The Edmonton Oilers made a series of moves this afternoon, placing forward Benoit Pouliot and defender Andrew Ference on IR. The recall from Bakersfield of Ryan Hamilton may be an insurance move based on Todd McLellan’s media avail today.

Ryan Hamilton may not play, we saw the veteran minor leaguer over an extended period last year (16GP, 1-1-2) and and he does have the size (6.02, 219) Edmonton is trying to replace with the Pouliot injury. The Ference item is interesting for two reasons: Edmonton can finally get down to 7D after running eight in the early portion of the year, and it opens up a roster spot for this:

Tikhonov has a range of skills and reasonable size (6.02, 189) but could not crack the ‘Hawks lineup. Condors are playing this afternoon and are down one goal entering the third period.

  • Serious Gord

    Tikhonov might make a little sense. If I recall he had good wheels and plays right wing. With the right centreman and some opportunity he might be worth the risk. The risk is likely worth the potential reward.

  • vetinari

    I wonder if they just leave Ference on the IR until the deadline or the end of the year regardless of his recovery status so that they can finally carry a couple of spare forwards on the 23 man roster?

  • Serious Gord

    O/T watching cherry complain about the stars fighting – that it shouldn’t happen.

    What the heck is he talking about?

    Back In the day Howe, Richard, beliveau, etc ALL fought. It’s a return to REAL fighting – guys pissed at other guys dropping the gloves. And they are easily the most entertaining to me because of the emotion involved.

    • I will never understand the appeal of that guy (Cherry). He lives in yester-year and really can’t relate to today’s game. He was yesterday’s news 10 years ago.

      They should get Ray Ferraro to fill his time slot; since SNet took over all the broadcasts, I miss Ray’s insight & his knowledge of the game & the players.

      I am not a fan of this CBC relic, Don Cherry.

      • Serious Gord

        I have huge respect for cherry. However he shouldn’t stay on until he dies at his post. He’s 81.

        Before someone points out vin scully still at it at the age of 88, I would differentiate the role of play by play in a nostalgia laden sport like baseball and commentary/editorial.

        I’d love him to announce his retirement effective the end of next season so Canada and the rest of the hockey world can send him off and say thanks.

      • Wanyes bastard child

        Agree wholeheartedly.

        Cherry has single handedly done more to harm the game of hockey than any other person in the last 50 years. He loudly proclaims his position on everything and is against skill because it is a concept he simply doesn’t understand.

        It shows how passe an outdated CBC is. He should have been shelved 15-20 years ago.

  • 24% body fat

    is 6’2″ 189 bigger than Gagner 5’11” 202?

    What do we consider big these days, height or mass?

    Make the claim, we need another right handed shot/

    • We are 6 points out of 2nd in the pacific division. Wouldn’t call that a wash yet. Even if we are too far from a playoff position, we can still go for an improvement in the standings. Alot of fans are impatient soo how sweet would it be to see us not picking in the top-10 for the first time since how long? It is only December. Why bring in your farm team soo soon?

  • Wanyes bastard child

    All you guys beaking Ference need to shut up. He’s an amazing person who despite lack of size still had a pretty good career in the nhl. He gives back to the community more than anyone. Can you imagine how he feels right now about his position with the team? Despite still cashing a nice paycheck its got to be super hard for him.

    • Sure, he’s got lots of integrity, just not so much that he will retire when he knows he’s done.

      Don’t blame the player, blame the contract? I never commit to a deal when I know I can’t deliver, and his contract had people beating their heads against walls from Day 1. He was always going to be bilking the Oilers out of millions, with the added risk of creating cap hell where the team might not have been able to afford players they actually needed. There’s never been a more blatant example of being in it solely for number 1.

      • That is classic ON poster; revisionist history. Go back and find one article that thought signing Ference was a bad idea….it was considered maybe a slight overpay, but for exactly the kind of player they needed. Cup-winning, tough dman, who also happened to be a great character person……it was a signing that was lauded, not criticized…..but i guess you like the cheap cheers from the rest of the sheep.

    • He’s been grooming himself for political office ever since he returned to Edmonton. His political activism is as clear as hell and it is also clear which side of the political world he moves in.

      He is criticized on this and other sites for his unspeakably sh*tty play and little else. So maybe you Dexter or should I say Andrew, should shut fork up.

  • oilerjed

    We made Ference an offer he could not refuse so therefore he chose option c and his kneecaps took a turn for da wurss! Next time he will be wise to da offer and be a man da next time me and my associates come knocking at his door!

    • Wanyes bastard child

      Maybe playing with different players might change his stats and for once we may find that diamond in the rough.no harm no foul not to mention good size and speed in a position I personally deam as a little lacking for our beloved oil ! Nothing ventured nothing gained ! That and I have a good feeling about this kid !

  • otter2233

    Andrew Ference is a good man and a fine individual so nobody should be taking shots at him. Our GM will most likely buyout his contract at seasons end and he has had a heck of a career considering his draft status coming out of junior. It is true that he no longer keep up but let the man finish his career with some dignity. Thanks Andrew!

  • Jiff

    we don’t need Tikhonov because we have Eberle, Yakupov, and Purcell who all play the same game as him. Going forward, I think the Oil should trade Purcell and replace him with a right handed, power forward RW to mix up the Top 9. Eberle and Yakupov are pure offensive players who are struggling. They’ll break out sometime. But having a two way power forward could really help to hold the fort down while our offence tries to find their way into games.

  • Jiff

    I’m all in favour of using the waiver wire on occasion to get a serviceable player, but Tikhonov doesn’t add anything for this team. Beyond the raw size and speed, he can’t score at the NHL level (even his AHL and KHL numbers look pedestrian) and he doesn’t bring much on the defensive/physical side either. I’d pass.