McDavid on road to recovery


Connor McDavid spoke to the media and Oilers fans today for
the first time since breaking his clavicle versus the Philadelphia Flyers two
weeks ago.

McDavid wasn’t wearing a sling and said he
was already back working out. “I did upper body today,” he said. “The good news
is it (injury) was only a bone and not a separated shoulder or torn labrum. It
will heal and I will be fine,” McDavid continued. For clarity sake “doing upper body” doesn’t mean he was lifting heavy weight on his left side, but he has started rehab already.

He will see the doctor later today or
tomorrow to get an update on his recovery. He said it feels better than he
expected, but he did not give a timetable for his return, though we do know he will not play until 2016.

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It is an understatement to say the Oilers
miss him, but the rest of the team needs to get healthy as well.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Luke Gazdic are
still battling the flu. Jordan Eberle and Matt Hendricks had maintenance days, but Todd McLellan said Eberle’s rest day wasn’t for his shoulder.

Justin Schultz and Lauri Korpikoski did
skate today, but neither will be ready for Wednesday. Schultz has been dealing with a bulging disc in his back. “I had some tingling down my legs earlier in the year, but it wasn’t anything painful,” explained Schultz.

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“I felt it in my back during the LA game and my back seized up. I wasn’t able to do anything for a few weeks. I didn’t do anything other than treatment, glut activation and traction. It was great to be back with the guys today. I felt really good,” said Schultz.

He didn’t give a timeline for his return. He said he’d love to play Wednesday but knows the doctors won’t agree with that. He is hoping to get the green light for the road trip. 


It was an odd practice. The Oilers had ten forwards and nine D-men on the ice. McLellan only ran three lines: 



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Letestu-Miller-Yakupov (Korpikoski rotated in).

They did some five-on-five drills at each end of the ice, and the D-men rotated in with various pairings, although Sekera-Nurse were the most regular. 

The top forward line will stay intact for
Wednesday, but with RNH and Eberle expected to play Wednesday the remaining
lines won’t be sorted out until practice tomorrow or even as late as Wednesday.

McLellan did mention Pouliot-RNH-Eberle have played well together, so he could be leaning to them as a trio for Wednesday.

McLellan was really impressed with Teddy Purcell’s game in Los Angeles. “He played his best game of the season against a very heavy team. He’s been pretty good recently,” said McLellan.

The Oilers desperately need a second line to start producing. Hall and Draisaitl have been carrying the team offensively for the past eight games, but you won’t win many games with only one line scoring.

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Draisaitl has 5-8-13 in his previous eight games, while Hall has 4-8-12. They’ve both been excellent, but it isn’t just their offensive numbers. They have been solid defensively as well. 



  • “He’s been grumpy,” smiled Hall when asked how McDavid is around the house.

    “It’s been tough. You only have one rookie season. I wasn’t considered a Calder favourite when I got hurt, but I think Connor was and that just added to his frustration. He has had some good progress with his shoulder, and really that’s what keeps you going when you are rehabbing. You need to see some positive signs, and he has, which is great.

    “We try to keep him upbeat around the house. He loves hockey so much, and he doesn’t like watching games. No one does when you are hurt, but I think he’s handled it very well,” continued Hall.

  • Laurent Brossoit is 5-2-1 with a 2.33 GAA and .933sv% in Bakersfield. He has been really good in his last five winning four and posting a .950sv%. He is developing well, but I don’t expect the Oilers to recall him anytime soon. AHL shooters are much different than those in the NHL, and with the Oilers still allowing too many quality chances, they will let Brossoit continue to dominate in the AHL. I could see a late-season recall.
  • Draisaitl is a great example of how hard work is the main ingredient to success. He worked incredibly hard in the off-season to get stronger and become more explosive. We are seeing the results now. He has taken advantage of a great opportunity, but if he hadn’t put in the work in the summer, it is unlikely he would have been able to excel when the opportunity presented itself. All young players in the organization, and even some veterans, should take note of all the hard work Draisaitl did in the off-season. The hard work behind the scenes is what leads to success on game night.
  • Yakupov is goalless in 12 games. He has created some chances, but he needs to finish. The Oilers desperately need some secondary scoring and Yakupov, like most goal scorers when they go in a slump, has been struggling around the net and is a bit hesitant. He came close to scoring in LA but couldn’t lift a backhand over Quick’s pad. Yakupov is an emotional player — he cares, and he hates not scoring. The team needs him, and his confidence needs a goal. 

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  • Soiled Trousers

    Taylor Hall has been looking unreal and proving once again that he is an elite player. I’m really enjoying watch him and Draisaitl build something special together.

    Here’s hoping this continues once McDavid gets back.

    • TRAIN#97

      To My-Eye Hall- RNH- Dre’ is our strongest line in a decade.

      Leon shows us what happens when Nuge has strength on his side,just like when Pouliot showed up on his left side.

      Nuge doesnt “need” Halls speed to run his line for him,he has an all-round skill-set.Nuge needs defined consistant impacts and when he has them he excells and his line takes off,the impact he works off of doesnt have to always be the same but it has to be consistant.

      When Hall plays like the complimentary winger he is this team will do better,Taylor has been hitting more and playing a physical game and when he does this and lets go of some “control” of his line on the ice he is UNSTOPPAABLE.

      With Hall and Ebbs Nuge has to carry the line defensively and he gets hit hard in the middle physiclly because these linemaes are not strog on the boards….and hey funnel everything to the middle where poor NUge is always desperately trying to hold he Fort.

      When Nuge has a Power component to his line it changes his game offensively , he can step out of the shadows in the middle and work more of the ice from both sides.When the playactions pull over to one side and draw the defense like Leon forces them to come over Nugey is given a full Canvas to work with and everone finds more room,just like when Pouliot brings his all-world fore-check and dominates there.

      Hallsy is better teammate when he is more physical and has a more defined impactfull role along the boards,he doesnt have to stay there in the trenches batteling but he cannot fly-by anymore without dropping a few bombs on opponents when they are vulnerable to remind them they are in the NHL and to break temmates open.

      Yakkity Yak just needs to begin driving to he net more,he is getting his shre of chances but tenders are comfortable taking on his shot from outside now….so Nail needs to simply bring 1/2 of his possesions in the o-zone ALL THE WAY TO THE NET and attack the 5-hole and the Cookie Jar… one expects him to drive all the way in now and he is a very effective darter when he skates,he can explode those pucks 3 powerfull strides to the net anytime he wants to….so make it so Nail…just loosen in up a bit and once in a while bring it all the way home and drive it right into the garage,no problems just a small adjustment for 4-5 games to wake up the NHL Tenders who smart and are now reading him well and the d-men who give him the periphery to quickly to keep him back.Nail has been a solid shoot or pass player…now he needs to add to that and become a shoot-DRIVE-pass plyer,just make the 2nd option behind high % shot a HARD NET PUSH some of the time to mix it up and force he defenses to collapse ALL THE WAY IN,no big worries just some variety to keep the tenders thinking.

      • 5 Cups

        When you said you were done posting is was so happy. I guess not. Come on dude no one is interested in reading your short stories. Make it quick to the point and hit submit.

  • Hemmercules

    I’m wondering if Yak will ever be anything more than a streaky complimentary player. He doesn’t make guys around him better and only ever excels with another player doing the heavy lifting and feeding him passes. Great shot for sure but he needs to make things happen more often instead of waiting for the game to come to him.

    • Second in team assists. He may not make guys around him better but in a team game you have your stars and you have sidekicks. Gretzky had a pretty decent sidekick in Kurri and we all know how that turned out.

      • S cottV

        Geez – lets not go comparing Yak to Kurri.

        Kurri was a complete, smart – two way hockey player.

        I remember my first live Oiler game in the late 80’s. Moved here from Toronto and other than the big names, I didn’t know too much about Oiler players.

        So – I’m looking at the game live, can see off puck and looking for big things from Gretz, Messier and Coffey.

        Keep seeing this guy and wondering who the hell is that? Did you see that? Holy what a play. Saved the day there. Great pass. Nice backcheck. On and on – the whole game. I remember being kind of in awe, how good this guy I didn’t really know much about was.

        Well – it was Kurri.

        Not sure I would describe Kurri and as a Gretzky side kick. Seemed like he more than did his part making Gretzky look good to me.

        Yak he was not….

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      I’m not so sure. I watch Yak pretty closely on Satuday and he was everywhere on the ice, always in on the play. I hadn’t seen him like that since McDavid’s injury. Even his body language was better. Maybe he’s just a “thinker” and he’s getting over it? Don’t know.

      • camdog

        Nail is having a solid season so far he is off to a very good start .

        The Nail-Man just needs to loosen up little and play a few tricks on Goalies who think they have him figured out when their d-men give Nail the outside ….Nail will keep working hard and when you do that only good things can happen…yes he is a “thinker” like Wayne was and Nuge is,and like Talbot is right now,Cam is OK he just needs to slightly dial back the re-bound recovery focus,he was bang-on to work on it early…but now he needs to have confidence in his hard work and TRUST IN IT HE IS SOLID IN THE CREASE FOR SURE NOW…so he can comfortably begin re-establishing his stand-up and Post focuses….no big deal….unless you dont know why things are creeping south….now Cams Goalie Coach knows and together they can work on re-setting things,no problems just normal tweaking….have the men all over-focus on clearing pucks from the doorstep in practise to re-establish or over-establish some needed confidence for Cam that they will be thinking about it so he can have an easier time letting it go so he can again focus on his ENTIRE GAME.Help him out Goalie Coach and Mac-L thats what practices are for right?Small detail for a Tender as good as Talbot is,these adjustments will be made over his entire career,its normal.

    • Jay (not J)

      Yak is the least of the team’s problems. I don’t understand coming on and kicking him when there are so many other skaters taping ‘kick me’ signs on their own backs.

      • Hemmercules

        Not trying to kick him when he’s down, just making a comment because Gregor made a comment in his quick hits above.

        Yak seems to have these streaks with certain players and they falls off when he’s away from them. He just seems so erratic sometimes. Someone above mentioned that he’s “all over the ice”, not sure if thats a good or bad thing?? Sometimes he just looks out of place to me, floating around waiting for a pass rather than engaging.

        That said, his development has been terrible in my opinion. Too many coaches, too much losing, too many linemates year to year. Im rooting for him but he’s far from my favourite player. Hopefully mcdavids return revives him again but thats a long wait……

    • Here’s my 2 cents worth on Yak. Hes proven himself as a complimentary player for a superstar center. This should yield him some current trade value. Which teams are badly in need of a wing-man for offense? Pittsburgh? Perhaps Pens should take a chance on him, he could stick with Malkin.

  • B_Oliver

    Fist off Ed Hod. When commenting in articles it would be nice if you contributed something useful instead of ragging on all the nation “followers” as you called them, as well as the writers. If you don’t like it here, go to HF Boards with the rest of the bandwagoners

    • Halla-freak’n-luya!!

      Losing sucks, but people that masqurade as Oilers fans and post negative, antagonistic, repetitive crap have no place here.

      May I kindly add verdad2.0, Reg Dunlop and Newagesys to your list?

      • Jay (not J)

        Don’t be a douche. You know the names of the posters you don’t want to read so DON’T READ THEM. It is not your place to define an Oilers fan and it’s not your place to define what another fan’s reaction or opinion on the current state of the team should be. I get tired of the negativity at times as well but anyone who has been anywhere near this team for the last decade who hasn’t gotten a bit frustrated probably doesn’t have the capacity to really follow the game. The Oilers don’t need a “Ra Ra” section – the fans need a place to commiserate. Why should any one of the people you singled out give a ticket to Flames game (rat’s a$$) about what you think?

        • Dwayne Roloson 35

          I’m a douche because I’m sick of the Delta Brave posts??

          Guess I’m a douche then.

          I enjoy the commenters who don’t continuously slam the same things, over and over.

          As too it’s not my place, I am just as entitled to my opinion as they are entitled to be monotonous and unimaginative in their outrage.

          If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them, J.

          Sorry I hurt your feelings.

        • Jason Gregor

          Very well put Jay{notJ}… are bang on and hopefully represent what seems to be a positively trending status quo here on ON lately…you are supporting normalcy….stepping up not stepping back, awsome.

          Thank you very much for supporting a positive ON experience…..we dont dwell on 3LittleBirds comments some of us have been here since day one in the shadows lol,but thank you on behalf of the majority with thinner skin and those who are new here and are deciding if they wish to stick around or not, I hope they do, and personally I would have given up my own flames Ticket but when I reached over to tear it off,well the Scotties Little Softies Roll was empty….guess someone forgot to change it again….lol.

          I stand on your side of this line, we are all Pots and Kettles here so lets just keep learning what everyone has cooking instead of trying to paint some blacker than others.

          This Flu is making the fellas look like a Ghost-Crew….everyone is looking so pale….might I suggest a cup of Rose-Hip tea once a day in the morning? Take a drive to the outside edge of the River Valley, hike or bike AWAY from roads and taffic so you avoid external contaminants{dont pick em 20 feet off of Whitemud ok?},and find yourself some Rose-bushes off the beaten path,there are several types and all are fine, take you I-Phone with you so you have a picure to help you find what you want ,pick yourself a few handfulls of Rose-hips,nice ones,then simply take em home and de-hydrate them,add 6-8 Hips to a Tea Cup with a wee strainer dealy inside of it,steep 10 minutes strain a 2nd time ,and have at er,I like to crush 6-10 fresh blueberries and put em in to MMMmm.You can use the Rose-Hips fresh off the vine as well without the dehyrating,just make sure that when you are done steeping the tea,you RUN IT THROUGH AN UNBLEACHED COFFEE FILTER ,pick yourself up a one-cup dealy,they have em,then you just strain er thru the one-cup coffee dealy after steeping and drink up.I ALWAYS run my tea through the coffee filter because there are tiny hairs in the Hips you do not want to be drinking.Google it.Some dont strain…I do.

          Something in there about how our body takes in what we offer it,its like when you drink a Gatorade…you always want to gulp or chug it…your body just wants to keep pouring it in…lol…


          Sounds like just what the Doctor ordered for our fellas huh,coming out of this little early season funk smelling like Roses…lol.

          So far this season I have shared a Chokecherry Jelly Recipie on an Oilers site and now I have shared my Rose-Hip tea methods….it seems like I will do any dam thing I can for this team lol.I just wish I could be a fly on the wall watching Luke Gadzic and Teddy Purcell sitting together brewing up and sipping on a cup of Rose-Hip tea…lol…dreams are free…lol.

      • Reg Dunlop

        Good day, brother. I’m trying to recall why you seem to be so choked at me. Was it that bar-b-que at your place? I promise next time I won’t get busy with your mom.

        Speaking of repetitive crap, I seem to recall you spouting this same Draconian slop a few times today. Maybe you should have a Snickers.

        • 80soilers

          Hey brother, I’m not so much choked at you, as I am with the consistently negative comments, the “copy and paste” drivel and “old boys club” conspiracists.

          As for the BBQ, it’s all good. She has a track record of hooking up with the biggest loser around, and history didn’t disappoint! LOL

          Draconian is an adjective meaning great severity, that derives from Draco, an Athenian law scribe under whom small offenses had heavy punishments (Draconian laws). – If asking for less D-bags and more realistic commentary from fans is “Draconian”….so be it.

          Ps. Don’t do peanuts, so gotta pass on the snickers, but if you have a skor bar, I’m all for it!!

  • Soiled Trousers

    I’m usually a fan of TM and PC but this is an old school boys on the bus move. Bring out McDavid the Monday after you drop to the bottom of the league. Just to remind everyone that good times are just around the corner. Transparent garbage and I expect better from PC.

    On a positive note, it’s nice to see McDavid is recovering well. Hope his rehab goes well and it will be good to see him on the ice again.

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      The timing does seem a bit suspect. The Oilers are at the bottom of the league again…and hey look? McDavid has something to day this week. Time to find a way to distract away from this tire fire.

      I can’t believe it…bottom of the league. Eakins must be having a chuckle.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        I doubt it. I’m sure even Eakins can see that we’re better.

        We’ve hit an injury/sick patch and lo and behold, we’re losing.

        It’s not the end of the year yet. We won’t be last by game 82.

        • ComeAtMeDog

          What was the record at this time with Eakins last year?

          The Oilers have the sick and injured card to play every season. Excuses.

          Sure the Oil won’t finish last but bottom 5 is not much better.

        • Serious Gord

          Will the oil be last at the end of 82?

          Excellent question.

          I agree the answer very likely is no, but then the follow-on questions are: “then who?” And “what place will the oil finish?”.

          To the first I would say not Columbus, perhaps philly, perhaps Toronto. All three of those teams play in the less-good east.

          To the second it already looks like EDM is going to finish in the bottom third – already 6 points out of 20th. And quite possibly bottom sixth which would mean an excellent shot at a top three pick. Depressing, but such is the difficulty of a league where some games are worth two points and others are worth three.

      • Danglishish

        Yeah and how do we know that Chia wasn’t in Paris last week? Seriously can he prove that he wasn’t?

        Enough with the conspiracy theories, morons.

        • Soiled Trousers

          Since you are obviously smarter than I am maybe you could inform me of the point of that press conference. McDavid told the reports he had surgery on a broken clavicle and didn’t know when he would be back. Not really earth shaking information. I mean I’m glad he’s doing well and all but I didn’t really need a press conference to let me know he is now riding the bike.

          Today was about money pure and simple. With the Oilers at the bottom of the league and their star attraction out for a couple of months there is a real danger that attendance drops until McDavid comes back. This was just to remind us of the good times on the horizon. Don’t give up hope, keep the faith, but most important, keep spending the dollars.

          • Jason Gregor

            Or it was the first media available after the road trip. You expect him to talk when team is out of town.

            The Oilers have made some horrendous business and marketing decisions in the past, but this was planned prior to knowing results on the trip. Some media asked to speak to McDavid and the Oilers said when team returned from trip.

            Not sure why you think money has to do with it. Season tickets are paid for as are mini packs. Chicago is always a big draw regardless of standinga and then they play a Friday night game which always sell. Then they are on road for five more games. If they were worried about sales they would have waited until the start of December to let McDavid speak. Not today when team has only two home games in next two weeks.

          • Danglishish

            Ummm, gee I don’t know?… maybe the Oil have been on the road for the past week and this was the first opportunity to interview him, because harassing a player for an interview days after surgery would be ridiculous?…. Maybe? Seems pretty obvious to me but you’re clearly the abandoned love child of Chia and just on here trashing him because you clearly have daddy issues.

            I know you’re a troll but you should really stop embarrassing yourself. Stop referring to Oil fans as “us”, everyone knows you’re not an Oil fan and you certainly don’t speak for Oil fans. Get a life dude.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    I like the Quick Hit about Draisaitl’s hard work…there’s a leader really brewing there if you ask me…everyone on this team (and anyone in life) could take a lesson on success, just like the paragraph states…I think every sentence contained the words ‘hard’ or ‘work’ or ‘hard work’! I laughed!


    • GK1980

      I’ve always been a Leon supporter. Ever since watching a Germany-Canada match during the world juniors a few years ago Drai stood out from the Germans like a sore thumb. The guy was unreal that night and was one of the best players in the ice including Canada’s roster.

      He, like mcdavid are on another level of determination and drive. Both of these guys will be hosting the cup together for the oilers in the not so distant future. Mark my words.

  • The Last Big Bear

    seriously guys… Let’s all put our heads together and figure out a way to make the oilers listen to NewAgeSys!!! The Hammer and Anvil is the only way!!! He once caught a greased up pig with his bare hands!! He knows what he’s talking about!

  • Jay (not J)

    Road to recovery?? Pfft! Typical oiler… Always on the road to recovery!!!!

    He’s injury prone!! I say we trade McDavid and Klefbom to Toronto for Gardiner and Kadri!!!!! That way they get a ‘useful’ center for the future and we get a guy who scored 1 goal so far this season! Sounds like immediate help if you ask me!!

    We suck because Kevin Lowe doesn’t know anything about hockey! Mactavish didn’t earn his degree, Howson is just a puppet, and Katz doesn’t care about the team, he’s just a fan boy who wants to be friends with the boys on the bus!!! Oh ya, the league is against us too!! We still sell tickets after a decade of bottom feeding, so Bettman told the refs to make us lose so the other teams can win and sell more tickets!!!

    Trade Eberle for Doughty!!! That’s the only way!!!

  • tileguy

    When McD returns the lines will be 4-93-29; 67-97-14. Yaks will be as a value contract that can move into top 6 when injury bites or as a piece in a trade. Nothing more.

  • TKB2677

    At what point do the Oilers start moving on from guys like Yakupov and Lander?

    Yakupov was drafted #1 overall. Now I think we call can agree his draft year wasn’t the greatest but regardless at the time he was regarded as the top player. He’s supposed to be a shooter, top 6 forward and point producer. He’s got 11 pts in 18 games, 1 point since McDavid went down. He hasn’t scored a goal in 12 games. He’s barely over 2 shots a game. IN 209 NHL games, he’s got 99 points. He’s got a career high of 33 points. If he continues the way he is going, he might be lucky to score 40 pts and get mid teens in goals. Based on his point totals, he’s a 3rd liner but his skill set and lack of any defensive awareness makes it so he’s not suited for any role that involves any sort of defense. If he’s not scoring, he’s not doing much for you and given the type of player he is, if he’s not scoring and he’s not put on an offensive line, his game sinks.

    Lander was drafted in the second round in 2009. He was supposed to turn into a 2nd/34d line center with leadership abilities. In 18 games, he has 0 points. In 149 NHL games he’s got 28 points. He’s also got 136 AHL games. So at 24 and over 285 North American pro games under his belt, he should be stepping into prime time and excelling. He’s OK on faceoffs but does nothing else. His defensive play seems to be getting worse and now he’s taking dumb penalties.

    I understand that asset management is important. These 2 players are assets. The organization invested significant time and resources into these players. So giving these players up when their value is so low isn’t ideal. However, at some point don’t you as a team have to just move on. In a perfect world, these guys play really well, they raise their value and you sell them at top dollar. But how long do you continue to wait? How long do you wait for these to turn the corner that may never actually happen and do this at the determent of your team?

  • S cottV

    It really is hard to believe that the Oilers are in last place.

    I suppose we can try to pretend that Anaheim won’t claw their way back into top 3 in the Pacific, at minimum.

    Because otherwise – we are once again, out of it, playing meaningless games before the end of Nov.

    So – why make a bold move to salvage things now? Let McD heal fully and then some.

    Hope a team(s)approaches us, desperate to add offensive pc’s and willing to part with d pc’s.

    Grab another high end draft pick and see if some progress can be made next year.

    What else can you do?

    Sad but true. Meaningless games, except Nurse, Drai and McD – when he returns are still worth watching.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    No need to worry about Connor recovering.

    Both of my daughters met him at a nightclub in the early a.m. hours on Saturday morning.

    They said that he seemed fine and moved without any difficulty.

  • The Last Big Bear

    McDavid is going to be pretty hard pressed to win the Calder.

    Like all NHL awards, it usually just goes to whoever got the most points. The only exceptions in living memory are when defencemen or goalies win it (which is unlikely this year).

    And with guys like Panarin, Domi, Larkin, and maybe even Bennett (10 pts in his last 10 games), McDavid will have to wake up pretty early in the morning to take the scoring lead after spotting all of these guys a 20 game head start.

    If the award actually went to “the player most proficient in his first season in the NHL”, it would be a different discussion.

    But when the award is for highest scoring rookie, he’s got his work cut out for him.

    • Randaman

      When McDavid comes back, if he even comes close he will win it.

      The media already know who is the best of the group this year so I stand by my statement.

      • The Last Big Bear

        Crosby was the most hyped player since Lindros, and the best rookie since Selanne. But Ovechkin had 4 more points.

        In fact, going back to the 1970s, it looks like a forward has won the Calder without being the leading scorer only twice. And oddly enough, in both cases they picked the lesser of two players (Bryan Berrard over Jarome Iginla, and Chris Drury over Milan Hejduk).

        So winning the Calder just because you’re better, and not because you led rookie scoring, doesn’t really happen.

  • Randaman

    Thoughts on the Yak controversy (within ON anyways);

    Yak was a #1 overall pick. Lesser draft class? Yes

    Hall was a#1 overall pick. Nuge was a #1 overall pick. McDavid was a #1 overall pick. Drai was a #3 overall pick. Eberle was a #22 overall pick. Pouliot was a#4 overall pick.

    The second group are all better hockey players than Yak (hands down)and are more valuable long term in my view. We’re trying to build a complete team going forward, right?

    Nurse or Klefbom are not going anywhere so who out of that second group would you package in a deal ahead of Yak? Eberle, maybe and that’s a pretty big maybe

    I’m not dissing Yak but…

    Some players will not be here next year. I think we can all see that coming.

    • camdog

      Yak is Pouliot and he is 7 years younger. I find it odd how these 2 players are viewed so differently, by the fans on Oilersnation. I guess many don`t watch Pouliot as closely as they do Yakupov.

    • Spoils

      With Yak we need to build up his value before we can trade him.

      The other thing is – it might be possible to sign a real value contract with Yak. With all the draft pedigree we will need some of these.

    • TKB2677

      I have always been of the opinion that the Oilers top 6 can have 1 of Yakupov or Eberle. In my opinion, for the Oilers top 6 to be successful, they can have a highly skilled, less physical, less grittier guy on each of the 2 wings, then they need a different type on the other. On left wing they have Hall. Hall has not bad size at 6’1, 200lbs. He’s not super gritty or physical be he’s not soft. He’s got tons of speed and tremendous skill. His defensive game is coming around. Then they have Pouliot. He’s got OK size 6’3 200lbs. He’s got decent skill and skating but he players a grittier, slightly more physical, better defensive game, go to the net, battle more style. So a good contrast to Hall. Gives a the other line a different look.

      On right wing, if you don’t count Draisaitl, you have Yak and Eberle. Both skilled, offensive guys. Yak is only 5’11 but he’s stocky at 195lbs and has a small amount of edge but his defensive game will never be great and he’s pretty one dimensional.In Eberle, you have the smaller player at 5’11, 181 but he’s highly skilled and has great hockey sense. I think all around, Eberle is a far better player than Yak. But in looking at the 2 players, both are offensive guys. Both don’t go to the net, they are perimeter players. Both aren’t overly tough or gritty. So in my opinion, you need more of a contrasting player. Now maybe that player is Draisaitl. With his abilities on the back hand, he clearly can play right wing and succeed. He’s big, skates well, protects the puck, has a ton of skill, can go into the corners, go to the net and is a good contrast to Yak and Eberle. With McDavid as your #1 and Nuge as a ridiculously good #2, maybe there isn’t room for Draisaitl at center because he is clearly a top 6 guy.

      So in my opinion, the choice needs to be made between Eberle and Yak. You can’t have either of those 2 on the 3rd line and personally, I would keep Eberle because he is a known commodity and he’s a better hockey player now and in my opinion, for years to come. I think they need to move on from Yak as soon as possible. If you trade him, you aren’t going to get what people perceive as fair value for a #1 but at this point you never will. If all you can get is a decent but useful 3rd liner, then go get that. They can use a good 3rd liner that can chip in, play an all around game and maybe be tough to play against. Right now Yak is giving you nothing so it would be better to replace him with someone that can do something for you.

  • TRAIN#97

    No one expected us to make the playoffs this year but we expected the team to get better. I think it is a better hockey club although the record isn’t. In the first 18 games (this year vs. last) the record is similar at 6/12/0 vs. 6/10/12.

    First, injuries have been a problem. In that same time frame we had 29 man games lost to injury. This year, 61. Key players were 9 vs. this year at 45. Substantial difference. You only have to look at the game to game lineup blender to know that TMac is mixing and matching to try to come up with lines that can produce.

    Second, during those same 18 games, we had a very difficult opening schedule this year. This year only 8 home games vs 10 last and we had more starts last year against weaker teams like AZ (2 games – at least weaker last year, this year much improved) and Buffalo (1 game).

    Finally, lots of new players, coaches etc. which take time to gel.

    Despite those two major differences our GF/GA figures have improved 2016 vs. 2015 at 47/58 vs. 44/60. Not a dramatic improvement but considering injuries and a tough schedule I would suggest we are a better hockey club.

    I would just like to see a completely healthy club to see what these guys are capable of. IMHO they will be an improved hockey club.

  • TRAIN#97

    We are twenty games in and yak has 2 goals.I like his attitude and his work ethic but honestly with the emergence of Draisaitl and McDavid , I think we put together a big package with Yak and find help on the Blueline.
    What other team can ice Hall,McDavid ,Eberle,NUGE,Draisaitl .thats a pretty good group of top forwards.All of which are capable of point per game season.
    Time to add to Nurse,Klefbomb ,Reinhart.
    Do that and goaltending will fall into place.

    • TRAIN#97

      Yak would be considered a reclamation project and will not fetch much in a trade. To get significant help on the blueline one of MacT’s “core” will need to be moved. You must give up quality to get quality. It just so frustrating that MacT considered the “core” untouchable, this could have been addressed sooner. I suspect the now only McD is untouchable.

      • Danglishish

        Hall and Ebbs were first in so they will likely be first out,its a value driven league and even though Katz has deep pockets he cannot change that.

        No one has been willing to go down fighting….this is a concern….no one showed UNCONTROLLABLE URGE TO PROTECT MCDAVID AND THIS IS A PRIMARY CONCERN… one just couldnt help protecting him no one considered their own future enough to value this player properly .

        Add Lucic and Byfuglien and lets simplify things to the Hammer and Anvil.Lucic-Gadzic-Byfuglien these additions make the Oilers legitimately one of the toughest NHL Teams out there and prepared for an immedite PUSH.

        What would have happened to the opponent had Lucic been on the ice with McDavid?What would have happend to the opponent post-hit next shift had Byfuglien been on the ice?

        No one is giving the Oilers respect…not opponents and not Officials…..the Oilers need to outmuscle/bite the opponents and out-score the Officials…..only aggressive truculence and scoring 3 more than the opponent will solve the Oilers dilemmas.

        You begin the game knowing you need THREE MORE than the opponent…screw anything else…you begin the game by kicking sand in everyones face IMMEDIATLY 1st shift and BRINGING THE FIGHT TO YOURSELF.

        Can you get Lucic and Byfuglien without touching the Core?Isnt the “core” now McDavid-Nuge-Draisaitl down the middle?

        • TRAIN#97

          More importantly, is that the hit may have never happened it the first place if someone gave someone a well placed elbow a week earlier and sent a message. Take a 3 game suspension, who cares?

      • TKB2677

        I personally don’t think the Oilers can trade for a top 2 Dman. The teams that have them would be stupid to trade them as they are way to valuable in today’s game. The Oilers have to hope that Nurse and Klefbomb can develop into top pairing guys or at least really good top 4 guys.

        I do however think the Oilers can go out and get a decent top 4 guy. Perhaps a top 4 guy that is underperforming on another team. Being that Yak was a #1 overall. Even if a team didn’t think he was the #1 guy, he was still a top 5 pick so he would have some pedigree. One his own, Yak can’t get you a top 4 guy but I could see a package of Yak and a Fayne getting you someone reasonable. Fayne can play on most teams top 6 easily and in Yak you get a young player with lots of potential and put into the right situation could do very well. I just don’t see Yak doing well on the Oilers.

  • S cottV


    Interested in your thoughts on the following:
    Pretty worried about Chiarelli’s sense of reality regarding basic hockey matters. when he first spoke about what he thought Connor would get for points (and I know he was underestimating) but even more concerned with the PC after the injury to McDavid and he categorily stated that “No it is not better than a shoulder injury” I think everyone including Connor realizes that it is. Given the shoulder injuries the Oilers have experienced they know how bad it can go trying to fix a bummed shoulder.

    • Jason Gregor

      He was asked if it was lucky it was just a broken clavicle.

      He said he didn’t feel lucky because McDavid would be out long-term and if that was lucky he doesn’t want to know what unlucky was.

      I agree. To be lucky it would mean no injury. I took it as him saying said he didn’t feel his organization was lucky that “It was only a broken clavicle.”

      • ComeAtMeDog

        Gregor, we must be talking about a different press conference. Check it out at 2:40 of this clip:

        He was clearly asked if in hindsight it was better that it was a broken bone than a seperated shoulder. Chia clearly said no it is not better than a shoulder. It was the press conference when he announced the injury if the link does not work. I had to type it out because it would not let me paste it. Anyway it struck me as weird than that he would be so naive and it strikes me even more odd now when everyone including Connor is saying it is better than if he would have injured his shoulder.

        • ComeAtMeDog

          i think chia meant .. is it better ?? no its not better it still sucks !! , but of course he knows its better to have a broken bone rather than a dodgy shoulder going forward .. jeez . dont read so much into it . it a injury to our best player . all injuries suck so they are not better

  • Randaman

    Is late december return date unlikely? Patrick Kane was injured on february 24 and returned april 15… About month and a half… Exactly 50 days.

    If all goes well and McDavid start skating early december then I guess we can expect a late december return?

  • S cottV

    Hindsight is 20/20 but 2012 would have been the year to trade the No.1 pick for something of real value. Certainly from forward point of year 2012 may go down as an all time worst draft.

    Despite his struggles only 1 player from the 2012 draft has more points than Yak. That’s Galchenyuk who has 115 to Yak’s 99, both with 44 goals. After that we get Filip Forsberg who 2 years ago couldn’t crack the NHL and Hampus Lindholm who might be the crème of that draft year.

    2012 had a lot of good defencemen, but Ryan Murray (2) and Reinhart (4) would not be considered at the top of the this group at this point. Guys like Lindholm, Reilly, Dumba, Trouba, and Matta have all surpassed both Murray and Reinhardt.

    Might be the worst top 4 ever.

  • Klam

    I have to say with the McDavid injury this is the only real way we would be able to see how special Drai is.

    And when McD comes back the lines that form could be amazing.

    If Hall/Drai/Purcell can actually be a good line.

    Pou/RNH/Ebs can be run and hope they get going like last year.

    I would then try Lander/McD/Yak and see if Lander can be given a push. If not Iiro, or a trade.

    McD coming back will make it hard on the coach if those two lines can actually start playing well. Because who do you throw with McD to make a third line?