GDB 45.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Sharks

At least we got a point? Final Score: 2-1 Sharks in the shootout

I hate 8:30pm starts. There is nothing worse than when the Oilers head down to California and the game doesn’t start for what seems like forever. I say this as someone that lives in Edmonton. I can’t even imagine how you Oilers fans out east (or abroad) must feel. Staying up until all hours of the night to watch the Oilers can be a little bit like Russian roulette — it’s risky. Sometimes you can’t sleep because you’re excited about an Oilers win, but most times you can’t sleep because you’re annoyed about a loss. Just like tonight. 

As we have come to expect from games against the Sharks, Edmonton spent long chunks of the night in their own zone and the shot clock reflected it. Fortunately, Cam Talbot (starter edition) showed up to play and kept the Oilers in the game despite being badly outshot. Shot math aside, solid goaltending and timely goal scoring pushed this game into the shootout where anything could happen. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as the Oilers were unable to finish in both overtime and the shootout. 

Tonight’s game had all types of storylines coming in. Tonight was the first game back for Todd McLellan, in San Jose, after amassing 311 wins as the head coach of the Sharks (I wonder how much money he put up on the board for a win). It also the night that Zack Kassian made his Oilers debut after being acquired in a trade for Ben Scrivens back in December. As it turns out, the biggest impact was made by a former first overall pick in first game back from injury, but it’s hard to win games when you only score one goal.

The wrap.



  • Another game closer to McDavid. 
  • If it weren’t for Cam Talbot this game could have been over way earlier than the shootout. The goaltending was great, but it would be nice if he could get a little bit of run support. Talbot finished the night with 36 saves and a .973 save%.
  • I thought Yak looked great in his first game back since he was taken out by that linesman. He had some lots of energy on the ice, his hands looked good, and he was rewarded with a goal (his 3rd). Not too bad for a guy that missed 22 games. 
  • Zack Kassian looked alright in his first game as an Oiler. He was a little bit quiet, but I think that has more to do with catching up to the pace of the NHL than it did him playing poorly. At the end of the night, he laid a few hits and was looked good mucking around in front of the net. I look forward to seeing how he progresses as he starts getting his legs back. 
  • The penalty kill was rock solid tonight killing off all four disadvantages that they faced.
  • I don’t mean to alarm you but Justin Schultz put up another point tonight, giving him four in his last four games. If he keeps playing better and better as the season goes on would you still be as happy if the Oilers traded him?
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  • It’s hard to win games when you only score one goal. 
  • Speaking about a lack of scoring… Lander may never score again.
  • Yak had a great game tonight so it seems strange that he only got 11:30 of ice time. Was McLellan easing him back in? Odd.
  • Nuge can’t seem to buy a goal right now. He had a great chance in overtime but couldn’t finish. 
  • Martin Jones was giving up some huge rebounds tonight, but the Oilers were never around to put a second shot on the net. There was either no one there at all, or they would do flybys rather than stop in front of the net.
  • Please correct me if I’m wrong but was the reffing weird again tonight? I felt like there was soft calls, and non-calls going both ways. The craziest call had to be the ‘Delay of Game’ penalty on Kassian when the replay clearly showed that the puck deflected off Marleau’s stick. This can’t just be happening during Oilers games, right? How did they only get one power play?
  • Oilers got roasted in the faceoff circle again tonight. San Jose won 27 of 46 for 59%. 
  • That was an empty looking arena in San Jose. 
  • Why can’t Brent Burns be an Oiler? I love that wild bearded caveman. 


11:29 SJS Marc-Edouard Vlasic (5) ASST: Melker Karlsson (2), Joe Thornton (24) 1 – 0 SJS
08:02 EDM Nail Yakupov (3) ASST: Lauri Korpikoski (6), Justin Schultz (5) 1 – 1 Tie


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  • bradleypi

    Now imagine if we had a real team, with no rookies in our D and with secondary scoring and consistent goalmtending.
    “faraway (so close) ” comes to mind

      • Seriously Bored

        It means I hope the Oilers are showcasing him for a trade.

        It means I agree with BM and his points in last few games helps this.

        It means I hope others forget in the last 3 years he was -22, -17 and -10 (in only 33G).

        It means $4MM can be spent on a $4MM dman instead for someone who plays like a $850k “rover”

        It means when your a dman in the NHL for #1 PP you can execute and effective slapshot on net > 50% of the time.

        Sadly, Bradley that’s what it means . . .

  • bradleypi

    Does anyone else notice most of the Oil forwards have perfected the button-hook move after skating across an opponents blue line. More proof these guys really attempt to avoid body contact at all costs. We need more players who are not afraid to hit and take a hit.

      • Seanaconda

        They are probably being coached to button hook to slow the game down and make space / time for guys to get in front of the net or enter the zone or something stupid. But maybe I’m wrong.why would a coach ever try to coach a style that suits his team. Should obviously be playing crash and bang.

      • Zarny

        Jordan Eberle is a PRIVILAGE to have on your roster and you must make concessions to have a skillset like his onboard….the COACHES via PROCESS must make atonements to maintain the PRIVILAGE….Eberle was NEVER considered anything other than a high pressure money in the bank game winning sniper,a highly paid highly effective Johnny on the Spot.

        Nuge is an offensive catalyst but has been forced into being a defensive driver…and I am not argueing terminology or valuations with T-Mac it is pointless because he didnt build the current dynamic landscape and the poor beestard is trying to organise things based upon existing highly fokked up valuations catalysed by the Dallas-Dellow Effect.So Nuge comes cross as a 2-way player with limited offensive impacts and upside visually and T-Mac has no evidence to the contrary .

        Hall is an offensive Driver and he has been forced to be an offensive Catalyst and comes across visually as a turnover machine because of it and this is hard to argue.

        I could run you through the entire roster and show you how poorly the men have been valuated and managed…..but in doing so I do some unable individuals work for him or them for free….screw-that….lol.

        If Katz could pay one Gypsy dollar more than Babcock to straighten out his Crew would he do it?Why would I or “we” do it online for free without our own reward{or otherwise} based agenda?

        Just going by feel here because I am disconnecting from the games now but since the 6 game win streak we could be something like 3-11.

        Sunshine says that is 9-11 in our last 20 games….but Copper Rain says we are in a death spiral right now.

        Funny huh?9-11….lol.

        No one knows how or why the 6 game streak happened….everyone simply relies on the numbers and says its the “odds”….lol….so it must just be the “odds”.

        BTW we should have the proper tools on the ice to make sure our Ebbs never hs to pee his pants.

        • Seriously Bored

          With current standards, the valuation of a player is heavily weighted on the ability to generate scoring opportunities and goal scoring.

          At any rate each player is sent out to execute a system plan with a few key focus areas. The opponent will also develop their own system plan and key focus areas such as methods to neutralize offensive threats. Trap Hall by cutting off his support and take away his space. Force Nuge off balance so he can’t take his first strides to setup. Box out Eberle with a defensive wall so he has nowhere to pass or shoot.

          Looks like San Jose’s system focus worked well. Too bad we don’t have a plan where EveryMan would be able to score.

          • D'oh-ilers

            In addition to Oilers Al, may I also include:

            Re: “Edmonton’s defence and the Washington Capitals” Nov 24, 2015

            #48 Jonathan Willis
            November 24 2015, 10:07AM


            I see this comment is getting a lot of trashes. Really sorry to see that, because you’re totally right. Everything I know about hockey I get from reading your comments, which I then shamelessly regurgitate as blog posts.

          • McChickenpi

            Oiler Al….no one cares about your olde boys club history…..its over pal….give it up….NHL Championships are not the only type on NHSs resume now….besides anyone who has been coming to ON has read Moma2/NewAgeSys and as we can see the experience is simply undeniably original….lol….and Al dont get caught with your proverbial pants down OK….more HISTORICAL concrete evidence NEVER BEFORE PRESENTED is forthcoming via OBSERVATION.

            Al buddy…NAS has retired the moniker …JAFO is just another pucking observer….. and Officer Frank Murphy is an astute observer with a sharp eye for detail and is out of your league completely….mine as well I cannot parse my ideas quite so well…lol.

            Its not slant it is called the NewAge Hockey System….and the only slant here is the one you are trying to throw at everyone….lol.

            As you know Oiler Al…NAS has ceased posting IDA and IDM related tactical data as well as NHS philosophical data on GDB’s….no more real-time live data feeds are forthcoming.

            The observations JAFO makes are generic and as apt to throw you for a loop as help you if you are Oilers Eyes…so caveat emptor please to such people….observations are not “help”.The glory days are over now.

            Oiler Al……you just keep watching T-Mac and JW and Fee tying to put together the puzzle pieces,trust me over a near decade Moma2/Badmedicine/NewAgeSys et al ensured the data was discombobulated enough to require a fair to middlin amount of effort to put together congruently….no path of least resistance to be found….on that note why dont you back of of OFM you troll …I have great respect for the work this individual has put in to date and were NAS TO come out of retirement there would in all likelyhood be interest in putting together something a bit more formal and NAS would most definately consider this input to be an asset .Believe me there are NHL teams who would love to have Officer Frank Murphys insights and understanding of the NHS at their disposal.

            Al….the fun is just beginning stick around ….self-publishing on Amazon has never been so easy…. so they say

          • Zarny

            JAFO, I did not make this up: I googled Mona2, and pretty much the only thing that came up
            was someone was selling a Monna2, which was
            a G Spot vibrator.

            It all makes sense now.

  • Van isl Oiler

    The reffing is not just bad for Oiler games. I live on Vancouver island and so I was exposed to a Canucks game today. (I’m going to the Dr in the morning) The reffing in that game was brutal. I was cheering for the Capitals and even I had to admit the refs blew at least three calls for Vancouver. C’mon NHL get it together. You’re supposed to be a pro league.

  • McChickenpi

    No, not might. He has to. That’s why he was brought here. To clean up the mess once it was safe to do so. ( 20Million in guaranteed money off the books) For the record, I don’t even hate KLowe, I just think he managed the roster poorly from 07-10. It happens to most teams at some point. It is the next 5 that bothered me. My thoughts on this team is that with another year of experience to the actually young guys, (Drai, McDavid, Klef, Nurs, Davidson, Yak) a good trade or two when the time is right and even a little cap space to make a signing or two; I think they make the playoffs after they add a Hamonic type through trade and another solid UFA defenseman this summer. I think McDavid will score at a ppg if healthy and the losing mindset of this team will change. Whether we like it or not, (And I don’t) we need to be patient now more than ever.

  • Mooseroni

    I never want to see Yak on 3v3 again.

    Another good effort by the Oilers. You know, the wins aren’t coming, but they really are playing pretty well.

    We are becoming a decent hockey team.. and the wins will happen, it is only a matter of time. Klefbom and McDavid should be enough to push us over the hump.

  • Mooseroni

    @ bagged milk

    That was the best “on the bright side” we’ve seen in a while, please post bullet points individually.

    I honestly don’t know how you stay sober enough to write post oilers play, that in itself it a mystery, although the distraction of the bright side is a welcome addition.

  • Chainsawz

    I suggest that instead of a series of balls determining the fate of the next “wonder kid” we have a second tournament with the teams that miss the playoffs (the B series) you know the only ones with odds of drafting first overall. Why should only the loser teams have a shot at him and if that’s the case shouldn’t they have to earn it somehow (and not by tanking) so let’s run a best of three or even a one game playoffs for the losers and the winner of that takes 1st overall.

    Bettman, just think of all the extra revenue you’d generate and it would all but eliminate the need to tank aka “rebuild”.

    • Seanaconda

      I think it’s cuz parity is better for keeping teams in the league. If you had a tournament for the number one draft pick then it would make the worse teams be stuck in the gutter forever. Would of been nice when the oilers where barely missing/making the playoffs tho ! Like through all of the nineties. I’m pretty sure only canadian cities can stand losing forever and still buy tickets. So it makes sense to keep all the teams somewhat equal. Edit it would also make mid-season trades even less likely which is kind of boring.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Even though Principe did not directly use the addiction word he did indirectly bring it up in the interview. Hockey players and media seem they are a pretty close group unlike the other sports,that is why I was very surprised to hear his problems being brought up during the intermission.
    Kudos to Kassian for not getting his feathers ruffled and continued his interview like a well spoken professional.
    As far as the game went ,Kassian was hard on the forecheck and created a few scoring chances.
    I’ll be pulling for this guy to succeed. He can definitely play and did not look out of place when he was on the ice with Hall.


      I would trade Nuge or Ebs today for him, no questions asked. Hell, even throw in Shultz.

      The Oilers are like a 69’Camaro RS/SS….except with a straight 6 engine.Lots of potential just need that final piece to bring it all together.

          • Chainsawz

            I do not believe that Shattenkirk’s value is diminished at all actually. Look at what Yandle brought back the coyotes last year at the deadline, a top prospect in Duclair, a first round pick, and a second round pick.

            They both have similar offensive numbers, but Shattenkirk is a right-hand shot and almost three years younger. Shattenkirk is definitely at least worth Eberle straight up if not an additional piece having to be thrown in as well.

          • Seanaconda

            Yandle was going to a cup contender. Not a lottery team. And if shatinkirk did decide to resign I agree it would be worth it. I just don’t like the uncertainty

          • Mooseroni

            I agree with you that there is definitely uncertainty. But is there any other move that is out there to be made? Unless you are content with not taking the risk and okay with another 2-3 years out of the playoffs?

            I do not mean to single you out in any way but I am growing tired of Oiler’s fans worrying about uncertainty and us not being cup contenders. In order to be contenders we must first make the playoffs. In order to make the playoffs, we need skilled grit and a #1 D-man which we do not have.

        • Natejax30

          You are talking about winning the cup? How about that with him we can maybe contend for playoffs. Cause without him or a comparable D, we ain’t sniffing the post-season.

          When I read such comments, it makes me think that maybe fans deserve what we are getting. We refuse to give up anything of value.

          • Seanaconda

            What’s the value if he leaves after next year? I’d rather a guarantee he resigns or someone on an rfa. I’m all for moving Hopkins or ebs but what’s the point if it’s just for one year and then back to where we are now minus what we traded. Oh and a worse draft pick I guess. But anyways I’m just saying we aren’t contenders next year so it’s just lost assets if he doesn’t resign.

          • Seanaconda

            I still believe in this core , trading one of the 3 away would be a mistake without seeing them play with mcdavid and klefbom. Once mcdavid and klefbom return then you can evaluate your team

          • Mooseroni

            At some point, risks have to be taken. If Shattenkirk is given his value, and he sees the team improvement, he would stay.

            I really hope you were trolling when you said you still believe in this core. The core is all skill, no grit. Look at playoff and cup contending teams, they have a balance of skill, skilled gritty players, and a #1 D man. Don’t believe me? Just look at the standings for this year alone without even looking at past years.

          • Seanaconda

            I don’t mind taking a risk but it’s not like the oilers have exactly been a place ufas like to sign if they have a choice. And aren’t they getting rid of him for cap reasons ? If we aren’t giving them yak we would prob have to take back a bad contract or keep salary. And I’m sick of losing too but I’d rather lose more and win a cup eventually rather than being average for a couple years and not win it.

          • Seanaconda

            But players do not go UFA often. If we trade for shattenkirk, the Oilers can offer him an extension this year securing him financially without him waiting a year and risking injury. We still do have the McDavid effect in signing players. But one more year of this dumpster fire and that effect will run out because players will realize that even with McDavid there are no results.

            Eberle for Shattenkirk swap can work. We may have to throw in a 2nd round pick maybe even a first for next year but it will be worth it.

      • Seanaconda

        I agree, a bold move must happen. For all of those that are worried if he will re-sign, at what point will we stop stressing about that.

        Here is a newsflash: If the Oilers do not acquire a legitimate Top Pairing Right shot D-Man for next season, and likely another Second Pairing D-man, they will once again be bottom 5.

        Keep defending Eberle and Nuge all you want but the fact is that the “Core 3” of Eberle Nuge and Hall have been together for 5 seasons (6 for Hall and Ebs) and the best finish we have season is 24th overall in a lock-out year.


        • Mooseroni

          The core is not the problem, yes the oilers need defencemen, but to give up on Hall, or Nugent hopkins this early in there careers. Ask the boston bruins how the Tyler Seguin trade went. He has become a bonafide superstar in Dallas, while the bruins are left with crumbs. If anyone should be worried about a potential trade like that it would be Peter Chiarelli.

          • D'oh-ilers

            Nugent-Hopkins is now in his 5th season. Please do some research and see what players averaged in their 5th season after being taken top 3 and how their team performed. The core is the problem, it is the wrong mix. As an example, swap Marchand and Eberle, Eberle will still excel, averaging 65-70 points a season but the Oilers would be better off by adding grit.

            These are not terrible players, but together they do not make a good mix.

            By the time we wait for Klefbom and Nurse to become #1 D-men, we will have major cap issues with Nurse Leon and Connor on their second contracts. Not to mention the upcoming draft pick and Ebs/Hall/Nuge needing to be re-signed.

          • Seanaconda

            Hopkins is only 22 years old, he will only get better, trading him away and weakening your center depth would be a mistake. I believe in this core, and to trade them away already is not an option. With a new GM, and all the salaries coming off the books at the end of this season, I believe Chiarelli will obtain the defencemen needed.

          • OILFANMEXICO

            The fact is we have 3 #1 centres now. We would be stupid as hell to put one of them on the third line. And even more stupid to move Drai to the wing and break-up the Hall line. ONLY solution is to trade Nuge (Chiarelli tried trading him for S.Jones, so he is being shopped). There is only three legit #1 d-men available this year, Shattenkirk, Hamonic and Byfuglien. Hamonic requires trading an equal d-man, Byfuglien is older and wants 8 yr contract. Shattenkirk is our best option, the Oilers can talk with him and sign him to an extension(don’t forget the McDavid effect we are not the ugly ducklings anymore for UFA’s). #1 Right handed D-men don’t grow on trees and even when they do come available, 29 other teams are trying to out bid you on them. They are more valuable and more rare then forwards in the NHL PERIOD! Like i said earier, trade Nuge now, Hamonic and Byfuglien are not in the same class as Shattenkirk. Oh and the Blues want a scoring forward so they can afford Nuge, as Shattenkirk is 5.2 mil. Shattenkirk will command 7.5-8.5 mil. when he resigns so they must trade him.

          • Mooseroni

            And please do not compare Seguin with Nuge. Seguin and Hall are on the same level, Nuge is not. And I love Nuge, have supported him so much but he is not even as good as Johansen.

            And when Seguin got traded, we could have add him for Eberle but that trigger was not pulled because management loves this core too much.

            I trust Chia and the good thing is that he is not afraid to make deals and the roster we see to begin the next season will be different. Sorry to rain on your parade but this core will not remain in-tact.

          • a lg dubl dubl

            I’m not sure if I understand what you mean when you say “giving up on a player”. I assume it must mean something like “we don’t think player will ever be any good and we are lucky to get a bag of pucks for him so lets do it”. That is not the same as trading quality for quality with the intention of making the team better. When people conjecture about making a trade it is not necessarily a knock on the players mentioned, maybe a recognition that you must give up quality to get quality.

            Did the Pred’s give up on Jones? Was their opinion that this guy will never be better than a 3rd pair (i.e the Matt Henderson outlook) so let’s get what we can? Maybe, but I think they looked at the trade as a quality Dman, which they have plenty of, for a quality center which they don’t have.

      • Chainsawz

        If the Oilers make a trade for Shattenkirk that includes Ebs or Nuge, there needs to be a condition where if Shattenkirk doesn’t re-sign, the Blues send the Oilers multiple picks. A lot of them.

        It makes no sense whatsoever to trade for a one year rental with a piece that should net the Oilers a player that has multiple years of team control.

        • Chainsawz

          My question to you is this then. What other logical move can be made to improve the team. I’m sorry but first pairing defenders do not make it to free agency and they do not get traded often. The Oilers missed out on Jones who had first pairing potential. Shattenkirk is not potential, he is a legit #1 Option.

          • Chainsawz

            Sure he is, a legit #1 under team control for one season.

            The logical move is to not pay for short term rentals with proven talent locked up long term.

            For a team that can’t score on a consistent basis, having Shattenkirk for one season over Ebs or Nuge for 3 and 5 seasons respectively makes no sense.

            My question to you is this: how do reconcile in your mind the gap of team control between the two sides of this deal?

        • He is still under contract for another year, so the Blues are not going to make that stipulation, only if he was UFA in 2016. If you traded for him now, you are getting still a year and half .

          • Chainsawz

            Would we get a year and half? If we aren’t in the playoff race next season and if he doesn’t sign an extension, we’d be looking at him being a deadline deal this time next year.

            Then at the end of next season, the Blues would still have Nuge or Ebs and the Oilers would have a pick, a prospect, and no NHL caliber defenseman to show for it.

  • Drew Remenda: It’s a long way to the top, when you sound like an idiot at your job.

    Nice to see Yak score first game back. Got extra ice time and was flying out there.

    I don’t know how many times I have seen the Oilers incapable of scoring on a goaltender that has lost his stick. On the flip side, I was amazed the Oilers didn’t get scored on when Davidson (I think) broke his stick.

    It’s far too late for Jultz. He’ll be gone no matter what. He could score 20 before year end, but has priced himself out of the line-up.

    Between post 20-34 B-Rad3.14 insulted 6 people. CLASSIC OILERSNATION!

  • Seanaconda

    I love reading GDB wraps the next morning and sorting by most trashes. Verdad2.0 and bradleypi always top the list. As bradleypi would say “classic Oilersnation”

    • D'oh-ilers

      I don’t dispute what you said here, although how much a factor an 18 year old and a Dman with what, less than 100 NHL games, can have is debateable.

      Nontheless this situation speaks volumes about MAcT’s “core”. This situation was an opportunity for RNH to go to the next level, to fill the gap left by McD. That hasn’t happened. Eberle hasn’t had a good year (I understand the injury thing), Hall has been outstanding other than the current dry spell. I think everyone has given up (except maybe MacT) that Schultz is a “core” player but it would have been great if he somehow morphed in the D equivalent of Leon Draisatl (i.e going from not good enough for the NHL to putting u league leading stats seemingly out of nowhere) when Klef wnet down. The inability of Mact’s core to fill the gaps left by these two injuries emphasizes how futile the Lowe/Tameblini/MacT/Howson years were.

      As Craig Simpson pointed out on Wednesday, when Gio went down last year his team went 12-6-1 to make the playoffs and then won a round. Others on the team raised their game to fill the void. Not so for the Oil.

      • McChickenpi

        The Flames had way more defencemen depth than the oilers. The Oilers cannot afford to lose a Klefbom, if you want to trade away Hopkins you are just making yourself weak in one area, while, trying to fix your defence. Its tough to preach patience in this market, but the fact is Nurse , Klefbom will eventually develop into the no 1 defencemen,

          • MorningOwl

            In his 1st year RNH gad 52 points in 62 games. I’m sure a lot of people (including myself) thought he was going to be a year in year out top 10 scorer. Ebs had 34 goals in his 2nd season an annual 30+ goals scorer seemed likely. Schultz, despite his problems in his own end, was scoring and a 40 or 50 point Dman did not seem unreasonable. Stating, as if fact that both Klef and Nurse with be No.1 Dmen seems a reach. Let’ hope they do, but PC can’t manage the team counting on it.

      • McChickenpi

        Mcdavid is the oilers best forward, and Klefbom is there best defencemen, you take that away from any other team and how will they compete. Look at Boston, and how they have struggled since Krejic has gone down.
        The fans need to be patient, they finally have the right management and coaching structure.

  • Team is full of Rovers! No finishers here.There also seems to be no accountability on this team.

    Team is seldom ready to play and even if it is , it is so full of mental mistakes, its insane.

    I blame McLellan for NOT being able to harness all this talent into a working NHL team, one that can score more than one goal [ most nights].

    PS: If Katz would have fired Lowe,MacTavish,Howson, etc, he could have afforded to pay Babcock to coach the team.

    • I agree with you on McLellan. I don’t see what all the happy fuss was about for hiring him.

      Does anyone actually see a difference in this group this year as opposed to last? Or the year before that….etc….

      I don’t.

      Same results. Same style of play. Same non-compete level. Same non-finish level. Same basement they’re heading for.

      Onyl way this group will compete is if the NHL reduced play to 3 on 3. Then they might have something.

        • Seriously Bored

          These are quickly turning into the dog-days of what will be the record year of playoff denial and futility…so lets loosen up a bit huh with a little entertainment value fiction shall we.

          Statisticlly great players may not make great coaches,statisticlly great WINNING players may make great coaches but maybe not….. simply being good at your job doesnt make you a leader which is what a Coach really is.

          A player may be not so great and end up on enough winning ends of the stick that they learn the ropes….Messier learned from Wayne this way.

          But being a leader when you CAN IMPACT THE RESULTS TANGIBLY BY PLAYING is FAR FAR DIFFERENT than Coaching from the periphery.Wayne couldnt do it nor could the VAST MAJORITY OF ELITE PLAYERS ….its all about communicating not just executing….lol.

          It is not easy to format communication conduits which connect to an entire roster and which run concurrently in real-time….and the roster is only part of the equation because this same message must be seamlessly sent to the entire organisational superstructure again concurrently.

          Also if you have a stats-based Process in place which is already proven and its superstrucure is intact pretty much ANY Coach can step right in and produce winning results if he can learn the ropes and not try to re-invent the wheel.

          Now keep in mind that during the Oilers Dynasty years Wayne and to a lesser degree Mark EXECUTED WAYNE GRETZKYS Intuitve on-ice CEREBRAL management processes….understand that this meant that they were an ANOMOLY and NO ONE ELSE was using these processes,not the Islanders not the Habs no one.Lots of people will bull-spit you and say otherwise but the EVIDENCE PROVES THEM ALL WRONG.

          So you see….when Wayne and Mark left town taking the CEREBRAL “BOOK” with them…..they left a COMPLETELY BLANK SPACE…..because you see they did NOT USE a statisticlly catalysed superstructure process philosophy concepts or tactics…..not at all.There was NOTHING TO WORK WITH …..everything had to be rebuilt from top to bottom using traditional stats catalysed data 100%… as we witnessed first the slow death and bite of reality proving out this dynamic illuminated by LOSSES the volumes of INCOMING stats supports and inputs increased EXPONENTIALLY as the years passed and losses mounted.The rush to put in place a traditional organisational superstructure et al…necessitated the massive overbalance of stats inputs being flown in ASAP.

          However over a period of years SOME of this stats heavy influence was SUPPOSSED to be replaced by intuitive instinctual inputs….lol about 20-25% as per the Era norm….lol…this didnt happen….because you see the best man for the first phase of the restructuring job was NOT the best man to carry it forward without someone else in place to FORCE HIM TO WEAN HIMSELF FROM STATS INFLUENCES AND SUPPORTS.

          You see kiddies….stats are like poison because they can be formatted in many many misrepresentative ways and ONLY ONE TRUE WAY….hence they are the ultimate EXCUSATORY RESOURCE when things begin to go south….all you do is add more stats influences stir and re-evaluate in sympthetic manner to your own wishes….its crazy as bat-spit……lol.

          So in a nut-sack the Oilers tried rebuilding a traditional stats catalysed superstructure to replace the ONE-OF-A-KIND BEAUTY of a Philosophy and operating System Wayne Gretzky gifted the hockey world and that Glen “genius cloudwatcher like 2012 Sutter” Sather enabled by keeping his nose out of Waynes on-ice management processes.They have never stopped ….lol.

          Ready for more ENTERTAINMENT VALUE FICTION???Here it comes.

          Enter Moma2s NewAge Hockey System which was created in 2006-07 SPECIFICLLY FOR THE OILERS….a philosophy concepts and tactics 100% catalysed from Intuition and Empathy…..with ZERO STATS INPUTS ….based in part on the Oilers Dynasty processes or Waynes Brains….Moma2 BUILT THE PERFECT SYSTEM which could be UNDERSTOOD BY EVERYMAN….and in the process immediatly outclassed by a country mile THE ENTIRE NHL HOCKEY INDUSTRY.

          In 2007-08 Moma2 offered this data to the Oilers online on their homesite.An unknown entity with zero hockey industry connections and ZERO winning results or ANY results,lol,no one listened at first and the data was flamed and trolled relentlessly,UNTIL some Oilers Players began trying out the ideas and found consistant winning results to be their rewards.

          Around this time Moma2 was asked to condense the “message” into a format which could be given to a room full of people in 40 minutes which was refused OUTRIGHT because it was impossible…lol..the next day Moma2 was ordered to STOP POSTING SYSEM RELATED DATA on the Oilers site by the Mods….and refused outright{ripped em a NewAge arsehole in fact}….lol….and was banned…suppressed…lol.Then Moma2 simply said if you screw Moma2 the owner will give this data which was PROPRIETARY to be borrowed freely to EVERYONE online , depriving the Oilers of the INTENDED EXCLUSIVITY.

          Then as anyone on ON knows Moma2 began openly posting online…again being flamed and trolled to pieces….lol….never giving an inch of ground up….lol…ever.

          During these timesk the late and respected Pat Quinn connected with the Moma2 or NewAgeSys data and CHOSE TO USE IT OFFICIALLY ON THE ICE WITH HIS NHL TEAM,forever validating and documenting its existance and value.

          However the overt suppression continued until the advanced stats con-jobs began reading the data and started ripping it off by fabricating their own “ideas” and simply re-formating Moma2s data.

          Then Stolly picked up the trail when he went to LA and in 2012 he began implementing Moma2s data with his new team with about 25 games left in the season….we all know about the cinderella run they then made.In 2013 the Hawks did the same thing and we know that history…then it was Stanley Cup ping-pong between the only 2 NHL Teams actively implementing the Moma2 data now known as the NewAge Hockey System or NHS.

          Then the fledgling advanced stats industry strongly represented within a fisclly driven Stakeholder group began actively PROMOTING AND SELLING Moma2s data reformatted and repackaged , eventually this fiscally driven Stakeholder Group of online and hockey industry people grew and came together and spearheaded the promotion and hiring of Dellow by Eakins representing Dellows work as being proprietary…….even the very online article Eakins said {set-up Eakins knew who NHS was}caught his eye on FACE-OFF TACTICS was RIPPED OFF FROM MOMA2.


          The NHS streamlined and condensed every single aspect of traditional hockey philosophies concepts and tactics and ELIMINATED THE STATISTICAL PARTS OF THE EQUATION….by proxy CRIPPELING anyone with a stats based perspective who might try to understand and evolve the data beyond the evolutionary waypoints the creator authorised.

          The Kings and Hawks were assisted in their implementations peripherally by the NHSs creator to ensure a full and complete upload…..and Moma2 had fun for a few years FanPosting this entertainment value dynamic.

          So no great players dont always make great Coaches because Moma2 never played a game of hockey ….ever….and created the best Coaching protocals ever seen in the NHL….Wayne didnt cut it so the NHS is King.

          IMHO Mess and others have tried to copy-cat the NHS and they CANNOT DO IT. As the evidence shows.People like Oates also tried and are currently trying….lol….the stick BS with Purcel was fokking hilarious because YEARS AGO Moma2 pioneered the work Oates is copy-catting with the Oilers….lol….remember Ryan Joneses Hattrick…lol…and there is much much more than that available online to research if you are interested….remember Sammys 8 point night? You should because that was the exact game Scotty Bowman became a believer in Moma2s data sets…lol…he EVEN SAID THIS ON THE RECORD POST-GAME he just didnt know what the Data was called….lol….we all know how that turned out right???….lol…pretty good for the Hawks….Bowman actually said he was going to have his managers look into the “new” transition tactics he had seen rip his team apart….lol.

          Dynasty records were being challenged tied and broken during this time period.

          And the Oilers were tying to re-connect to the Moma2 data by offering the Hackathon and other avenues of contact which would give them suppession power….lol…NOT….LOL….Moma2 BALKED.

          But the Oiler REFUSED TO PLAY BALL….and in came Eakins….lol…we wont bother going there will we huh???…lol….because it is a sad sad chapter in Oilers history.
          Now the fLames and MANY NHL Teams are onboard…remember the NHS was BIRTHED in the Western Conference in terms of team-wide implementation in 2012 and expanded outwards from there…as the evidence clearly shows.

          No Man is a Prophet in his own Land….lol.

          Like I said…a Gypsy Dollar more than Babcock makes….buys the Oilers back into the Poker game ,not a dime less….ever….Babcock hasnt catalysed the last FOUR Stanley Cup Winning Processes or any non-hockey Professional Sports CHAMPIONSHIPS …the NHS has…lol….he did however set a nice benchmark and really the pice should be point plus 50%…but I guess we give a hometown discount huh?….LMAO.

          One day history will show the NHS EXPANDED TO OTHER PRO SPORTS….you see 4 consecutive Stanley Cups were won using the NHS data….every single year since its inception….and in another Pro Sport a Championship was won in YEAR TWO of the implementation of IDA and IDM which are System management programs originating from Moma2s data sets,proof of this is witheld due to outstanding privcy issues,and for impacts at a later date….very much like Pat Quinns implementations have been held back for YEARS as suggested until very recently when links were posted …lol…despite hundreds and hundreds of demands for proof and validation by flamers trolls and advanced stats con-jobs…lol..we let them hang themselves and held the data back{OMG that was difficult} ….lol….see what we did there ON detractors …lol..what a BEAUTY OF A PLAN EH??Dont think for a second Moma2 came up with the strategy …lol….the NHL Industry is a very very complicated landscape and it takes a LIFETIME to understand it well enough to produce anticipatory planning,mentorship is a must.

          There is something about MMA fighting to but who has time for everything huh?If you can think of a Canadian who has CLASS HONESTY AND GUTS AND PRIDE …above all else … AND IS A CHAMPION….well whatever huh?….lol.

          Did I mention NAS has retired due to health reasons?Sometimes time passes you by huh Oilers?

          I hope you enjoyed this ENERTAINMENT VALUE FICTIONAL STORYLINE….maybe one day fiction and reality will blend themselves together huh?If it ever happens it will put MoneyBall to shame….lol…uttely and completely.

          • Zarny

            Interesting that you seem to know a litle something more than the rest of us about the great ones Helmet methinks….lol.

            My apologies for failing to indent,there was once an Oilers influence who expected someone bearing gifts to come in from the cold of cyberspace and put on a suit and tie and bring a business plan to tea-party….lol….they missed out on something history will never let them forget….never look a gift-horse in the mouth …lol.

      • Zarny

        If you don’t see a difference then you haven’t been paying attention.

        After 45 games last year, the Oilers had 10 wins, 29 pts and a goal differential of -55.

        No one is going to plan a parade over 17 wins, 39 pts and a goal differential of -24; but that is undeniably an improvement.

        It seems many don’t appreciate how bad the Oilers were last year. They finished 27 pts behind 12th place last year with a goal differential of -85. To that mess they added a couple of goaltenders, swapped Sekera for Petry and shuffled some 3-4th line deck chairs.

        Exactly what did you expect? Some miraculous turnaround because the earth traveled around the sun?

        That the Oilers might have something if the NHL reduced play to 3 on 3 should tell you what the real problem is – depth.

        Or more accurately a complete and utter lack of it.

  • Natejax30

    There has to be a way to get a guy using prospects and /or picks…

    The Blues are dangling Shattenkirk because they are worried they won’t have the cap space to resign him. So how does shipping 6 million that way for him make sense? Unless we take another contract with it.

    Hamonic is available but they want a defenceman back. Maybe in the summer prospects and a roster player get it done. Not sure.

    And keep in mind that it might not even be Klefbom or Nurse going to NYI if a trade were to occur, it might be Sekera or Davidson.

    Put it this way – after McDavid got hurt – I was sure glad to see Draisaitl and Nuuuuuge!!

    After Klefbom got hurt – Hunt?? Soooooo I think what we need more than anything right now is depth, that’s just My opinion…and for the life of me I cannot understand why we let 2 good d-men slip through waivers when they would help fix out deepest need…depth.

    Anyways, I am most likely wrong and that’s probably why I am not a GM. This is just MO.

  • Mooseroni

    Keep it up yak and PC will have no choice but to keep u in E town. Zack played well considering. He played the body hard and was inches away from setting up hall for what would have been a beautiful game winner.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    1 goal games lost since Klefbom went down Dec. 11 = 6

    1 goal games lost since McDavid went down Nov. 3 = 11

    Our last 4 games have been lost by one goal.

    There seems to be a lot of conversation about Klefbom/McDavid not being substantial enough to help when they come back from injury. I personally think the additions of these guys alone could possibly contribute to one more goal per game or at the very least, scoring chances and better overall team play.

    Progress and perspective. Yes, the Oilers are at the bottom of the league again, but it’s an 8 point difference compared to 30-40 points last year. I still get pissed off watching the bonehead mistakes on the ice, but it’s not nearly as bad as some are making it out to be.

  • D'oh-ilers

    I thought they were going to get blown out, but was pleasantly surprised they kept it close.

    That said, the offense needs to wake the hell up. The last time they scored more than 3 goals in regulation was December 11th. Since then they’ve played 15 games, averaging 1.6 goals a game in regulation. Come on! You’re killing me here.

  • BobbyCanuck

    I choose to focus on the bright side…the picture…not the Oilers…kidding

    We are much much better than we were at this exact same time last year, that is a bright side.

    My only wish for this year was .500 and we are only 6 points out, that is also a bright side

    Yak scored a goal in his first game back, another bright side

    Ok, prefer some stormy clouds instead?

    broken hand last year, broken clavicle this year, broken back next year?

    Our core is incapable of scoring more than 2 goals a game

    No one is going to take on a 5 yrs or whatever left @ $6M/yr contract, Hall’s yes, anyone else? Not a chance

    Want to see Eberle’s worth to the NHL, just watch him clear waivers

    We should get on top of Rebuild 4.0 Trade 80% of the team for whatever picks we can get, and pray our sort of new scouting group knows a thing or two.

    Lets focus on the bright side, becasue that way at least we will be in our happy place.


      Eberle clears waivers, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Give your head a shake man. Gotta a be a troll with a comment like that. Fyi, several NHL G.M’s were asked about the Oilers and they all said they would love to have Hall, Nuge, Ebs so nice try.