

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    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      It wasn’t even a hit. Manning was just playing inside McDavids gear and McDavid goes down on his own with the 2 flyer players falling into the boards too.

      He deliberately defended McDavid and McDavid fell. It wasn’t an intent to injure. Manning even looks to be asking id McDavid is alright.

      McJesus will rise again. No ones fault.


    Chiarelli said that he wants a “Heavy” team and hard to play against. Well, I hope he works the phones after his 20 game evaluation period. For we are not heavy and we lose more battles on the boards than we win. Go get us a couple mean bastards that put fear into the opposing teams forwards.God I miss Coffey and Pronger.