The Nation Report Card by Print Machine (12.11.15)


It’s once again time to grab your favourite grading sharpie and get to work on ranking this week’s edition of your Edmonton Oilers. Who had a great week? Who should have their time with the Oilers go the way of the dodo bird? Only you can decide. My friends, it’s report card time. 

Hockey Team Logos

Lately, I’ve been getting some feedback that you shouldn’t be allowed to see the vote totals before you vote because it could sway your opinion. Well, I’m here to tell you to stop being sheep and don’t worry about how other people are voting. Be your own person. Be like Rambo in the woods – a lone wolf against the shackles of society. 

I’m still looking for a more flexible polling software so if you know of anything that is similar to what I’m using please let me know and I’ll hook you up with some NationGear for the heads up. I’m looking for something that is a little more flexible and would allow for adding options like “meh” and adding current events like why how many times I’ve day dreamed of Connor McDavid, and why it’s dumb to trade Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. 

Until then we vote!


  • Rob...

    The worst thing about those video game graphics is thinking at the time, “OMG these graphics are amazing!” In a world of Pong, things like Intellivision Major League Baseball was out of this world.

    • Morgo_82

      Hahahaha so true.

      I remember playing Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit on PS1 for the first time after years of Genesis & NES and thinking my God, this is amazing. Now when I go back to it I kind of squint and go “I think that’s supposed to be a car”.

  • Morgo_82

    I never thought I’d see the day where I gave Nikitin a thumbs up but here it is. Even if he’s only improved his game enough so that someone will trade for him is enough for me to give him a thumbs up.

    Thumbs down to the clown(s) who gave Draisaitl, Hall, Khaira, Nilsson and McLellan a failing grade, probably moronic fLames or Casucks fans. Suck it losers.

  • 24% body fat

    It is great that the Oilers are playing meaningful games on December 11.

    Just goes to show what a NHL goalie can do for the team

    As well Oilers play a better structure due to McLellan. (The 1A or 1B line is not even playing – Mcd, Yak, Pou)

    Amazing what is happening.

    There is hope, if they can play around .500 hockey for the next month or so and then push right after the all star break.


  • Dan 1919

    “why it’s dumb to trade Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.”

    Purcell, Ference, Nikitin, Fayne, Scrivens + 1.9mill current free cap space + $2mill increase to cap next year? = Roughly $21.9 million in cap space freeing up.

    10 goes to McD?
    6 going to Draisaitl?
    1.0 additional will probably go to Nillson?
    4.1 going to Kelfbom
    3.5 going to Davidson?
    4.1 going to Nurse?
    TOTAL $28.7mil cap increase coming.

    Extremely rough speculative cap increase from current young guys: $28.7… but there’s only $22 million freeing up from the current roster.

    So in short, we are already looking at $6.7mill overage, that’s assuming a number 1 D doesn’t emerge or isn’t signed/traded for. The cap could likely increase more than $2mill and maybe the big $10mill ends up being a bit lower…

    But none the less, it will be interesting to monitor going forward… it looks like something will have to give eventually though. Nuge? Ebs?

    • 24% body fat

      Great post.

      I have been prompting trading some of the existing core (Yak, Eberle, RNH). I like them all but cant keep them all

      The worst thing that can happen is the Oilers don’t have enough cap room to cover an offer sheet on either McDavid, Nurse, Hall or Draisaitl.

      • Dan 1919

        Thanks, I’d be interested to hear what the trashers are thinking too?

        I’d like to keep them all and have three lines that could potentially be #1 lines on most teams, but it’s tough to think that could happen in a salary cap world.

        Is there a big gap someone sees that I’m missing? I think this is likely conservative if anything. Somehow or another, I see a high end, high paid d-man on any team Chiarelli is managing (because he knows how to win a cup)… And that Dman hasn’t even been taken into account in my extremely rough math.

        • 24% body fat

          1. offer sheets happen in summer time, when teams are allowed to go over cap

          2. don’t you remember just last year, when we had only 2 NHL centers?

          3. to win in today’s NHL, you need strength down the middle (goal and center)

          4. why trade now for a potential problem 2 or 3 years down the road? yeah, I know to get a 1D, but trading a 1C is not the way to do that. As well, I believe Darnell will be a 1D in 2 years, with Oscar not far behind

          5. if we are to trade, it would be off the wing, IMO

    • Dan 1919

      Totally agree that trading RNH is foolish and that is why it isn’t being considered by management. Totally disagree with your (the sky is falling logic)in your thought process. Just a few reasons why your statement is out to lunch.
      #1 Ference’s contract does Not run out this summer…that’s 3.625 million still on the books. #2 Fayne has 2 more years left at $3.5 million.#3 Mcdavid and Drai have 2 and 1 years left after this year on their ELC contracts do you can drop 16 million from your payroll forecast. Did I miss any more glaring mistakes?

    • Morgo_82

      Whoops missed a few more huge errors in your math/thinking .
      Nurse has 2 more years ELC so his cap hit us 1.5 mill not $4.1. Additionally Davidson current salary is $0.585 million, why would it jump to $3.5 this summer. He is aRFA. I can possibly see a jump by 1-1.5 million maybe.
      To summarize: Cap hit increases from 2015-2016. Mcdavid – $0. Drai –
      $0. Nilsson – up$1.0. Klefblom – up $3.3. Davidson ( needs to resign this summer) – up – $ 1.5-2.0 . Nurse -$0. Total change next year $6.3 million. Fast forward 2 more years and yes Mcdavid , nurse and Draisityl need to be signed but again your math doesn’t work because your forgetting the cap hits of these players ELC contracts would cancel out a portion of there new salaries

      • Dan 1919

        @ Deathracer & Aendayana777

        So not one logical response from a post you clearly didn’t understand, are you the guys who wanted to trade Hall?

        I thought it was pretty obvious, but let me spell it out exactly… THESE ISSUES I LISTED ARE NOT COMING NEXT YEAR, BUT WITHIN 3-4 YEARS THEY WILL BE FACTS.

        Anything I posted with a “?” after it, was rough estimate, but yes, hate to break your hearts, eventually Draisaitl will sign a real contract, and same with Nurse, Davidson… so the “huge error” appears to be with your common sense.

        And at no point did I say we should panic and fire sell Hopkins because of issues 3-4 years from now. I was simply talking about the coming issues and was curious to know what other people’s thoughts were… You guys posting and showing you don’t understand the cap world wasn’t what I was looking for at all actually, but I appreciate the feedback.

        There’s still the slight chance that Chiarelli can balance everything… the main variable being what McD signs for… but if I had to bet I’d say something will have to give. It will probably be Eberle or RNH from what we can see right now.

  • Keepyourstickontheice

    So I voted thumbs up for Fayne, not that I like anything I’ve seen him do recently, he’s been a sub-par, however I approve of sending him to the Condors Fleming re-education. Best thing for both him and team.

    Props if you agree with my logic, trash if you disagree.