GDB 41.0 Wrap Up: Hurricanes @ Oilers

Our Cam > Their Cam Final Score: 1-0 Oilers

The last time the Oilers played the Hurricanes they looked as though they were completely disinterested, and had no desire to win the game. From where I sat (and currently sit) the Hurricanes were (and are) a team that the Oilers should beat on most nights, and failure to do so means that the team/goaltending was likely awful. When the Hurricanes beat the Oilers by a score of 4-1 back in November it ended up being a combination of both lacklustre play and goaltending that sunk the ship.

Coming into tonight’s game I figured that it would be next to impossible for the Oilers to produce less than they did the last time these two teams met. With the way the first period went I started to doubt myself. Although, to Edmonton’s credit Carolina plays a horribly boring trap style of play which made us all want to pass out or pray for death. The Oilers struggled to produce offence against the trap, and they were lucky that Cam Talbot was ready to stop any of the mistakes that Carolina was waiting on. As far as excitement goes, this one ranked up there with ‘watching leaves bloom’ on the sliding scale of entertainment.

Regardless of the temptation to fall asleep the Oilers got a win that they desperately needed. While the Oilers weren’t able to score in regulation they were able to get things done in overtime and get Talbot the shutout that he deserved. In the end, this game ended up being a dual Cam battle with he who made the first mistake suffering the shame of defeat. Fortunately, it was our Cam that remained perfect giving the Oilers two points towards meaningful games in February. It may not have been exciting but the Oilers got the job done. Boring or not, I’ll take a win every time. 

Wrap it up.



  • One day closer to McDavid. 
  • Cam Talbot started his fourth consecutive game and is finally starting to show signs of why Peter Chiarelli traded for him in the summer. He gave the Oilers a chance to win this hockey game, and came up with huge saves on multiple occasions. Cam Talbot stopped all 29 shots he faced for his first shutout as an Edmonton Oiler. 
  • Andrej Sekera had a great game tonight. Not only did he get the OT winner (his fifth of the season) he also played tough minutes and laid out some huge hits.
  • Nuge got an assist on the winning giving him five assists in his last five games. 
  • Who would have expected Brandon Davidson playing as big of a role on defence as he has so far? He’s been a great story in every sense of the word. 
  • Huge PK, for the Oilers, with under four minutes left on the game. That was a huge kill.
  • I love how Darnell Nurse plays hockey. He’s mean enough as it is, just imagine what he’ll be like as a grizzled veteran. 
  • Justin Schultz played a team high 23:17 and hardly Jultzed at all. Credit where credit is due.
  • I’m sure you guys are as excited as I am that a new season of Teen Mom OG premiered tonight.



  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • The first period was probably one of the most boring first periods of hockey that I’ve seen in a while.
  • I was really hoping that the Oilers power play would start getting better after scoring against Arizona. It did not. Their first attempt on the night didn’t even produce a shot. Happy day.
  • While the Oilers were able to register a shot on their second power play of the night they still weren’t able to score. The power play went 0/2 on the night.
  • Actually, the Oilers weren’t really able to get much going in terms of sustained pressure all night. The Hurricanes lock up the neutral zone fairly well, and the Oilers weren’t all that great at retrieving pucks on the dump in. Not a great combo. When they did get the puck back they never seemed able to put the hammer down and keep the Canes hemmed in. 
  • The Gryba/Hunt defensive pairing was an adventure to say the least.
  • Even Todd McLellan said that this game probably wasn’t the most enjoyable to watch!


02:47 EDM Andrej Sekera (5) Wrist shot – ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (20), Jordan Eberle (7) 1 – 0 EDM


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Happy New Year everybody! This week the boys talk about the Oilers goaltending struggles, the acquisition of Zack Kassian, we come up with some New Years resolutions, and we play a round of #AskTheIdiots

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  • Oilers are 9-2 in their last 11 home games, anyone care to guess which 2 games Ive attended this season…. I’ll do my part and stay home for the rest of the year! You’re all welcome!

  • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

    Big props to a local kid who’s done well. Mr Iginla scoring 600 goals is a big one. Only the 19th player all-time to achieve this milestone.

    Learn to win by checking…who knew?

    2 points are 2 points.

    McDavid is on the plane with the team on their Florida trip Jan 18th.

    The NHL West standings are nothing short of wacky

  • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

    Brad Hunt=great passer Mark Fayne=ice it three times

    Brad Hunt=Big Shot Mark Fayne=no shot

    Brad Hunt=PP QB

    Mark Fayne=no shot

    Brad Hunt=League Minimum Mark Fayne=$3.5 Mil

    Brad Hunt will not win the Norris but he can play on my team.

    • Oilfaninvan

      I think you’re being a little generous with the Brad Hunt love. A few Carolina players who aren’t exactly speed demons went outside on him and he couldn’t even make a turn to keep up. Hunt is a liability in his own zone. If the Oilers are in a position where Hunt needs to be up with the big club for an extended period of time, it’s not gonna be good.

      • Yah. He pivots like a barge and oddly enough it’s to the board side which is like….. weird. Plus…. he passed on quite a few attempts where he had time for the hammer and went limp wrister… It seemed odd. The kid is here to shoot the puck and try not to bleed many chances in his own end.

  • dougtheslug

    Taylor Hall, at one point in the game, made an incredible effort in backchecking, stripping the puck, and moving it up the ice quickly. It took a lot of effort and speed on his part and as such he couldn’t join the rush he created.

    It’s those sorts of plays that, first off, generate opportunities against stingy teams clogging up the neutral zone…and secondly demonstrate Hall’s growth as a two way player.

    I can’t say enough about that line’s willingness to play responsibly in the face of a stingy Canes defence that would tempt any offensive player to cheat a bit more than they should.

    As such, I’m glad to see a “boring” game. These young offensive players are evolving into the players they need to be for this team to succeed.

    • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

      The coaching staff has really begun to make the team buy in to the small details. To see Hall have a scoring chance and then skate just as hard back to D position.

      Good post nrXic

    • Thank You for your input Mrs. Hall.

      Now if you’d be kind enough to tell us how many errand passed and turnovers your son had. Or how many times he deemed a teammate unworthy of a pass. I know he is tops in league in points, can’t do wrong, and is second only to sliced bread-but, I’m just asking for a friend.

  • BlazingSaitls

    I’ll take a boring game every time if it means Oilers are going into OT. Oilers are magic in OT!

    This new 3v3 format is making Oilers players very valuable going into the trade deadline. GM’s will covet Oilers players for their OT prowess alone. Every single point counts, especially with this years parity.

    It appears Sekera has stepped up in Klefbom’s absence. When Klefbom gets back Oilers could have a near legitimate 1-2 combo. Maybe tonight’s game is clouding my judgement but I am impressed.

  • What’s so bad about burnt toast? Boring game indeed! Oilers need to meant how to break these type of games open. They lose these types of games more then they win. A fight, big hit, vitamin Z (kassian), just anything to change the character of the game.

  • Phuryous George

    The last time the Oilers played the ‘Canes the lost 4-1 because they tried to blow by them. You have to play a trap game to match a trap game, or beat it with the dump and chase. This time they matched up and stayed with the ‘Canes and waited for their chances. Talbot played a really good game, but how about those blocked shots!! Good defense and patience, no huge costly mistakes. A bit of a boring game, but also oddly satisfying once you bought into defensive showdown of a matched trap game. Good on the Oilers for preparing for the rematch and sticking with the plan. Bet the coach was happy.

  • half way through the first period. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    wake up in overtime….. yay we one….
    that’s how you watch Carolina when they come to town.

    so glad I gave my tickets away for that game

  • Edmonton has played around 2 games more than most teams in the Pacific Division, don’t be surprised by Friday they are down 4 or more points from the wildcard spot again. I hate the waiting and it always seems like Edmonton never has games in hand.

  • El Guapo

    Apples to Apples. Two teams who are almost equal in comparison. The end result was a game where little happened. In the end the Oilers played to their opposition. And won. Which surprisingly is something that they rarely do.At least pre TM. I FOR one was overjoyed to watch Anaheim NJ octopus hockey being played by my team for a change. 2pts is 2 pts. I really am pleased by the change in the team in the way they are commited to defence first.

    I hope this a trend and will continue.

  • tileguy

    Who is responsible for the PP….WHo?

    Someone needs to step forward….now please.

    Who is responsible for the mess we have seen getting worse for 1/2 a season now?

    One might feel the PP let the entire season down already.

    We now know that part of the Sharks wasnt transferrable…lol.

    1/2 of an NHL season is viable evidence IMHO that something is amiss,actually poisoned….gotta wonder how much more stats inputs are shat into the processes when they work on the PP???Dellow-Fee are you fellas pitching in on the PP by chance….lol.