GDB 27.0 Wrap Up: Stars @ Oilers


I’m not sure that we deserved it, but we’ll definitely take it. Final Score: 2-1 Oilers in OT.

The last two times I’ve had bad feelings about a game (Pittsburgh and Boston) the Oilers were somehow able to pull out a win, so I was feeling good about my bad feelings for tonight. Why would I feel bad about playing against the Stars? Dallas is, essentially, the anti-Oilers. They’re a highly skilled team that has actually figured out how to use that skill to put up offense, and beat (basically) anyone that stands in their way. To put it another way: when Ales Hemsky is playing on your fourth line you’ve got a pretty good team.

In any case, the Oilers have been finding ways to play decently well against top opposition, all season long, and I was expecting more of that tonight against Dallas. I’m not sure how you can play well against the best teams in the league, and lay a turd on the ice for everyone else, but here were are. Tonight’s game should not have ended the way it did, but I’m very thankful for the win. This game showed what it’s like for a goaltender to walk in and steal two points. which is exactly what Nilsson did.

What happened tonight is not a sustainable way of winning hockey games, but for one night that doesn’t matter. For as many moral victories as we’ve suffered through it’s nice to see the Oilers win a game they may not have deserved to win. The Dallas Stars were the better team tonight, but what matters most is the final result and that is a win for the Oilers. I think if you asked Todd McLellan he will take the two points, but wouldn’t be overly happy with how the game went. For once, I’m okay with that. Far too often these type of games go the other way so it’s good for our mental health to have the Oilers win one for a change. 

We wrap



  • Regardless of how poorly the Oilers are playing I will always love those magical Rexall beers. 
  • Taylor Hall’s goal (his 10th) was a thing of beauty. It happened right in front of me and I wasn’t sure that he would have a good enough angle to get the shot away but he did, and he buried it. 
  • It’s almost amazing to me that Darryl started the year in the AHL. This kid has progressed so much faster than I could have imagined he would, and it’s been one of the few bright spots early in the season. Long live Darnell Nurse!
  • Leon Draisaitl was hockey’s equivalent to Danny Ocean in the overtime period. He was lifting pucks, and causing mayhem, throughout the extra frame and fed Jordan Eberle for the winner. 
  • Jordan Eberle looked like he was going to be snake bitten again tonight, but that overtime winner (his fourth of the season) was an absolute laser beam. He desperately needed that one. 
  • JJ Khaira played well tonight and it was nice to see Todd McLellan reward him with a bump to the first line. It’s a bummer that his assist on Taylor Hall’s goal was taken away. I’m not sure how long he’ll stick with the club, when everyone gets healthy, but he’s making a great first impression. 
  • Anders Nilsson stole the show tonight. He was absolutely brilliant. Within the first few minutes of the game he stopped breakaways from both Tyler Seguin AND Jamie Benn. If not for Nilsson this would have been a much different game. He was amazing. Nilsson finished the night with 42 saves and a .977 save%.
  • No points for Hemsky. Take that, former Oiler curse!



  • Listening to the Taylor vs Tyler hot takes in the stands was about as irritating as things get. Some of the reasons people think Tyler Seguin is better than Taylor Hall, that I heard tonight, include the fact that he has a harder image because of his tattoos. Makes sense. *shoots self*
  • Mark Fayne did not have a great night. He played less than 10 minutes, and it wasn’t really surprising that McLellan stapled him to the bench.
  • Oilers got dominated for long stretches of the game. They were very lucky that Anders Nilsson was standing on his head and stole them the win. From where I sat, the Oilers didn’t deserve to win but they did and that’s all that matters. 
  • Getting outshot 43-24 is very very bad. If not for the exemplary play of Anders Nilsson this one could have gotten ugly.
  • Power play was 0/3 on the night. The Oilers need to find a way to get the PP going if they’re going to keep building on this winning streak and climb out of the NHL basement. 


14:49 EDM Taylor Hall (10) ASST: NONE 1 – 0 EDM
18:23 DAL Mattias Janmark (5) ASST: Jamie Oleksiak (2), Vernon Fiddler (7) 1 – 1 Tie
00:45 EDM Jordan Eberle (4) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (11) 2 – 1 EDM


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  • Jay (not J)

    So THIS is 26th place, huh? Everything looks so small from here…

    #$¥@ it. I’m back in the ‘a few good bounces and a little luck can put us back in the playoff race’ camp. Why not? We have the best goalie in the conference.

  • Soiled Trousers

    That was one hell of a fun game to watch. I know the Oilers were pretty subpar defensively but they found a way to win and it was awesome. Nilsson should be charged with grand larceny for that performance. The Oilers still have a lot if problems but I am going to drink in this two game winning streak and enjoy.

  • West

    I really thought that overnight would be as long as needed to correct that grave error of not giving Khaira an assist on Hall’s goal. He makes a great play to jump up, grab the puck and get it to Hall. They have given goalies assists for setting the puck up behind their own net for an end to end rush, and Ganger’s eighth point had an opposition player touch but not possess the puck. I cannot see any reason for this play being scored this way. They gave out 2 assists on that Dallas goal as well. Maybe its just me that is hallucinating. I must be seeing that play wrong.

    • a lg dubl dubl

      There is no assist because there was no pass.

      Beta Boy doesn’t receive the pass. The pass is intercepted and swatted by the Stars defense man-he hits the puck twice before it bounces into his chest and fortunately bounces to Beta Boy.

      I know it’s unfortunate that Khaira is not as fortunate as some, but that’s hockey sometime.

      • West

        I don’t know what NHL you watch, but that is an assist in any NHL game ever. The pass is not intercepted, it is tipped, gets to Hall who gets it through the defenseman, the defenseman might have touched it but not possessed it. This might help.

        What is Assist?

        A point given to individual players for helping contribute to a goal being scored. Assists are credited to a maximum of two players who passed, shot, or deflected the puck before the goal scorer put the puck in the net.

        If a team loses possession of the puck to a player that proceeds to score a goal, it is deemed an ‘unassisted goal.’

        Dallas does not at any point possess the puck, just like on a delayed penalty, the whistle is not blown until a played controls or possesses the puck which does not include tipping or deflecting.

      • Randaman

        Beta Boy?? Get over your hatred for Hall Ed.

        It’s weighing you down, let it go, you’ll feel much better.

        Oh, by the way, he was one of the bright spots last night.

  • Delete

    Whenever I read the “Ders” nickname I think of this ….lol….gotta like this Tender so far ,he is elevating his game showing he has multiple gears,like Dre’is doing now.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    A Purcell and Fayne for Phanuef would be awsome, imo.

    Phanuef has his faults but at least he plays like an a$$hole.

    I know, I know, go back to NHL 16. Lol!

  • Delete

    That game was won on luck and the strength of Draisaitl and Nillson. Groupies feel free to give praise to your Betas and keep telling us not to trade cause they’ll grow up one day.

    • pkam

      Oilers fans here said we are tired of ‘visually better’ and ‘moral victory’. Last night, we gave both to the Stars. Oilers fans asked when our goalie is going to steal us a game and we got in last night.

      You got 3 wishes granted in one night but you are still not happy? I guess whiner is going to whine no matter what.

  • freelancer

    I had the opportunity to go to the game last night, and the player definitely did not deserve the win, we were outplayed in all areas except goal tending.

    In saying that…. the fans…. WE did deserve the win, Rexall was quite full and people were cheering and engaged with the team. The entertainment was there even though 70% was because Dallas could not beat us 7-0.

    Hopefully the team does something quick to reward this fan base. WE (the fans) deserve better than a bottom feeder. The players… well they are getting paid, so whoever is not doing his job or whoever is the cancer in the room (WHOEVER- no untouchables), hopefully he or she packs his bags.

    BTW, Schultz is back to his Schultzy habits, hey? God he is useless. Fayne looks like Nikitin out there….

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    A good goal tender can make your defense look a lot better than it is. Altough I think Sekera played a very solid game last night.

    Fayne was just terrible [ again].

    STill can’t score on 5×5 ! Stars are not exactly defense stars,should have had a few more goals.

    Shame on the power play [again,still ] That’s where more goals should be coming from So much
    for Todd bringing in his specialty guy , Mr Woodcroft.,mind you some of the execution is plain unaccepta

  • ZIN21

    I dont get all the negativity about years down the road and “cap hell’ blah blah blah. Its not like Chia will be twiddling his thumbs for the next 3 years. They have time to plan this out. In 3 years, there will be no Ference, no Fayne, and no Pouliot (at least not at 4m). That is almost 13m off the books. Not to mention the cap will probably rise a few million.

    Another thing, I dont share the same opinion that McDavid will want max money after his ELC. He is a really humble kid and always wants to put the team ahead of himself. I wouldnt be shocked one bit if he took a bit of a discount. He will probably still want 7m + but I would bet my old Paajarvi jersey that he will not demand ridiculous money.

    Combine all that with the Klefbom contract (which will be a steal 3 years down the road) and the development of guys like Khaira, Chase, Yakimov, Slep, and even Christoffer, who all look like they could be solid bottom 6 NHLers and this team will be fine.

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      I agree with your point on McDavid. He’ll make 10 times more money off the ice than he will on the ice. Look at players like Michael Jordon back in his day – endorsements are where the money is.

      I wonder how much he’s making for those goofy commercials he does with Moose?

    • Serious Gord

      If mcdavid has a superstar career between now and the end of his elc he and his agent – bobby Orr, who knows a few things about getting ripped off – will and should demand max money. Hometown discounts are for losers – especially on that first contract when ones future value is at its peak.

      Chia has time to plan it out. As do the fans. And fans who have planned it out see the disaster that looms. (See Zarny’s comment above) things will have to be done with the “core” within the next ten months.

      • ZIN21

        He will be 21 years old after his ELC… lets say he signs a 7 or 8 year deal at a 7-7.5 million cap hit. Once that contract is over he will still be in his prime with 7 years minimum of top level ability. If by then he wants a max deal then he will be more than entitled to it. But I wouldn’t at all rule out a scenario where Chia goes to him in negotiations and asks him to take a couple million dollar discount to give the team a better opportunity to build a consistent contender during his second contract. Like I said, he is a team first guy.

        • Serious Gord

          We will see. If he’s the best player in the league three years from now he will be its higher paid player. Toews is a team guy – he’s getting north of ten.

          • ZIN21

            Yea okay GORD, smh. You seem to have forgotten the fact that toews didnt get that contract after his ELC….he signed a deal under 7 million avv. So nice counter argument.

            Yikes, some fans just need to find the negative in everything.

      • camdog

        I am confused by your comments you think one of the core of Macdavid, LD or Nurse needs to be traded in the next ten months or did you just change your definition of “core” in the last 2 hours?

        • Serious Gord

          I didn’t mean to confuse – I used the term untradeable.

          The “core” to me is what the general fanbase roughly considers to be the stars of the team: hall rnh yak eberle nurse drai McD and klefbom. The ones picked in the top ten on their draft year plus eberle and klefbom.

          Some fans don’t want to trade any. Some are prepared to move almost all.

          I think two or three will be gone seven or eight months from now.

  • Fantastic play in OT by Draisaitl to feed Eberle for the game winner. Also loved the way he held of a Star earlier in the game with brute force, while driving in and centering it in front of the net.
    And, of course, as has been said a thousand times: Anders Nilsson. You lovely bastard. It’s great to see a goalie of ours developing the confidence to steal games for us.

  • I guess with the Oil on wining streak (LOL)and out of the basement, the serious one has to find something to negative about.

    I’m sure Chia considers possible future cap implications of anything he does, but getting one panties is a tizzie because of what may be the case 3 years from now is a waste of time. If the Oil do have a cap crunch when its time for McD to leave entry level that must means the likes of Nurse, Drais, Reinhart are contributing and looking for bigger$. Must mean the team is playing at a high level.

  • ZIN21

    Hey Toronto Media ,

    Yes this is directed at you but of course to all Toronto in General that are the so called Leaf fans.

    Pisses you off Edmonton got Mcdavid ? How on earth are you going to feel when we get Auston. You slam The Oilers, yet your sad sack crap hockey team has not had a sniff , thats right not a sniff in what ? 55 years give or take. So please shut up , go cry and worry about your own crap team that has been managed poorly for decades. Remember Ballard ? you guys were a joke and still are. So suck it Toronto , especially the whining media. You are not the centre of the universe , your team sucks, the raptors suck, the Jays Choked, Should i mention the Argo’s ?

    Shut up. PS – The Habs make you look like , well , yourselves actually.

    You are a sports Team Joke. Phil must be so glad to get out of that desperate, we wish we were American city.

    EAT IT T.O. Especially your media no nothing clowns.


    Nuff said.