Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – January 19, 2016

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Just when you think things are making a turn for the better – Just when the final countdown was on until our star player returns from months of a broken collar bone – Just when you thought the All-Star break was going to be the turnaround point in our season, another first overall pick of the Oilers goes down with a long term injury. 

We were three games away. THREE GAMES away from the all-star break, which we all know means the return of Connor McDavid. I was so excited to see what it would be like to cheer for a team that has three rolling centres. OR, in the very least, two stacked lines. OR whatever of the hundreds of options we would have had. Instead, RNH decided to be brave, during the second period, and block a 90mph slap shot off the hand. Like the soft player Nuge is, he finished his shift, and held his stick with the non-broken hand until it was clear to get off the ice. This morning, McLellan announced that he will be out of the lineup for 6-8 weeks. 

It is impossible to get a read on the Oilers this season. First you have Eberle, then McDavid, Yakupov,  Klefbom, and now Nuge on the IR. It’s going to be a difficult time for Chiarelli come the off-season if he’s looking to make a big trade. Let’s all simultaneously knock on wood before I say this… but if RNH returns after eight weeks, and NOBODY ELSE big get’s injured, our management, coaching staff, bloggers, tier one fans, and tier two fans will only have around 10 games left of the season to see a full, healthy roster. Excuse me while I go cry in the Nation HQ supplies closet for the rest of the day. 

TO MAKE THE NUGE NEWS WORSE: The long running mystery of Oscar Klefbom finally got some insight yesterday. After Klefbom’s hand injury healed, and he was set to return to the lineup, we found out the guy has a staph infection in his leg. I still don’t understand 100% what a staph infection is, but Baggedmilk said he googled pictures of it. From his description, it makes me never want to find out what it really is, ever again. There was the odd chit chat about a bad staph infection potentially ending a player’s career. That won’t happen — I believe in the Oiler doctors! What we lack in playoff appearances and defensive skill, I would like to think we make up for in Doctor skill (injury report blogs not included)! Anyways, Chiarelli said yesterday that they expect Klefbom to return shortly after the All-Star break. At the time, this means we would essentially have the whole gang back together! Not anymore. We should still be pumped that Klefbom’s return is near, but with Ryan ‘The Babe’ Nugent Hopkins’ (that’s how it goes, right?) injury last night, it’s hard to be excited about anything. 

In other Oilers injury news, Lauri Korpikoski missed last night’s game with a lower body injury. He blocked a shot in the game against Anaheim, which caused him to miss a game with a foot injury. His status for tonight’s game in Tampa is still unknown. 

Like I said, the Oilers have good doctors and we can trust them. Unfortunately, the little people like you and I don’t have access to them. So for any of YOUR injury needs, hit up our good friends at Capilano Rehab Centre, or call (780)-466-1104.

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