The Oilers Recall Zack Kassian

The Edmonton Oilers have recalled Zack Kassian from the Bakersfield Condors. Bring the boom, Zack. 

I have to say that Zack Kassian was recalled a lot faster than I would have expected. A couple weeks ago, we took bets on the North x NorthGretz podcast about when Kassian would be recalled, and my guess was February 2nd (Chris the Intern nailed it at January 14th, and Jeanshorts’ guess was February 23rd). As it turns out, the Oilers must have liked enough of what they’ve seen in the four AHL games (4 GP: 1-0-1) that Kassian played to merit the recall.

I, personally, am shocked by how quickly Kassian was recalled. I honestly thought that the Oilers were going to make him work a little bit harder to earn the recall, but this news seems to fit within the Chiarelli news cycle. Any time the team seems to lose multiple games in a row they release some kind of news that gives the fanbase hope that things are happening. With the ‘McDavid will be back after the all-star break’ news already being released, I guess this was the next item in line to appease an angry fanbase. 

I hope I’m wrong, and that Kassian is ready to play, but I find it hard to believe that he’s up to game speed after just four AHL games. Adding to the Kassian news is the fact that the Oilers will have to make another roster move once Nail Yakupov has been activated to active duty. Will someone get put on waivers? Maybe a trade? I guess we shall see, but I’d bet on the former with Luke Gazdic seeming like a waivers candidate.


Finally a chance to re-crest those old Niinima/Pronger/Schremp/Souray jerseys!



2011-12 SABRES 27 3 4 7 -1 20 0 0 0 36 8.3
2011-12 CANUCKS 17 1 2 3 -1 31 0 0 0 18 5.6
2011-12 ROCHESTER AMERICANS-AHL 30 15 11 26 4 31 2 1 1 94 16.0
2012-13 CANUCKS 39 7 4 11 -7 51 2 0 1 49 14.3
2012-13 CHICAGO WOLVES-AHL 29 8 13 21 -3 61 2 0 0 78 10.3
2013-14 CANUCKS 73 14 15 29 -4 124 1 0 2 91 15.4
2014-15 CANUCKS 42 10 6 16 -5 81 1 0 3 55 18.2
NHL TOTALS 198 35 31 66 -18 307 4 0 6 249 14.1
  • gus1000

    Well I’m excited for him to be re-introduced to Monahan. That kid ran all over us the last time we played them. He needs a beating and apparently we didn’t have anyone who was willing to dish it out.

  • Jordan88

    I missed the Panthers game, but I heard they were a bit of their game because they were chasing Oilers rather than playing hockey. While it can’t reflect causation, their shot count was surprisingly low.

    That’s an element that the Oilers could use at this point. While I think the physicality should be clean, it needs to be there.

    I don’t care for face-punchers, but do value big hitters that’ll tire out opponent D, players that get under the skin of opponents, and gritty players that don’t have mercy when battling for pucks.

    Kassian fits under the nuisance category, and so I’m ok with him being on the team. I hope he can also be that guy to win battles in all 3 zones.

    Gazdic doesn’t seem to fit in any of those categories. A guy who plays 6 minutes should be spending all that energy in draining the energy of opponent D that play 25+ minutes. That’s one way in helping our team score.

  • Cain

    Until you realize the cost of a quality defenseman you will then realize the so-called core of this team needs to be changed. Quit over-valuing your players. Quit thinking you will get a top 4 defenseman straight-up for one of your extremely over-rated core players.

    Until then you guys can keep having the 1st overall pick every year and keep going nowhere.

  • bradleypi

    Maybe the Oilers are thinking of the upcoming game with the Flames, and the thought of Sam Bennet running the whole team again.

    Would be nice to have Kassian in the lineup against the Flames.

    • bradleypi

      Lol. Is that a sarcastic comment? I can’t tell. I don’t think Kassian was brought up just to deal with Bennett. But just to add some size and grit to the lineup every night. I would love a 4th line of Kassian-lander-gazdic. Would be fun to watch instead of having brad hunt on the 4th line. Yeesh….

  • ChillyPepper

    By some accounts, Eberle is a bigger problem on and off the ice than Hall. Away from the cameras, and the prying public eye, Taylor is quite a nice kid. I cannot say the same for Eberle. He plays his on camera roll quite well… get him away from the public and the guy can be a complete ass.

    And no, I am not a butt hurt female whose baby heart has been broken by him… I am almost old enough to be his mother. I have been around them both in the off season and much prefer Taylor’s attitude and demeanor.