Dear Santa


It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s elves are working hard to get the last toys ready before the big guy has to begin making his trip around the world. Surely the Oilers have a few things on their wish-list this Christmas and this is what I imagine that list looks like.



Have a Merry Christmas, Nation readers. Let me know what lil’ Peter forgot to add in his letter to Santa this year. Maybe if we’re lucky we just might find it under the tree anyway.

  • Randaman

    My Wishlist

    1. For ON to accept Hall as he is – one of the best LW in NHL but has some inconsistencies to his 2-way game. Remember he’s 24.

    2. For Connor to be back for Flames game on 27th – and for him to steal puck from Johnny Shinny and score his hat trick goal

    3. For Schulz to look great in a Preds or St Louis jersey and the “return” looking fantastic in Oiler silks.

    4. Baby Nuge under my tree.

  • Johnnydapunk

    Honestly the Oil had won the lottery, got McDavid, McLellan, a seemingly tight goalie battle and are playing meaningful games in late December. Maybe my expectations are barrel scraping low, but that’s a pretty decent haul so I would feel a bit greedy asking for more right now.

  • Jay (not J)

    Dont try to frame me….lol.

    I concieved of conceptualised created then Tradecrafted via the NHL the best Competative Sports System Management Programs the world has ever seen,I did it with inputs from many IMHO learned people,Wayne Gretzky,Roger Neilsson,and Lord Bacon amongst others.Lord Francis Bacons works make wonderfull resources and are IMHO worth sharing here expressed via FanPosts

    Whats your hobby? Are you a Fisherman because this is a fine job of Trolling you are executing here…

    You express no positive regards to respect or compassion and arbitrarily comment on the sadly ill people who are forced to seek curative therapy via medications? Shame on you !

    If I told you that the late and respected Mr. Pat Quinn not only understood how Lord Francis Bacons perspectives were used to in part catalyse the conception of Moma2s NewAge Hockey System but that he was the first Professional Sports Manager and first NHL Head Coach to actively implement the NewAge Hockey Systems{NHS} philosophies and concepts ON THE ICE with the Edmonton Oilers in 2009 …. you would with a 100% certainty claim it was nonsense.

    If I told you another Pro-Sports team that turned a losing process 100% around in one season and became a CHAMPIONSHIP Team the next had been offered and adopted the same NHS philosophies and concepts which Mr.Pat Quinn dialed in on online in 2009 and that it was documented as Quinns implementation was ….you would with a 100% certainty claim it was nonsense.

    If I told you that post-2009 in 2012 the Los Angeles Kings via Players inferences recognised the same cutting edge impactfull data online where Mr.Quinn first learned of it , and then implemented it on the ice turning their season from a tire burner into a Wagon-Burner earning them the 1st of two Stanley Cups using this elite NHS System Management Process….you would with a 100% cetainty claim it was nonsense.

    If I told you that in 2013 the Oilers via individual Player inferences had since 2008 been to escalating degrees applying the NHS philosophies and concepts themselves during Renneys tenure culminating in Sam Gagners famous 8-point Big Night and forever changing the Chicago Blackhawks future because Bowman recognised that the Oilers were using new transition tactics , Bowman stated this on the record and also stated he intended to have his managers “look into it” , after they were exposed brutally for the 2nd game in a row…. the Hawks didnt just look into it they LEAPT INTO IT and adopted these NewAge philosophies and tactics… would with a 100% certainty claim it was nonsense.

    If I told you that the last 4 Stanley Cups beginning in 2012 have been won by the first 2 non-Edmonton based NHL Teams to endorse the philosophies and concepts of the NHS… would with a 100% certainty claim it was nonsense.

    If I told you the Kings were going to win the Stanley Cup again to continue the cycle of complete and utter NHL dominance by NHS influenced Systems,you would with a 100% certainty claim it was nonsense,especially when I added that they would do it using the NHS Hammer and Anvil System which I specificlly designed to fit the Oilers and to destroy the Hawks methods of applying my NHS programs… would say nonsense again….lol…until you see the Hawks fail to make the Finals using their interpretation of the Possesion/Transition game because the 1st Team using the Hammer and Anvil will brick-Wall them.

    If I told you most NHL Teams were copying the Hawks Processes and that once the Kings SMASH them mercilessly using an UPDATED NHS System specificlly designed to 86 them….that most NHL Teams will immediatly revert to the olde school stand-up defense which anchors the NHSs H&A System… would claim nonsesne again.

    So you see if you were to add up all of this suppossed “nonsense” and validate it……well you tell me what you would have…….you finish the Moma2s NewAge Hockey System Storyline for everyone any way you wish.

    Maybe you have a rare Intuitive Empath communications Savant who is not a Prophet in his own Land…who invented a NewAge Philosophy and concepts then translated them into competative sports System Management Programs then released online gratis and free to evolve as they needed to mainstream or not which have directly impacted 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS in TWO PROFESSIONAL Sports within the last 4 years with a 6th soon to materialise when the Kings win the Stanley Cup again.Possibly a Multi-Industry monopoly on the Winning Formula…..birthed in Edmonton the City of Champions….lol.

    But because this is all entertainment value posting and Christmas Wishes you will have to take everything with a grain of salt right?….lol….like I said you finish the storyline any way you choose….maybe you can turn entertainment value into reality ….if you close you eyes and wish hard enough.Until then I am sitting beside a Christmas tree,and I am just a Boy looking at A NewAge Philosophy and System waiting for it to love me……lol.

      • hagar

        Sounds like you have been shaken but not stirred….lol.

        Its the “Force” of good intentions…….dont fight it…

        You DO know why it is there….for you to review the post again and accept your gift of Vintage Lord Francis Bacon I have bestowed upon you.

        Just wait till we introduce John Dee a past humanitarian driver to the equation….lol….and John Hutchison a present day Humanitarian Driver who hails from good olde Alberta… will learn that Moma2s Newaage Hockey System doesnt simply provide an optimal dynamic commonly called “The Winning Formula” it also 100% disenfranchises the numbers based perspective or statistical perspective which has been forced down our throats until it represents an artificially manufctured status quo….thankfully we can simply look to history and any defined periods of ENLIGHTENMENT and find many 100% effective methods to action of this type of numerical disenfranchisement because everytime things get better from a humanitarian perspective its because this “spell” has been broken for a brief period.

        You may or may not grab this concept….lol…but here it is anyways….lol….the NHL and its Team Owners and the Players Union and the constellation of peripheral influences which support or are supported by these groups …FEAR PARITY LIKE OPRAH FEARS THE SALAD BAR.

        Nearly a decade ago the NHS was suppressed by members of this Stakeholder group and its peripheral extensions……this suppression has never ceased and now people like Adam Oates with Industry clout are replacing Advanced Stats con-jobs like Dellow who were the first to unsucessfully try hijacking the NHS’s impacts and profit from them,now they have sullied Adam Oates as well,these clowns came in right behind Team Ownership of the Oilers who by proxy of their subordinates actions before and during the Eakins tenure consistantly worked to suppress disenfranchise and rip off the NHS….

        This was not a nice thing to do….lol….the Piper needs to be paid……and PARITY will be the method of collection….lol….true naturally evolving unstoppable NHL League and Players Salary PARITY via Process.The up and down pumping motions of the Stakeholder money machine will continue slowing and will soon cease to produce consistantly.

        The NHS was engaged by an escalating number of Stakeholder group members so the whole is now open to reply, so target aquisition would be a going concern for decades without a MOAB.

        New Borders must now be defined,quickly because parity is already seeded and already may survive on its own without constant watering.

        Adam Oates being promoted by the same group who promoted Dellow and the advanced stats con-jobs is disturbing….Adam shame on you,be carefull look what these idiots did to Eakins.

        Moma2s NewAge Hockey System has 2 Programs called Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and Intuitive Dynamic Management,both of these programs have been utilised for nearly a decade to provide optimal support to NHL players , Adam Oates and the sales schtick being pushed is wayyyy behind the curve here…Adam told Purcell to clip his stick and the earth moved for Teddy,and Adam became an INDUSTRY SPEARHEAD?….lol….what a crock of bull….

        In 2012 the NHS was providing support to Oilers players which by far eclipses Adams copy-cat follow-up…..Adam,NHLer or NOT, is an immitator not an innovator….the NHS provided the conduit Oates is tying to hitchhike upon, get a grip Gretzky couldnt produce the NHSs impacts who the heck will believe Adam Oates is the Messiah???

        Below is an aricle by Willis from 2012 in which there is some discussions about the impacts of the NHS providing unofficial technical support to the Oilers including specificlly sick adjustments as per IDA and IDM parameters, LONG BEFORE Oates began riding the NHSs tailwind….lol.

        For the Record we walked Jonesy to a Hattrick,by helping him make some small stick and process adjustments ….lol….Adam and Teddy cant hold a Candle to vintage 2012 NHS and Ryan Jones….lol. This was the warming up period before Sammys Big RECORD 8 point Night,and later it indirectly contributed by proxy to Halls Record 2 goals down the road.

        Also FTR the late and respected Mr.Pat Quinn was the first Head Coach to actively implement the NHS at the NHL level in 2009,informally and unofficially ,but actively validating the data set in an intentional manner which specificlly could not be suppressed by ownership or anyone else once it hit your TV and my VCR.Thank you again, Sir.

        Below is some limited discussions about the impacts being expected from the NHS Philosophies and concepts Pat was beginning to teach his men in 2009.Pat Quinn will ALWAYS be the first Pioneer to utilise the NHS and its programs of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis{IDA} and Intuitive Dynamic Management[IDM] at the NHL level,the Kings and Hawks now have the 4 Trophys to prove their alliegence and they will win more,but history will show Pat Quinn was FAR AHEAD of his Peers and was the FIRST.

        BTW I am not giving you the original NHS posts Pat Quinn found me through out of respect for him and disrespect for you and your oppositional defiance.I will be saving those for a more impactfull negotiating moment I dont wish to share with the public right now because of people like Dellow and Oates,….lol.You will have to settle for what I give you here or begin digging on your own.

        I dont know you as an ON poster but I will say this much…anyone on here basiclly since the site began will recognise Moma2/NewAgeSys’s handiwork ALL OVER PAT QUINNS 2009 COMMENTARY…….lol… is an UNORTHODOX and signature impact….lol.

        Now lets clarify here,there is no nonsense ,just a lot of entertainment value Hockey talk….this is not an inquisition unless you wish it to be.And if you do buckle up and hang on ….lol……if entertainment value manifests itself into reality it will be YOUR HAND pushing the River not mine… have rules to follow…I can only go so far with my entertainment value support then you must learn on your own path of discovery,for the message its delivery and reception are slightly different for everyone.

      • MorningOwl

        One day a blank Paper Tiger tossed out by someone who wants to win badly enough might eventually drag NewAgeSys off of the Internet it needs to be certified I guess,yes……..then again the thrill of battle is kind of gone now….all the action is over and now all there are to be found are rewards which only bog you down when you prefer to travel lightly….lol.

  • MorningOwl

    @New Age Sys.,

    You have taken your sesquipedalian verbiage to new heights!!

    Besides to take empirical theories based on studies by a philosopher from the 16th century
    and ply it against something called New Age Sys., is rather conflicting.Its not new when its 400 years old dude!