GDB 46.0 Wrap Up: Flames @ Oilers

It’s a long, slow process, rising from the sewer. Wins over the Calgary Flames on national television help a lot.

Calgary came out strong in the first period, and the Oilers were frankly pretty lucky to be down only 1-0. Momentum shifted in the second, Mark Fayne of all people tied things up in the third, and Cam Talbot and Teddy Purcell won it in a shootout.

It wasn’t pretty but it was two points. This is the wrap.

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The Bright Side

  • Cam Talbot was fantastic. He made 31 saves, allowed just one goal, and then stopped all three skaters he faced in the shootout. His play this season is the best Edmonton has had from a starting goalie since Devan Dubnyk was in town.
  • Hey, I finally watched a game.
  • Mark Fayne scored his first goal of the year. He’s had a tough season in a lot of ways, including a brief trip to the minors, but he’s generally willing to shoot when he gets a chance and this time he picked his spot. Nice faceoff win by Hall, too.
  • One of my pet complaints about the Oilers’ defence the last few years has been their inability to defend against two-on-one rushes (and they’ve seen a lot of them). Brandon Davidson played one perfectly in the third period; he took away the passing lane completely and then managed to block the shot. Against Johnny Gaudreau, too.
  • The point Elliotte Friedman made about Taylor Hall going for a change when he could have charged the offensive zone late in the game was a good one; it was a mature play and the kind of play Hall doesn’t get enough credit for.
  • Zack Kassian does jerk things, and I mean that in the best possible sense.
  • Calgary’s power play is so bad that even Oilers fans watch it and think, ‘Gee, that’s pretty bad.’
  • I’m a big fan of the old A&E detective series Nero Wolfe. So while all those Hyundai commercials are annoying, I’m always pleased to see that Richard Waugh is still working (as the American car executive). That’s not specific to this game, but I never write the wrap-ups so you’re stuck with this sort of observation.

The Face Palmers

  • National television. Home game. Provincial and divisional rival. A win desperately needed to keep the team even remotely in the playoff race. And the Oilers start like that?
  • Four penalties in a row to start the game, including two for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. We can quibble about the refereeing, but that’s not nearly disciplined enough.
  • Darnell Nurse had himself a stinker of a game. He was a mess in the first 10 minutes fo the game and then saw his ice-time cut back dramatically; he had only two shifts in the back half of the first period and ended up playing less than 16 minutes altogether. 
  • It would be nice to see some scoring from all of the Oilers gifted young offensive players. Todd McLellan has to wear some of the responsibility for that, because the moment he put Hall, Draisaitl and Purcell together Edmonton started generating chances. 
  • Best ice in the league? Please. That shootout looked like it was being played in Miami in April. 

Scoring Summary

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First Period

  • 10:41: 1-0 CGY. Sam Bennett (11) Assists: Mikael Backlund, Michael Frolik

Second Period

  • None.

Third Period

  • 10:37: 1-1 EDM. Mark Fayne (1) Assists: Taylor Hall


  • None.

The Twitter

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  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Hall and Draisaitl have been Edmontons two best forwards all year but their last couple of weeks have not been as good and Hall was awful last night. Didn’t really create anything, turned the puck over constantly and refused to backcheck all game. For the record his efforts on the backcheck have been very good this season. Everyone seems to think they will trade for a right hand dman to play on the first pairing this summer. If there was a true number 1 dman available (not sure there is) who would you be willing to part with, RNH or Hall? I think these are the only two tradeable chips the Oilers have that might garner this type of player. By the way TJ Brodie is a great defenseman. You don’t have to be a Flames fan to figure that out.


    Hmmm, we beat Calgary and are in 98% of our games. Did i mention we are without Our #1 D-man Klefbom and Connor Freakin’ Mcgenious! Johnny WHO?? Let see the Flamers beat us without Johnny “Jockstrap” and Giordano. If we beat them now, just wait til our studs return 😉

    • The flames went 12-6-3 after Giordano went down last season . They didnt use that as an excuse to lose, unlike the losers in edmonton. Enjoy another year of no playoffs , have fun at the lottery party, i heard those are great annual events. Mathews is the answer i guess


        “Last season” you say, “This season” the Flames are right beside the Oilers, so if we don’t get in, YOU don’t get in. Have fun signing all your UFA’s/RFA’s, it’s going to cost ya dearly.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    The biggest face palmer for me was when Paul Romanuk was saying the Oilers sorely missed Klinkhammer on the defense and he was a key part of the team going forward.


  • bazmagoo

    Lot of discussion, always, about the Oiler defense, and rightly so, but equally so the inability to score should be very concerning for the team!!!

    Too many one goal games.

    With the high degree and in numbers of high draft picksd….why can’t they put the puck in the net? Is it the players [ over rated] or McLellans system.???

    • S cottV

      Calgary has an effective d corps.

      They exchange the puck well between themselves and exchange well with their forwards.

      Not to take anything away from Calgary forwards but their d corps, makes them better than they already are.

      It’s quite the opposite – in our situation.

      People worry about our giving up a few of our skill forwards for good d men. Like we would be giving up too much offence.

      With the addition of the right two d men, like Calgary’s situation – we would be better defensively and offensively, even giving up the likes of Eberle, Yak, or RNH.

    • S cottV

      Because the forwards are to soft to get the blue paint goals, too many fly byes. They need to stop in front of the net. Nelson had them doing this last year but now there back to being cute and fancy. Trade Eberle for a 6 million dollar Dman and get some forwards that play with some grit and don’t know what a toe drag is.

      • dw

        The prized 1st round draft picks are way too soft, all refuse to go in the corners, they all want to make highlight reel , dangling type goals. Its been proven they cant deliver, with the results every season.

  • To be fair. Rexall ice has been some of the worst in the NHL for several years. Someone offered…. about when the Oil Kings came back to town but Im not sure.

    It definitely sux.

    Paul Romaniuk left me wanting more…….. alcohol.

  • Van isl Oiler

    1. Hall is not the supreme leader type, so stop knocking him because he isn’t. Yes, the Oilers need a leader, but just because Hall isn’t that guy, doesn’t mean he sucks. He’s a great player, so just leave it at that.

    2. It has been well documented that the coaching staff has moved their focus to the offensive zone while still reminding everyone of their defensive responsibilties. We are seeing this now. It’s just as tough for me watch as anyone else and trust me, there’s plenty plenty of swearing at the TV at my house too.

    3. If you have the time and the will to blog on a site of a team you don’t cheer for simply for the sake of stirring the pot, you really need to get a life, a job, or an x-box or something, because that’s just sad.

    4. I cannot believe there has basically been no comment about Kassians hit on Wideman. Yes, it was dirty and I loved it. It was right on the edge. Wideman was not seriously hurt, but it pissed the Flames off. Finally, one of those hits was on the other team and not one of our own. Don’t go any further across that line please Mr Kassian, but one of those every once in a while is fine with me.

  • Jay (not J)

    still up in the season series 2-1-1 to 2-2 which I will take. The Coilers are so CLOSE to Calgary!! only 2 points behind? with 10 more games .