yakimov draft capture

Bogdan Yakimov bolted the Oilers over the holidays, the transaction finally up late this afternoon on the AHL’s (often newsmaking) transactions page. What might this mean for his future as an Oiler? Well, it isn’t good but it might not be the end of the line.

yakimov transaction

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There is a very long list of ‘one-hit wonders’ among Oilers draft selections over the years, defined as selections who came up for one game before heading to lesser leagues to ply their trade. Bogdan Yakimov might be the most talented of all, and his quick exit halfway through the entry-level deal is a surprise and a disappointment.

  • Condors Coach Gerry Fleming: “He felt it was a chance or an opportunity to make
    the national team (for the World Championship) so he went back. It was
    unfortunate for us to lose him but he felt he needed to go back to give
    himself the best opportunity.”

This is not encouraging—NHL teams use the AHL as a development league but also as an extended backup roster—and the world’s best hockey league doesn’t like surprises. In recent seasons, we have seen Teemu Hartikainen leave for the KHL and Toni Rajala ask for—and receive—his release from the organization. Both of those moves were off-season items and one got the feeling management was fine with both transactions:

  • Ralph Krueger just after Hartikainen’s final Oiler games: “He’s
    trying to figure out what a gritty, strong power forward does and
    what’s connected to that. What’s important for him is to continue to
    manage the puck in all three zones.”

Rajala’s situation was very weird, Edmonton bought him out after a strong season in the minors and a request to play in Europe by the player. I wrote about it here.

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Options are limited but Edmonton does have a few chess moves. They own the rights to Yakimov, and he has a year left on his entry level deal. The Oilers could trade his rights, or wait for his return, but I would think the ideal option is to have him return to Bakersfield in the fall, as one of the possible callups.


It might have been. Edmonton has sent for help numerous times  this season, with the Condors sending Andrew Miller, Iiro Pakarinen, Leon Draisaitl and Jujhar Khaira north. If Yakimov was still in Bakersfield tonight, and a call came for a replacement for Pakarinen, would it be Yak 2.0? Probably not, I would guess Anton Slepyshev or Kale Kessy.

We don’t know the issue really, public reasons can often be cover for personal reasons or issues about playing time and opportunity. I dislike getting into areas unknown and hate the idea of casting aspersions. The bottom line is that the player is gone, and the team did not suspend him, preferring instead to ‘reassign’ him.

This isn’t over. But it might be.

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  • Glass

    We have seen this movie before……..let’s not be surprised if Anton Slepyshev does the same?

    I think it would be wise for the Oilers to let all prospects know that unless you are a very special player and can play consistently…….call ups and going down is not a negative thing.

    I like what Anton Lander did……..state that going down was a very good strategy for developing without all the scrutiny.

    Hey if you can rock down at the AHL level you know there is only one other place to go……..the bigs!

  • Jay (not J)

    This is a big disappointment not only in losing a decent prosper but the fact that picking 22 overall and losing that player leaves a hole in the prospect pool. Maybe the oilers should start thinking twice about drafting Russians…..

  • Glass

    My concern is the playing times that are being mentioned. We don’t need more losing throughout the organization but it seems the vets are getting the important minutes on the farm. Young players don’t mind paying their dues as long as the are getting a fair shake. But for big yak, he might have seen (as you’ve said) others getting opportunities in the bigs and he not getting the chance to improve with playing time and figured this was best for his development. Not a good sign if that’s the case.

  • Glass

    I don’t really understand the situation. Could Yakimov theoretically just finish out the year in the KHL, then demand to be released from his contract?

    If that happens, could he get released, and become a free agent for another NHL team?

    • A Little Less Concerned

      Not sure why you are being trashed for a legit question. I am no expert but I don’t think he can demand to be released from his contract. The way the rights work is that “in the NHL” the oilers own his rights.

      Could he play the rest of his days in Europe? Yup he could. But if he ever wanted to come back to the NHL, the Oilers would have a say in that

      Again, not an expert. There might be a time limit on that but I don’t know if or what that is.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Guess not everyone wants to be converted into a bottom 6 mindless systems drone. Can’t blame him for going home where he can enjoy playing the game again. He gave it nearly 2 years to try and break into a lineup that has more holes in it than swiss cheese. On other Russian brain washing attempts, Yakupov is almost finished being converted into a third line grunt.

      • lucky

        You sound like you know a thing or two about winning @Igor Ulanov 55.

        I seriously agree with your statement and am disappointed the Oilers screwed up 2 years with Eakins BS and that they have not made more of an effort to optimise both Nail and Bogdan and others as well like Nuge since then.

        I am a 100% all-in Yakupov supporter and will never accept how he has been treated under the moron Eakins as the Oiler Way because it wasnt the Oiler way it was the derelict Eakins way , and I believe Yakimov deserved more NHL opportunity to become a Power Forward impact player .

        I would advise all core players excluding Hall and McDavid who are in to deep to pull the pin.Now.”Initiate Ghost Protocol-Copper Rain….Rome has Fallen…PTW….Rome has Fallen.”

        T-Mac isnt even close to building a Superior System,and is 3-4 years away from playoffs I believe he has the right intentions,but Bobs audit which brought him here was tainted and poison pills remained all over the organisation ,preventing T-Mac from knowing about and accepting NHS data and history.

        The Oilers Braintrust have had public domain acess to the same NHS data sets everyone has had acess to online since 2007-08.

        In 2009 Pat Quinn forever validated in a sympathetic manner the NHS’s inaugural NHL impacts by implementing the philosophy concepts and tactics with the Oilers on the ice on the job on the record.In 2012 as per new and signature statistical patterning developing chronologiclly and sequentially first in individual stats patterns then in team patterns the Kings discovered and implemented NHS data,and in 2013 the Hawks followed suit with Bowman openly stating his intentions of identifying and investigating the NHSs impacts post-Gagner 8 point night… over 20% of NHL Teams are now impactfully implementing IDA and IDM.

        The NHS is never going away and statistical patterning will forever illuminate exactly how and when and where the NHS impacts entered the NHL arena via individual players ,then Team focuses ,resistance is futile and will only define you as a liar or Snake-Oil Salesman.The stats may only be misrepresented until a pointed forensic audit is done,and then the full and complete picture unmistakably emerges.

        Had Katz asked an Independant Statistical Consulting Firm in no way connected to the Hockey Industry with GUARANTEES OF NO CONNECTIONS TO THE ADVANCED STATS INDUSTRY to review the statistical patterning the Oilers have produced every season since 2005 and then built a pictorial graph he would have clearly identified that the Oilers were in a chronological sequential order from 2008 forward implementing NEW processes which were producing exponentially better and better results,and that specific areas were producing NEW signature statistical patterns.That these exact same NHS signature statistical patterns also began to develop for the Kings in 2012 and the Hawks in 2013 and so on with more NHL Teams today .An external audit would show basic forensic stats patterning proving the NHLs current Era cutting edge Cup Winning processes begin exactly in 2012 and extend dominantly to the present and CATALYSE FROM THE OILERS in 2009 TO THE KINGS in 2012 TO THE HAWKS in 2013 TO THE WESTERN CONFERENCE and outwards.

        Bob should have personally asked Dellow exactly HOW IT WAS POSSIBLE HE HAD BEEN MISSING THESE BASIC UNMISTAKABLE SIGNATURE STATISTICAL PATTERNS WHICH HAD BEEN EVOLVING WITHIN OILERS PROCESSES FOR YEARS….not weeks or months….but YEARS????It was IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS THE EVIDENCE.Because missing them meant the Oilers Managers missing out on the NHS and connecting to it as a direct proprietary source and missed out on its chronological validating results based OILERS history .Today it means even though we audited and this dynamic should have WITH CERTAINTY been illuminated ,well,T-Mac is still somehow being denied critical systems data and Intuitive Empath consultations because he has no clue about the NHS/Oilers/NHL near decade long history.

        This dynamic leads one to question wether the advanced stats inputs were intentionally or negligently failing to illuminate Industry Standard statistical indicators which were showing new signature and outstanding patterns and all were leading in chronological sequential order directly to ..the NHS….signature patterns which existed Pre-hire,and doing it to keep themselves employed pushing stats theories as if they had created the NHSs impacts…..lol.

        To be sure the Oilers and Kings and Hawks and fLames ect werent in any hurry to wave the NHS banner around but Professional Sports are a results based business and teams are following the stats results left behind from the last 4 Stanley Cups and doing their best to break down dissect and copy-cat them and hopefully create wins for themselves.T-Mac in San Jose was doing exactly this with the Kings processes.I saw the Deer in the Headlights look T-Mac had last post gamer,I think he is cluing in something odd is up and he just cant believe he stumbled upon the Kings and Hawks Majic-Guru but that the Oilers Brass have made mortal enemies with this Majic- Guru before T-Mac and PC even hit town….lol.

        A select group of online bloggers and Hockey Industry Insiders have known for YEARS that the Oilers/Kings/Hawks began officially learning and utilising the NHS which has DOMINATED THE Stanley Cup winners circle THE LAST 4 YEARS beginning in 2009 with Pat Quinn running to Renney and Krueger to differing degrees and then to Sutter in 2012 and then to Bowman in 2013 and it then spread out from the Western Conference League-wide.Darryl Katz has already paid big tuna to ensure T-Mac can know this history,and ALL Oilers history,no?So what happened?


  • Morgo_82

    Oilers have no idea how to pick players outside the 1st round. Every year you get excited and every year disappointment . Can’t be the worst team in the NHL for the last 10 years without blowing most picks.

    Anyone could have done just as poorly as the scouting staff. I hear they get paid too.

    • lucky

      Oilers have no idea how to pick players period!! All their picks are exactly how the players are listed by the NHL’s Central Scouting Bureau!!

      MacT and Lowe never drafted by need, they drafted by how CSB listed the players …

  • DonEnrico

    NAS, didn’t you watch the ending of money ball? Stats only work to an extent, can’t account for heart ect… That’s the beauty of sports. Keep on keeping on man

    • Jay (not J)

      Statistics are stone cold honest records of results representive of PAST DYNAMIC ACTIONS represented symboliclly by numbers.

      If no dynamic causality and sequential chronological evolutionary history is attatched to the numbers they remain generic and can be re-formatted and presented in many ways ….however once these critical circumstances are fulfilled a SIGNATURE STATISTICAL PATTERN with 100% accurate histronic timeline is defined .

      Think about a DOLLAR.One LOONIE is a dollar,one single piece or entity unto itself and we will equate it to a SIGNATURE STATISTICAL PATTERN with all of the above parameters defined and complete .

      Now think about this.Two Quarters ,3 Dimes,and 4 Nickles is a Gypsy dollar made up of many varying but complimentay pieces creating an exact dollar we will equate this to the fluid nature of numbers with an multi-layered plurally defined history and realise the potential for advanced statistics to illuminate any single part of the Gypsy equation with an overbalanced 100% focus .Advanced stats manipulate the visuals connected to origins of causality to make a Gypsy dollar “look” like 10 Dimes…or 4 Quarters…or 20 Nickles….they RUIN THE NATURAL BALANCE AND BEAUTY AND VALUE of the Gypsy Dollar by MISREPRESENTING THE VISUALS OF ITS TRUE HERITAGE.

      Absolutely no disrespect to anyone with Roma heritage, my references are 100% complimentary in intentions.

      I didnt watch Money-Ball but have heard of it,the NHS is based on Intuition Empathy and dynamic reality and uses NO STATISTICAL CORE VALUE INPUTS,stats are only used in-house for developmentel comparative purposes,thats it.

      Stats are 100% AFTER-THE FACT RECORDS of dynamic action….and that is all they are,there is no anticipatory value in stats,none,only a historic comparative value,anything else is 100% guesswork and conjecture,and any other attempted usage will cause consistant disconnects,chameleon-like self-sustaining ones which are impossible to easily pin down.

      Traditionally presented statistical applications are pure and unadultered…advanced stats are ALL MISREPRESENTATIVE OF DYNAMIC CAUSALITY BY PROXY.

      If you understand how to read dynamic causality using IDA and IDM,you can look at a traditional stats sheet in your newspaper or on any team site and you can build a 100% accurate Pre-Game System impact Template….you may not know which micro-dynamics they will come out using but you will have a generic numbers based set of %s defined by volume in specific areas to make educated guesses on their primary secondary and tertiary focuses with.

      Something like a low shooting % BUT an unusully high volume of shots red-flags the use of IDM and you yourself must then use IDA to reverse-engineer the dynamics via the numbers….lol…until you see the 5-W’s What When Where and Why.

      Someone with 22 assists and 2 goals also telegraphs critical data defining dynamic causality and the high likelyhood of the tactical applications of IDM.

      Heart isnt as important as you think…a lot of people are driven to elite performance levels and Championships by a lot of different things and they ALL have varying degrees of heart completely unrelated to their occupation…lol…some guys are ALL-IN FOR THE BENJAMINS…some for the Love of the Game,some to pay back-child support,some to save the Rain Forest and Whales …well you get it right?

      Who had more Heart Gretzky..Pronger…Stevens…Lindros…Crosby…Ovechkin ….or Gagner?Which 2 have scored 8 points in one NHL Game , how much does heart come into play?ZERO… and how much does SYMPATHETIC PROCESS come into play?100%.

      The Process makes the Player.If you can skate onto the NHL ice surface,baby you’ve got enough heart!!!….lol.

      Heart and chemistry are euphamisms and have no tangible causality or substance or impact,they are fluid symbolic representations of a belief system.Much like advanced stats….lol.

      If you can walk from the parking lot to the room and lace up your skates you have enough Heart….lol…..and if you can put 2x sugars and 2x creams in my X-Lrg Double Double you have enough Chemistry….lol.

      From what I heard Money-Ball was a baseball
      thing where stats were used???The NHS rejects most stats usages COMPLETELY and is a Pro-Hockey and Pro-Football thing…lol…baseball is a different arena all together one where you can more impactfully play the numbers game,baseball has a VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF DYNAMIC POSSIBILITIES in play at any given time and is anerobic in presentation….lol…. baseball is childsplay compared to NHL hockey or Pro Football.

      Money-Ball if it is stats catalysed will never work in Hockey or Football or Soccer….ever.
      I understand the beauty of sports having competed and Coached as an amature working alongside and with developing Professional and Olympic level Athletes ….lol…and there is a Winning Formula.

      All the heart in the world is not helping you seperate a determined Milan Lucic from the puck if he has been taught optimal puck protection skills,it is what it is.

      All the chemistry on the planet will not help you score if the process the defense executes consistantly has your options negated.

      All the so called advanced statistical hocus-pocus will not define dynamic causality for you and give you a free ticket to repeatability…..lol….it will just give you a permanent case of The Emperors New Clothes….lol…like DE caught somehow.

      I dont know about Money-Ball but I do know a little something about the Winning Formula and conveying the processes to others.

  • DonEnrico

    I just had this insight .They want Kassin to play left wing with McDavid and Yak.
    He can keep up has Ok hands and will definitely be a deterrent to any one who wants to run McDavid.

  • DonEnrico

    Who cares that he went back home…none of these guys who bolt are NHL calibre players anyway…where’s Hartikanen now? I wouldn’t lose sleep over this guy, he wasn’t going to unseat RNH,Drai or Letestu anytime soon. What concerns me is MacT drafting the guy in the first place.

  • Jay (not J)

    Play the kids more down on the farm. It seems every power play goal is scored by a 30 year old. It’s the same old. Same old, many coaches in the AHL care only about winning.
    There should be a mandate to make sure the kids play a certain amount of minutes. Yes the kids will make mistakes, that’s why they’re playing in the AHL.

  • Jay (not J)

    I’ve always been a huge believer in drafting, and when possible trading and signing western Canadian kids. Obviously u can’t follow this philosophy to the letter. ..that’d be ridiculous.But at every possible chance, when it makes sense, take a western kid (draft,trade,FA)…doing this u minimize the Yakimovs of the game walking away from your organization