Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – November 24, 2015

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Guess who’s not back yet? You guessed it, Connor McDavid! It is day 21 without Connor. How are you guys feeling? I’m feeling okay, but I’m trying my best to forget about him to make the time go by faster. It works sometimes, but just when you’re least expecting it, Connor skates right through my mind and sadness takes over my soul. I think it’s safe to say that Connor McDavid’s return will be on all of our Christmas lists this December. On my Christmas list, McDavid coming back healthy lies right in between a new car, and a fancy money clip. So there’s your heads up for what I’m asking for, in case you wanted to surprise me. 

All the injury news been centred around Connor McDavid, as it should be. But what about our boy Schultz? Did everyone forget about him? I sure didn’t. You know who I did forget about though – Rob Klinkhammer. Klink seems to have disappeared off of everyones radar this past month. He has missed 10 games thus far with an apparent leg injury. Nobody is even talking about him anywhere online. If anyone wants to give me an Oilers Press Pass (I’m down with OPP) I will gladly go investigate this matter myself, but until then we are going off of my mediocre googling skills. 

As for Schultz, he will actually be returning to the lineup very soon. Jack Michaels predicted it will be this Friday in Detroit. As cool as it is to make fun of Jultz I’m looking forward to his return. He actually wasn’t playing half bad before he got injured, and at this point we can use any help we can get on the back end. I would like to imagine Schultz becoming our not-so-likely hero and shutting the blue line door. To prove my confidence in this, I will consider picking him up in my fantasy pool. I SAID CONSIDER! To me, Schultz would make an excellent sleeper, and not cause he has a history of falling asleep in his defensive end, but because of his turn for the better. 

Believe it or not, we only have THREE players on the IR as of right now. Has to be close to a record for the season! Korpikoski has returned from his head injury and played the last couple of games. There have been a few players in and out of the lineup such as Gazdic and Sekera in the past week. They are both currently healthy, but apparently it is Hendricks and Klefbom’s turn yet again as they are both not present at practice in Carolina today.

I love Matt Hendricks to death, but he is starting to really frustrate me with all the maintenance days he has been taking. Granted, nobody knows why he is missing, hopefully he dresses for next game. Klefbom, however, took a stick up high in last night’s game against Washington. McLellan said this morning that his eye is actually swollen shut. So there you have it. Klefbom will be the first Oiler pirate to ever play a game. I assume he will be ready to play tomorrow though. Even I have an ice pack in my house. For now I hope Klefbom is continuing his daily sit-ups but now, with an eye patch pretending to be a pirate. 


Hats off to myself for getting healthy again, and hats off to Jeanshorts for not getting sick from me! I will admit, that I was wrong in thinking the guy will get sick and blame me. If you missed last weeks Injury Report, *shakes finger* I predicted that history will repeat itself where he will get sick and wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. I am happy to announce that nobody is all that sick, and it is business as usual. 

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