German Efficiency

Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, and Leon Draisaitl. They are
all tied up at 17 points on the season, except the fact that Leon Draisaitl hasn’t wasted any
time getting there.

It’s been just ten games. Ten games since the broad shouldered
German began his second season in the NHL. Ten games since he was given
a chance to redeem himself for the crime of not being ready to be a top six player in the best league in the world as an 18 year old.

And what a ten games it has been.

As per the Elias Sports Bureau (via Jack Michaels), Leon
Draisaitl’s incredible 17 points in his first 10 games of the year are the most
by any Oiler since Mark Messier did it in the Fall of 1989. And, honestly,
picking up 17 points in 2015 compared to 17 points in 1989 just feels like a
significantly more difficult task. 1989-1990 saw the NHL have 13 different 100
point scorers and another 12 in the 90’s. Last year the NHL’s leading scorer totalled
just 87 points.

At the time of writing this piece Leon Draisaitl has the
highest points per game in the National Hockey League at 1.70, well clear of
Pat Kane’s 1.55 per game. In half the amount of games as everyone else he has climbed to second among Oiler scorers and 27th in league scoring.

The cries today aren’t about when this young man will ever
find a way to factor onto the scoresheet. No, now the talk is about
sustainability. It’s unlikely that Draisaitl
continues on a pace that sees him finish north of 120 points.

Draisaitl’s shooting percentage is out of control right now.
With seven goals on 20 shots, number 29 is rocking a 35% shooting percentage. The
highest sh% from a year ago was Tanguay’s 21.2%. So even if we believe that
Leon has morphed into a super-sniper we should still expect his shooting
efficiency drop by at least half.

Sustainable or not, what the former third overall
pick is doing is incredible. While he’s riding this wave we should be able to
sit back and enjoy a special level of play we might not see again for a long
time (or until McDavid gets back, whatever).

During these 10 games Draisaitl has been held pointless only
twice. He’s has registered one point twice, two points three times, and three points three times. On his
current five game point streak he has picked up 10 points.

No matter how we slice it, the offensive production is

The chemistry has come so naturally between Hall and
Draisaitl that the 20 year old has stepped into the role of 1C almost seamlessly. Even if the points slow to a more natural level, he has established
that he can indeed play alongside Edmonton’s top talent and contribute. He
opens up a world of possibilities for the Oilers when they become healthy

As offense in the NHL is inclined towards duos more so than
trios, the Oilers when healthy will have a ridiculous set to roll out against
the opposition. Soon enough the Oilers could conceivably go
back-to-back-to-back with:




Leon Draisaitl’s first ten games of the season have been
nothing short of unbelievable. However longer we may get to watch him and
Taylor Hall combine for goals, it will be a treat. When things slow down
though, Edmonton will still have that big, skilled centre they’ve been crying
out for during this rebuild.

    • tileguy

      Good question, use a star to bring it a #1 D and run with 2 lethal lines, a checking line and a banging line or try to run with 3 scoring lines and hope Nurse and Kbomb develope into a 1-2 combo.

    • DoubleJ

      Not actually sure who’s available in the free market beside Big Buff. But this is his big ticket deal. He’s not going to take a discount to play with the Oilers. He’s looking at $7 plus term. It pisses me off we didn’t grab Franson dirt cheap. I think Hamonic thing is huge for Oilers to make that happen. I would think maybe Ebs could be moved.

      • Rob...

        Petry is a good example of what we get for our average+ players unless the trade partner is in a cap or contract crunch. We may be better off getting 2 to 3 solid scoring threat lines and then both developing the young D we have and attracting quality average+ UFA defensemen. MacDavid is proof that Yak can be a good complimentary player. Nuge will come around and start putting points up again soon.

        I’m disappointed in Lander right now, but am glad to see how frustrated he is. Too many of our players were satisfied with crappy play in the past, knowing there was nobody on the farm that could take their place.

        • Rob...

          I suspect a lot of guys could be good complimentary players to McDavid. Yak only had 2 goals in 10+ games with McDavid, he was picking up assists, many times for simply making outlet passes to McDavid.

          McDavid is going to make a lot of players look way better then they are in his career, which is great for us, as our players become overvalued in trades. Same thing with the third piece on the Hall-Draisaitl line, and you could argue the same will also be true for the 3rd player they stick with RNH and Ebs.

          Like I said yesterday, Edmonton could become a manufacturer of overvalued players.

          • Rob...

            You’re not going to get enough for Yak, plus his contract is decent. What makes him good on MacDavid’s line is that he’s more than willing to pass the puck to Connor and the fact that when he has the puck there’s not a defensmen in the league that knows what the hell Yak is going to do. This causes defensive breakdowns that McDavid takes advantage of.

          • Canoe Ride 27.1

            You may get a lot for Yak after he plays with McDavid for 60 games, or a full season for that matter.

            And that is what I mean, Yak’s value will be much higher then it is right now at years end, if he plays on a line with McDavid for 60 games this year. And really that might be a good time to pull the trigger on a trade.

            It is pretty obvious that Yak has to be put in a very specific situation to be successful. That is true of a lot of players out there(Purcell for example). As far as numbers go so far this season, Yak is tied for 12th in goals on our team, and yet he spent a lot of time on the power play, as well as significant minutes in a top 6 roll.

            Eventually Yak has to start scoring on his chances, he is not here to be a play maker. 2nd in shots, and 12 in goals is not a very good ratio.

            4.2% is not a very good shooting percentage for a goal scorer. It is more like a power play d-man’s percentage.

            Moreover, Yak is on pace for 8 goals this year. Pakarinen would have a shot at that, I would say, if he was given the same opportunity as Yak is getting.

  • Simpsonite

    What drives me nuts is that the two media sports outlets…you know who you are….are now talking about “oh well now the oilers can go trade hopkins for that stud defenceman.” You know what media? Go jump in a lake. With three awesome centres we have the ability for somebody to get hurt and not take that big of a step back.

    I want TSN and Sportsnet to bloody simmer. You know how we will get our stud d man? Give it a year when Nurse gets all his man strength. You don’t trade your centres after you just said all last year “THE OILERS HAVE NO DEPTH AT CENTRE.”

    Cotdayum those guys piss me off.

    • Semi

      Yes, this. Leon played just as well at the wing as he did at center, and I for one am 100% cool with having three natural centers in our top 6. San Jose had 4 in their top 6 for years.

      Leon and Hall play well together. If Nuge is the center and Leon is a winger it is fine. If Leon is the center and we run three scoring lines it is fine. If we have Leon as a winger and then make him a center if someone gets hurt.

      You can’t build a line up out of glass. Remember that season where we had “2 NHL Centers”? It was awful. Remember what happened when Nuge got hurt? Because that happened for a short time, and it was awful, and it was actually a repeat of a problem we’d had for years.

      It’s like some people legitimately forget that you WANT more good centers than you need.

    • Serious Gord


      If draisaitl does round into a power centre that means rnh is a third liner.

      That is a very bad fit. Better to trade him along with another player and or pick to get a rugged 3rd line centre and a 1/2 Dman who can play right now.

      • Serious Gord

        No way RNH is a third liner ( not in the traditional sense). 3rd line centers do not earn and deserve $6 million/season.

        And then McDavid Breaks his Clavicle, and now you have Draisaitl, Lander, Some rugged 3rd line center, Letestu, and miss the playoffs because of it.

        What you are spouting is nonsense.

        • Serious Gord

          Rnh is not a third liner – I agree. Nor is draisaitl if he continues to play this way.

          Therefore It is nonsense to keep both if draisaitl does continue as he has recently.

          And that trade would see a proper third line centre coming back along with help on defense. This the injury issue is resolved.

          Nothing nonsensical about that.

          • Jay (not J)

            I will be surprised if the Nuge is here past the next draft. There’s no putting Drai or CMD on the wing, so the writing is on the wall. Maybe in a scenario where PC couldn’t get what he wanted in a trade we might see RNH put in a bit of time as winger, but I think that would be a short term solution at best.

    • Jay (not J)

      Everybody now knows McDavid is the real deal now and what that means to an Oiler roster just now beginning to bear First-Fruits….this is the Perfect Storm.

      Offer the Isles only a barely fair return…barely….because we arent DESPERATE…this is obviously a swing-year for Mac-L….he will be gunning next year.There
      is time to be patient and not panic….Premier D-Men are already clearly reading the Oilers message of what they need now…Hamonic is hoping the Oilers go for him…not every team in the NHL values Hamonic like we do….he is old school stand-up in an NHL where mobile puck-moving defensemen are the marquee items…Hamonic is flirting with a Team he knows needs his exact skillset…exact.

      Nugey will hold multiple Stanley Cups over his head wearing an Oil-drop on his chest.RNH is the 2-way Centerman who will anchor the Middle for the next 5-7 years IMHO.McDavidsky will be lighting it up no doubt,but Nuge is a special type of Player and we have not seen him optimised yet as he has had to grow under the shade of Halls leaves.IMHO we will soon see Nuge opening it up offensively,wih and without Hall on his line .

      You do no Plug-Play-Pass On NHL Centers….maybe Wingers but not Centers.

      Look for the Centerman/Pillars to remain and the Winger/Posts to be moved.

      Katz is building from the middle out now….the Oilers arent moving any Centers out and might even take a stab at another one at the Draft to build on existing organisational depth from a position of power.

  • tileguy

    Myself, I really want to see what Eberle can do with 97. That has the potential to be lethal. Yak and Poo can ride shotgun with Nuge, Purcell can stay with Taylor and Leon and lets find a pitbull (Hendricks?) to go get the puck to McD who will feed it to Ebbs.

  • TheBirdOfAnger

    If McDavid doesn’t get hurt would Draisaitl still be in the AHL right now? It’s nice to have somthing positive to talk about with this team for once

  • tileguy

    So, we have to wait for McDavid to come back before Yak starts playing grown-up hockey again? This young man should be able to carry a line/pair of his own right now. Unless he can up his game (again) to where it was when #97 was healthy, then I think it may be too late for him. He’s had more than his fair share of time to prove himself – I see him as trade bait. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

    • tileguy

      Hmm trade bait? Hate to tell you but he won’t bring much back

      Why does he have to carry a line? So he’s not an all star that can carry a line, get over it. He’s a complimentary player that forchecks well and found chemistry with McDavid. That’s pretty valuable if you ask me…

    • Digger

      Indeed, Yak needs to step it up in terms of driving a line. Is it my imagination or has Hall started to/ learnt to make seeing eye passes to Drai when the team really needed some one to step it up?

    • Semi

      Why does Yak get zero credit for playing with McDavid?

      Do people just forget that McDavid was paired with Hall to start the season, and that didn’t go very well?

      Before McDavid was injured, many people were talking about how he was actually better than they expected. And yet no credit is given to the players he was paired with, even after not clicking with the team’s best player.

      I’m not saying McDavid needs Yak. That would be ridiculous. But why is it so one sided?

      Would having a player who could drive the play be better than Yak? Possibly. But Taylor Hall drives the play, and that didn’t work out.

      So who’s to say a player who can’t drive the play, is actually exactly the kind of player we want with McDavid?

      “Better than expected” sounds pretty good to me.

      • Simpsonite

        That is the argument to make him overvalued after playing 60 games with Connor and lighting it up.

        Only when he gets to the other team, and plays like he is right now, will people realize that they have just been had.

        Guys who can’t drive play are not that hard to find, and are generally not that expensive.

        • Semi

          Yaks time will come, with or without the oilers (hopefully with). Having Brett hull (as someone mentioned) as a player coach to teach him to get to the open ice couldn’t hurt.

          • For Pete's Sake!

            Yeah, and if Yak had a chance to play with Wayne Gretzky he could score 40 goals.

            Like Glen Sather said, “A pilon could score 40 goals playing with Gretz!”

            Hell, even a Yak fan could score 40 playing with Gretz. And those guys are hopeless!

        • Semi

          Sorry, I still don’t see the logic.

          If he’s “lighting it up” with McDavid, why would you trade him?

          As I said, if Hall, who drives the play, and is far better than Yak, wasn’t a better option for McDavid, why is some random player who also drives the play, going to automatically be better than Yak?

          • Serious Gord

            Because lots of guys would light it up with McDavid, no need to pay Yak a bunch of money, because he is a 70 point man.

            When you can take nearly any 40 point man, throw him with McDavid and get 70 points out of him.

            Remember what Pittsburgh used to do with Mario Lemieux? Same thing we can do here with McDavid. Bring em in, over-inflate, then trade.

      • MGD

        Does nobody remember who Yak was playing with at the end of the season when he stormed to the Rookie Scoring Title? Hall & Yak were unstoppable. Although, the next season, there was something off… it looked a lot like Hall and others were specifically NOT passing to or playing with Yak.

        While a lot of what NewAge Sys. says seems like nonsense, his point about Hall becoming more of a team player is exactly what this team needs. If Hall can start playing with EVERYONE the way he’s playing with Draisatl, then we have a guy who can make at least 9 guys on the Oilers into a “Top 6 Forward”. And, if Yak can figure out the team’s system, there’s no reason why he can’t be bumped up to play with Hall & Draisatl when Purcell goes cold and go on a tear.

  • tileguy

    I’ve been calling him “The Drai-ciple of McJesus”.

    Beyond shooting percentage, I also expect the Oilers opposition to take him a bit more seriously. Much like how McDavid started getting shadowed and double teamed just prior to his injury, Drai is going to be getting a lot of attention.

    But hey, maybe that allows Nuge’s line to get some easier matchups.

    I really hope Germany is hearing about him, they got a lot to be proud about in this guy. He’s a humble, hardworking, skilled, and positive player.

  • tileguy

    Watch BIG JOHN SCOTT single handedly neutralize the Big Bad Goon Squad JETS….watch and learn OILER BRASS!!!!! BIG JOHN SCOTT=Oiler Playoffs! On 23 Sportsnet right now!!!

    • fran huckzky

      His skating is improving. He has almost three minutes of ice time in the first and he has only fallen down four times.

      Addendum/ The game is now over. Your saviour played six shifts,had zero hits,and I don’t know if he fell down again or not,

  • Rob...

    Yes Dre”is following his Program to a “T”…excellent Professional approach and elite level commitment to the Coaching ,to the System or Process and to his Teammates .

    NewAgeSys was working the CSM propaganda like a short-handled Pump Pre-Draft so the Oilers wouldnt screw up and miss him,this development was expected,Leon was CLEARLY THE UNDISPUTED Franchise Pedigree Player.

  • Rob...

    Yes Dre”is following his Program to a “T”…excellent Professional approach and elite level commitment to the Coaching ,to the System or Process and to his Teammates .

    NewAgeSys was working the CSM propaganda like a short-handled Pump Pre-Draft so the Oilers wouldnt screw up and miss him,this development was expected,Leon was CLEARLY THE UNDISPUTED Franchise Pedigree Player.

  • Semi

    AS of today, RNH is still our most important center. RNH has proven he can handle the 2 way game, versus all the competition in the league. Also, Pou-RNH-Ebs lit it up the second half last year. It is taking a little time with ebs back from injury and still hurting some. Give that line 10 games to get up to speed, and then talk about trading RNH. I would move Drai, or even McDavid to the wing, before I ever started talking about trading RNH.

    • Rob...

      Successful radio talk-shows drum up controversy. I doubt any of them think it’s a good idea to trade a 2-way center of Nuge’s quality for a d-man, especially with the positive arrows for Nurse and Klefbom. Hell, if Schultz can stay healthy and keep up his early-season enthusiasm for a 200 foot game we might be ok. I’m still waiting for Sekera to show me why he was such a sought after UFA though.

      • pkam

        Last night, Nurse – Gryba, Klefbom – Fayne, Reinhart – Davidson almost shutout the Devils if not for that PP goal. This defense corp made me nervous before the game but now I feel much better about our defense.

        I am curious to see how good our defense can perform when Sekera and Schultz returns from their illness and injury.

  • Rob...

    We know the numbers aren’t sustainable, but the guy is still a kid with something like half a season of NHL play. The chemistry with Hall is good for both players. Its teaching Hall to pass the puck to others.

    King Leon, still needs work on his defense and face off circle, but that will come. Man can that guy make some sweet passes!

    Now if we could get rid of most of the garbage on the bottom six forward lines.

    • pkam

      The Process makes the Player and Leon is representing EveryMan on the roster when he reaps statistical rewards,those points are on behalf of everyone and Dre’ loves his Teamates and hates letting them down.

      The teams and Dre’s numbers will be sustainable for as long as Mac-L keeps his RECENTLY TIGHTENED leash on Hall and doesnt let him slip back into being a a puck-possesion blck hole leaking voluntary give-aways . No Coach to date has poperly put Taylor in his plce nd role which is that of NHL elite high scoring COMPLIMENTARY WINGER,Taylors combonation of speed passing and scoring ability and his AGAIN RECENTLY FORCED PHYSICAL COMPONENT make him the perfect a PERFECT support for an elite Center-man of which we now have 3, Hall and Ebbs days of monopolising puck possesions at Nuges expense are over…he WILL DO AS HE IS TOLD and will share it EVERY POSSESION WHEN THE PROCESS DICTATES or he will not be in position to make 2nd rate puck decisions… lol. Mac-L has trimmed Hallsy Feathers finally,likely saved his career and reputation,he is forcing Hall to play without the puck more and to be physical and Mac-L is not shooting blanks he will not give the minutes to a player who is not complying.Hall is…”complying just fine”.

      The Oilers System is projecting solid defense and this has enhanced everyones impacts,Leons Faceoff skills and size on the dot have helped the team tremendously and will coninue do do so in an elevated manner as he hones his skills,soon Yakimov will be up here playing hard minutes and learning to dominate in the Face-off circle with his size and skillset.

      Soon the Process sucess will bleed down to the bottom six statisticlly,and the heat will come off of them.

      IMHO Neon-Leons SHOT has been his most impactfull weapon,he has PROVEN that if you give him an inch he will rip a mile off of your hide.Draisaitl has always been a scorer,but we didnt know if he was relying in his size playing with smaller less skilled players….well we now KNOW HE CAN SCORE GOALS AT A HIGHLY EFFICIENT RATE IN THE NHL CONSISTANTLY.

      Both Leon and McDavidsky LOVE TO BURY THE PUCK ASAP LIKE YAKUPOV DOES.They are URGENT thinkers who are results orientated naturally.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    The Oilers play Washington on Monday. It should be a good game because they are coming off a win. I suspect Mclellen will coach a good game since they are coming off a win. Also, whichever goalie plays should play a good game since there coming off a win. Props this comment if you think they will play well since there coming off a win or trash this comment if you think they will lose since they’re coming off a win.

  • TartanArmy

    We have Yak on the cheap, now’s not the time to consider trading him. Let’s see where he’s at when the season ends, he may be worth more and he may even prove valuable enough that we don’t trade him.

  • Simpsonite

    Hey Matt;

    So sustainability: there are a couple ways to look at it: from a shot percentage, it’s way too high to be sustainable long-term. But if we look at the advanced goalie stats, like Valiquette’s work, we see that where a shot is taken (or how it is taken) has a significant impact on save percentage. So I think the high danger scoring chances stat seems to come into play, re: Drai’s sustainability.

    Drai doesn’t rip a lot of shots from outside; he does it up close, or off a great pass from his linemates. At some point you can expect some coaches will look to game plan to limit this. But at some level, it should be possible, to keep close to where they are at.

    • Serious Gord

      Now we are beginning to come full circle here fellas….there is a ‘Process” in play here which is beginning to produce results for those who are comitting to it 100%, which seems to be everyone.The Process makes the Player IMHO.

      Shooting %s can be either System catalysed or individully catlysed,for example most of Halls
      periphery shots may or may not be System generated….IF ..he is shooting high volume /low % shots at specific areas to create a forced-sympathetic-rebound to feed his teammates pucks then he is generating Process catalysed shos and he is doing the right things….HOWEVER…if he is simply focusing on personal volume of say 4 shots per game and is SACRIFICING quality for quantity then he is undermining the Process itself and is mismanaging possesions which was the one thing Gretzky would snap over,wasted pucks drove him nuts.

      Or conversley his Coach could be demanding a specific level of shots be Process dictated and then be letting the men have their way with the remainder of possesions.

      So is shooting % Process driven or is it Player driven?Coach? Player?Process?Panic?

      We can see it can swing a lot of ways….what we need is a way to define the CAUSALITY of Halls shots…and without sitting him at a Polygraph post-game and going over every single possesion puck decision he has made over 60 minutes…well we simply lack a process dont we?

      I will say this….to My-Eye Leon is creating System Generated goals and he is doing it because Hall is being forced by his coach to try on a new pair of complimentary shoes….Nuge could have been scoring like this long ago had we had Coaches who could have handled Hall and Ebbs and forced them to comply.Halls PROPER play has been a big contributor to the goal scoring sucess his linemates are having,and we have a Coach to thank for showing us this new improved BETTER Hall-on–Leash .

      When Taylor can support Nuge or any good Centerman scoring prolificlly like we know he can in the ways Nuge needs…and when he can do what Mess was doing by this point in his career which was bring scoring punch to the 2nd line AND jump up to help on the 1st as well,well then Hall will have been the 1st to Graduate.

      We need to set the Centers and bounce the wingers….no more of this “pairs” crap…..the Centers are the pillars….the rest are Posts…or this team will go nowhere.

      A solid Process cannot support “pairs” …. a CONCRETE PROCESS must have immovable Pillars and many strong portable Posts.Pillars and Posts do not “pair up” ….one supports the other….every time.

      Scoring Centers with Complimentary Wingers and Stay at Home territorial protective Defensemen and confident cocky Goaltenders who are coveted and Protected by all and who aren internally conflicted over-competeing in-house and know they have redemption coming tomorrow projected via the Hammer and Anvil wins you a ticket to play for the Stanley Cup.

      A Teamwide 25% shooting % is very doable with the right Processes in place.

      • Jay (not J)

        Lol it’s kind of ironic that you have a line in that essay somewhere condemning quantity over quality. You make some sense though. I remember an interview with Horc before one of his more expensive and less effective seasons where he was talking about shooting percentage and told the interviewer essentially that all he had to do was work really hard to make sure that he gets 3 shots a game and by season’s end he would be at over 30 goals. It was sad to read.
        25% seems a little over the top, but I would rather see the team focusing on creating high quality opportunities than dumping junk on the net and saying ‘we know the goals will come…’ when they’re talking about the loss with Principe afterward.

  • Semi

    Scrivens looks like he might get sent down from the Condors.

    5.05 GAA and a .826 SV%.

    Lordy…. I think he better start studying to become an actual professor.

  • Serious Gord

    we should run these lines with a full team:





    Sub Korpikoski in for Pakarinen based on performance






    sucks we have to cut Reinhart, Davidson or Gryba from the roster. Only if Ference didn’t have a NMC Gryba would be the 8th D man.

    • MGD


      I would throw Hendricks with Mcdavid and Yak, since he goes to the net, good on faceoffs, good in the corners, has decent speed, will drop the gloves (if anyone touches McDavid), and is defensively responsible.

      Lander would be another option there, and that could possibly be what he needs to get going, and he offers a lot of the same things as Hendricks, though admittedly a different player. Lander is neither going to drop the gloves, nor does he have Hendrix speed, he might have a hard time keeping up on that line. So Hendricks would be my first choice.

    • TRAIN#97

      There are metrics no one seems to pay attention to or credit.

      Every great leader of the world throughout history has had an astrologer, and an empath by their side to assist them with seeing the patterns, the nature of the universe and how it affects their domain and how to dominion over.

      I have worked with individuals and groups to assist with direction from an empathetic point view.

      For the sake of reflecting self I have looked at some of the players here and see some patterns and this was not a deep look but a start as to what I chosen to serve in this moment.

      certain traits of players can compliment others based on astrology.

      The Hexagram has six sides which demonstrates succession. In this forum succession is stanley cup. Succession means the hexagram the core six players generate enough energy to manifest succession. We will incorporate defense as its own triangle and offense as the other and goalies in the middle. and from there we make the best pies.

      For some examples.
      Drai and Hall are both Scorpio
      Pou and Yak are both Libra
      Eberle and Lander are both Tarus

      BTW Chicago Kane and Parnin are both Scorpio

      Purcell is a Virgo
      Hopkins is Aries
      Hendricks is Gemini
      Mcdavid is Capicorn

      Our defense
      Davidson and Klefboom are Leo
      Nurse and reinhardt are both Aquarius
      Sekera is Aries
      Shutlz is Cancer

      BTW Hamonic – Leo with Virgo cusp

      It is said that signs next door should be good neighbors, (complimentary)

      Scorpio’s are complimented well with Virgo’s which makes Purcell and McDavid (Capricorn) perfect complimentary players to Hall and Drai. One day we may see again Mcdavid with these guys.

      Hopkins Eberle and Lander would be most complimentary as Eberle and Lander are same signs.
      Poliout can work with them but there signs are not the most complimentary.

      Hopkins Eberle and Hendricks would or could work well too.

      I have pictures to show but see they are not allowed to attach images. One can message me this and I can email them. Based on this geometry I found the lines if each player could find presence in his game then they would look like this.

      These are our top 9 forwards players on this team the fourth line i chose not to look at and relative to position as well.

      Hall Drai Purcell
      Eberle Nuge Hendricks
      McDavid Yakupov Pouliot

      Nurse Reinhart (will be the future power unit)\
      Sekera can compliment better Nurse over Klef is the most versatile dman as his sign say he can play with anyone the most anyone he will be the ideal third swing man.
      Fayne Schultz
      Sekera Fayne

      Davidson Klefbom Again (power house future if Davidson can step up more)

      Ideal set up whole lines:

      1)Hall Line paired with Nurse Reinhart
      2)Hall Line paired with Klefbom Davidson (could be awesome or disaster opposites attract here.)
      Hall Line paired with Sekera Nurse/Reinhart
      Hall Line paired with Schultz Fayne

      Nuge Line paired with Sekera Gryba
      Nuge Line paired with Sekera Fayne
      Nuge Line paired with Sekera Nurse/Reinhart

      McDavid Line paired with Klefbom Davidson
      McDavid Line paired with Klefbom Sekera

      Hamonic would mesh well with Klefbom and prove very very good with the Hall Line
      Hamonic would also work with Fayne
      Hamonic would not work as well with sekera, Nurse, reinhardt or gryba

      I have a couple of simple charts I wish i could share, i would have to post somewhere but if someone wants them I got them. Mybe they can be posted.

      There we have it from a collective metaphysical, numerological and astrological viewpoint. Working directly with players could further determine their field of energy they create around them as it relates to being round others.

      • S cottV

        Lol….this just tickles me pink….lol.

        You are an Empath huh?It seems you are an Astrological Empath huh?

        Kinda like the Ones Kings of Yore had at their right sides huh?


        I forward a motion to Petition Mac-L and the Oilers to immediatly arrange a meeting with Jason Houston.The Oil can kill 3 birds with one stone…metaphysical-numerological-astrological….all areas they could be lacking in.

        @Jason Houston….please please for the love of god post as much of your star studded data as you feel comfortable sharing .You have come to the right place to share this data,please dont leave anything out.

        From one Empath to another….you are gonna love it here…..welcome to the SandBox…..

        Just keep in mind that no man is a prophet in his own land….lol.

        Could you explain the Pie thingy? I have heard of baking Cakes but the Pie in the Sky idea is a fresh one.

        Maybe Jordan Eberle should have been baking Pies instead of Cakes…what do you think ?And what can you tell us about Donuts? Because we could probably use some data to make sure we arent handing out the wrong ones to the wrong guys,we have had Donut troubles before and dont want to go there again?

  • Wallsy

    You don’t trade away centers of RNH’s calibre.

    I would have no problem if we had so many centers that our first line was McDavid-RNH-Drai. And at this point, and likely well into the future, RNH would play in the middle of the other 2.

    RNH is the last center on the team I would move onto the wing, including McDavid.

  • Wallsy

    Poo – Nuge – Ebs

    Hall – Drai – Purcell

    Lander – McDavid – Yak

    Korpikoski – Letestu – Hendricks

    Give that 3-line a chance to see if McDavid can turn Lander and Yak into Dupuis and Kunitz. Could be dirty if Lander/Yak buy in and get him the puck – Yak get open, Lander drive the net. Plus one of those 3 lines is laughing all night long when the other two draw the opposite teams top 6 and they get to pick on their 3-line.

  • Darkmanic

    Best lines so far were…





    On defense..

    Nurse and Hamonic would be great



    With Sekera and Ference as extra

    So in this I would trade Fayne for Hamonic and maybe Davidson if necessary

    • MGD

      With Hall-Drai-Purcell, Pou-RNH-EBs, Lander/Hendricks-McDavid-Yak, we get three very dangerous lines.

      Your scheme puts ebs on a weak 3rd line, where you will waste him. The above makes our 3rd line almost as good as our first. No team (outside of Nashville) will be able to cover all 3 lines effectively with shutdown type defense men.

      Purcell is playing well on the line with Hall and Drai, do you want to lose that?

      Your lines make no sense.

    • TRAIN#97

      Draisaitl has proven so far there is no reason to keep him on the wing. Draisaitl,Nuge,McDavid down the middle. If Draisaitl continues this play that would be the best depth down the middle of any team in the NHL.

  • S cottV

    Among other things – I am sure they will try a 3 line scenario involving McD, Drai and Nuge in the middle.

    Doubt it will stand the test of any kind of time, due to watering down of lines and getting sufficient minutes to all 3 centers. You also cut out the synergy of two of the 3 playing with each other and the huge potential production that would be probable.

    Unless a scenario arises in the short term where a key young or veteran d piece becomes available in trade, the Oilers need to try different things to nail down who there 1 and 2c are gonna be for the future.

    My bet is McD and Drai, but obviously that has to be proven out over some additional time.

    In the hypothetical – if Seth Jones became available tomorrow, you can bet that the key return player in the package would be one of Hall, Nuge, or Drai.

    While I would prefer more time to make a decision, if I had to – it would be Nuge.

    You cannot underestimate the value of a big man who can play, as one of your top 2 centermen.