Oilers Trade Ben Scrivens for Zack Kassian


The Edmonton Oilers have traded former starter (and noted Professor) Ben Scrivens to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for forward Zack Kassian.

For many Oilers fans the name Zack Kassian is associated with a dirty play that broke Sam Gagner’s jaw. Not only did Kassian break Gagner’s jaw, he taunted him for it. This same player is now an Edmonton Oiler – what a difference a couple years can make. As of right now, Kassian has been assigned to the Bakersfield Condors so it’s clear that the Oilers are hoping he can work things out down there before being recalled. 

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Once recalled, it will be interesting to see how Kassian fits in a dressing room that still has some history which his slash on former Oiler San Gagner. Andrew Ference was suspended for taking a run at Kassian after the slash, and Luke Gazdic reportedly challenged him to fights without having the new Oiler answer the bell. Does this even matter anymore? Do guys even care? I guess we’ll find out. 

On the cap front, it looks like the Oilers have retained 24% of Scrivens’ salary in order to complete the deal. Although this move does still save the team a few shekels it is not as much as initially anticipated which has me wondering if something else could be happening. I guess I just can’t see a scenario where both Luke Gazdic and Kassian are taking up two roster spots on this team. There’s a ways to go before a decision like that is to be made though, Kassian hasn’t played a game since last season and surely have to knock off some rust. Until then, we wait.  


Dear Ben,

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I wanted to wish you good luck in Montreal. I know things didn’t exactly work out for you, in your home town, and for that I apologize. After that 59 save shutout I thought that maybe the Oilers had found their goalie of the future, and maybe you thought that too. Unfortunately, the team in front of you wasn’t poorly constructed and you didn’t play as well as maybe you could have so our relationship has to end.

I know these last few months must have been hard for you, in the AHL. I’m sure it wasn’t easy going to work down on the farm when your own personal expectations must have had you playing somewhere in the NHL. On the bright side, you made millions of dollars to play the game you played for free as a kid and that’s a win in my books. Right? Right.

My hope is that this stop in Montreal lands you another NHL contract, and that you continue being the smartest guy in an NHL dressing room for years to come. Before that can happen there’s plenty of work to do in Montreal, and I hope you’re up for it. You’re going to be filling in for the best goalie in the league in one of the biggest fishbowls in the hockey world. No pressure.

All the best in Montreal, Ben. I hear they have excelled smoked meat sandwiches, strip clubs, poutine, and access to unfiltered cigarettes.

Your friend,


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2011-2012 CANUCKS 17 1 2 3 -1 31 0 0 0 18 5.6
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2012-2013 CANUCKS 39 7 4 11 -7 51 2 0 1 49 14.3
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  • Doctor Smashy

    I think this has been orchestrated by Trump’s political strategists.

    Everyone knows that the Oilers number one problem is their defence corp. The centre of that problem is that Justin Schultz is playing over 25 minutes a night and he shouldn’t even be in the NHL. Chiarelli knows this too so what does he do? He trades for one of the worst human beings he can. A player who is a thug on the ice and a public danger off the ice. Now what are we all talking about? Nice. Way to change the conversation ChiaPete. This addresses an issue that we don’t have. But we now have an issue with off-ice behavioural problems and a serious lack of on-ice character. There is a huge difference between Hall not attacking an opponent for a dirty play and a guy like kASSian deliberately injuring people and generally being a cancer on the league. I hate this move.

    • Serious Gord

      This was my first reaction too. Mtl desperately needs goalie backup. They have cup aspirations right now. Every other team waived on Kassian (I know there may have been other suitors – that the waiver thing was just a formality). But did they need to eat some of Scrivens salary to get the deal done?

  • danrather

    As an Oilers fan living in Vancouver, I’ve seen the Kassian story for way longer for than I’d like. The Canucks traded away hope of developing secondary scoring in Hodgson for Kassian. Apparently Hodgson and his dad were a pain in Gillis’s ass so acquiring the 13th overall pick in the ’09 draft in Kassian seemed like a good idea. He was a bust in Vancouver, a bust in Montreal, and will be a bust again in Bakersfield. He does have his back against the wall and this may be his last chance but this is a player with no character or pride. At least PC saved some cash.

  • danrather

    Nothing more than a reclamation project. If it works out great. If it doesn’t oh well it only cost you a goalie who was never going to play for you anyway. As for the folks commenting on his substance abuse problems. How soon we forget a group of substance abusers brought us 5 cups in the 80’s. I personally like the trade

  • Willi P

    I thought the NHL GM’s had come to their senses when this guy passed through waivers and the MB told Kassian to not report to the AHL. IMO, he does not deserve to be in the game, proved it in Vancouver and Montreal. Have a good look at the picture fans, what you see is what you get. This guy is a few cards short of a full deck.

  • Serious Gord

    Did anyone else see the irony in the GM who famously traded Seguin for his personal issues now trading for a player with well-established personal issues.

    Makes you wonder…

    • Willi P

      Great point. Both appear to be desperation moves. I don’t get why PC would want to risk adding a wild card to a team that is trying to evolve out of being fragile for so many years.

    • The Soup Fascist

      I think it is apples and oranges.

      The concern with Seguin was alleged “character issues”, not substance abuse. The thought process was let’s get some good pieces in return for this guy before he becomes a diminished asset. Plus Neely was driving the “he is not a Bruin type of player” bus more than Chia from what I could see.

      Not saying it was the right decision by any means, but it was much different than giving up absolutely nothing for a reclamation project to try and address a team need.

  • Tony Montana

    I read a lot of complaints along the line of we need defence or this guys an a-hole who broke Gagner Jaw. And so on.

    Do you think Ben Scrivens (who was our backup on our farm team) was going to return a top 4 defencmen? It was this (a player our organization is sorely lacking) or a late round pick that would be used to draft a player that best case scenario would have played in the NHL is 4 years. Most likely case scenario plays a brief AHL career.

    If he doesn’t work out it cost us an asset of little value to the organization. If it does then it was a great move.

    Everyone hates Kassin. (Myself included) for the way he plays. Ask yourself this. Who on the Oilers right now does every other teams fans hate for the way they play? We need a Marchant, but since he isn’t coming we have to look at other options. The cost of acquisition makes this a low risk potentially high reward move. And if it isn’t. Ow well, nothing ventured nothing gained. We will get by just Finewithout that 6th round pick we could have received at the deadline for

    • camdog

      We could use 2-3 Todd Marchant’s.

      I don’t hate Kassian for the way he plays. I like hard nosed hockey players, I don’t like douche bags regardless of which team they play on.

  • O.C.

    The Oil and the Canadiens each made two classy moves, with each giving two players another chance.

    Scrivens was always full of class and we wish him well.

    Kassian has also been given a life vest, a map, and a life raft. It’s up to him to row, or choose not to row.

  • S cottV

    I saw a lot of Kassian in Vancouver some nights he was the best player on the ice, most nights did not notice him. You could see his problem was the mental side of the game. If he can put it together he could be a 1st line winger. That is a big if. On the other side he maybe valuable at the trade deadline.

  • S cottV

    Sam Bennett bullies the OIlers last night doing what he wants and crushing everything in sight and Chiarelli reacts by dealing for Kassian hahahahahaha GREAT TRADE

  • ziyan94

    I don’t know what to make of this move. I assume he will have to prove himself in Bakersfield before he gets a sniff at the main club.

    Anyhow, still really down after the Oil drop two games – and to the Canucks and Flames to boot. Those really hurt. Really disappointed by how our guys responded in Calgary. Always a boatload of excuses.

    • camdog

      I don’t know why NN didn’t blow up “Johnny Hockey” last night when he was rounding the back on the net, NN just let off amd gave him a tap then guess who scores after, Johnny.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Right on, hope he makes the team the way I see it is if every team hates us then we are doing something right and if teams don’t hate us then we’re doing something wrong, Zack will make teams hate us more and that’s a good thing.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    It’s worth giving Zack another chance if or when he’s ready to come back.He’s a big guy that can sit in front of the net and get some greasy goals.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    It’s worth giving Zack another chance if or when he’s ready to come back.He’s a big guy that can sit in front of the net and get some greasy goals.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Very odd move considering Kassian was waived a couple weeks ago.

    Kassian has the skill to be a top 6 player but his mental health and addiction issues derailed him. You also have to question his character but that could’ve been the drugs talking. Who knows. I don’t see him doing well and that’s too bad. Kids, drugs are bad.

  • The Soup Fascist

    I believe KASSIAN will make the most of this opportunity and turn his career around! We are going to love this BEAST! Stay POSITIVE! Happy New Year Oilersnation and Baggedmilk! All the best in the New Year!

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Ya but seriously, Why hasn’t Jultz been sent to the minors yet? What’s the hold up here… Staring to get worried I’ll might have to watch him wear an oiler jersey again…

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    I am happy for the trade. Hated him when he was against us and we could do nothing to stop him. Lets face it he has a bit a crazy and some skill and can handle decent minutes. However does anyone think this kinda resembles us acquiring Ben Eager? He was the type of player we needed anywhere else but here he disappeared.