GDB 26.0 Wrap Up: Bruins @ Oilers

TRUST IN THE DERS! Final Score: 3-2 Oilers in the shootout

Before we start I want to ask you guys a question: When you looked at the lineup the Oilers were rolling with for tonight’s game, did you really expect them to win? I mean, the entire second line (Pouliot-McDavid-Yakupov) from opening night was out. My bar was so low that I would have been happy if the Oilers made it through 60 minutes without anybody getting hurt. Now that I think about it, my “bar” is closer to a “line on the ground” than it is to a bar. 

Surprisingly, the Oilers surpassed my ground level bar of expectations and actually showed up to play a hockey game. Although, seeing them play so well against the Bruins makes that loss to the Leaves even more frustrating. How can they play a competent level of hockey against a hot team like the Bruins after looking so terrible against Toronto? Not only did the Oilers maintain pace with the Bruins, they actually won the game! Who are you, Oilers?

This win was exactly what the Oilers (and the fans) needed. Not only does this win stop the sky from falling (for a day), it once again brings the Oilers into a tie for 29th place (baby steps). In all seriousness, the Oilers beat a very good team and they should be proud of that. There is still a warehouse worth of work to be done on this team, but it’s always nice to watch them win games. Not moral victories – actual victories. I’ll enjoy this one, because you never know whether Jekyll or Hyde is going to show up next game. 

We wrap.



  • Good start for the Oilers despite the depleted lineup. They didn’t look out of place, and outshot the Bruins 10-8 in the first period. 
  • Beautiful passing play on the shorthanded goal by Letestu (his third). Sekera and Hendricks moved the puck quickly and effectively, leaving Letestu to direct it home into the empty net.
  • The duo followed up with a repeat performance when Letestu set Hendricks up for a goal (his second) off a nice pass from the boards. I will never get tired of seeing Matt Hendricks score goals. Pure joy. 
  • I liked seeing Taylor Hall push back against Zdeno Chara, but I felt like he was taking his life into his own hands. I admire the pushback, but that’s no dance partner for Taylor Hall.
  • I thought Nuge had a great game tonight despite not registering a point. He’s a little bit snake bitten right now, but you can’t question his work ethic. Nuge played a team high (for forwards) 24:52 tonight and went 56% in the faceoff circle. You dummies sure you want to get rid of this (22 YEAR OLD) guy? I sure don’t. 
  • I love watching Darnell Nurse jump into the play. Sometimes I close my eyes and think of what he’ll become in say, three or four years. Six to midnight, my friends. 
  • Anders Nilsson was rock solid again tonight. With the way he’s playing I wonder when Cam Talbot will have a chance to get his job back? Nilsson doesn’t seem to want to give it up, and if he keeps playing like he has been, I’m fine with that. Nilsson finished the night with 38 saves and a .950 save%. 
  • Shout out to the refs for the Oilers slanted calls tonight. They don’t happen often, but they do tonight. My personal favourite was the phantom tripping call on Eriksson. 



  • It was bad luck but it sucked to see the Oilers give up another goal with less than two minutes to play in a period. Krug’s shot deflected in off Sekera’s stick to beat Anders Nilsson with 1:33 left in the second period. As I mentioned, it was a bad luck goal for Nilsson but late period goals have been sinking the Oilers all season. The Oilers went unscathed on this evening.
  • How did Zdeno Chara get so open on his goal? The man is 6000 feet tall so it makes no sense for him to be unchecked. EVER. 
  • Only one point in six games for Leon Draisaitl. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I bring it up as a reminder that he’s still developing. Let’s not prematurely sacrifice depth at centre off of a hot streak. McDavid-Nuge-Draisaitl, in any order, as your top three centres (or on the wing), is a beautiful thing.
  • Two penalties in a game isn’t the kind of decision making that will keep Eric Gryba in the lineup. There’s being physical, and there’s being harmful to the team. 
  • The power play couldn’t get anything done again tonight. It’s not really surprising when Korpikoski and Pakarinen are anchoring the second unit. At least the PP wasn’t as bad as it was against Toronto, though that would be tough to match. The power play went 0/4 on the night.


10:23 EDM SHG – Mark Letestu (3) Deflected shot – ASST: Matt Hendricks (2), Andrej Sekera (9) 1 – 0 EDM
18:27 BOS Torey Krug (2) Wrist shot – ASST: Patrice Bergeron (15), Adam McQuaid (4) 1 – 1 Tie
09:22 EDM Matt Hendricks (2) Deflected shot – ASST: Mark Letestu (4), Lauri Korpikoski (2) 2 – 1 EDM
16:39 BOS Zdeno Chara (4) Snap shot – ASST: David Krejci (16), Loui Eriksson (12) 2 – 2 Tie
1 Matt Hendricks (no goal) Patrice Bergeron (no goal)
2 Jordan Eberle (scored) Brad Marchand (no goal)
3 Mark Letestu (no goal) David Krejci (no goal)


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  • Kevwan

    “It was bad luck but it sucked to see the Oilers give up another goal with less than two minutes to play in a period.”

    Great win for the team but I wouldn’t call that bad luck. For about 10 minutes in the third they played like crap. With all the chances the Bruins had the Oilers were lucky not to lose in regulation.

    They have got to learn how to close out games.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    F U Oilers! I spent the whole night coming up with real creative, hateful, bitter comments for when you lose the game.

    Oh well, fire the mall.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Could you imagine The Media scrutiny Yak would receive if he had the start Eberle has had?

    The anti Russian media would have shipped him to the Antarctic by now.

  • It is so much fun beating the Bruins. I really can not stand anything Boston. Only city that is much more arrogant for no damn reason is Philly. Eagles? Suck. Flyers? Ha. Phillies? Really suck. The 76’ers? They define the word SUCK. How can you lose 26 games in a row? You think it is tough being a Oilers fan, imagine for a second being a fan of those idiots.

    • Anton CP

      Philly is a special kind of sports town. Sixers are breaking records one after the other, especially most are their own records to beat. Longest losing streak ever, longest losing streak to start the season ever, worst records of the season ever. Phillies were also the first team to reach 10,000 losses in MLB. It takes a really special kind of place to be the losest loser ever.

    • bradleypi

      Bruins champs recently. Red Sox won the world series a few years ago and the Patriots are super bowl champs. Are you sure you know anything about sports? ???????

  • toprightcorner

    That hit by Gryba standing the guy up on the blue line was a BS call. The player did not chip the puck by him and try to go around him, Gryba knocked the puck away and made a clean hit. That type of hit happens in every game and would love to see more of them. Grybas ability to his and use his size is something the Oilers need more of.

    • CaptainLander

      How was this hit any different then the Phaneuf hit on Pouliot? Love the reffing consistancy of the NHL.

      At least the made the make up call on the Ericsson trip on Klefbom.

  • nuge2drai

    JarJar almost puts Krug through the end boards, then McQuaid chirps him about it. JarJar dangles the mitts and says; ” What? You want some?” McQuaid quickly changes. That guy is seriously growing on me!

  • passenger

    Coiler fans,

    A few nights ago it was the sky is falling and Austin Matthews here we come…now tonight its planning the Stanley cup parade.

    Is it always one extreme or the other with you nut jobs?

    • Jiff

      You are just so pathetic.

      I’m sure you must cheer for someone and it would be much more worthwhile to place your comments there.

      Obviously you enjoy talking about the Oilers and it’s just so sad that you have such hatred for a team that is pretty much in the basement.

      Get out there and enjoy life.

    • BobbyCanuck

      Yeah, we are B-Oiler, the more you come around here, the more you will get used to’s just how we roll.

      I will tell you an Edmonton secret, we have a huge inferiority complex…it is really really big

      You see there are 4 whole teams that have won more Cups than us in the history of the NHL, that is why we feel like losers, we are only 5th best all-time.

      We need to get to 2nd best all-time during the era of our next generational player. Habs can keep first place forever, we have no issues with that franchise. But it really important for us to overtake the centre of the Universe.

      Hope that helps ;-))

    • bazmagoo

      Gazdic is pretty useless. 14th forward at best, probably shouldn’t be re-signed except to be McDavid’s personal cook. Would much rather have Pakarinen or Khaira playing over Gazdic. Bad game for Gryba tonight too, I hope he sits the next game or two for those penalties – especially the second penalty.

  • MattyFranchise

    Nurse is a keeper and will be much much better then Hamonic ever will be. He isn’t even 20 yet and has the poise and skill of a vet. Awesome 7th pick! He doesn’t run around as much as I thought he would, trying to do too much I suppose.

    Khaira looks good too, doing all the right things. Could have as scored again tonight. Overall decent game but this team still has a lot of work to do.

  • giddy

    I think the Oilers played up to the competition and the Bruins played down, somewhat. Doesn’t matter though. We won.

    I won’t start planning a parade till we start bearing the lousy teams on a regular basis.(Like Calgary and Toronto.)

  • Jay (not J)

    Nice to see Ebs picking up his play and scoring shoot out winner, it ups his trade value. Schultz played a fairly strong game, that’s good also, it ups his trade value too.Nice to see the boys play with grit, it goes along way towards winning games.DA

  • Been there

    Officiating was atrocious, the only call they got right was Grybas elbow on Hayes. And I am okay with it, not vicious but there, we need to show an edge. All the other calls borderline or phantom.
    My concern is and has been, we are the absolute worst team for the last five years in the final minutes of every period!!!!
    We panic, run around and never clear the zone no matter how many chances we have. Very frustrating.

    • Rob...

      I noticed last night when we had the lead that the our wings had there feet standing still in our defensive zone just waiting at the boards for the pass but standing still, I know its the right position to play but they need to read it more and have there feet moving to get the breakout going.

      • Rob...

        Too many attempts to pass for transition instead of attempts to get the puck over the blue line. Instead the passes end up with the puck on the opposition stick and the puck stays in the zone.

        Passing last night on average was sub-par. The sort of timing issues that you’d expect in the first few games of the season.

  • Rob...

    I love how the media pointed out ‘Eberle was told to he needed to go to the tough areas of the ice. Through two periods, Eberle has yet to go to the tough area once.’

    Glad he scored in the SO, but man that dude needs to be held accountable for his game. In comparison it was awesome seeing Hall fired up.

    • Kurri_Flavor

      No he should not! While he is an extremely talented player, he can be selfish, was at the game last night and there are times he is on the ice far to long. When ever the puck was in the offensive zone he would stay out way past when his line mates had gone off just for a chance at a goal. If there was a turn over he would of had no gas left to help on defence. He must drive his coaches crazy doing that.

  • Randaman

    This team plays good as long as the other team is not breathing down their neck. We are fine as long as we are getting time to set up. Babcock had his boys on Edt as soon as they touched the puck. Smart coach. Edt has to be quicker with the puck.

  • Kurri_Flavor

    Best part about watching the US feeds is how many times the play by play guys called Darnell Nurse Darryl. They must be in the know or something.

    I would also like to say, enjoy our announcers, because US play by play guys are so much worse than you can ever imagine.

  • Spoils

    please don’t say something like “you dummies want to get rid of this guy”.

    A trade is about acquiring assets that FIT the team needs

    The Oilers picked 4 1st overalls. What are the odds those players form a rational combination of assets/value.

    I’m not saying trade Nuge, I’m saying trading nuge has nothing to do about whether or not Nuge is a good player now, or in the future.

    he is, and he will be, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a scenario where trading Nuge makes us a better team.