GDB 16.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Ducks


Teddy Purcell? TEDDY PURCELL! Final Score: 4-3 Oilers in OT. 

Another McDavidless night on the road…

The sadness of the McLoss hasn’t faded much for me, and the fact that the Oilers haven’t been winning isn’t exactly helping. Coming into tonight’s game against the Ducks, the Oilers found themselves back in the all too familiar Western Conference basement. Last place in the West and I’m not even joking. I will admit I do think the Oilers are playing better, but so many of the problems they’re having seem to be the same as always. The defense needs to be better as does the goaltending. It’s the same movie we’ve been watching for years now. 

For the Oilers it was crucial that they did not fall behind early, and to get a steady performance from their goaltender. The Oilers have been the Beatles of horrible starts lately and that has to change if there’s any hope of keeping up with the pack in the Western Conference standings. I’m sure McLellan has been harping on the need to be ready to play from the opening faceoff rather than when the opposition has already pulled ahead with a lead. Tonight, the Oilers looked ready to play and got the saves they needed to stay in the fight when things got rough. Despite a bad bounce goal on Corey Perry’s first, the Oilers had a passable start on the road against a hot Ducks team and were able to keep themselves in it all night long. 

After what was a fairly tight first 40 minutes of play the game really opened up in the third period. Despite having a lead on three separate occasions the Ducks were unable to close out the game. Anders Nilsson kept the Oilers in the game and gave his teammates the confidence they needed to get back in it. The Oilers kept clawing back, and digging themselves out of any hole the Ducks could put them in. On a night like this it’s almost strange writing about the win. Normally, getting a game like this to overtime would have counted as a moral victory in itself, but being able to close it out in OT was (almost) an unexpected bonus. These were two big points from a very good road game for the Oilers.

The wrap.


gummy worms

  • Leon Draisaitl sniped his fourth goal of the season from one knee as he smashed home a beautiful cross ice pass by Benoit Pouliot. Draisaitl also put up an assist on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ goal in the third period. Much like Nurse, I don’t see how Draisaitl can be sent down to the Condors if he keeps producing like that. 
  • Darnell Nurse makes me happy in this time of McSadness. How about when Darnell was standing toe to toe with Ryan Getzlaf without even a hint of backing down. I don’t care what Peter Chiarelli’s plan had on it, Darnell Nurse is making it damned near impossible to send him back to Bakersfield now. 
  • Oscar Klefbom played better tonight than he had in the previous few outings and was rewarded with his third goal of the season off of a cannon from the point. 
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored his sixth goal of the season less than a minute after Corey Perry gave the Ducks a third period lead. Nugey’s sixth goal ties him for the team lead with Taylor Hall. Nuge is turning into a wonderful two way player and is quietly having a very good season so far. 
  • Anders Nilsson had a very good night. I assume that Cam Talbot will play tomorrow night in Arizona but it will be interesting to see if Todd McLellan goes right back to Nilsson again on Saturday, regardless of tomorrow’s outcome. Nilsson gave the Oilers a chance to win and came up with some huge saves. He is definitely putting up notice that he wants the starter’s job. Nilsson finished the night with 34 saves, a .919 save%, and an assist on the winning goal!
  • Great tilt by Luke Gazdic and Patrick Maroon. Fight courtesy of



  • Day eight without McDavid.
  • Unlucky bounce of Darnell Nurse’s skate for Corey Perry’s goal in the first period. Perry was trying to do a backwards pass and the puck banked in off ol’ Daryl’s skate. The Oilers can’t buy a bounce right now.
  • Anton Lander can’t buy a goal right now and I maintain that it has to do with his decision to shave off his pirate facial hair. 
  • Corey Perry scored his third and fouth goals of the season, both goals giving the Ducks short lived leads. Perry is one of those players that you hate to watch but would love to have on your team. His fourth goal of the season was also his 300th and it annoys me that he hit a milestone against the Oilers.
  • Of course Horcoff scored tonight. Is anyone really surprised? That was the second goal of the season for Horcoff and I bet no fans in Anaheim took their shirt off for him. 
  • At least Cogliano didn’t score!
  • The goalie controversy continues.


10:09 ANA PPG – Corey Perry (3) Backhand shot – ASST: Rickard Rakell (3), Hampus Lindholm (4) 1 – 0 ANA
04:23 EDM PPG – Leon Draisaitl (4) Slapshot – ASST: Benoit Pouliot (6), Darnell Nurse (3) 1 – 1 Tie
01:56 ANA Shawn Horcoff (2) Tip-in – ASST: Cam Fowler (2), Chris Stewart (3) 2 – 1 ANA
05:38 EDM Oscar Klefbom (3) Slapshot – ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (8), Leon Draisaitl (5) 2 – 2 Tie
06:44 ANA Corey Perry (4) Backhand shot – ASST: Rickard Rakell (4), Sami Vatanen (3) 3 – 2 ANA
08:19 EDM Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (6) Snap shot – ASST: Leon Draisaitl (6), Taylor Hall (11) 3 – 3 Tie
01:16 EDM Teddy Purcell (1) Backhand shot – ASST: Andrej Sekera (1), Anders Nilsson (1) 4 – 3 EDM


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  • Jay (not J)

    For anyone keeping track of this kind of thing, Leon Draisaitl has 10 points in 6 games played; Sam Bennett 9 has points in 15 games played. Good stuff, Leon.

    • NJ

      I’ll start with this. My disclaimer is that I am an Oilers fan.

      To correct you, THIS season, Drai has 10 points in 6 games and Bennett has 10 in 16 games.

      However, Bennett has 27 games under his belt with 14 points (6/8).
      Drai has 43 games and 19 points (6/13).

      Ppg Bennett has a slight edge. Also, if you are gonna run that comparison, you have to bring in the fact that Leon is playing with Hall, the second best left winger in the game and God knows the Nuge is significantly better than any C the flames have. Leon looks way better this season then he did at any point last season. Last night he was downright dominant.

      Why do I bring this up? Ignorance. I hate it. Compare apples to apples. The facts are I think we have the better player, but statistically, right now Bennett may actually be ahead, and anyone running the Bennett Drai comparison may or may not come to the same conclusion. We could get into quality of competition etc., and points per 60 is a way better meter than ppg but I digress.

      All stats courtesy of nhl . Com.

      • mithaman

        You mention Drai’s line mates this year but fail to mention his line mates or his team’s performance last (while including them in your own comparisons). Like it or not, the flames had one of the highest scoring totals last year (easily top 10 and maybe top 5) which impacts individual stats. It’s a new season, and the comment was based on it. I would take Bennett on my hockey team but I am not sure it would be at the expense of Drai. There was a lot of discussion last how the Oilers blew the draft pick selecting Leon over Sam. I think Drai fans have the right to gloat for the moment (there was little sympathy last year).

        • NJ

          No argument there. Facts are Purcell couldn’t do what Drai is doing, my point actually was that performance is subjective. That and I’m not sure what there is to gloat about… I’d prefer to stay humble until we are rocking the battles that matter, instead of gloating over an already downed foe. 🙂

  • Stack Pad Save

    Big win for the team, couldn’t have them start to think they can’t win without the rookie.

    Nurse looked great, strong dude, Perfect for this team.
    I liked Sekera skating the puck out of the zone all night.
    Klefbom had a good night too.
    I will also give a shout out to Lander who won some very important draws.
    Draisaitl is the surprise of the year for me so far, great vision, reach and strength.
    Let’s do it again tonight!

  • Stack Pad Save

    Good effort last nite, I do think they are much better than last year and with a couple of better bounces and goaltending they could be .500. The schedule though is another disaster waiting to happen, 7 of our next 9 games are on the road so the odds of losing more ground in the standings are high, I don’t know who draws up these damn schedules but we’re behind the 8 ball from the get go. If this is because of the rodeo I hope in the future it either moves or stays in the old building.

  • camdog

    Good to see more secondary scoring…. you can’t always expect the top line to score all the goals, and you won’t win many games scoring one/two goals per game.

    Klef has the right idea about shooting from the deep, need other guys to get the message.

    Was a working man’s game.. two come backs etc,even with the continued chaos on the back end.

    Nilsson saves the game in the first period.

    UGLY; Letestu ..why. was he signed to this contract is beyond me.

  • tileguy

    Good to see more secondary scoring…. you can’t always expect the top line to score all the goals, and you won’t win many games scoring one/two goals per game.

    Klef has the right idea about shooting from the deep, need other guys to get the message.

    Was a working man’s game.. two come backs etc,even with the continued chaos on the back end.

    Nilsson saves the game in the first period.

    UGLY; Letestu ..why. was he signed to this contract is beyond me.

  • tileguy

    Draisaitl better as a winger than center . His lateral skating mobility and quickness does not fit being a center nearly as well as with his speed north /south , passing and acumen on wing . Letestue and Lander are underachieving .

  • mithaman

    Out of our bottom 6, whom are our keepers? The only one I can truly think of at the moment is Hendricks. Not a fan of Letestu, I still kind of believe in Lander.

  • Oilcounty88

    I really wasn’t expecting the Oilers to win this game, especially half way through the third when Anaheim continued to score the go ahead goal. The top line put was the driving force in this game by getting pucks in areas to create chances. The play by Nuge behind the net to pressure Haglin off the puck was awesome. Prime example of forechecking the right way. Too many time the Oilers spent entire shifts trying to get the puck only to give it way in seconds after they get it. Oilers need to learn how to manage the puck in those situations. Thats an area as much as I’m not a fan of Shultz’s whole game that he has the ability to escape pressure and get out of the zone.

    This was the most I’ve noticed not having McDavid playing. When you realize the team on the ice tonight is the product of not winning the lottery it makes you appreciate how much better the Oilers will be long term with McDavid.

  • Mooseroni

    I would like the Oilers to call up Yakimov. I think having him in the lineup would help balance out the top 3 lines. I would try something like, Hall-Drai-RNH/Pouliot-Lander-Eberle/Purcell-Yakimov-Yakupov. Yakimov’s size and skills would help create open ice for the other guys and possibly rejuvenate Little Yak.