North By NorthGretz Podcast Episode 9


Happy holidays everyone! We hope you ate and drank way too much and are enjoying all the cool gifts you got for Christmas! This week the boys are joined by a couple of very special guests, Adam and Jeff from Pride Tape! They talk about their incredible initiative and how you can become involved, and Adam regales us with some tales from the early days of Oilersnation! Then it’s on to a little Oilers talk, a recap of the Nation Christmas party, and Chris The Intern gives you his best holiday advice!

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  • A-Mc

    Compliment: JS used to talk too much but its a much nicer spread between the 3 of you now!

    Im not sure if this was a conscious change, but it’s much better now.

  • A-Mc

    +1 for epic MSPaintshopping!
    -10 for duhm

    It would be nice if you guys researched news around the league and then brought all your good findings into this show; thus saving us (The listeners) time! The show personalities and team banter will develop over time but until then, we need something worthwhile to listen to.

    Think: Top Gear morphed from a car review show with no personality to a personality-rich show that does car reviews. Eventually people will tune in to listen to the 3 of you jokers pissin around but right now we need worthwhile content that is related to things we actually care about, so that we stick around long enough to enjoy your team dynamic.

    This is meant as constructive criticism (other than the “duhm” part). Im sure you guys want your show to be successful or else you wouldn’t bother making it.

    Just my .02