A mysterious package showed up for Chris The Intern at Nation HQ and what he found inside WILL CHANGE YOUR VIEW OF THE WORLD FOREVER! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE! 

Thanks to our friends at Jobsite Workwear for hooking us up with some of the most comfortable steel toe boots in the land! Need a new pair of boots yourself? Head on over to the Jobsite Facebook page, leave a comment on their wall telling them why YOU deserve a brand new pair of Timberlands to replace your current shitkickers, and you could win your VERY OWN PAIR! These bad boys have an anti-fatigue sole, they’re waterproof, they have a Pro Series composite toe, incredible grip on the bottom to help make sure you never take a tumble and they’re INCREDIBLY comfortable, so your dogs won’t be barking after a long day on the job! And if you don’t win a pair you can always head over to Jobsite Workwear and buy your own!

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