Oilers Put Mark Fayne on Waivers


The Edmonton Oilers have placed defenseman Mark Fayne on waivers for the purpose of assignment to Bakersfield. The MacT era continues to look like a disaster.

The craziest thing about this move, to me, is that we were all fairly satisfied when Craig MacTavish signed Mark Fayne to a four year deal last summer. Fayne was supposed to come in and help stabilize the defense, but hasn’t really been close to living up to that billing. To see him placed on waivers for the purpose of assignment can be called nothing short of a failure. 

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2014-15 OILERS 74 2 6 8 -21 14 0 0 0 78 2.6
2015-16 OILERS 24 0 1 1 -8 6 0 0 0 17 0.0
NHL TOTALS 340 15 42 57 -22 119 0 2 1 388 3.9

  • wiseguy

    The only reason I won’t like this move is if fayne was sent down so Reinhart could be called up. Devaluing an asset so you don’t look bad for trading for an nhl ready dman that got sent down to the minors.
    It’s a good move for any other reason.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    It’s so different and so good to see a coach and a GM running this team that actually keep the best players on the team and send the worst performing guys to the minors, regardless of their contract status or seniority on the team.

    What a concept!

    And Chia isn’t afraid to send his own aquisitions to the minors if they don’t perform well enough as is evidenced by him assigning Reinhart to Bakersfield.

    Would MacT have ever waived Nikitin, Fayne and Scrivens? I doubt it. He would have had to waive his ego as well to ever do that.

  • Soiled Trousers

    CrackT, possibly the worst GM in Oilers history. Now just sitting around shamelessly cashing a pay check. Any self-respect or dignity he once had is gone and the memories of him as a player will forever be replaced by the memory of him ruining this team.

  • ubermiguel

    I’m curious about Fayne’s fancy stats lately; “by eye” observations have too many biases. He’s one of those guys that generally gets the puck going in the right direction, and he was doing that last year. Did his Corsi and Fenwick fall off a cliff?

    • camdog

      Last season Ference played 70 games and averaged 18:53 a game, Nikitin played 42 games and averaged 19:42 per game, Martin Marincin played 41 games and averaged 18:39 per game, while Fayne played 74 games and averaged 17:56 per game.

      I don’t know about Fayne’s advanced stats, but logic would conclude that if Ference, Nikitin and Marancin average more minutes per game than you, odds are you didn’t have a very good season.

      • ubermiguel

        Coaches also have biases that may be challenged by advanced stats, this is basis of statistics’ real value. Fayne was one of those guys who plays an unspectacular game but for whatever reason when he’s on the ice the puck would go the right direction more often than not. I don’t believe you could say the same thing about Ference and Nikitin; and if a coach doesn’t care about things like “moving the puck towards the offensive zone” or don’t know how to use Corsi he might put them on the ice more than Fayne.

        • camdog

          Corsi is already out dated. I’ve read numerous articles stating that Corsi is not a good metric for d-man.

          I just can’t believe that 3 coaches had that much bias against him. The only month last season where Fayne averaged more than 18 minutes a game was in December and I think the d was suffering from injuries, regardless the team was awful for that stretch.

          Any defenceman that has trouble getting 18 minutes a night on the Oilers, under 3 different coaches can’t be that good.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    how long can MacT continue to work with Chia? WHY is MacT still even here??? why can’t the guy just take a hint that he’s no longer really wanted here and just quit? man oh man….Fayne, Schultz, Ference, Nikitin….all over payed mediocre players that haven’t helped this team one bit yet were signed to rich over payed contracts….just quit already will yuh??!

    • Oiler Fan 16

      Senior Vice-President of Hockey Operations probably pays a pretty healthy six figure salary (or even seven figures). He probably spends a good part of his day going to practices and games. Going on road trips. Why would he just quit? I wouldn’t, and neither would you, I’m guessing.

    • pkam

      Another dumb comment, really you are going to tell me you can tell who the better pick is after 2 years – you are an moron, especially by using ice time as your sole argument. Thank god that idiots like you are no where near making decisions for a team.

      • bazmagoo

        Relax. I said it’s still debateable, not one player is better or going to be better than the other. People on here are talking like MacT is a drafting god, only Leon has panned out so far and that’s still just recently.

        Not exactly rocket science to pick the right guy with a #3 overall pick as well. #7 isn’t quite as easy a slam dunk, but still not all that difficult. None of his other picks have panned out yet.

          • bazmagoo

            Disagree. Both are going to be stars, and up until a month ago it was debatable whether Leon was the right pick. Bennett could still prove to be the better player, although Leon is a better fit for the Oilers no question because of his size. Both were easy picks, pretty much guaranteed to succeed.

          • Jay (not J)

            That’s easy to say today. It was not easy to say during the first round of the playoffs last year when Bennet looked like a firecracker and Leon had a tiny handful of points to show for a half season of playing a regular shift with the Oilers.

          • bazmagoo

            Agreed. Both players have looked good, both players have looked bad, both players are young, and both players are going to be stars in the future. One happens to be bigger than the other, which is why the Oilers drafted him. Not exactly rocket science, MacT really shouldn’t get much credit for that. We all know the Oilers are lacking in size.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    Have to think the play of Davidson was the death of Fayne but I can’t understand why Fayne and not Gryba.

    He’s been equally awful if not worse.

    • Hemmercules

      Gryba is a mixed bag. He will play a good game and then take a bad late penalty or a horrendous giveaway or a poor back check and ruin his own night. I would say he’s better than Fayne though. He plays with a bit of an edge but I dont really see him sticking up for anyone other than himself too often.

      I wish it was Gryba that was playing worse than Fayne. Fayne makes 3 times as much dough for 3 times as long as Gryba. This is actually a pretty bad situation for Chia. He’s stuck with two defenders for next season making guaranteed money that nobody wants, one he can’t send down (Ference) and the other still counts largely against the cap even when sent down (Fayne). At least Ference can be bought out this summer and Nikitin is off the books. Fayne can be bought out too I guess but I dont think Chia likes to jump on those costly buyouts

      In a perfect world Fayne steps it up and returns to play a decent NHL game and maybe gets moved at the deadline or plays well enough to stick around in a bottom pairing if theres room after the summer trade/FA period.

      • stonedtodeath61

        “Gryba is a mixed bag. He will play a good game and then take a bad late penalty or a horrendous giveaway or a poor back check and ruin his own night. I would say he’s better than Fayne though. He plays with a bit of an edge but I dont really see him sticking up for anyone other than himself too often.”

        Chris Neil doesn’t think, remember Keith Aulie last year, elbow to Neilers head ??? You also might want to take a look at the game in St. Louis early this year.

    • Oiler Fan 16

      Better then them eating minutes on the oilers.

      I fully expect MacT and Howson to be gone before summer. There’s simply no argument that they’ve done a good job and deserve to remain employed by this franchise. Get your own guys Chiapete. These guys are useless

  • Oiler Fan 16

    From the perspective that Fayne was not a Tmac player I get it. However he has never been Nikitin, Ference or Schultz bad.

    He is essentially overpriced for bringing no thunder, no offence, and being too average and unnoticeable. He is still effective. He is not a black hole.

    So something is either happening like showcasing Nikitin for trade, or who knows.

    • camdog

      Fayne is not a PC type of player. When PC got the job he was asked about the teams defence and he specifically didn’t mention Fayne’s name. A few media pundits caught onto this after the fact. In the past PC has talked about bringing in heavier players. The Oiler have too many d-man that don’t play heavy enough.

      In respect to Fayne, the coach and GM are on the same page.

  • Jay (not J)

    Brownlee’s comment is more interesting to me than the Fayne demotion. I was pretty surprised that there was a role for Craigers on Chiarelli’s staff in the first place. But there he was and there was PC telling the media that he would be a valued part of the team and that the staff in place was one of the things that sold him on the job in Edmonton. Then, he spent the remainder of 2015 undoing the acquisitions MacT had made over the course of his brief tenure. ‘How much longer can they work together’? How have they worked together this long? How has it been for McTavish to be a part of the team who’s working to clean up his mess? Frankly, I don’t understand how he comes to work everyday in an environment where he has been discredited and continues to be discredited every day. Justin Schultz will not be here past the deadline less than 2 years after MacT told the media that he anticipated a Norris for the guy (right up there with ‘I know a thing or two about winning’ as one of the most disconcerting press conferences we’ve seen in Edmonton). Does anyone but Kevin Lowe even talk to this guy around the office or does everyone pass him with their eyes on the floor? The thing is I remember the player he was and I remember the coach. McTavish really is a member of the ‘Oiler for life’ club and he should be an honored member but every year his legacy is diminished. I would like to see the front office guy moved on, but I would really like the chance to see him one more time on the ice at a pregame ceremony receive a standing ovation from the Oilers faithful for the time and energy he’s put in. One thing that we all can acknowledge is that his considerable mistakes were all made with the very best intentions. But at the same time, it is very hard to pretend them all away.

  • Jay (not J)

    Despite the lack of moves and the lack of deals across the league, I’m really liking the activity level at the GM level with the Oilers.

    They’re bringing up forwards, sending them down, bring up dmen, sending them down. Outside of a trade they’re looking at icing the best possible roster between both Pro and Farm teams.

    Fayne was pretty solid at point last year, and among a weak 2014-15 D lineup he looked like one of the better options. But at this point, with Davidson, Nurse, and Sekera coming into their own, this makes sense.

    The fact that Reinhart is in the AHL just shows me that Chia isn’t shy in recognizing weakness, even if it was his own doing. He seems relentless on having the cream rising to the top.

    This is true “competition from the bottom” where no one can play it safe. We’re happy with Khaira now, but a few bad games and Miller would be called up I’m guessing. So I’m liking this.

  • Jay (not J)

    Does anyone remember last season when Mark Fayne and Nikita Nikitin were slotted to be the Oilers #1 D pairing before the season started…. Like holy sh*t. I don’t even think Fayne is AHL bad, but to enter into a NHL season with those two players as your top pairing….

    • bradleypi

      That didn’t happen at all. Pretty sure schultz and petry were ahead of fayne on the depth chart and ference was schultzs partner with marincin sprinkled in? I’m not sure when marincin was called up. But nice try and great story man!

  • Anton CP

    I was wondering when will Chiarell finally pull the trigger, I had the feeling that Chiarelli will move Fayne at some point of the season but I guess no other GMs want to take him so Chiarelli can only demote him.

  • Harry2

    It is absolutely shocking that MacT brought in Fayne, Nikitin, Ference and Schultz then got rid of Petry.

    I know that Schultz was highly sought after but the way he was handled by Mac is shameful.

    Judging by what Chiarelli has done so far I think its pretty safe to say the last person hes listening to is MacT

  • Oiler Fan 16

    Glad to see Scrivens putting in a solid effort on the farm. He’s posting a save % of 0.827 and has yet to win a game. He has also got 10 minutes in penalties in 5 games. GAA 5.15…

    Hard to see why he hasn’t become a star in the NHL…

    At least now he has more help pulling the puck out of his net. Once Jultz gets sent down, most of the gang is there…

  • hagar

    MacT was an inexperienced GM. Bad time to be learning on the job. Bad decision by Lowe.

    He did some good things. Some bad things. He was in over his head. He’s not longer GM. Lowe is no longer in charge of hockey ops.

    I’m sure PC and Tmac would have found other work had they not signed with the Oilers. I’m sure they would not have taken the jobs if they were to be handled by the incompetent previous management.

    I expect MacT is kind of interviewing for a job for next season. If PC likes him and thinks they can work together, good. If not, I’m sure he’ll be gone.

    I like what the team is looking like since PC and Tmac signed on. I don’t give a rats butt whether or not Lowe or MacT are still on the Oiler’s payroll.