GDB 32.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Rangers

The power play cost them the streak. Final Score: 4-2 Rangers

When the Oilers faced the Rangers last Friday night, it was an absolute barn burner of a game, and gave me all kinds of indigestion. Focusing on the defensive end of the rink was a suggestion at best. I don’t know when was the last time I saw 12 goals in a game, but it’s been a long time. That game was both stressful and endlessly exciting, and seemed like a fitting tribute on Glen Sather night. Friday’s game was a tribute to the 80s, when the Oilers could score their way out of their problems and still come out with a win. This was not like that.

Tonight’s game started out as though one team was skating on ice while the other was moving through sand, and I don’t think I have to tell you who was who. As far as starts go, the Oilers started were like 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag – it was bad. Part of that could be attributed to playing on back-to-back nights, but that still doesn’t account for all the errant passes and consistently poor decision making. Finding yourself trailing to the Rangers is setting yourself up for failure, and the Oilers allowed them to take the lead on three separate occasions. 

Despite being outplayed, I would say that New York wasn’t even close to playing their best hockey. It’s not like the Rangers shots the lights out, like the Bruins did last night, but it seemed like they were able to score on any chance they got. For me, this was a winnable game for the Oilers but they blew most of the chances they had to get anything going. The Oilers squandered so many power play chances that it was almost like they were doing the Rangers a favour, and killing time off the clock. I’m not overly surprised they lost this game. Especially when you think about how little the Oilers got done with twelve minutes on the man advantage.

We wrap.



  • ROB KLINKHAMMER SIGHTING! Welcome back, Rob. I had almost forgot he existed. 
  • Taylor Hall is a warlord. He keeps not only his point streak alive but his goal scoring streak, as well. He played like hot fire, and finished the night with a goal (his 15th) even though he could have had more.
  • Jordan Eberle has been scoring all the goals since he got the winner against Boston in the shootout. His parents were at the game again, and I’m thinking the Oilers need to bring them on the rest of the trip. Eberle scored his eighth of the year on a breakaway and absolutely roofed the puck past Lundqvist.
  • Darnell Nurse is arguably the Oilers’ best defenceman right now which is both a tribute to him and a jab at the organizational depth at the position. Nurse keeps getting better and better, and I’m convinced that the first pairing defenseman we’ve been looking for is only a few developmental years away. 
  • Andrej Sekera has really started to play well but he and Darnell Nurse are carrying too much of the load. Klefbom can’t come back soon enough.
  • I love how Brandon Davidson has been playing this season. He went from a feel-good story to a genuine contributor on the back end.
  • The penalty kill was excellent tonight, especially with the 5-on-3 midway through the third period. The Oilers killed off 4/5 on the night. 



  • Not a great start for the Oilers. The Rangers came out looking for a win and the Oilers looked like they were going to let them do it. Although the shots through 20 minutes were only nine to six in favour of the Rangers, this was not a great period of hockey for the Oilers. 
  • Won’t lie to you guys: Khaira > Klinkhammer. 
  • This wasn’t a great night for the Ders. I’m not sure whether he had an off night or he’s finally coming back down to earth, but the Oilers didn’t get the kind of goaltending from Nilsson that they were getting last week. Nilsson finished the night with 17 saves and an .850 save%. I’m not saying all the goals were Nilsson’s fault, but he has been stopping most of those pucks lately. It will be interesting to see who starts against Chicago. Thoughts?
  • I really dislike Mats Zuccarello. This guy has been an Oiler killer this season, despite his smurf-like stature.
  • How many goals have been scored against the Oilers with under two minutes left to go in periods? Rick Nash scored another one tonight almost immediately after the Oilers came back to tie it. Ugly.
  • Going 1/6 on the power play, the Oilers were hardly a threat with the man advantage. In their first two chances, the Oilers couldn’t even get set up in the Rangers’ end let alone score a goal. If not for Taylor Hall’s power play goal those PP minutes may have been better served learning how to knit. 
  • Another day. Another injury. Iiro Pakarinen left the game after blocking a shot in the first period.


05:04 NYR Mats Zuccarello (14) Snap shot – ASST: Keith Yandle (15), Rick Nash (13) 1 – 0 NYR
05:12 EDM PPG – Taylor Hall (15) Wrist shot – ASST: Leon Draisaitl (18), Teddy Purcell (14) 1 – 1 Tie
07:54 NYR Dylan McIlrath (1) Slapshot – ASST: Keith Yandle (16), Dominic Moore (3) 2 – 1 NYR
18:20 EDM Jordan Eberle (8) Wrist shot – ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (15) 2 – 2 Tie
19:21 NYR PPG – Rick Nash (10) Wrist shot – ASST: Mats Zuccarello (13), Derick Brassard (13) 3 – 2 NYR
19:56 NYR EN – Jesper Fast (5) Wrist shot – ASST: Dominic Moore (4), Viktor Stalberg (6) 4 – 2 NYR


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  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    Re-Justin Schutz

    He’s not particularly good at defence, his only really good quality is skating, he make’s head scratching passes, I have to ask….Why the hell is he on the PP over say Davidson?

    Nobody is going to worry about his shot, his passes are terrible …..Its a PK dream to have this guy on a PP
    Take his pass away and watch him loft a soft wrister waste high at the goalie.
    You don’t need to respect his shot, it’s like it’s 4 on 4 out there.

    It’s a head scratcher he’s out there….

  • 2Oilers4

    Notes from the game tonight: What a snoozefest! Neither team looked like they came to play tonight. Taylor Hall IS a warlord! He was all over the ice making things happen. Ebs goal was a thing of beauty. He has great vision. The refs had no idea what they were doing. So many weak calls on both sides, the Oiles power play was embarrassing. All that said, I really enjoyed seeing the Oilers live! However, I was severely disappointed with the fans at Madison Square Garden. I was wearing an Oilers jersey and expected to get heckled a bit, but there were some very offensive slurs yelled at me, and it didn’t end. The fans were so very rude. I was wearing my Hall jersey and when he scored I jumped in the air! Some dude yelled ‘Sit down! Hall is a F*&@ing f&*%+t!’ Lots of offensive things yelled. It really ruined the experience, and it wasn’t just one guy, there were quite a few. Does this happen at other barns?

      • 2Oilers4

        I get getting heckle, some of it was really funny. But most made me really upset. Especially because of all the kids around. One kid beside me asked his dad ‘What’s a f@&&ot?”

          • 3 Little Birds

            Whilst I sincerely feel bad for your experience at the game, nobody likes to feel intimidated by a crowd, I also kinda wonder what you expected in NYC?

            New York F%ing City isn’t known for it’s politically correct attitude.

          • 2Oilers4

            Actually I’ve been to NYC a few times. The people here are super polite and have great manners. It’s actually the first negative experience I’ve had in this great city.

        • BlueHairedApe

          Definitely sucks being around that when kids are within earshot. Same thing happens at Rexall all the time. Sadly, I’ve had second thoughts about taking my kids to the games now and would rather spend my hard earned money on them elsewhere. It’s not a family venue anymore.

          • hagar

            I don’t think a pro hockey game is the place for little kids man.

            I understand wanting to take them to games to experience what we all love, and want to share, but it just isn’t.

            Anytime you have a ravenous fan base with alcohol that flows like water, there simply is no way around what is going to happen, like it or not.

            I don’t have kids, but if I do, I will question if I want to expose them to such a circus.

            I make ZERO Judgment about you bringing kids to a game, it should really be something special, but it isn’t when you want to show your children how normal people act.

            It is a beer spilling, loud mouth swearing venue, and honestly not the place for impressionable children.

          • AJ88

            Maybe it shouldn’t be a place for beer spilling, loud mouth swearing fans. If you can’t take future fans to a pro sport game there is a major problem with the venue. Thanks for the “ZERO” judgement though.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Think about how this sounds.

            Leave your kid at home, so people can get hammered, swear like sailors and be obnoxious – hell, even violent – in a venue where people of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

            It is their God given right to be as moronic as they like.

            No. How about people learn to control themselves in public?

            I am no prude, but it astounds me how people can sit near a kid, an elderly lady and frankly anyone they don’t know and continuously drop F-bombs or C U Next Tuesdays like it was nothing. I have no qualms saying that anyone who does that is either an idiot or should reconsider being in a public place where booze “flows like water”. They may want to seek help.

            I encourage those who can’t control themselves to go watch the game at a bar where the patrons are at least 18 years old, others did not pay to get in and drunken behaviour is tolerated – to a point. Better yet they can stay home, rather than gracing the world with their presence.

            Public intoxication is AGAINST THE LAW. So, I will be damned if someone has to leave their kid at home so some moron thinks that because they paid $200 bucks for a ticket it gives them carte blanche to get wasted, obnoxious and break the law. Anyone who thinks that it is their right to get hammered in public beyond their ability to control themselves and exert their presence on others is not a good human being and / or has a substance abuse problem. Period.

          • BobbyCanuck

            Yes, public intoxication is against the law. But the arena is not a public place…yooose got to pay to get in…

            Take it up with Oiler front office, see if they are willing to stop serving beer to protect the children from the harsh reality of sports fans

            Good luck with that

          • The Soup Fascist

            Payment or non-payment does not differentiate what a “public place” is. I can assure you a hockey rink is a public venue and the laws of the country, province and city apply.

            I am fine with the venue selling alcohol. If that adds to people’s enjoyment of the game – fine. I have occasionally had a Rexall beer at a game. I even work in the oil and gas industry (granted I am not a Scottish welder, seanaconda) and manage to get through an entire game without dropping an F(bomb). I will admit that I bit my tounge a few times during the Eakins era.

            I just think people should be able to control themselves. Not an usher, not a cop, not the bartender and not the government. People should be responsible because it’s the right thing to do.

            I know. Crazy.

          • hagar

            I’m a welder and have worked with several scotish guys that toss out ” c u next Tuesdays ” all day and it would be nice to have an area in the stands that you don’t have to pretend you’re at church

          • The Soup Fascist

            I’ve work on a few construction sites in my day where the profanity flows like water. You get the impression that some guys can’t say two work without punctuating it will the f bomb. You see the same guys away from the work site and they talk “normally”.

            I don’t think the Oil (or any team in the NHL) would have a sustainable business model based on paying $200 to sit next to a drunken, obnoxious, beer spilling slob.

          • PlayDirty

            Agree x 1000.

            I have kids and I also like to get drunk and obnoxious. But there is a time and place for everything. My $200 ticket is worth the same as their’s, and so is my kid’s. Nothing the matter with pounding a dozen beers if they can still act like an adult – some can. (Pats self on back.). If not, stay home. There is no reason to be disrespectful to others who have the same right to be there as the idiots. Being drunk doesn’t give you any additional rights to be an ass. Cheer loud, have fun and enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can! But, drunk or not, don’t get carried away to the point that it takes away from others’ experience.

          • Rob...

            Decency is dead. You can’t walk in a mall or on a downtown sidewalk without seeing the F-word plastered on a hat or t-shirt. Go for a drive and you’re likely to see it on a bumper sticker. There was a time when that would get you a ticket from the cops for that type of thing.

            With that said, ultimately it’s just a word, and shouldn’t be any more harmful than saying ‘sex’ or ‘intercourse’ or ‘coupling’. You can teach your kids that certain words are better than others to say, and that some shouldn’t be said in public. Trying to shelter your kids from the outside world will fail miserably every time, and leave them less able to cope with what they see and hear as they age.

          • bradleypi

            Both you and Soup Fascist make some really intelligent remarks.

            I would like to add the I am no saint and no prude. I have had too much to drink at many hockey games, behaved poorly and regrettably even been kicked out of games. That being said it seems that this has become the norm at Rexall these days and not just a rare occurrence. I am not talking about somebody getting really upset about a particularly bad call or letting one slip, I am talking about the idiot who is yelling profanity every second word from puck drop to buzzer.

            I have been in some major hostile environments when it comes to sporting events. I have been at several events where I was literally afraid for my safety. But the fans in General at least showed a fair amount of class and restraint. In my opinion Rexall is one of my least enjoyable environments to watch a game.

            Being a season seat holder for the last 10 years I can attest that it gets worse every year. I don’t know if this was because demand was low and tickets are often just given away, perhaps it’s just a continual erosion of decency, or if it was just the Rig-Pig effect. And I don’t mean to offend/stereotype all OilField workers because they are not the only ones. But it just seems that you always get that 18 year old itching to blow his paycheque who hasn’t had a day off in 3 weeks, and he is usually sitting right near me and my kids and letting it fly all night long without a care in the world or how many people he might be offending.

            My response is usually to let the first 2 or 3 F bombs go. After that I politely turn around and say “Can you tone down the language around my kids” or something of that nature. Usually I get a “sorry man” and that’s it and occasionally I get the “Who the F**k are you”. After that I usually end up getting the usher at which point nothing is done and then they even get worse. I end up looking like the bad guy and usually get abused for the rest of the game. I also watch as everybody around me shakes their head and their experience is ruined as well.

            One of the problems is the utter classlessness in society and the fact that nobody cares about anybody but themselves. However I feel that the majority of the blame rests on REXALL PLACE/NORTHLANDS STAFF and MANAGEMENT. In my opinion Rexall is the absolute worst for making it a safe and enjoyable place for everybody. Every other stadium/arena has multiple signs everywhere and many announcements such as “If you have a fan issue please text your issue and section # to 12345…” Rexall makes maybe one of these announcements, normally halfway through the game and they do so at intermission when nobody is there to see it. I have used the service before and never seen anything done about it.

            Rexall needs to do a better job. I am desperately hoping that things will change in Rodgers Place and with a more modern building, modern technology and new management that this will be addressed.

            I shouldn’t have to leave my kids at home because people cannot control themselves. And when I attend games without my kids I am sure the 30 year season ticket holder beside me doesn’t appreciate it either along with countless other people.

            It’s sad what has become of our society.

          • Delete


            I gave up my seats a couple years ago for these very reasons. I couldn’t take my young boys to the games because of the jerks sitting behind us.

            They were there, every game, drunk to the gills believing that the crowd came to see them. Loud profanity-laced conversations, even through the national anthems. When I had enough and pointed out that I had a 6-year-old with me, they proceeded to get louder and more abusive. Took my elderly mother to a game, and we just had to bail out early because of them.

            I don’t fight with the morons anymore. I just stopped going to games and concerts. Big-screen TV at home with cheap beer and replays.

    • socaldave

      You’re surprised you got heckled that badly at MSG? Dude, go google up “worst hockey fans” and it’ll be a tie between NY and Boston, with Philly probably up there, too.

    • SSB1963

      Yep, it does. My bro and I went to fLames versus Oilers game in Cowtown and my bro was wearing an Oilers hat. The crowd in our area chirped him the whole game, it was funny at first, then annoying, then just dreadful by the end. We both vowed to never wear opposing teams gear to a hockey game as it just ain’t worth the hassle.

      • Danomitee

        Flames fan here but I’ll be respectful so put down the pitchforks. I’ve been to rexall a couple times in my Flames jersey and got beaked relentlessly. Honestly I enjoy it, if you’re wearing an opposing teams jersey in someone elses barn you should be ready for the onslaught, I find it evens out for some of the fans I’ve beaked.

    • AJ88

      And Hopkins was 16 for 28 in the last two games and Letestu was 11 for 32 and we want to talk about RNH. Not saying Hopkins can’t improve but typical comment from ON gotta blame somebody after a loss.

        • AJ88

          As you can read I stated RNH could improve in faceoffs..Let me put this to you another way that maybe you can understand, would that comment been stated if the Oilers had won. I highly doubt it, but again Hopkins can improve in faceoffs and again if you go over the last dozen games RNH has improved his %. I guess a guy can not state his opinion against ON whiners or should I say people with “high” hockey credentials.

  • Serious Gord

    Flames fluke another OT win and are 6 game streak like oil just were.
    Post game wrap up on flamesnation and 7 comments so far. No passion down there. Unbelievable

    • 3 Little Birds

      I have noticed the same thing. They have 57 comments after a game, and ON has 126 before the puck is dropped.

      The worst Nation is the Jets. I havent seen more than 5-10 per article, not sure where they go to vent.

      Love that ON is so involved, for good or bad, in every article and game.

    • bradleypi

      So because Flames fans don’t sit around armed with their mousepad and keyboards waiting for the “post game wrap-up” they’re passionless? If you’ve ever been to a game in the Saddledome it makes Rexall seem like a church….

      • 3 Little Birds

        Dude, as an Oilers fan, I actually agree with you whole heartedly.

        Every game I’ve seen at the world’s largest panty liner, has had an incredible atmosphere. Seriously, as a fan, I am jealous. I have lived in both cities and attended games in both barns, and Cowtown fans are WAY more into the games.

        Edm seems so corporate in the lower bowl, everyone sits on their hands and is on their phone.

        It’s way too quite in Rexall, hopefully a solid year and a new facility will bring the passion back.

        Hard fought win, Damn you Flames, see you on the 27.

      • bradleypi

        No ….. because your a flames fan is why you’re passionless . . .Ha relax.

        Cmon really a church? I have seen 6 games at Sdome this year – and 40% of seats are suits in boxes and lower bowl. The rinks are have same corporate I would say they are equally loud and vocal as well.

      • SSB1963

        Funny not to long ago Rexall was voted as one of the loudest buildings to play in. And I have been to several games in the DOME! Not much different to the games I have seen at Rexall.

  • Semi

    Time to move on from the 4 forward, 1 man on the point power play.

    Get a second man on the point, and get some one-timers. Davidson has a ridiculous slap shot; use it.

    Also, Korpikoski should be ashamed of himself. Hall gets dumped after the whistle, by the guy who touches the puck on a delayed call, and he does nothing?

    Gained a lot of goodwill with the hat-trick.

    Just lost it all.

    • pkam

      Agree, seems the only purposes for four forwards is to keep the cycle going. We’re too static, too predictable and the power play seems to only have the purpose of keeping the puck and shooting from way outside,

      While that’s useful 5×5, with a man advantage we should be moving the puck more clearing space for an open shot with one solid point shot and one puck mover creating space.

      Like what Sekera, RNH and Nuge did 3-on-3 the other night,

      We need someone in the crease that can disrupt too, too often we have two forwards down low and nobody in the crease giving the opposing goalie a hard time, then we rush in for the rebound that doesn’t come, cause the goalie saw the shot the whole way.

  • bradleypi

    How is it that the Oiers [well maybe Bluejackets] is the worst team in the NHL when it comes to making passes, and winning puck battles along the boards.

    These are noted professional players, many are veterans , and they cant make a tape to tape pass in the NHL? Blind backhanders to no mans land all over the ice.,.,most of these guys can even take a pass properly… how the hell did they make it to pro hockey?

    PS….. run Woodcrofts sorry arse out of town, this guy could not organize a power play for a pee wee team..

    Have to question Too Mac , as well,… this is a lazy hockey team.

    Also send that Slug Lander to the ECHL, he is out of shape… [ I don’t care how many face offs he wins… he is usless.

  • pkam

    Some thoughts . . .

    1. Khairia would help but would not be the answer of the root cause of that loss the PP. But I hear you ON – his effort deserved a line-up spot.

    2. Haven’t we seen that anemic PP before in the last 6 years? Please for the love of Don Cherry can we put someone on the point who can shoot the puck hard and quickly?!!!! Hello Davidson? Surely he must be better than JS? No? I though NN was better and at least was more creative and shoots.

    3. Another stupid penalty from Lander in the third – this is # what 5 he has done in critical part of the game – buddy your Faceoff % is great but you need to practice other skills before Bakersfield is the next stop!!

    4. Finally when you start to have some success why does this club think it can start to pretty pass + toe drag itself to a win? Why?

    deep breath . . . .when is Connor back?

  • Boys actually played better tonight. Even game, could have gone either way. Rangers are a a heck of a team though and the oilers really never challenged the king enough. Drai looks a little less effective tonight. He will rebound next game.

  • The Soup Fascist

    We are in a heap a lot of trouble almost every game our goalies are not as tuned in /sharp as the opposition goalie . Lunquist outplayed Nilsson tonight in a close game that could have gone either way . Then more wide open and less physical games are our bread and butter .

  • S cottV

    Drai, Hall and Purcell need to value and manage puck possession a whole lot more.

    It’s pretty when it tic tac toe clicks, but it’s coming at too high a price – with too many high risk limp @ss passes being picked off.

    They gotta mix in a little more cycle activity but not sure Purcell is big enough to handle it. A cross between Purcell and Khaira would be perfect.

  • hagar

    This site is like walking on glass.

    Even constructive criticism with validity is counter pointed for the sake of it.

    Nuge sucks at face offs, Adam oates has done things for others to help that problem, but might as well just argue the fact just because.

  • Mr.Snrub

    The difference in this season and previous years is, but for a couple of games, a team that can hold it’s head up even after a loss. Tonight in New Yak’ they got outscored but not beaten. There is a difference.

    The absence of their second line and the schedule may be starting to wear on them a bit. My hope is they continue to hang around until most all of the roster is back and healthy.

  • Mr.Snrub

    7 games left in 2015.

    If the Oil can win this 7 game “series” then the playoff dream is alive especially with McJesus coming back in 2016.

    If they lose 4 or 5 to close out the year, then it’s bye bye playoffs!

  • BobbyCanuck

    Schultz doesn’t impress me at all. He doesn’t bring enough to the game. Stauffer mentioned maybe letting Shultz walk and grab Yandle as a UFA. I would go for it. Both the same kind of player but Yandle can actually score.

  • BobbyCanuck

    Last night the Oilers looked like they were trying not to lose rather than trying to win. Psychologically that makes a huge difference in a teams level of play.

    I much prefer it when they are aggressive and are playing to kick the other team’s ass.

  • pkam

    I have been critical of JS in my posts but we can hardly blame the poor sap for sigining his contract.

    Now if we can teach him to shoot, hit, and defend………we may actually have a player there!

  • SSB1963

    I’m going to have to stop reading this site again. The BradleyPi’s of the world suck the fun out of life while insulting everyone else.

    Narcissism – A Personality Disorder where you have an abnormal desire for ones self, where you lack empathy, and unconscious inadequacy of self esteem, due to regression of child development. Also a delusion that you are more important than everyone else.

    1.Excessive love or admiration of oneself.
    2.A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.
    3.Erotic pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one’s own body or self, especially as a fixation on or a regression to an infantile stage of development.

    • bradleypi

      I love that story! Another troll pretending like they know me. Man trollnation is full of psychologists lately. You accuse me of insulting people while insulting me. Reminds me of a story of a pot and kettle. If these guys would just lay off schultz and me for 1 day I’d be gone but trollnation won’t stop. They’re pretty relentless. If you dont like my comments, don’t read em. Happy holidays grumpy! Go schultz!

      • bradleypi

        I did not insult you, just noticing a pattern in your behavior. You come here to initiate confrontation with others to get attention. I am breaking my own personal rules by even responding to you, but it won’t happen again. I wish I could simply block your comments from appearing because they are all negative.

        • bradleypi

          So you come around a day later and accuse me of initiating all this garbage? I got called out yesterday because people on here hate that I don’t hate Schultz as much as they. Don’t pile on me when you don’t know what happened man. I know you just want trollnations approval by piling on me, but I didn’t start this. Scouts honor.

        • bradleypi

          And how are my comments defending schultz negative?? And trollnation berating schultz is just peachy keen upbeat positive posts in your eyes? There’s a huge difference in our ideology of positivity and negativity methinks. Yeesh. Hate me if you want but at least read what’s going on before you judge me.