The sting for Oilers fans is that the season must continue without Connor McDavid whether we like it or not. While it was tempting for me to take him off the report card, considering he didn’t play, I just couldn’t continue on without him. Seeing his smiling face is like a beacon of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy day. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s report card time.

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This week you’ll notice that I actually remembered to include the goalies in the Report Card and I also added Todd McLellan which will represent the coaching staff. Last week, Leon Draisaitl took the win based on your votes and I can see him with a repeat performance – the guy has been playing like hot fire. Can Neon Leon beat out Taylor Hall after both having very good weeks?

We vote!


  • Stack Pad Save

    What trolls are giving the thumbs down to McDavid. The guy was a beast up till he was injured. You can’t give him negative vote for getting injured.

    • I wouldn’t give him a thumbs down either, but I think his rush, short handed, into the offensive zone with two mobile pinching defenders, a goalie, goalposts, and end boards right there, showed some immaturity, maybe a bit of reckless abandon, maybe even some arrogance. On a penalty kill, you skate it up, dump it in, and repeat to eat up the clock for the bonehead on your team who just took your advantage away from you.

      I am big McDavid fan, but that was definitely not his finest moment, trying for a shorthanded goal.

  • Igor Ulanov 55

    Any reason why Reinhart drew the short straw against Arizona? Illness?

    To me he’s been one of the better defenders, sure he’s not real offensively gifted but if you watch him he makes a smart play when he has the puck – sometimes just getting it out of the zone, skating out of danger, or passing off to someone with space. Of the rookies he’s had the fewest gaffs or “what is he doing!” moments.

    In the offensive zone, he takes a shot or places it in a nice spot in the corner for an easier retrieval – his shots are sometimes big bombs from the point cause he does have a good shot, but often he looks for the deflections or banks one off the end boards to try and create something.

    Show him some love! An in-depth article on his play would be great, I feel he’s being really overlooked as a success story right now.

    • Oilcounty88

      The Oilers should be dressing the 6 defensemen who are able to get out of the zone the most effectively. This team doesn’t need offence from their D as much as they need the defence to stop turning the puck over in our own end, that’s whats costing us games right now.

  • RomZ

    44 likes and 42 dis is the score on Chiarelli’s hires so far. (Excepting McDavid who I wouldn’t credit anyone for drafting him) Some real losers and no real strong winners. So ytd nothing too great from Chia other than Todd and Reinhart.

  • Igor Ulanov 55

    I might be not be that clever, but I’m not sure how to fill this out…

    Eg. I like Klefbom and Nugey a lot, any they are great players. But this hasn’t been a great season for them… So should I give them a thumbs up because I like them, or a thumbs down because I do not believe they are not meeting the (admittedly high) expectations I might have for them?

  • Morgo_82

    Whoever gave Draisatil, Hall and Nuge thumbs down needs to F*** right off. You’re either a Flames or Canucks fan or you know nothing about hockey, although I think those are pretty much the same thing.

  • S cottV


    This season the Oilers will tie the NHL record by missing the playoffs ten years in a row. They will also set a new record for Canadian teams missing the playoffs, smashing the previous record of seven seasons (done by the Flames and the Leafs).

    And yet…I read the article above and I see the vast majority of the Oiler get huge positive reviews. Everything is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.


    Exactly where they ended up last year.

    Injuries? Montreal are without Carey Price, they keep on winning. Every team gets injuries.

    The fans and the MSM need to demand more. This team is CRAP. They are third last because they are the third worst team in the league.

    And Katz and Chiarelli have no intention of doing anything serious about it this season. This is an 82 game exhibition schedule. Katz wants to have all his toys still in the toy box when they move to the new arena.

    The Oilers are not good. Generally speaking, they are a crap team the plays crap hockey. If you are paying real money to watch this, sorry, I think that is pretty foolish.

    • Netflix and chill??

      Look at the bright side! I’m just happy Lowe, MacT and Howson are still collecting paycheques. I was worried there for awhile that they would be left out in the cold, penniless. Thankfully they can still afford to put food on their families table!! Isn’t that what’s really important here?

  • Ready to Win

    This reminds me, I have to pick my mom up at the airport tonight; she has been abroad since before the season began, and will have lots of questions about how the Oilers are doing. I am not looking forward to that conversation.

  • Delete

    You need to add a “meh” option to the survey.

    +1 point for thumbs up, zero for “meh”, and minus-1 for thumbs down.

    Might be a more accurate reflection on how fans feel.

  • Natejax30

    I am all out of sorts when I watch this team…

    I don’t want to trade Nurse, Reinhart, Sekera or Klefbom, because I believe that they will form the top 4 of this team, and I think they all bring something relatively good, if not great, to the table. So trading for a bonafied #1 guy leaves us with what?

    We can’t simply add a 6 million dollar stop gap, can we? We don’t have much room…so is it just more patience?

    Weighing patience vs. want to win right now is hard, and to be honest, my patience has all but run out, much like this team’s confidence sometimes it seems. It’s infuriating. These players are all good, they should be able to put it together and run over some other teams.

    Hall and Nuge (in particular) have been incredible this year on the 200 ft surface, it will be very interesting to me to see if the rest of the team gets with the program, if these 2 guys are really catalysts for the team. I really hope so, I want these guys to succeed, starting right now.

    Last thing I will say is sorry to Leon, I was a big believer we should have traded him for D help. He is a true professional in every sense of the word, he went out and proved to everyone he’s got the skill and speed to be a difference maker in the NHL…good on you kid. I love watching you play.

  • Soiled Trousers

    Hope and Patience are just strippers that took the last Greyhound out of town. I’m not going to pretend I know what the Oilers should do but they need to do something. Anything. Even if it is the wrong move it doesn’t matter but the answer can’t be patience.

  • Oilcounty88

    The NHL standings as of 2005-06 were

    30 – St Louis
    29 – Pittsburgh
    28 – Chicago
    25 – Boston
    24 – NY Islanders
    20 – Los Angeles

    That group has 7 cups in 10 years – Pit (1), Chicago (3) Boston (1) Los Angeles (2) as well St Louis and Islanders are knocking on the door.

    Other than the drafting or acquiring of key players by each team – Pitts -Sid and Malkin, Boston – Chara, NY Islanders – Trav, Chicago – Toews and Kane is there anything else that each team did to achieve greatness.

    Do the Oileres need to do any more than waiting for the players already here to obtain more experience – Davey, Hall, RNH, Eberle, Drei, Nurse, Klefbom, and Broissant.

    The Oilers will be knocking on the door within 2 years and in the Stanley Cup quarter finals in years 3, 4, 5, 6.

    You can bet on it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oilcounty88

    Most are probably becoming part time Oiler fans by now , to match how much time the club appears to be in each game . Hard to get to invested emotionally with a club that is terminally lax on positive results . Chia probably had no idea club was this bad to begin with , and probably does not know whether to crap or go blind now . Not only where does one start , but where can an end be in sight ? It was rather silly to expect the players would play much better as a unit under new coaching , etc. in retrospect . Like that was going to be a quick fix ? To be honest , I do not believe they even know now , so how can we expect team to fare any better until McDavid gets back and injuries are more limited .

  • Oilcounty88

    If we be a cellar dweller again this season , what are the ramifications ? Who was Gm and coaches that played such a part in a record 10 seasons for year ten . How could anyone be that lax in finding decent players to surround the likes of their young talents and a generational player like McDavid . Why would they spend or waste an entire year assessing , rather than not fixing the players around them ? We need movers and shakers up top , not viewers preaching patience with what they have yet to do to make us competitive . Hard to believe with the top end talent we have after nine years , that no one seems capable of adding pieces to make them competitive after 10 years . What do they need a cattle probe ?

  • S cottV

    PC in gonna have to bust up the core to some degree.

    The sum of the present core is too one dimensional, lacks in leadership, warriorism, two way competitiveness and back end talent.

    Too many clean cut skillsy nice young guys that just don’t have the eye of the tiger.

    They want to skillsy their way to a nice honorable entertaining skillsy win.

    OMG – it ain’t working.

    I mean look at the core – McD, Hall, Nuge, Drai, Eberle, Yak, Shultz, Klefbom, Nurse.

    It’s all way too collectively proper and pretty, to get to the playoffs at some point, let alone actually playing in the playoffs.

    Sure – you need some pretty, but that’s a lot of pretty.

    Of course McD is scary pretty and an obvious keeper. Hall – can be scary pretty in his own way as well, although I wish he would nut it up a notch or two.

    Nuge – the only real option to return something of real value, to change the complexion of the team. He’s a great player, but pretty and we have enough of that, with also considering Drai will become a competent 2C.

    Drai – pretty but size, reach and the overall package mitigates it. Hope he gets a little meaner with age.

    Eberle, Yak, Schultz – pretty, pretty bad and really pretty bad. Move these guys out for any return that changes the complexion of the team, for the better. They might fit on a team that lacks some skillsy stuff, but has plenty of warriors that know how to win.