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A look at the AHL website under Bakersfield Condors gives us an idea about who is scoring and who is not—and the prospects are not pushing veterans for the scoring lead. One of the things that can obscure the story is power-play point totals, as it is pretty hard to score from the bench. Are any of the kids on the farm outscoring veterans at 5×5? Let’s have a look.


14-15 barons

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These are the totals for the OKC Barons forwards last season. The top prospect (Anton Lander) graduated to the NHL this season, and we see Iiro Pakarinen and Andrew Miller (both called up during the year) posting totals over .500 a game at even strength. It is also worth mentioning the top rookie last season (Bogdan Yakimov) posted a solid total—.404 in year one AHL at even strength is a good number.



We still have much of the season to go, and some players (Slepyshev) are off to very slow starts, so important to factor in sample size when discussing. Still, most have 20 games or so and that is a nice total as a start.

Winquist and Reinhart haven’t played enough to tout them, so the player who stands out to me in a good way is Jordan Oesterle. With Brad Hunt in the NHL now, we might expect Joey Laleggia to get a PP push, but don’t discount speed merchant Oesterle, who has legit skills.

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Among forwards, Khaira has improved markedly season over season (.196 to .375) and maybe playing time impacted last year’s totals. Bogdan Yakimov is down from his first year, but injury impacted him for sure so not really a fair comparison.

We will look at this during the summer too, youngsters usually spike in the second half. With that in mind, let’s compare rookies season over season.


14-15 barons rookies

Yakimov spiked beginning mid-December last season, after starting the season 22, 1-6-7. From there, the big Russian went 35, 8-8-16 (.457) and getting increased playing time—you may recall Anton Lander was recalled to Edmonton around the same time.


condors rookie ev scoring

None of the current AHL rookies are posting numbers that we might associate with future NHL success, but it is important to put things in perspective. The leading rookie scorer among 20-year-old AHL players this season is Michael McCarron of the St. John’s Icecaps—he is currently 31, 10-9-19 (.612) in the world’s best minor league this year.

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What does that tell us? None of the forwards who have been plying their trade in the Oilers system last and this year should be considered prime offensive options for the future in the NHL. That said, Edmonton already has those players at the NHL level, their first-round picks didn’t require that extra step (as McCarron does currently, although that would seem to be a short-term item). Edmonton needs Jason Chimera, Kyle Brodziak—and those men didn’t kill the AHL at 20. 


My primary impression from this mid-season look is the frustration of losing another solid prospect like Bogdan Yakimov. The thing is, you develop a past. Hey I am all for blaming these Euro kids for not doing well over here, but hang it all some of them have done well and still go home.

Teemu Hartikainen was (as I recall) about conditioning. Toni Rajala was (apparently) about his wanting to cash in. Bogdan Yakimov? Don’t know. This is concerning though. Is it playing time? Lack of communication? I am absolutely willing to sewer the scouting department until the sky falls, but is there something else here? Do other NHL teams lose their Yakimov’s in December?

Inquiring minds and all that. In the meantime, we wait and hope for one of this year’s kids to spike.

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  • 15w40

    It appears outside of the oilers blue chippers, which are all playing In the Nhl outside of perhaps Reinhart,Brossiont. ..the organization looks to b painfully thin with young up and coming talent. The oilers are going to need to do a much better job at the draft table moving forward to get the club depth in all positions in order to become,and be able to sustain a winning program.

    • Serious Gord

      Someone needs to do a bunch of research of the hawks and kings – Kings especially – and try and reverse engineer how they decide what players to draft. The Kings just find good to excellent players deeper in the draft on a consistent basis. That is not just luck.

      That is smarts, effort and resources applied in a rigourous fashion.

      The oil have deployed little if any of those and included a heavy dose of nepotism to truly mess things up. It’s going to take five years minimum to fix and that’s if they make all the right corrections right now.

      And don’t get me started on their pro scouting…

  • 15w40

    How much development for the parent club is being sacrificed for the sake of winning down on the farm?

    Players still have to earn ice time but when you are supposed to be a development feeder system then the players have to be given enough rope to make mistakes and not get immediately stapled to the bench.

    Not saying that’s happening but it’s also not a new accusation either.

  • Lowetide

    Reinhardt showing progress, and Schlepy has regressed.

    Brossait will be in Edmonton in 2 weeks if our goalies don’t wake up.

    Platzer looks good.

    Yak2 pisses me off. The guy who I thought would be here by the All Star break. Damn Shame.

  • Serious Gord

    happy new year LT . i must sound like a broken record always repeating myself to hold onto draft choices because you restock the cuboard with entry level contracts when you see Chicago or Washington trade those away ?How about Florida .now i dont see anybody other than LB in the ahl or chl that will help us out . if a trade must be done we have pcs on the roster to get a defensman and add more size to the team but keep the draft choices

    • Lowetide

      Happy new year to you, too. Chiarelli used his AHL team a lot in Boston, kept guys like Krejci down there for pretty much a full season even though they were ready. We will get there.

  • Lowetide

    Like most everything else with previous management, drafting was off the rails.

    They were drafting guys like Musil, Simpson, Pitlick, ahead of Jaskin Saad, Jenner, Kurcherov.

    Russian players like Jaskin, Tarasenko, Panarin, Kurcherov etc. seem to have been missed by Oiler Euro scouts.

    MacT, did the “cheaper by the dozen move” landing Yakaminov, and Slepshev…. where are they today.?

  • Serious Gord

    When you look at teams like L.A., Dallas and the Ducks we have watched them build their teams year upon year. They have made some good selections from selections made at the draft behind the Oil. They have big strong heavy teams. They have done it with competent pro scouting and smart trades. Someone at the top did their freaking job. I don’t think the full measure of Oiler ownership and management’s incompetence has been realized by most fans. All of the first round, first overall picks have made the organizatiomn lazy beyond words.

    The only good thing was selecting Connor McD and that was ‘horseshoe up your ass’ chance. I have read of other team’s scouts remarking they never see Oiler scouts at games. Now that was pre-Chiarelli but what has he managed to bring to the organization? Squat, that’s what. Under-sized D man Sekera who gets mauled by forecheckers nightly. You better like him fellow fans because you are going to watch Sekera do what he does for a very long time.

    I’m thankfiul I don’t have season’s tickets. By watching the Oil on the tube I have the option of changing channels or finding something better to do as opposed to leaving Rexall and doing the 3 1/2 hr drive home.