WWYDW: Oscar Klefbom and Travis Hamonic


It has been a crazy day in the NHL, though not with respect to the Edmonton Oilers. Watching Seth Jones get dealt to Columbus got me thinking about the possibility of the Oilers addressing their own problems on right defence.

In this edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask whether from an Oilers perspective you would agree to a trade which saw Oscar Klefbom go to New York in exchange for Travis Hamonic.

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Key Comparisons

  Oscar Klefbom Travis Hamonic
Age 22 25
Cap Hit $4.17 million $3.86 million
Expiry July 1, 2023 July 1, 2020
Size 6’3″, 215 lbs 6’2″, 205 lbs
Shoots Left Right
Career EV PTS/60 0.90 0.74
Career PP PTS/60 3.52 3.01
Corsi % 50.5% (Rel: +2.7%) 52.3% (Rel: +4.3%)
Avg. TOI 21:53 23:53
Situations EV, SH, PP EV, SH, PP
82GP Pace 33 points 16 points

The key arguments in favour of Hamonic over Klefbom are that he’s far more established and that he’s a right shot. He plays more minutes for New York and is a proven shutdown option; we can see too that his on-ice shot metrics are better both in raw form and relative to his team than Klefbom’s are. That he’s a right shot would allow the Oilers to put him on his natural side and run Andrej Sekera, Brandon Davidson and Darnell Nurse on the left. He’s also slightly cheaper.

The key points in favour of Klefbom are significant, though. They start with the facts that he’s bigger, younger and signed for three years longer at a very comparable cap hit. So far, he’s also shown more offensive potential at the NHL level, as his scoring rates at both even-strength and on the power play are better than Hamonic’s totals.

Would You Do It?

Peter Chiarelli3

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I wouldn’t.

To me, it’s nutty to casually dismiss Klefbom as a replaceable piece. At the age of 22, still years from his prime, he’s a shockingly good defenceman who combines size, speed and ability with the puck. He’s signed long-term at a discount rate and there’s a pretty good argument that he’s currently the best defenceman on the Oilers’ roster.

There’s no reason to move him. Along with Nurse, he’s a foundation piece on the left side.

I’m also not at all convinced an in-season trade for Hamonic is a good move for the Oilers if the ask back is a defenceman. The Isles obviously can’t afford to take Hamonic off their blue line in-season without replacing him, but things change in the summer, when they might be more amenable to a different kind of return. Edmonton isn’t going to win the Stanley Cup this year; it makes sense to have a bit more patience and perhaps make a better trade in the summer.

But that’s my point of view, and WWYDW is all about the comments section. Would you move Klefbom for Hamonic? Is Hamonic even the player who should be at the top of Edmonton’s wishlist?


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  • Seanaconda

    Purcell was traded as a salary dump and he’s a ufa at the end of the year. Shultz is shultz also an rfa at the end of the year getting paid too much so basically an ufa. No chance you get hamonic who is signed long term on a decent contract for them.

  • 15w40

    Klefbom – no, Sekera – yes. Isles are in win now mode and Sekera can step into their line up right now and help.

    Oilers can keep their younger cluster and will still have Mark Fayne. With Fayne’s salary, I don’t see him going anywhere – pair him with Nurse and Hamonic with Klefbom.

  • TKB2677

    I’d do it,

    No GM is going to take 3 subpar pieces for a good player.

    Klefbom is left-side D, is less valuable than Nurse, and while he has been good at the breakout and zone entries, he’s been shockingly bad in our zone at times this year, especially one on one and in the crease.

    Plus his injuries every year are beginning to be a concern.

    Hamonic is a right side hard hitting D-zone defensmen which is what we need.

    Gotta give to get, time to trade potential offense for solid veteran defense.

  • Just because a deal was made for Ryan Johansen doesn’t mean that was the asking price for the Oilers. Everyone here is assuming it was RNH but nobody really knows until the details are out in the open. For all we know it was RNH AND Eberle? Same goes for the doorknobs saying this is proof Chiarelli can’t make trades or that the “fanboys” won’t like it, man a lot of people on this forum are ignorant keyboard toughguys

    • Mike Krushelnyski

      Even if it was just RNH, think of where that leaves us at center. McDavid might not be back until February, so until then you’re running Draisaitl-Letestu-Lander-Hendricks/AHL call up down the middle. Yikes.

  • TRAIN#97

    So you trade Klefbom for Hammonic and you’re still short a quality albeit still young defenceman??

    NO, I think you trade from your forward depth or your first round pick.

  • TKB2677

    I wouldn’t trade Klefbomb or Nurse for Harmonic. Harmonic is no doubt better right now that both of them due to experience but if you trade either one for Harmonic, the Oilers are no farther ahead in regards to the number of legit, quality NHL Dmen they have available.

    If the cost was Nuge or Eberle, I would do it. Once McDavid comes back and unless Draisailt suddenly drops off the face of the earth, Nuge is going to be the #3 centre. He’d be one hell of a #3 centre on the Oilers but at 6 mill, it’s pretty hard to afford to be paying him that kind of money plus you can’t have your #3 so bad at face-offs. In Eberle, it’s a given his top end is 25-30 goals, 60+ points. All very good top 6 numbers but he’s a complimentary player.

    I love both guys and would be sad to see either of them go but in order to get quality players, you have to give up something of quality. As much as I would love it to be enough and would dance in the streets if by some miracle it was but Yak + Schultz for Harmonic will NEVER happen. So it will have to be one of Nuge or Eberle. If I could pick, I would trade Eberle first just because you can never have enough centre depth and if needed, you could always move Nuge to the wing. Nuge is a smart enough player that he would be able to adapt to wing easily in my opinion. But centres will always have more value.

  • Fred Furlong

    Trade Sekera for Ham. I like Sekera but Ham is better and cheaper plus he’s a righty. That matters because right now with Sekera playing on the right side all his passes out of the zone are on his backhand as well as he is not able to get shots off as easy. New Tork gets a guy in his prime that can help carry the team. That’s a good trade for both sides I would say.

  • Fred Furlong

    Do you like, just, create scenarios out of thin air then debate the merits of said scenario and add number then hit the post button?

    This is journalism?

    Next can you do Charlie Huddy circa 1984 for Ryan Getzlaf circa Midget AAA?


    • Fred Furlong

      No, it’s blogging. The standard is much lower. While I agree that this is a useless post, the three pages of comments suggest that it hit its target audience. I would estimate that a combined 70% of comments and posts are dedicated to weighing the pros and cons of trades that will never ever happen. It’s what people like to do.

      • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

        I wonder what the demo is for sites like this and HF. It always seems like the same people posting. Have they played hockey before? How often are they posting on the internet on other sites. Age, sex, gender etc.


  • i would move nurse and eberle for hamonic and okposo with a conditional pick if okposo doesnt resign. (maybe one if he does) With this deal we get bigger chia’s dream, both teams get instant replacements for each player, and snow is already publicly dismissed contract negotiations with okposo. The big win is that hamonic is also locked up long term at a very reasonable price which is very unlikely for us to be able to do with nurse.