GDB 27.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Leaves

I’ve passed kidney stones that sucked less than that. Final Score: 3-0 Leafs

Is there anything more annoying than Leafs fans? You know them online. You know them in your personal life. There is absolutely nothing worse, or mind numbing, than listening to Leafs fan talk shit. It’s almost like they don’t understand their team is also garbage, yet the babble continues in an endless stream. “Oilers suck. They ruin careers. Worst team ever.” For a team that has won nothing their fans act like they’re supporting the Harlem Globetrotters. 

Let’s be honest, if the Leafs are an awful hockey team (which they are) then losing to them casts an ugly reflection upon the Oilers organization. Not that I’m surprised — for years the Oilers have been finding ways to be competitive against good teams a lay a turd on the ice against everyone else. For a year that was supposed to be different this season has been anything but. Without Connor McDavid in the lineup, this team looks every bit as bad as they did last year… and the year before that… and the year before that. You know the story.

As if this game couldn’t have been worse they got shutout by a goalie that had never before played a National Hockey League game. Think about how stupid that sentence is. Yet, it happened and here we are. For me, this was easily the worst game of the entire season and that takes into account the shitkicking they took in Carolina last week. This game sucked from start to finish and there’s not much else to say about it except to thank the Oilers for forcing me to drink on a school night.

Wrap it like it’s hot.



  • I saw Connor McDavid on my teevee! All I could think about was how pissed off some Leafs fans must have been seeing him being interviewed as an Oiler. Hilarious. 
  • Darnell Nurse is developing into a warlord, and it’s amazing to watch. I loved watching him go after Dion Phaneuf after he levelled Benoit Pouliot. No one else on the ice said a word but ol’ Darryl stepped up. Atta be Darryl. 
  • Leon Draisaitl was probably the best Oilers forward tonight. At the very least, Draisaitl was getting more looks at the net than any of his teammates. 
  • Anders Nilsson was solid yet again. Regardless of how well he plays it’s tough to win when the team in front of you doesn’t score any goals. Nilsson finished the night with 23 saves and a .920 save%. I’d expect McLellan to go back to him when they get back from the road trip.
  • We learned that Paul Romaniuk can count to four. Follow along with me… The Oilers have: one, two, three, FOUR first overall picks. 



  • Everything about that game sucked.
  • Day 27 without Connor McDavid.
  • Nuge, Eberle, and Hall all had rough nights. None of them could get anything going and need to be better.
  • The power play was awful tonight. This was probably the worst it’s been all season. They went 0 for 3 and barely had any zone time. I’m not sure that it’s out of line to say that the Leafs looked better on the Oilers’ PP than the Oilers did. 
  • How about the camera angle Sportsnet was running with tonight? It’s nice to know what the game looks like from space.  
  • Only the Oilers can make a goalie that’s never played a game before look like a Vezina finalist. Garret Sparks gets a shutout in his first NHL game. The Oilers always have been gracious hosts. 
  • The Oilers lost pretty much every stat category they could – Faceoffs, Special Teams, Corsi, Time of Possession. This was ugly. 


06:45 TOR PPG – Leo Komarov (9) Tip-in – ASST: James van Riemsdyk (7), Dion Phaneuf (13) 1 – 0 TOR
07:33 TOR Nazem Kadri (3) Tip-in – ASST: Jake Gardiner (4), James van Riemsdyk (8) 2 – 0 TOR
18:59 TOR EN – Leo Komarov (10) Wrist shot – ASST: James van Riemsdyk (9) 3 – 0 TOR


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  • bradleypi

    Over 270 posts after loss 15. The Oil play for 60 minutes (probably should put “play” in quotes) and you guys make like 3 hours worth of posts. Hope someone is nice enough to post me a quick summary here because it is gonna take me forever to read them.

    • BubbaZanetti

      Maybe someone should link this thread to 56inch monitor in the Oilers dressing room because it seems all the right kinds of work are being done here not there….lol.

      No Coles notes,if you dont learn it you didnt earn

  • Delete

    Oilers seem to play to the level of their competition so maybe let’s hire someone to brainwash them into thinking they are playing a top 5 team every night.

  • Al Theeathoone

    You core haters need to think about something…

    Hall, Eberle, Nuge and Schultz are the “core”. They are the only ones who have been here through it all the last few years. Those four players make up less than 25 percent of the team.

    Year after year 75 percent of the team is changed but the results are the same and that somehow is the core’s fault? Somehow the entire blame falls on three forwards and one defense man?

    More than a hundred players other than the core have come and gone over the past few years and nothing has changed. The only actual real progress we have seen in a decade was last year when Todd Nelson was coach and for once the players had desire and felt good about themselves.

    Todd McLellan when hired was made out to be more of a savior for this team than McDavid was going to be and we heard that from the media and from him all last spring and all summer. Todd will get this team turned around. Just watch how he can get this team off to a good start…Just watch him implement “structure”. Just watch him get these guys playing like a “team”. Just watch our power play improve because Todd and his loyal assistants are aces at that.

    McLellan has been OUT COACHED in pretty much every game the Oilers have played this year. The losses to Calgary, Carolina, and now Toronto to name the most blatant ones. Did anyone really believe we could beat Arizona with Tippet as their coach? He beat us last year 5 straight games (now 6). Tippet also beat us like rented mules when he was with Dallas. Did Calgary beat us 5 straight last year because they are a better team or because they had a better coach (at the time).

    Nuge and Eberle have regressed under McLellan. WHY?This team can’t score. The power play is horrendously confused inept and virtually non existent. The entire team starts and then plays confused, they have no drive – no spirit – no desire to win. That’s all on the coaching.

    Some coaches can coach good teams (San Jose) and do very well at it. Very few coaches can coach bad teams and make them better.

  • Ronr68

    Did anyone honestly think THIS was our playoff year? They’ve been bad since McDavid got hurt. They still haven’t been blown out much this year. Most loses have been by one goal. But everyone is right. Trade our highest scoring player in the last 4 years. Trade the LEAGUE’S.8th highest scoring player. Leon has been a fluke. Nuge sucks!!! God!!! Leaf fans are insufferable, Oiler fans are intolerable! Chiarelli is to blame! The coaching staff is to blame! When this team becomes a contender (it WILL happen) I would like everyone who would deal away EVERYONE to line up so they could be punched in the nose.

  • Gooilgo

    Chirellli needs to make a move now if we are to re build for next year. His lack of caring or action shows once again don’t bring in people that have failed badly at previous positions.

    No action=not enough talent or respect in the league!

  • Oiler Fan 16

    According to Drew Remenda, TM has the best, finest, and most acute hockey mind in the entire universe!

    Good then when is he going to figure our PP out…… god other teams pass like there is no tomorrow and we can’t even get set-up.

    At least Nelson had a good PP and PK!

  • I know some people think the Oilers play down to the level of teams like Carolina and Toronto but I think that is their actual level. The reason we see them play better against better teams is just a combination of the Oilers playing with fear and their opponent not taking Edmonton seriously.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    If you are starting an NHL franchise you should start on the back end with goaltending and defence. You team should be in the games. Once that is solid, then work on getting some forwards. You shouldn’t start building your team with the forwards and hope that you can win games with poor goaltending and bad defence. IMO

  • CanaDave

    I’ll choose to take the position of it’s not entirely unexpected for a young team to lay an egg at the end of a road trip especially playing the third game in 4 nights. It will be much more concerning I believe if the Oilers come out and drop a turd on the ice tomorrow night against Boston.

    No doubt Hall was trying to do too much last night, but as other posters have noted here it’s not like there has been any type of support from the secondary players either in the last few games. Naturally that’s going to cause a guy like Hall to push and try to force things and turn the puck over, but unlike just about every other guy last night, at least he had the puck on his stick at some point.

  • camdog

    Anybody remember when Mactavish said that this year was basically a right off just before he was dissmissed as GM? Mact was a bad Gm but he tried to be honest.

    Some have tried to blame goaltending for Oilers problems over years, now the same think it’s as easy as fixing the defence. But it’s not that easy, the entire team needs a change in leadership a change in direction. When the young talent thinks they are working hard, they are still getting out worked by the competition. As Steve Staois said before he left the team you need to keep veterans around to teach the kids how to work at the NHL level, how to be proud to where the logo. Unfortunately rather than support the kids with Oiler veterans managemwent traded any veteran that tried to challenge the kids.

    This team needs to bring in more veterans like Hendricks (but are better) and less veterans like Fayne, Purcell, Pouliot, Ference (who tried to lead but was too old) and Nikita Nikitin.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    I thought Hendricks was our worse player. The whole bottom 6 played horrible. I also thought Nuge was our best player… after looking at these comments this certainly doesn’t fit…
    The trade we need to make is Schultz. I really think moving Eberle this soon after an injury would be a big mistake.

  • Hemmercules

    Wowzers, almost 300 comments. I admit I didn’t read a single one and was going to avoid this blog after that beauty game last night but I can’t resist.

    I expected a bad team this year but not “Lose twice badly to Carolina and the Maple Queefs in the span of less than a week” bad.

  • bradleypi

    Going thru the motions and tuning out the coaches seem to be a habit of our team . No way our club will be successful playing a heavy game , it’s not in their makeup . The only coaches we have had that played to players actual psyche was Kreuger and Nelson . If Chia wants a heavy club then most of team will be gone in short order . Waiting for them to get worse just lowers their value even more in a trade .

    • S cottV

      I agree – PC is gonna have to get on with it.

      Amazingly – it may have to go 2 or 3 steps backwards, in order to go forward with the new vision. It won’t seem like going backwards as much, though – because we are already in last place.

      I’m not happy with some of the moves that PC has made thus far, but – he is our guy and it is early in his reign. He better be straight up with some of the guys that he intends to move out, because they are not playing up to their salary levels. If Eberle, Nuge, maybe Hall, Yak and Schultz – want a new start somewhere else, they better get their respective @sses in gear. A chance for freedom – ought to motivate the hell out of them.

      Guys – the old guard (if you can call them old) doesn’t have it – doesn’t have what it takes to band together and win. It’s too soft, too small, too finicky, too entitled – it’s just not there.

      There is no “eye of the tiger” in that group.

      We have trouble playing regular season games with little to no meaning.

      Imagine – watching these guys in a blood and guts, down and dirty, gut check, downright scary series of playoff games.

      We would have to come up with a new level nickname for Jultz.

    • Phuryous George

      Coaches arent tuned out,Mac-L and JW have been changing the Process to match up with different Systems….its the ghost of Eakins Multi-System-System….lol….this is a counter-punchers mentality…a compete mentality.

      Mac-L WANTS to be a PUNCHER so he has to use a System like the NHS Hammer and Anvil to project a KISS set of CONSISTANT PROCESS CATALYSED PLAYACTION DYNAMICS upon which he may overlay NHS IDM tactics and Management Programs which will harness the STRENGTH OF HIS OFFENSE AND FORCE HIM TO TWIST AT HIS HIPS WHEN HE THROWS KNOCKOUT POWER PUNCHES.The Hammer and Anvil is only the equivilant of the hips in the dynamic sequence….as every NHL Teams System Choice is for them when they apply the same NewAge Management Programs.The System itself is only a means to and end or conduit through which the NHS is projected.

      Mac-L wants them to project a heavy impact and personality not BE HEAVIER lol…lol…but he has to take his lions share of responsibility for making everyone second guess themselves with the huge comittment of contact because the System has been changed to many times to match poorly concieved Pre-Game Plans.I would be hesitant to throw the body to and be completely exposed Process-wise and held accountable for an un-forced error…the process itself as Mac-L has been running it is fostering an unstable environment as the evidence shows.

      Some really good Coaches were making headway with this group but were submarined by Upper Management/ownership….Quinn was 10 years ahead of the entire NHL in his vision and acumen but didnt stay…Renney was making headway and was moved…Krueger was BREAKING PUCKING RECORDS and held a Playoff spot and HE was moved…Nelson wasnt here long enough to more than tip our hat happilly to him and hope he doesnt hurt us down the road.

      Mac-L has to settle JW and Fee down and go to a KISS Process for 30 games now….no more System-Chess with the Crystal-Ball Pre-Game plans hatched up by Ben and Jerry ok?

      NHS/ H&A…KISS.

  • Speed Junky

    The Team is in test mode.

    What players get results and those that do not

    lines are being juggled to see chemistry

    when McDavid is back a Trade will happen.

    they are feeling it out.

    mark my words.

  • I Remember the Orange Jerseys

    I think it’s time to bring in a heavy duty
    Team Psychologist to get into the head of this team. They are a mess(not the one stalking Connor)

  • ubermiguel

    No one is happy in Oilerville. No one. Last night Connor McDavid’s agent Bobby Orr, spoke with Chiarelli, requesting a trade. Yes, Connor wants out. I’m sad.

  • ConYak

    I owe a lot of people cheeseburgers.

    That was beyond embarrassing…if we saw half the effort we saw against the Caps, it would’ve been a calkwalk over the struggling Leafs.

    This sort of inconsistency, where the Oilers can go neck and neck with the best teams (and lose), and then roll over and die for the worst teams (and lose in embarrassing fashion), is a problem McL and friends will have to solve.

    Trades and the like aren’t bad options, but can someone pushing for trades explain why the exact same roster can be very competitive some nights? Same personnel, same coaching staff. Can inconsistency be blamed on a few players?