Nikita Nikitin recalled


On Thursday, the Oilers recalled defenceman Nikita Nikitin from the Bakersfield Condors.

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Nikitin, who was demoted to the AHL out of training camp, returns to the roster as a replacement for another struggling veteran. Yesterday the Oilers placed Mark Fayne on waivers (he has since cleared) and so there was room to add another rearguard to the roster. 

This is an interesting move, and tells us a few things about the Oilers organization. 

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The first thing this tells us is about Nikitin himself. It had to be embarrassing for the veteran NHL’er to be cut by the Oilers out of training camp, and having made such a decision Edmonton could well have left him in the minors for the entire year; it’s not like there weren’t other candidates for recall on the back end. That he’s back suggests rather strongly that the coaches down on the farm are pleased with the work that he’s done to get back to the majors.  

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It also shows once again that the Oilers under Chiarelli are willing to revisit decisions. If this is good news for anyone, it’s Fayne, who in Nikitin should see his own path back to the NHL. Work hard and play well in the minors and a door opens up. 

What it says beyond that is more open to question.

Peter Chiarelli3

One way to read this is as asset management, or an indication that a trade is on the way. Nikitin is in the final year of his deal, can play both the right and left side of the ice, can contribute in multiple ways when he’s on his game and generally hasn’t been as bad a defenceman over his career as he looked in his first year with Edmonton. If he plays well, he might be worth a mid-round pick at the deadline to a team in need of help on the back end. 

The other way to read this is as a strictly merit-based decision, which is probably even more interesting. If this move was simply a result of the Oilers recalling the best defenceman in the system, that reflects negatively on people like Griffin Reinhart and David Musil, both of whom we would expect to be in the mix for NHL minutes. In Reinhart’s case, it may simply be a case of the Oilers not wanting to bounce him around like a yo-yo, though it gets harder to make the “he’s only down because of waivers” argument when Nikitin is recalled. In Musil’s case, waivers become a factor next year and if he’s going to make the NHL out of camp he’s probably going to need to do what Brandon Davidson did last year and get a cameo in which he looks at least somewhat ready.

Either way, this isn’t good news for Andrew Ference, who seems likely to resume his duties as the team’s No. 8 defenceman when he comes off injured reserve. It may also be bad news for Eric Gryba, who barring injury seems the defenceman most likely to come out of the lineup to open up space for Nikitin.

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Whether or not this move was made as a way to showcase Nikitin, it’s hard not to feel good for the player. If someone is interested in him at the moment, he’s clearly played well enough to arouse that interest; if not he’s played well enough to earn another shot with the team that waived him. Either way, he’s shown something after a tough training camp and an embarrassing demotion and he’s found his way back to the best league on earth. 


  • Rob...

    No problems with this. Fleming thinks Nikitin has turned his game around and has reset his attitude. Anyone slamming this needs to wake up. You want your big ticket players to be accountable, which includes the threat that they get sent down to the minors. This only works if you also give them an opportunity to get back with the big club when they improve as asked on the farm.

    • fisherprice

      While I agree with this in theory, I can’t imagine an AHL stint solved the problem of Nikitin’s horribly slow foot speed. Anyway, here’s to hoping he is at least worth half… hell, a third of his contract.

  • T.J.F.M.

    Maybe he learns from his demotion and contributes positively to the team. A bonus would be him playing well enough to become a tradeable asset at the deadline. Better than nothing…found money, unless you count his insane contract. Der McT….sigh.

  • El Guapo

    I’m with Rob. If he’s turned things around like Fleming has said, it’s worth the gamble. Gryba has struggled lately and it’s a fairly low risk move to slot Nikitin in there for a game to test the waters.

  • El Guapo

    I think you are underplaying what the Bakersfield coach had to say about this guy recently. Here in Oiler town, Niktin has definitely been seen as an overpayment for a guy who just doesn’t seem to care. The demotion would be hard for anyone, but Nikitin demonstrated amazing work ethic, was a real leader, and of course put up points on the scoreboard.

    Bringing him back up could easily be about upgrading the defense, getting a guy with the right attitude on the team, and also sending a message to vets and rookies that demonstrative production, a good attitude, and a great work ethic is what the organization values. Gone are the days they sent Souray to Hershey for not playing hurt or being critical of the decision making. Gone are the days they don’t trade Mike Comrie for Perry AND a first round pick because Comrie refuses to pony up back end money to the organization.

    Sure Ference is in the press box, has a great work ethic, and a great attitude, but he’s not contributing to the team success. Hopefully Nikitin can turn it around at the NHL level and the team can get something back from that horrible investment.

  • Rob...

    I was going to say something ignorant because I thought it would be funny. Instead, I’d like to wish Nikitin a successful return to the NHL, both for his benefit, and for the Oilers’ benefit. It takes guts to dig down deep after a bad performance review and redeem yourself to your bosses.

  • fisherprice

    If he is willing to shoot the puck………play him! The only “shooting defenceman” that we have is Davidson and Klefblom.

    Nurse will eventually round out his game and become a shooter, but we do not have enough shooters on this team. Our “Norris” defenceman is a passer so we effectively have very few options on the PP. This might be NN’s best chance to secure a job.

    MAn would it be nice if we could send JS down to the farm to teach him how to shoot a puck…… did this guy ever make it to the show without a slapshot?

    • fisherprice

      I’m usually more concerned with the wiffs on passes and how slow and off target the other passes usually end up being from Schultz. Its like Foster all over again.

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        Rama Lama wrote:
        Man would it be nice if we could send JS down to the farm to teach him how to shoot a puck…… did this guy ever make it to the show without a slapshot?

        Hall can’t take a slapshot and he is doing quite well in the NHL.

        • Dwayne Roloson 35

          Yes Hall is doing very well……….but Hall does NOT play defence. Hall shoots the puck from inside the perimeter and most defenceman shoot the puck from the blue line.

          Let me help you understand. It’s critical to the position…… would be like hiring a pilot who did not know what a plane looked like??

        • bradleypi

          Doesn’t matter. It’s schultz. He doesn’t play like pronger so he’s just garbage on here. Everybody just completely ignores it when he does take slapshots because I have seen him do it. I just honestly believe that because he doesn’t have a howitzer and neither does anyone else on the team, the pp is setup for the down low play. But that’s my opinion. Oilersnation will surely disagree with that.

    • Eakins' Beard

      JS has a sneaky little wrister instead. It just doesn’t work in the NHL. I wonder how often he dreams about his glory days on the Barons when that thing went in all the time.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    The idea that Nikitin didn’t pout and put in the required work down in the minors to get back into the NHL does tell you something about his character.

    Why he can’t be ready out of training camp is another story but at least he managed to get back into the big league. Sounds like he was even mentoring the kids on the farm well. all positives.

    • Rob...

      I love it. “You better not pout. You better not cry. You better train hard, I’m telling you why. Chia may just recall you to town. He’s making a list and checking it twice. Gonna find out if you’re worth the price, to bring back to E-town. He sees you when you’re blocking, he sees the plays you make. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake. O! You better watch out! You better not cry. You better train hard, I’m telling you why. Chia may just recall you to town. Chia may just recall you to town.”

      Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      That he wasn’t ready out of training camp is a concern. Also that we wasn’t ready out of two training camps.

      Gets me wondering how much of a change/improvement players have on the last year of their contracts. Purcell – big improvement this year. Same with Schultz.

      I hope they do well but I’d sure be leery of signing them to another contract.

  • Dan 1919

    I am OK with this recall. What makes me feel all Warm and fuzzy about it is knowing TM will sit his ass down on the bench in two seconds if he doesn’t play like he is suppose too. Then Chia will send him back to the airport right after the game.

      • bradleypi

        Lol. Ya. I’m sure teams are on the phone 24/7 in hopes of aquiring two of the oilers most maligned dmen. Hey here’s an idea! Throw ference in that package! Three dmen for webber????? How could Nashville resist that deal hey oilersnation? Lol. Wow.

  • freelancer

    From what Fleming has said Nikitin had turned things around. Sends a message to Reinhart too. Nikitin has performed well in the AHL AND is being rewarded for it. Reinhart will have to do the same.

  • oil.99.97.11

    If Nikitin is having such a strong influence on the development of other players in Bakersfield, then it makes perfect sense to bring him up. You want people thinking if they work hard and do what the coaches want, then they’ll get a call-up.

    And if he can play, that’s great all around.

  • Bob Cobb

    Don’t have a problem with this, as I see it Nikitin was an NHL caliber defenseman at one point and could get back there. He was out of shape in training camp and didn’t have the effort required. If he plays well and Chia can move him, great, at least it didn’t go down the Souray path and lead to an ugly divorce between player and organization.

  • S cottV

    I like it.

    He may well surprise for the better.

    Nikitin sure as hell won’t want to go back to Bakersfield. Might get his mobility @ss in gear, because that is his biggest problem.

    Although some apparent rough spots in PC’s reign thus far, I’m liking this stuff.

    Never a dull predictable day surrounding the Oilers any more.

    When you were in last place a week or so ago and out of the playoffs for 10 years – there shouldn’t be same old – same old.

    Another interesting sub plot to follow, to go along with the current winning streak.