Hamonic asks for trade

Elliotte Friedman is reporting that rugged defender Travis Hamonic is on the trade market.

Then Darren Dreger followed up with these two tweet, which means the Oilers are one of four teams who are automatically in the mix due to geography.

Hamonic is 25 years old, has played 342 NHL games, is in the 3rd year of a seven-year contract with a cap hit of $3.857 million and he shoots right.

He is exactly what the Oilers need, but do the Oilers have what the Islanders want?

He will not come cheap. He plays 23 minutes a night, the most on the Islanders’ blueline, and they have Johnny Boychuk and Nick Leddy.

It might cost Oscar Klefbom. The Islanders want a similar player in return.

Or maybe Jordan Eberle, although the Islanders would want a D-man who can play right away.

Peter Chiarelli and Garth Snow made the Boychuk trade when Boston had no choice but to move him due to salary cap implications so they have a history.

Chiarelli also has a history of re-vamping his blueline. When he was hired in Boston he changed his entire D corps in the first few seasons. He knows he needs to improve his blueline in Edmonton and it is rare that a young, proven and solid D-man like Hamonic comes available and wants to play in western Canada.

We know Chiarelli will make an offer, but will it be better than what Calgary, Winnipeg or Vancouver propose?

We will watch with interest.

  • D

    Schultz straight across, similar cap and similar age with the edge going to the grittier player but you know what? NYI plays in one of the softer divisions in the league. Could benefit Schultz greatly in the long run not being beat down by the big West forwards. Throw in a guy like Pitlick or Lander as a sweetener and then call up Derek Roy.

  • D

    It’s interesting reading the comments here that equate to the Oilers giving up a lot of talent to acquire someone who wants to move out of Brooklyn.

    It’s the Islanders who are over a barrel, not the Oilers. Open the bidding by offering them draft picks and go from there.

  • At this point I don’t care who they trade (excluding McDavid) if it will translate into more wins. I’m not going to let my love affair with a certain player trump my love for wins. If a trade is made and we start winning hockey games no one will care who goes the other way. Just win! That’s all I care about anymore.

    • TRAIN#97

      Really? Anyone?
      Chiarelli would get run out of town if he traded Draisaitl right now. Hall , NUGE , not a hope would he trade a number one centre for a 2nd or 3rd dman.

      • TRAIN#97

        Really? So if he traded any of the players you mentioned and we climbed out of the basement and back to respectability you really think he’d get run out of town? I think you’re underestimating the value of wins. I’ll take a winning hockey team without a Nuge or Eberle before I’d take a losing team with them on it.

        • TRAIN#97

          I see what you are saying but the reality is that Hamonic is not the stud d you may think he is. He is not gonna solve all of our defensive lapses and pull us of the cellar.
          He could be part of the solution but trading a guy like Draisaitl would be a bad idea.
          I know we tend to overvalue our own but let’s not overvalue Hamonic.

          • DrillForOil

            I’m not saying Hamonic is a stud. What I am saying is that we need to get over this love affair we have with players and start building a hockey TEAM. One that wins hockey games. I don’t care what the cost of WINNING is at this point. I’m just sick of all the Losing. A major shakeup of this roster is required in my opinion. The status quo isn’t getting it done. Change the coach, change the management, change the scouting , change the trainers, change the building. When are we going to start changing the real culprits in this mess….the players?

        • bradleypi

          I find it crazy that this gets trashed as much as it did. I totally agree that there is probably only one untouchable on this roster. A 6-12 start after 9 seasons out of the playoffs and oilersnation doesn’t want to trade anyone but yak and schultz???? Bizarre

  • Borbs

    Peter ,

    You need to make this trade, somehow you need to put together
    a offer they cannot refuse.

    You have Nurse and Hamonic anywhere in your lineup on D
    You are well on your way.

    Prove you have what it takes Pete.

      • TRAIN#97

        I like Calgary’s D , BUT Once Nurse matures , ill take Hamonic- Nurse over anything Calgary has. Hamilton ? Please…Gio , on slow decline.

        Make it happen , these types of requests for a trade for personal reasons do not come along very often. Especially when the request is to trade to a Western Canadian Team . God Bless us Western Canada. Especially

        Do it dammit.

  • acesaaron

    What about Schultz and Fayne for Hamonic in a 2 for 1 deal? NYI can walk away from Schultz or resign him at the end of the year and have a reasonable defender in Fayne. Oil will be a bit more shorthanded on D this year but with Fayne gone and Nikitin / Scrivens off the books next year and Ference potentially bought out, there is a lot of cap room to go after a UFA D in the summer. And if last summer is any indication, the market may be kind for signing D at reasonable prices.

    • bradleypi

      Wow. This seriously got as many cheers as it did? Wow. Just Walk away from a 24 year old right shot dman and keep a guy in fayne that can’t even crack the oilers defence?? Yeesh. I see oilersnation still thinks schultz is a dud and hold fayne in high regard. Just bizarre. And seeing as how hamonic is forcing the isles hand the most I’d give them is schultz and a 2nd rounder….fayne doesn’t get that deal done no way no how. I’d even ask for a later pick in return as well

      • Randaman

        Agreed, Fayne should be offered instead of Schultz. Add Yak to Fayne and a 2nd rounder but we need to take advantage of this opportunity.

        How often does a quality player want to come play in western Canada you ask?


  • CapeBretonOilers

    The one thing Snow wants (top 4 d-man) is the one thing we can’t afford to give up (Nurse and Klefbom).

    How about our 1st pick in 2016 + Schultz?

    Or the 1st and Yak?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Garth Snow did offer the Blue Jackets (Scott Howson) all seven of the Islanders draft picks that draft if the Oilers passed on Nail Yakupov that summer. They had significant interest in getting their hands on the russian winger. We can only hope they still would like to get their hands on him.

    That has to be the centerpiece of the deal going the other way if this is going to work for Edmonton. Travis may not be the stud no.1 dman needed, but in a situation like this it may work out well for both parties. I’d even offer both Yakupov and Schultz in exchange for Travis Hamonic.

  • TRAIN#97

    Dreger says that Hanonic asked for the trade prior to the season so obviously they are not giving him away being that we are 20 games into the season.
    I would part with Yak and Schultz. We have McDavid,Hall,Nuge,Eberle,Draisaitl . Not many teams can throw out 5 possible point per game guys so I think we can part ways with Yak.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Start with Yak + 2016 1st? I have no idea what gets this done, I’m a millionaire rockstar who moonlights as an astronaut, not an NHL GM.

  • Serious Gord

    This could easily turn into a multi team / Player Trade.

    Buff to Edm ? Hamonic ? think about it.. My beer Cans are on this being a

    3 Team Trade.

    I love this Sh-t !!

  • Mantastic

    They clearly want a D and it’s either Nurse or Klefbom, Shultz isn’t enough. If I had to pick my poison I would keep Nurse.

    Love Klef but Nurse has a bad side I really like.

  • MissYouMcDavid

    The Oilers have a ton of players with speed and skill who fit better into an Eastern Confernece style of play. Garth Snow could be very interested in our roster. Expecting something good.

  • Bucknuck

    That rumour about the Isles offering all 7 of their picks (incl. 4th overall) to the Jackets is ridiculous. What GM would turn that down ? Murray was not seen as a generational player. Neither was Yak.

    And why wouldn’t they make the same offer to the Oilers for the #1 pick so they could have whoever they wanted? If the offer was made and declined, Tambelini should be executed, not just fired.

  • Concur

    To me this screams the coveted 3 for 1 trade that the Oilers haven’t been able to make happen since Pronger. A current young up and comer defenseman (Klefbom, Shultz, Davidson), a prospect (the list is endless), and a pick (depends on the defenseman and prospect).

    In my opinion the ideal low ball off is Shultz, anyone not currently on the roster (save Brossoit) and a 2nd rounder if that’s what it would take.

  • HockeyRulz

    I’m interested to see how this trade goes down. I have a feeling it will be for a lot less than people may think. Once word gets out a player wants to move… value seems to drop a lot.

    It would be great if the oil can trade some picks and lower prospects like Jones for him.
    Wait and see…..

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Thought that as well, but then you see the kind of return the Jets got on the Evander Kane deal. Cheveldayoff did very well on that deal considering his hands were also tied.

      Chiarelli has prorbably been going back and forth on this for a few months already. Hopefully he has Snows ear/attention on this one now that the heat has been turned up.

  • acesaaron

    Wondering if maybe Schultz and scrivener could possibly get it done, maybe a pick tossed in as well? Helps their defence, and I read somewhere that their goaltending is a bit on the weak side. With th isles being at a disadvantage that could be a possibility.

  • bazmagoo

    I think it’s most likely Schultz would be the center piece of the deal on the Oilers side. Both right shot dmen, similar cap hits, same age. If Chiarelli can turn Justin into Travis, he’s a god. Schultz plus 2nd for Hamonic?

  • vetinari

    Some thoughts out of Calgary and Winterpeg are that they really aren’t in a position of need or interest for Hamonic. That would certainly reduce the teams that offer up decent offers and really help our possibility of landing him. The only issue that remains is the value. We all believe we gave up to much for Griffin. I think tha makes us all a bit leary of what may come of this. BUT, the thought of having Hamonic and ____ as a first pairing and Sekera and ___ as a second pairing really takes us a long ways down that road we need be get down to be a playoff team. My hopes are Snow has real interest in a Schultz+ deal.