Adapting to Life Without Klefbom


It’s been three weeks since Oscar Klefbom last played a game for the Edmonton Oilers. A couple of days after he was initially hurt, general manager Peter Chiarelli described the injury as “not serious” and said that the defenceman might play as quickly as the road trip the team was just about to set out on.

Now there’s been an update, and the news is not good. It appears that Edmonton will be without its No. 1 defenceman for the foreseeable future.

Klefbom’s importance to the team is difficult to overstate. The 22-year-old veteran of just 107 NHL games already sits at the top of Edmonton’s defensive depth chart. He plays heavy minutes at even-strength, plays more than anyone else on the penalty kill and had been carving out a regular role on the power play.  

Already, the Oilers found themselves five points back of a San Jose Sharks team for the last playoff spot in the Pacific, despite having played three more games than the California-based team. The long-term loss of Klefbom may be final blow to the club’s playoff hopes, hopes which had already been badly damaged by four consecutive losses to division rivals.

How should the Oilers proceed with their blue line in the absence of Klefbom?

Other Potential Exits


We should probably start by acknowledging the players who could be shopped between now and the trade deadline. At this point it seems highly probable that the Oilers will be sellers at the deadline, which means we’ll see more bodies shipped out. As I see it, the plausible candidates, ranked in order of most likely to least likely, look like this:

  • Eric Gryba. Edmonton may want to re-sign Gryba as a physical element on the third pair, playing the same role for the Oilers that Adam McQuaid played for Chiarelli’s Bruins. However, he is a pending unrestricted free agent, and the return from moving him at the deadline is likely to exceed the price paid to acquire him (a fourth-round pick) at the draft. Edmonton also has a bit of a logjam in terms of bodies on defence and a need to add someone new at the top of the depth chart, so my guess is that Gryba is off to a playoff-bound team.
  • Justin Schultz. The level of animosity towards Schultz online in my view far outstrips the player’s actual offences. Having said that, his cap hit if qualified is going to be in the $4.0 million range and that’s just too much money for what he brings. My guess is that he’ll have some value at the deadline as a rental player, as he’s mobile and has good offensive instincts (despite the disaster this season has been). If Edmonton determines not to qualify him at that figure, it makes sense to deal him for some sort of asset rather than just letting him walk. 
  • Mark Fayne. He’s cleared waivers because he’s on a long-term contract. So far he hasn’t won the coach’s favour and if the Oilers really want him gone they might be willing to take a bad contract back. If they do, it’s probably a summer move; my guess is that he sticks around through the deadline. 
  • Nikita Nikitin. His latest call-up probably blew any chance Edmonton had of moving him. 

The Revamped Defence


The emergence of Brandon Davidson has been a key story for Edmonton this year, and he’ll play a big role on the blue line the rest of the way. With the current roster, he should probably anchor the second pair along with either Gryba or Schultz, both of whom he’s played well with. Since Schultz likely has more upside and more potential for his value to fluctuate between now and the deadline (Gryba is a known commodity) in the Oilers position I’d be tempted to run the pairings like so:

  • Andrej Sekera / Mark Fayne – shutdown duties
  • Brandon Davidson / Justin Schultz – all-purpose pairing
  • Darnell Nurse / Eric Gryba – more of a sheltered role

Brad Hunt, despite his strong game against Anaheim, makes most sense to me as the No. 7 defenceman in an 11 forward/7 defenceman configuration. 

My guess is that Gryba and Schultz will ultimately be traded, opening up two more spots on the blue line. Nikitin and Andrew Ference are both possibilities, but neither is in the plans and it’s a decent bet Edmonton would rather get a look at players who might be. That will likely mean the return of Griffin Reinhart at some point (unless the Oilers feel he needs AHL development minutes) and an opportunity for one of the club’s defensive prospects, with David Musil the likeliest candidate. 

What would that look like? Not pretty, in large part because several players (Fayne, Reinhart, Musil) probably need to be played with a more capable puckmover. Something like this might ultimately make sense:

  • Davidson / Fayne – shutdown duties
  • Reinhart / Sekera – all-purpose pairing
  • Nurse / Musil – sheltered minutes
However, Todd McLellan has shown a willingness to toss Nurse into the deep end and to lump two less-capable puckmovers together, so it’s more probable that Nurse would play with Sekera, leaving Reinhart and Musil together on a slower third pair. 

This is a team that needs Oscar Klefbom. Things are not pretty now, and they’re likely to get ugly if Edmonton ships out bodies at the trade deadline. 


  • 80soilers

    I stated here when Chiarelli was hired this was a settup by Katz and Lowe to keep Lowe and Mact in charge from behind the Wizards curtain. No trades have happened because every body moved out is another public demonstration of Katz’, Lowe and Mact’s gross incompetence. Bringing in Chiarelli and McLellan was total smoke and mirrors. Why do you think these guys don’t have their families with them. The Oiler organization is so toxic that is why. Does any one actually think McLellan would have come here knowing these players like RNH and Eberle and others don’t give a sh#t and thats why they don’t respond to his coaching?

    Chiarelli and McLellan are managerial geldings.

    • KACaribou

      Conspiracy theorist at his best. Brilliant conspiracy deduced here. Highly entertaining. And presented in such a way that it almost reads like you are serious. Excellence.

    • Serious Gord

      Now the heavy hitters are in the sandbox…lol.

      Mangerial Geldings …lol….that is timeless.

      You bring up some good points….like why DID Mclellan come here?Did someone tell him that they had “something” for him no one else could give him?Something attractive to him?Something proprietrary?….lol…like a “secret advanced-stats based” “book” on a System he could win more with?

      Todd has shown definate evidence of following a NewAge Philosophy and manifesting sucesses…and he has show evidence of equally defined deviations from this Philosophy and has produced resulting failures.

      T-Mac is tracking EXACTLY LIKE DALLAS EAKINS WAS….he is caught up in Processes which are being negatively influenced by statistical inputs,Processes which are Dellow driven copy-cats of a NON-STATS BASED PROCESS,although T-Mac DOES NOT CLAIM TO LET STATS INFLUENCE HIM MUCH….the evidence shows that the same advanced stats inputs which catalysed constant and consistant disconnects for |Eakins have once again manifested themselves IN EXACTLY THE SAME AREAS PRODUCING EXACTLY THE SAME RESULTS…….this time on T-Macs Watch…lol…how is this possible??

      IMHO T-Mac was beginning to build an environment very very conducive to the teaching and implementing of a NewAge Philosophy.He was personalising it and there was a natural evolution catalysing…and at EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME wins began to manifest themselves.A new winning direction was hard earned and established….then BAM BAM BAM ….all progress was halted as the rug was pulled out from under the Oilers feet…WTF???We begin the season showing signs of team-building and fundmental improvements show up across the board but the wins just arent coming and we are tailspinning again immediatly in the season…..T-Mac brought in a new language and some NewAge philosophys which he translated into evidence of improvements sans wins….he showed sucess….but there was something handi-capping his WINNING ABILITY…something process driven was letting him down by causing constant and consistant System disconnects at critical times in games….this IMHO is the advanced stats poisons we never got rid of… the LOSING CONTINUED UNABATED….until ‘SOMETHING’ mysterious SUDDENLY CHANGED THE OILERS FORTUNES AND TRIGGERED THEIR PROCESSES TO OPTIMAL PERFORMANCES…..and they immediatly began winning games,WHY IS THIS NOT REPEATABLE??????…because what got them on track was data catalysing from OUTSIDE THEIR PROCESSES….EXTERNALLY….and when the incoming data-feed was disrupted the Oilers processes became unbalanced again and the expected losing results immediatly returned …this time to stay.

      T-Mac should be able to explain what went right and wrong after every game….every one…sooooo….if his Crew is recieving externally catalysed IMPACTFULL data from a source unknown to him and feeding it into his processes…how would he know?Easy….which one of these things is not like the other…he uses his gut instincts.,he always has an internal Before and After perspective on his side…T-Mac has the cerebral-muscle memory ingrained for every game he has Coached….he now needs to compare his BEFORE win streak losing records to his WIN STREAK records and compare those things to his Post win streak losing records.

      Someone on T-Macs crew is mining online data and feeding it into T-Macs Processes with System-Sympathetic curative impacts being produced…when this data is cut-off T-Macs Processes suffer immediate set-backs.T-Mac may or MAY NOT KNOW this is happening.This has been happening to the Oilers for many years now,through multiple Coaches.

      Who cares why,but it is happening,so its time for them to stop cutting bait and get fishing,T-Mac NEEDS the data source which he now MUST ON SOME LEVEL KNOW HAS TRIGGERED HIS PROCESSES TO OVERACHIEVE….he needs to SHAKE HIS CAGE until someone takes him to the source of the curative data he KNOWS HAS BEEN INCOMING AND IS OUT THERE SOMEWHERE.

      The simple fact is it takes a hell of a lot of work to produce impactfull tactical data…it takes TEAMS OF NHL PROFESSIONALS to do this…and if there is a Process available…officially recognised or not….which has been leaking into his processes by some unknown conduit and this data can help T-Mac win NHL games….well he would be derelict not to do everything in his power to retain it for his own toolbox and to deny it to everyone else.

      This battle was over in 2012….the Oilers incumbant leadership group was taken out back and spanked ,they lost fair and square.A superior Management influence challenged them all and smashed them to pieces.The source is openly know as an Intuitive Empath.What the hell do you do with that if you are K-Lowe???…lol…no one in their right mind is going to tell the world someone claiming to be an Intuitive Empath is calling their shots….lol…never…K-Lowes only option was to endorse support enclose retain and deny this source to his peers in the NHL….but he did not…he instead laughed in its face and then used the data anyways incorrectly and long term…lol…while everyone else simply took the data for what it was and ran with it.

      Obviously NHL Teams believe the NHS knows more about the Dynasty Processes than the Oilers do,because they have followed data which comes directly from that source while the Oilers have rejected it and bastardised it.

      Instead of learning and following protocals ,the Oilers balked and tried disenfranchising the NewAge Inuitively catalysed concepts and tactics by denying source and instead building fabricated stats focuses and tried to reproduce the impacts or counterfeit them using crap like corgi…lol…..and the Kings did not….nor did the Hawks…these Championship Teams and other NHL teams FOLLOWED THE directions on the box….lol…and rejected corgi and they endorsed accepted and APPLIED Intuitively catalysed philosophies concepts and tactics like IDA and IDM while the Oilers rejected them in favor of Dellow and regressive mis-representative disconnecting advanced stats.

      It is no mystery to NHL insiders how and why the Oilers have historiclly and continue to FLOUNDER in NHL waters….they are biting the Hand that is feeding the entire NHLs evolutionary engine…….worst of all…IT IS THEIR OWN HAND.

      Statistical records illuminate exactly what the Oilers Processes have been doing since the Franchise was created.

      The ONLY WAY THE OILERS COULD BE SO BAD FOR SO LONG is if these Statistical results were MIS-REPRESENTED TO THEM INTERNALLY AND CONSTANTLY AND CONSISTANTLY.So back-track and pinpoint the waypoints of this regressive evolution.

      Going back to 2007-08… every single stats based input ADDED to the Oilers…map them chronologiclly …then look at the Oilers win-loss records as these inputs have been ADDED IN AN EXPONENTIALLY GROWING MANNER apexing with Dellows hiring.

      Note how many times the Oilers TRIED to lure the NHS into the fold to shut it up….lol…not to work with it….lol….methinks they mistook Dellow for Moma2….lol….or they were “fooled”…lol.

      No one can deny the evidence….as more and more teflon excusatory stats based influences entered the Processes the losing began to grow and flourish.NOn-Stop.Adding more stats inputs was like throwing gasoline onto the tire-fire….lol.

      Then came the infamous audit…which seemed to catch everything….but in fact did not… failed to identify this historical and evolving over-balance of statistical excusatory influence….lol….evidenced by the fact they did NOT REMOVE IT….lol…..they ADDED THE PERECT INGREDIENTS SANS PRE-EXISTING STATS INFLUENCES to move forward in PC and T-Mac ,but they DID NOT REMOVE THE STATS INFLUENCES… they shot themselves in the foot…..and now the same poison which took out Eakins has landed a heavy right hand and T-Mac is on one knee already,when he stands up he better know where the chin he has to tag is located,SHAKE IT OFF T-MAC….and drop this beestard.

      Why would you remove every single stats input which was hurting the Oilers from K-Lowe down the line and NOT REMOVE THE MOST TOXIC SOURCE OF ALL….Dellow?….because as they were being removed a lot of Olde Guard Oilers supported keeping Dellow on board to cover their arses for them as they retreated.
      Stats influences have PULLED THE OILERS AWAY from the NHLs evolutionary curves top end.

      The olde guard are simply in a fall-back position….lol….and Dellow cannot hold the Closet door shut much longer there are simply to many Skeletons in there ….lol.

      Dellow is still employed by the Oilers right? He HAS TO BE because his impacts are still killing this team….lol….and you dont need a crystal ball to see that.

      No one is coming to rescue Dellow this time and T-Mac understands Caveat Emptor.This time there will be no re-set.The work leading up to and encompassing the win streak was a welcoming gift to T-Mac and JW and Fee….and also a shot across their bow.

      T-Mac has a clean slate…if he aknowledges the correct history…if he is honest….he can change Oilers history now.

      One can see how he was put in his current position,now one needs to see how he reacts to being given an opportunity to put himself in a better one,how he valuates his challenges and protects his progress.

      Or…lol….T-Mac may choose to remain a Managerial Gelding as evidence is beginning to state he is willing to be viewed as.IMHO he is not this ,but the light the evidence is shining is now slanting this way unfortunately.

        • 80soilers

          Here is an example of a brief expansion…lol.

          This is a Student of the NHS…read comment #159… the post is IMHO an example of conceptual brevity enabled by a complete understanding contextually tacticlly and philosophically.

          GDB 38.0 Wrap Up: Kings @ Oilers

          Officer Frank Murphy….has been doing his Homework.

        • I want the Oilers to play and win like the were doing between Pat Quinn and Ralph Krueger….I want to see the dynamic Processes which were optimising all of the Oilers assets seamlessly but sporadiclly repeated consistantly,I wish to see these Dynasty Record Breaking Processes re-visited with the current Roster and T-Mac at the Helm.

          I know by evidence the Kings and Hawks copy-catted the Pre-2012 Edmonton Oilers Player driven processes which the Oilers Coaches had not recognised and endorsed completely at that point in time and they now have used these NewAge tools to monopolise the Stanley Cup with 4 Consecutive Wins between them and a 5th on the near horizon….EVERY POTENTIAL STANLEY CUP SINCE THE NHS WAS UTILISED COMPLETELY IN 2012 HAS BEEN WON BY A TEAM USING IT.

          I know the Oilers repositioned MANY ASSETS including moving multiple Coaches to give management tighter control over the win/loss results produced before they became frustrated by an unexpected super-strong evolving external influence with internal impacts that produced WINNING RESULTS ….lol…and they pulled the trigger and Purged the Room to control the Teams belief systems and results.

          Pat Quinn and Tom Renney and Ralph Krueger and Todd Nelson all ADDED progressive positive impacts and were focusing on an upwardly driven evolution for the Team and were all to varying and escalating degrees by proxy incorporating the NHS via player process osmosis.Ralph Kruegers Oilers who were openly communicating with him on an elite level had he stayed would have been a playoff lock the next season and wouldnt have missed since IMHO.

          I know this by traditional statistical observation not by analytical inference.I wish to see us re-visit those days statisticlly with our current roster and see no reasons why we shouldnt be doing so now.Our PP was elite ,we were blowing teams up,running elite Tenders from their net,dominating possesion in unseen manners.Consistantly controlling and converting possesions and running up epic shot numbers with players posting epic shooting %s,getting into opponents heads very very quickly League-wide.

          What could have happened had the Oilers aknowledged and stabilised the NHS influences they first used officially in 2009 with Pat Quinn???…or in 2011…or 2012…???…or in 2015?

          So when I say why not?…and look for answers based on EveryMan observations…well???

  • 80soilers

    Everyone excited for the Saviour Part 5? Austin Matthews? Lol Hype up the next one..and you will still suck

    Remember how this was the year the Oilers were gonna make the playoffs? Like the one before that, and the one before that, and the one……….

  • hagar

    Why did PC look stunned when they announced the trade for Griffin? Because he had no idea it was going down, or was shocked they did it anyways.

    The guy looked like he was totally shocked as if it was announced wrong. Super weird.

  • hagar

    The sabers dismantled their entire team in the most flagrant example of tanking last year for Mcdavid, and they have MORE points this year than we do!!

    Yeah, I am stupid.

  • Spydyr

    It is pretty easy to see moving Lowe and Mac-T from the spotlight and bringing in a new coach and GM while both Lowe and Mac-t retained their jobs was done for optics. To take the fans eyes off the real problem with the team.Lowe and Mac-T.

    The Oilers will set an NHL record for futility with ten years out of the playoffs. Kids 14-15 years old grew up without a memory of an Oiler playoff game.

    That is a shame.

    • KACaribou

      So basically mcdavid for there starting goaltender there best defensman and there 2 best defensive prospects. Idk if they would do that also we couldn’t do to the whole cap thing.

      • bradleypi

        Yeah that’s why I said fantasy world. Sadly no more blockbuster trades anymore. When Quebec traded Lindros, they got a sh_tload in Steve Duchesne, Ron Hextall, Kerry Huffman, Mike Ricci, the rights to Peter Forsberg, the Flyers’ first-round pick in 1992 (seventh overall) and 1993 and $15 million.

  • bradleypi

    To many lay blame on MacT.,Tams and Lowe for drafting the first overall talents (BPA-best talent available) we drafted those years . Every other team would have done the same . If we never drafted first overall then perhaps other players which we needed to form a bigger grittier team might have been added . Not always a blessing having first overall , as we have discovered . Nurse and Draisaitl examples/results of not drafting first overall .

    • hagar

      Not disagreeing with you on the bap thing, just that properly run teams don’t collect them like hockey cards, with no regard to the actual performance as a whole from the team.

      The best GMS in the history of the nhl have never built a team from getting four number one overalls. They know what the team needs, and how to get it.

    • Serious Gord

      It isn’t the first round drafting that is what is at fault – with a few exceptions. It is the spectacularly bad drafting in later rounds that is the issue combined with the miserable pro trades.

    • 80soilers

      Willis embraces the mantra of endless rebuild.
      That is almost certain to result in endless losing.
      Oilers must acquire at the deadline not indulge in endless, worthless futures.

  • 80soilers

    Maybe I’ve been reading wrong but to me “not in the short term”, just means that the previous assumption of another week is now longer. Like could be just two weeks. Maybe post all star game. Your use of “Unforeseeable future”, sounds like months to me, is that what is implied? I took this update as the team just saying he won’t be back during the next few games as previously thought…

  • 80soilers

    Have hardly commented on this site but do follow it. I find it interesting that people here don’t think that the management team understands what the problems are with this team. TMac and PC are painfully aware of what they have and don’t have. They are also under no illusion that one trade will fix things. I am sure they have a damn good idea of when this team will be competitive and they know which players in the current group will be part of it, which will be past their prime and which will never have the right attitude etc. to be part of it. But they also inherited contracts that have money and term, they can’t just cancel the contracts or trade them if no one wants them. And they can’t just pick a list of players they want from other teams and have someone go out and sign those players. Yes they can trade out their high value players for other high value players, then next year they will have to replace the players they traded away.
    There are no easy answers and no quick fixes. But if you honestly think that the problem is that they do not see what is missing in this team I think you should give your head a shake!

    • 80soilers

      Schultz – definitely. Eberle and Nuge – depends on the return. Yak – not necessarily.

      Yak was really submarined by Eakins, so his trade value is not very high. On the plus side, he showed well alongside McDavid and he has a very decent contract.

      • 80soilers

        You’re completely right. I am just frustrated and the team does need some different types of players. I hope yak works out, and maybe nuge would be a good fit on wing/some center. I’d say for sure Jultz, and unless ebs has magic with McDavid next year he’s gone as well

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Core – McDavid, Hall, Draisaitl, Nuge, Nurse, Klefbom

    Trade Assets – Eberle, 2016 First Rounder

    Must Dump – Shultz, Fayne, Ference

    We are a couple D man away from competing for a playoff spot.

  • hagar

    You want to talk conspiracy theories…

    Look at all the no name posters popping up as soon as the topic of the old boys still being in power comes up again!!

    The site was riddled with random never heard from, nor seen again posters in defense of the loser crew Klowe and Mact in past years.

    As soon as the talk gets re-hashed, out come a bunch of old boy lovers you have never heard of in any discussion about the oilers in general this year.

    • Seriously Bored

      I’ve been reading oilers nation for years I just never posted before because there was no need.

      Again no one is really defending them. Please point me to a quote where I defended the previous management of this team.

      I’m trying to explain to people that nothing can be done by PC at this very moment in time. Almost all the hockey insiders and people who follow the game closely say the same damn thing. Big trades do not happen during the regular season. I find it hard to believe that a coach and GM who just came from successful franchises won’t be able to drag this team out of the basement.

      I just want someone to explain to me what you want to happen and not say omg trade zee core blow da team up and ship em all out of town.

    • hagar

      Becasue I don’t wish no make an account for this site does not prove anything.

      Grasp at the feeble straws you can reach.

      I don’t need to defend KL or MacT..they are not the power behind the decisions being made. Which is the red hockey helmet level opinion you are pushing here.

  • hagar

    Few to no people here are using real names. This is all alias’.

    To say how people come in and are “no name posters” is a silly statement.

    The truth is that we are all no name posters.

    • hagar

      I’m not fullout conspiracy but it certainly appears that Oiler PR staff come on this site to comment in defense of incompetent management – mostly past mgmt (Kblowe and MacT). This is supposed to be a place for fans – whether in praise or rant, it should be for fans. Not paid PR guys spewing their propaganda to try and cover up the idiocy that was past management. There already is a place for that, it’s Stauffer on Oilers now. But at least he isn’t a complete phony because he admits that he gets paid by the Oilers to say what he does.

    • O.C.

      The question is whether or not we should be?

      Anonymous posting smells of people who need to grow a pair.

      (Yes, I have a “site name” as well. Research identifies me…)

  • hagar

    I think part of the problem is that we heep way to much pressure on young guys just learning the game. Here we are talking about Klef like he’s some kind of established player whose absence is killing the team. In reality he’s a 20-year-old kid just with tonnes of potential just learning the game. We should have much lower expectations. He can’t possibly be the blueline saviour we think he will be. And when he comes back and makes lots of mistakes everyone will trash him. Unfortunately we eat the young here. And we are a team filled with young guys.

  • hagar

    If I am so freakin crazy, someone please explain to me why we are all sitting here with our dicks in our hands this year, the same as the rest?

    Explain to me why idiotic moves of the past such as playing Schultz as a number one dman, when he should be in the ahl are happening still?

    Either call PC a complete idiot for playing that sack of crap not only in the nhl, but as our number one dman, or say he doesn’t have a choice.

  • Seriously Bored

    So PC is the coach now? He decides who plays and what minutes? You tell me right now who the oilers should be playing on defense. Tell me who they should have traded for a better d-core and who they could have gotten this summer. And don’t just throw out names it has to fit the salary cap and be a plausible trade.

    You think because we have some number one picks we should somehow be a better team. Do you have any idea how long it took Chicago and the islanders to become better? Plenty of teams have been stuck in a holding pattern of suck for a long time not just the oilers. Making the playoffs once and bouncing out in the first round doesn’t make you a great team.

    It’s easy to sit here and criticize everyone and pretend like you have all the answers. Yes the team is still bad but this stupid idea of firing the coach and GM after 40 games is just pure nonsense. The best organizations in the league have consistent management and coaching. Get good people, put them in place and give them a couple years to get things done not one god damn summer.

    • hagar

      I could throw darts at a wall and get better results.

      As dumbfounded as you are of opinions like mine, I am of opinions like yours..

      Please explain to me the successes of the islanders and the Panthers? Both teams we laughed at as the only ones worse than us at points..

      Now they are both proper nhl teams.

      How about the sabers that purposely destroyed their team to get last place Last year, and are better than us this year already?

      I don’t understand where you apologists keep coming from, but I wish I had your view. A stubbed toe would be a great opportunity to wear sandles.

    • Spydyr

      I don’t want chia or Tmac fired, but they could have offered more to get the Hamilton deal done. They could’ve let Schultz walk and signed Franson. They could’ve picked Rundblad off waivers… They could have done a lot of things

      But I don’t have a problem with the new regime personally, my problem is squarely with Lowe, MacT and Howson. I think it’s completely inexcusable for them to still hold jobs with this organization.

  • 80soilers

    Either they made changes to appease the fans and MacT and Lowe still have some say (Which I’m guessing they still have probably a lot of say), or else Chia pete knew they were’nt gonna actually contend this year so figured he’d pay Jultz for a year and not lose someone he’d never seen play. Probably a mix of the two, but please get him off this team asap. I got tickets to the game tommorow for free, and I’m legitimately angry that I have to go watch

  • hagar

    I am not looking to punch people in their faces with their own hands until they admit defeat.. I just don’t want people to keep coming here and proclaiming that the oilers “just need one more year” like it actually means something.

  • hagar

    They have to start playing for now and not for Picks/the future. It’s gotten acceptable to lose and wait for the future for this group. Ebs was once the future, he’s now 25 and worse than he was at 23 on a possibly somewhat hard to trade contract. We’ve tried the tanking method and it hasnt worked, time to play for wins

  • hagar

    LA also has impact bottom 9 players coming through the pipeline endlessly. Low draft picks. Man this team is lucky that McDavid might be good enough to hide all of the mistakes for the last however many years

  • hagar

    Oil should save their money and not pay PR guys to come on here and talk nonsense. They suck right now and for the most part Oil fans know about hockey. Unfortunately we as fans can’t really make a difference anyways because there is so many fans that they still sell out and those in power don’t listen to fans. Mac T and Lowe are Still there, things never change much…. after all that happened last year. Jultz somehow still get 4 mil. We are not idiots but I don’t know what to do, I like hockey and wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror if I cheered for any other team. So instead of wasting your money on PR guys commenting on blogs, just build a team that can make it to the playoffs while im young enough to enjoy whyte. Never legally been able to watch a playoff game in a bar on whyte and I’m almost 30. Frig sakes randy

  • hagar

    In 2006-2007, Chiarelli’s first year as the Bruins GM, the Bruins finished with 76 points and did not make the playoffs.

    His second year they finished with 94 points and made the playoffs.

    From the 2007 – 2008 season, they played some tough playoff series, and eventually won it all in 2011.

    This year PC did not expect to make the playoffs. This summer he will make some moves and next year we should see some dramatic improvement, and the playoffs. If the Oilers are still bottom feeders next year at this time, then the organization should be alarmed and disappointed.

    PC should be judged next year, and the following year. Not now.