The ATB Ugly Sweater Contest and Some Charity Talk

This is not a hockey related article. Be aware of that fact before you start in on the comments that this has nothing to do with complaining about Justin Schultz. What you will find, instead, is a contest for your Instagram machine and a charity drive for the Edmonton Food Bank. 

First, let’s start off with the contest… Watch the video above (SQUEEEEEE accordingly) and note the sweater so rudely given to our beloved Jordan from a scoundrel called Gio from down south. Do you own such a sweater? Do you also carry a phone that features a camera? If yes, you have all the makings of an entry into ATB’s ugly Christmas sweater contest!

To enter the contest all you have to do is throw on your favourite Christmas sweater, take a selfie, fire that bad oscar off into the Internet world (Twitter and/or Instagram), and tag it with the #EbsUglySweater hashtag. Seems simple right? Let’s check the rules to make sure that it really is that simple. 


  • Put on your favourite Christmas sweater.
  • Beautify yourself and appropriately apply your best “duck face.” (optional) 
  • Tag the picture with the hashtag #EbsUglySweater  
  • The contest is already up and running (entries accepted from December 21st until January 4th) so you can get started at any time.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries. The more you send, the better chance you’ll have of Ebersquee seeing you (seriously).
  • The winner will be selected on January 4th by Jordan Eberle himself. 
  • The prize? A set of NHL game tickets and a new jersey (signed by the players).
This really could be one of the easiest contests in the history of the world. On top of a slick prize, there’s also a very real chance that Jordan Eberle will actually be looking at a picture of you, so you might want to use that as motivation for being creative. 


The concept of this charity drive is simple. We want to raise as much money for the Edmonton Food Bank as humanly possible. We want to see this tweet blow up and plaster the Internet as though it was some kind of Kardashian news. Why? 

Our friends at Cornerstone Insurance will be donating 25 cents for every retweet the above tweet gets from now until tonight at 11:59pm. The goal of the campaign is to raise as much money as we possibly can for the Edmonton Food Bank and we could use your help.

If you have a Twitter account jump on it and give the aforementioned tweet an RT and help us raise money for a great cause. Even if you’ve already retweeted us you can still help by sharing this article and helping us spread the word. 

  • hagar

    So many things I can’t participate in because I don’t do twitter and instigram and such.

    Is there anything for the people that don’t care to modernize themselves?

    I donate anytime someone asks.. give me an extra fun reason to do it via old school methods.

    No point minimizing the market when it comes to donations!!

    • hagar

      I hear ya, man. I hear ya. I’m a Director of IT in my company, and I can’t stand social media.

      But that is one cool ugly sweater that Eberle is wearing. I’d love one of those hanging in my closet beside my Oilers jersey.

  • hagar

    I don’t know how everyone finds the time to manage all of these points of contact. Lol!! 35 years old, and I am grumbling like a 70 year old!

    It’s no wonder I can’t get anyone to work a solid day!! They get a text and check it, then as they walk away, an email blings.. first time I leave the room they are checking their facebook updates..

    Ramble ramble ramble….

    Back in my day, people simply asked for a donation.. none of this fancy pound talk…

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction – and this is no different. Just did a quick youtube search for “merry christmas gio from ebs” and there was the corresponding ugly “gio” sweater. Love it. Marketing genius. 🙂